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We bring you the Internet’s best prank calls and comedy. Mondays With Macron: Every Monday at 10pm UK time, with at least 2 bonus shows every week for supporters!

We bring you the Internet’s best prank calls and comedy. Mondays With Macron: Every Monday at 10pm UK time, with at least 2 bonus shows every week for supporters!


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We bring you the Internet’s best prank calls and comedy. Mondays With Macron: Every Monday at 10pm UK time, with at least 2 bonus shows every week for supporters!






Skin Flute Practise

Skin Flute Practise This show was kinda named by Ray and Dale from the Manhole so thanks for that guys! This week we got some great complainer calls including a man who does not want our special smart windows, a lady who doesn't want to pay over $100 for some light bulbs, for some reason, we meet a man who lives with his mom and yet cannot find a date, a lady who doesn't know that she is supposed to pee in her own cat litter, a woman with one of the most annoying voices ever and a nice old...


Whisky And Cat Litter Cigarettes

Whisky And Cat Litter Cigarettes I am glad somebody else named this show because frankly the names I came up with myself were way too vulgar to be accepted anyway. In this crazy show be prepared to send the kids to the neighbours house because sweet gentle Ron is once again pushed to the limits of his temper by some very unreasonable people. This week we get a lady who dirtied up her rental car and did not want to pay for the cleaning, another selfish family flying around during the...


The Notorious PIG With The Hairy Chest

The Notorious PIG With The Hairy Chest Back to the more obscure show naming again this week, you will just have to listen to the whole thing to understand this nonsense. In this show the complainers really made us work for our supper but we did get many real winners in the end including a couple of customers buying plants from some seed company and making a whole big fuss about it, Tyrone gets some new underwear for his new lady, one guy is way too dumb to understand how to work his shower,...


Mike Lindell Vs Ron Blackman

Mike Lindell Vs Ron Blackman Well this was probably the easiest show ever to name. In this episode Ron and Ray take great displeasure in Mike Lindell and his failed attempts to set up a brand new social media platform and decide to do their bit to get involved when Mike announces he's doing a 48 hour live stream to promote it. This show ended up starting super early and were busy working on this for hours beforehand, but I think the end result was worth it. Being the true professionals that...


My Husband’s Purse

My Husband's Purse Ron is finally back in business and showing the amateurs how to do calls. Sorry for the brief absence but we are about to more than make up for it! This week an angry customer attempts to Tweet Ron to death, we meet a top level business lady who refuses to pay for software, we meet a lady who forgot her password and that's everybody's fault, one lady refuses to take a layover at Jeff's house, we deal with some crazy sex parties in people's houses, we meet a man who is too...


7060 Pillow Biters

7060 Pillow Biters I shouldn't talk about where this show name even comes from but if you listen it's definitely in there. This week we meet a whole new cast of characters including a very angry lady with some missing french fries, some really dumb people with hacked Facebook accounts, a very confused man with a rental truck, a family who were turned radioactive by the power company, a reckless couple trying to vacation in Jamaica, Ron helps one caller to stroke his pole, one lady really...


Dear God Please Bring Back My Chainsaw

Dear God Please Bring Back My Chainsaw Robot Ron is dead and you are all to blame! With that out of the way let's have a rundown of what happened this week. Firstly Ron and Kathy have to deal with some serious abuse from a taxi driver, people just do not want to accept our premium monthly cancellation service, we meet a guy who is renting out his house for super cheap, Tyrone gets himself a new chainsaw, some crazy old lady asks for dick pics, and an actual racists gets what she deserves,...


High Birds Don’t Cry

High Birds Don't Cry Welcome to a Macron Show with a fresh lick of paint, if you're watching the video version that is. We also got another show name that just wrote itself and we introduce the world to Virtual Ron. Some people love him, others want to cancel him, where do you sit? On this crazy packed show we meet a man who is looking to hit the big time on the stock market, we meet a female magician who kinda likes Ray's email, a lady who really really wanted lots of salads, we attempt to...


All Aboard The Jizzboat

All Aboard The Jizzboat I love it when the show names just write themselves. On this crazy action packed show we meet a lady with a very interesting last name who really wants her reward points back, Tyrone gets himself a new umbrella, a dating site customer tries his luck with 3 lovely young ladies, we deal with a serious complaint about Kanye West stealing art, one man doesn't like what he did with his own hoodies, we try to sell some premium quality goose tape and we attempt to help...


Babykill INC

Babykill INC Welcome to Babykill INC where this show sure got dark real fast. This time we've got an old lady who can't stop looking at Ray's porn, a very angry redneck who invested his meth empire money into bitcoin, we meet another very whiny man who wasn't happy about his flight and another one who couldn't work out to use the camera on his fancy new iPhone, we also cause major disruption for someone trying to sell crappy jewellery, meet a lady who is planning to make bombs out of slow...


