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The best prank call and comedy podcast in the multiverse!

The best prank call and comedy podcast in the multiverse!
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The best prank call and comedy podcast in the multiverse!






Mondays With Macron – 09/16/19

Mondays With Macron - 09/16/19 Welcome to this week's Mondays with Macron featuring Ron, MCSARay, Downsouth and Smizzle and this time we're doing something a little different! We decided to go old school and play a little game of Craigslist Roulette; the rules are simple, each person takes turns calling someone that is selling something on Craigslist, but they're not allowed to know what the item is. You get a point if you can successfully find out what the item is from the seller and you...


Mondays With Macron – 09/09/19

Mondays With Macron - 09/09/19 It's that time of the week again! This show features Macron, MCSARay, DownSouth, Smizzle and return of Dani The Prank Call Bitch! This week we got some real winners including a lady wanting a refund because she decided not to be home during a delivery, a man who's toilet paper didn't tear properly, a man who wanted us to call him on his stolen phone, we met a GoFundMe scammer, we fire a Wafflehouse employee and talk to a very shrill lady about her solar powered...


Mondays With Macron – 09/02/19

Mondays With Macron - 09/02/19 Welcome to this week's regular Mondays With Macron! This week Macron, MCSARay, DownSouth and Smizzle tackle a whole bunch of seriously crazy people including really bad parent who Ray managed to upset, a man who didn't want to buy the optional extras for his light, a lady who demanded a refund for an item that we don't sell, a man who had to buy his own sandwiches because his wife couldn't be bothered to make them, a hunting club member who did not agree with...


The Return Of Mondays With Macron – 08/26/19

The Return Of Mondays With Macron - 08/26/19 That's right the big day has arrived, it's the return of Mondays With Macron, the classic Macron Show! From now on we will be doing Mondays With Macron every Monday at 8pm UK time, plus two extra shows every week for Patreon supporters! This crazy show featured Macron (in a suit), MCSARay, DownSouth and Smizzle and this time we spent time helping a guy fix his computer by remote desktop, helped a disabled man to fix his Xbox, convinced a lawn care...


Rogue Cyber Investigators – 08/23/19

Rogue Cyber Investigators - 08/23/19 Another show of ringing, sorry about that guys, these ignorant people made complaints and then decided not to answer the phone for Macron, MCSARay, DownSouth and Smizzle. Despite their rudeness we did manage to talk to a lady who's house was infested with worms that got in her delicious crackers, a lady who burned her own furniture with a Yankee Candle, a man who refused to pay the carbon tax on his concert tickets, a lady who got scammed on Craigslist...


Lowbrow Cosmetics – 08/13/19

Lowbrow Cosmetics - 08/13/19 Tuesdays with Macron (and MCSARay and DownSouth!) and this time boy did we have some completely insane people. Let's see; there was the lady who needed to shave her pubic hair off and and use it as eyebrows, a Rockauto customer that wanted to cancel their order after it already left, the Megabus customer who did not like her driver exposing himself, a guy who poisoned himself trying to kill roaches in his hotel room, a man who was trying to sell pornographic...


Holy Cigarettes Batman – 08/09/19

Holy Cigarettes Batman - 08/09/19 A rare Friday show! This one features Macron, MCSARay, DownSouth and Brent and a whole bunch of very very angry people. This time a man calls the cops because there are holes in his cigarettes, a lady is horrified and disturbed by her slightly late pizza, a lady doesn't want to pay twice for the same hotel room for some reason, Ron tries to help a lady out with her road safety and her dodgy past, we meet a man who broke his refrigerator as well as a man who...


Half-Life 3 – 08/04/19

Half-Life 3 - 08/04/19 It's August people! To celebrate we thought it was time to get InkedGoddess back on a show, along with Macron, MCSARay, DownSouth and Smizzle. This time around we thought we'd do something a little different and Macron decided to announce the release of Half-Life 3 to the world, or more specifically a bunch of games industry people who attended E3 this year. We had some mixed results with that so we decided to move onto some complainers including a man who had problems...


Take A Flying Feck To The Moon – 07/29/19

Take A Flying Feck To The Moon - 07/29/19 Welcome to another amazing 3 hours of the best phone antics around. This week is the first ever show with Smizzle! He's awesome so show some love! Also online was Macron, MCSARay and Downsouth and boy did we have some angry people this time around. We had a lady who rudely wouldn't let poor Ray keep her sunglasses, a lady who didn't get her superhero capes, we meet a man who behaved disgracefully at TGI Friday, a man who's pool slide wasn't smooth...


Pluck It, Cook It And Shut The Flock Up – 07/22/19

Pluck It, Cook It And Shut The Flock Up - 07/22/19 Another crazy show full of first world complainers, racists and lunatics for Ron, Ray and DownSouth to deal with. This time around we have more Ellen Degenerate, we meet a lady who needs a house sized dress, we argue with a couple who are very angry about their broken vape, we attempt to take down a scam Indian call centre, we meet a guy who got very angry at having to wait for his chicken and we attempted to mess up several more...


Keep Calm And Shut Up – 07/15/19

Keep Calm And Shut Up - 07/15/19 As DS survives a Twister like situation over at his place Macron and MCSARay decide to call up a whole bunch more silly complainers. This time we've a guy who didn't get his package from BONANZA! Yet another couple who didn't get their stuff from Wish, a man who only got some crappy pillows for his birthday, a lady who didn't appreciate the extra iron in her ice cream, a lady who bought hooker boots for her own daughter, we had multiple problems at Family...


Ron Flanders – 07/10/19

Ron Flanders - 07/10/19 Another amazing episode in the saga of Ron's call centre. This time around Macron, MCSARay, DownSouth and our new friend the Get To Fuck Frog deal with a whole new level of stupidity. This time we have a guy who gambled away $20,000 on a gaming app, we meet a man who's cabinets were full of maggots, we convince more people that Ron is a robot, office doors have to be closed when a lady complains about her own lousy cooking, we get hung up on by a man trying to change...


Bitter Tacos – 07/05/19

Bitter Tacos - 07/05/19 Back into more adventures from the first world this time Macron, MCSARay and DownSouth take on mostly food related complaints, such as the poor person who had some of their curb-side order missing, the customer who's tacos were too bitter once every 60 years, a burger with the meat missing, a lady who didn't get her free tots, we also had to shut the office door on a man trying to sell luxury cars on craigslist, fooled another customer into thinking I was a robot,...


Adventures In The First World – 06/30/19

Adventures In The First World - 06/30/19 In this exciting show of mostly ringing Macron, MCSARay, InkedGoddess and DownSouth attempted to put some random ads on Craigslist to get people to call in, but they really didn't seem interested in our bullshit today so instead we had to deal with a bunch of whiny people and their first world problems, such as the man who's whole world came crumbling down because there wasn't enough cinnamon on his special crackers, Macron goes all cable guy on a man...


There Is No Macron Only Zuul – 06/28/19

There Is No Macron Only Zuul - 06/28/19 Back at it again Macron, MCSARay and some random dude called Corporate show up to handle some more complaints. This time we get a lady who has the spirit of a dangerous Sumerian god trapped in her refrigerator, a lady who nearly died after the restaurant she went to didn't have enough salad right when she walked in, we try to help out a vet who got screwed over by the assholes at Jeep, there's a poor tragic woman who's pizza was a little burned, and...


Syrian Cocoa Butter Tree – 06/21/19

Syrian Cocoa Butter Tree - 06/21/19 Back home again and time for another huge show featuring Macron, MCSARay, Banarof, Dani, Star and Down South. This time we had a whole bunch of great complainers including a woman who's shirt was large enough to use as a boat sale, a really annoying PartsGeek customer, a lady who ordered cocoa butter from Syria via North Korea, we try to upgrade a guy to Hydro Hydro HYDRO SHOT PRO! We have another lady talk to Ellen Degenerate, we also had appearances from...


Jeff O’Neill’s Birthday Show – 06/18/19

Jeff O'Neill's Birthday Show - 06/18/19 Welcome to Jeff O'Neill's birthday show! No more to say about this one, most of our listeners know about Jeff. Sit back and enjoy the revenge... Thank you as always to our kind supporters, all the people that listened live on Mixlr and YouTube and everyone checking out our podcast. I love you very much and keep it locked to where Macron will be flying back home...


Zombies From Zombieland – 06/11/19

Zombies From Zombieland - 06/11/19 Macron, MCSARay, Star and IMC return once again to tackle the world of stupid complainers. Apparently this week we are the zombies from Zombieland, which is kinda cool. This time we dealt with someone calling in to try and scam us, multiple Doordash issues, a guy who for some reason wanted to be paid for working on our trailers, an angry man who did not want me going to the bathroom in his storage locker, we had many many silly complaints about food, a man...


That’s Not My Voice – 06/04/19

That's Not My Voice - 06/04/19 Welcome to June my friends and also welcome to the brand new Macron Show studio! This time around Ron, Ray and Star handle a huge bunch of silly complainers who all seem to be totally confused about what they are saying including a new Skylink customer, a confused holiday customer, several financial customers who couldn't figure out how to log into their accounts, a customer with the wrong brake pads who kept calling back and hearing himself answer the phone, a...


Ray And Star’s Drunken Birthday Shindig – 05/30/19

Ray And Star's Drunken Birthday Shindig - 05/30/19 A historic show, if only I could remember it. It was Ray and Star's birthday so Ron and Ray got really drunk and made a show happen. I can't remember specifics but there were complainers, we used our new soundboard trick a lot which was great, a lot of people didn't pick up at first because we started really early. Towards the end we went completely crazy in some conferences and invited everyone from Discord to sing happy birthday and stuff....