Look At Me: I’m Constance Now

Look At Me: I'm Constance Now Be sure to watch the video version of this show to catch Ron suffering by eating the world's hottest noodles live. Thanks to everyone that donated for this, this was probably the quickest donation goal ever reached because for some reason you all really seem to like seeing sweet gentle Ron suffer. This week we also meet a man who insists he does not want his Internet to be off for 2 weeks, another one of Tyrone's lovers suddenly doesn't want to buy him new...


Those Dogs Are My Children

Those Dogs Are My Children Welcome to another spectacular Mondays With Macron in which we have none stop awesome complainer calls all night. This time we meet a lady who doesn't want to sign up to a monthly cancellation service, a guy who doesn't know his son is Tyrone, a man who doesn't know how to make fire, a lady who's cruise got cancelled for some reason or another, a lady who got real mad about which seat she sat in on the plane and an entire apartment building who objected to having...


Bogo The Monkey

Bogo The Monkey Easiest show title ever. This show was an absolute blast. This time around we deal with serious issues at Robinhood, we meet a lady who flat out refuses to help clean up her local discount store, Ron helps an old lady with her tax return, we attempt to help a lady who has too much gravity, we deal with a very serious incident with an Uber customer and his service monkey, one lucky customer gets to talk to Rachael Ray about her cannabis needs, one lady is simply not pure...


I Didn’t Ask To Make Any Slime

I Didn't Ask To Make Any Slime We're back and better than ever! Sorry about last week's technical problems but we tried to make up for it this time. In this show Ron catches up with some people who recieved horrible prank calls on Saturday, only people on Patreon might know what that's all about. We also help a lady to make some cool slime even though she doesn't appreciate it, we meet a racist lunatic psychic man, one old couple will just not hang up when trying to get their refund, we help...


Homemade Swamp Jerky

Homemade Swamp Jerky So I only found out that today was a holiday in the States and that might explain why basically nobody wanted to pick up for us today. Despite this setback we still managed to get quite a few very strange characters to pick up including the lady from the last Patreon show who just likes to scream, a lady who lost her cosmetics order to some guy called Tyrone, a lady who complained about getting an iPad instead of a Chromebook, for some reason, and then had her daughter...


Come And Get Your Love

Come And Get Your Love Finally the show names are calming down a little bit. In this show the complainers decide they mostly don't want to pick up, but that doesn't stop us from forcing many of them to do so anyway. We also have great fun with some of our favourite multi level marketing scam jewellery sellers. We also manage to start our own brand new soap opera, cheer up an old lady who just had surgery, meet man who's phone is way too fancy for the likes of us, we schedule some goosings...


Sluts Should Be Included With The Bed

Sluts Should Be Included With The Bed Welcome to 2021 people let's start things with a bang! Lots of crazy complainers this time around including a really lame guy who would not stop calling about his pizza, a lady who ordered Outback Steakhouse for a new year's dinner, a couple who had no business being at a theme park, a guy who bought two treadmills, Tyrone gets a new shirt, we chat to a friendly cop who won't let us prank people, Carpel loses her shit with a very whiny complainer and Ron...


Paula Hole’s Bag of Genuine Super-Real 1000% Authentic Syphilis

Paula Hole's Bag of Genuine Super-Real 1000% Authentic Syphilis This is what happens when we let Munch name the show. Welcome to the last Mondays With Macron of 2020, and thank goodness. This show is full of surprises including an almost full Carpel face reveal, make sure you're on Patreon to see the whole thing. To see out this god awful year we deal with a lady who for some reason did not want to be repeatedly charged for talking to us, a man with a defective blower, a lady who could just...


Gary Christmas Ya Filthy Animals

Gary Christmas Ya Filthy Animals No we didn't spell the show name wrong you have to listen to the whole thing to understand this week's bad pun. In this run up to Christmas show we meet a lady who ordered the wrong shoes and refuses to stuff them with newspaper, there is a terrible incident involving a failed game show, Tyrone gets a new bread bin, one lady mysteriously gets a strange goose on her computer, a lady complains that she ordered Christmas cards and then they arrived and another...


President Truman’s Test Tube Babies

President Truman's Test Tube Babies Welcome to another 4 hours of the best prank calls around! This time we had quite the cast of characters including an old man who we tried to convince was an alien test tube baby, Ron helps a guy figure out how to use his masturbation machine and then he REALLY wants a refund for some reason, we try and fail to goose several very sceptical people, Tyrone gets a new trash can but doesn't get to speak to the lady because Ron goes off on her, one guy really...