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The best prank call show in the world!

The best prank call show in the world!
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The best prank call show in the world!






Kitchen People – 08/12/18 - The Macron Show

Kitchen People – 08/12/18 This show features Macron and Chumley and Chimbles and Gaspian calling a whole bunch of fresh complainers, as well as re-visiting some classic crazy people. We had a particularly irate couple who didn't want their car repaired in Octember for some strange reason, we had an Indian scammer who didn't like being scammed and later Ron and Chimbles attempted to resolve their relationship issues by calling a relationship conference, things quickly took a turn for the...


Soft Teeth – 08/10/18 - The Macron Show

Soft Teeth – 08/10/18 We're back again, yes with more complainers, featuring Macron and Chumley in action dealing with all the world's greatest whiners as well as causing trouble at hotel rooms by asking to host the monthly staff meeting in guests rooms and also disrupting several conferences. This time we had a lady who got a terrible rash from skin cream purchased from Sea World, a couple who still want their free phones from MetroPCS, a really silly guy who cried at the hospital and an...


The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18 - The Macron Show

The Day The Complaints Died – 08/08/18 A somber day indeed Macron fans :( The title of this show comes from the fact that as of today a certain site where we have been harvesting our famous complainers from them has finally added some security to their site and patched a few flaws that were enabling us to really go nuts with getting complainers. This is a big problem indeed but we had all talked about it happening and we are already making plans, but worry not as the shows will continue...


The M-Files Episode 2 – Time Travel And Chupacabra Meat – 08/05/18 - The Macron Show

The M-Files Episode 2 - Time Travel And Chupacabra Meat – 08/05/18 In this exciting second instalment of the M-Files Special Agents Macron and Chumley tackle some fresh complainers with an X-Files themed twist, at least that's the idea anyway. Amongst many great calls we tried to help a lady get a refund and avoid a nasty accident using the power of time travel, we spoke to a lady who may have eaten tainted North Korean chupacabra meat and cottage cheese, we try to help a lady who got her...


The MusTard Massacre – 08/04/18 - The Macron Show

The MusTard Massacre – 08/04/18 This show was a whole giant clusterf*ck and no mistake! Featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess we tried to just do a normal show handling a bunch of fresh complainers and instead ended up dealing with Chimbles, who after last night's escape and kidnapping then decided to wreak havoc in our precious Discord server. We also had a lady who tried to cash in on her kid being injured at a waterpark, dealt with various crazy food complaints, completely derailed...


Blow On My Whistle – 07/30/18 - The Macron Show

Blow On My Whistle – 07/30/18 We're back once again with Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess to celebrate national cheesecake day and national whistleblowers day! Actually no this show is just to make up for the missed show we promised yesterday, but those days are real you can look it up. On this show we dealt with a brand new batch of complainers, from broken fridges, dangerous phone cables, wet floors, overpriced car rentals and fights at fast food joints this show has it all! As usual a...


The Macron Files Episode 3 – Multi Level Marketing – 07/28/18 - The Macron Show

The Macron Files Episode 3 – Multi Level Marketing – 07/28/18 In this all new episode of The Macron Files Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess tackle the subject of multi level marketing, including what it is, who does it and what we all think of it. The pitfalls and the perils, the pros and the cons (mostly cons) and share our own experiences and knowledge of the subject. Chumley learns that his favourite nutritional drink is part of a MLM scheme, Macron learns the true depths these companies...


Hot Dog Hands – 07/27/18 - The Macron Show

Hot Dog Hands - 07/27/18 Well it happened again, another crazy show with an insane twist at the end. On this show Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess tackle a fresh batch of complainers before causing some good old fashioned bridge club mayhem. This time we had some annoyed dating site customers, a lady who failed to rent out some cardboard boxes to use as furniture, dealt with a bridge club member who was drunk and on molly climbing up on the roof naked and ended things with another prank...


Day Of The Living – 07/21/18 - The Macron Show

Day Of The Living - 07/21/18 Told you we'd be back soon! In a special sequel edition of last night's show we get right back to business with a whole new phone number (which as it transpires belonged to a whorehouse!). This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess tackling a whole bunch of fresh new complaints, and a couple of old ones, as well as hijacking some conferences just for good measure. This show had woman who was way too fat to be able to get onto her hotel bed, another...


Dia De Los Muertos – 07/20/18 - The Macron Show

Dia De Los Muertos - 07/20/18 This awesome show features Macron, Chumley and the triumphant return of the one and only InkedGoddess! On this show we called a poor guy whose Internet conduit was being blocked by the cursed sarcophagus of Imhotep forcing him to do battle with the dead in Egypt. We also had more fights at the dollar stores, a nasty altercation at the gas station, a fat couple who broke their mattress and an ATT customer of 50 years who finally got sick of their crap, to name...


Hot Dog Day – 07/16/18 - The Macron Show

Hot Dog Day - 07/16/18 Happy Hot Dog Day one and all! This show sure was a blast to do! Featuring Macron and Chumley and Chimbles and Hot Dog Mike and many many great complainers we had an amazing time celebrating our completely made up on the spot thing called Hot Dog Day! Calls included a guy who fraudulently ordered 3 fax machines from Epson, in 2018! A lady who ordered many many subscriptions for a monthly delivery of leggings for some reason, some dude who tried to ship drugs and...


Sweet Capuchin Monkey – 07/15/18 - The Macron Show

Sweet Capuchin Monkey - 07/15/18 Sweet Capuchin Monkeys we're back again! After a short break to move house Macron and Chumley return again with more crazy nonsense. In this show we tried to call a scammer selling sweet capuchin monkeys, made a preacher cook and taste his own urine, made the whole Build A Bear pay your age debacle even worse and generally had a good time hanging out with our awesome listeners. Thank you for all the amazing support recently during our little absence and...


Independence Day Dumbness – 07/04/18 - The Macron Show

Independence Day Dumbness - 07/04/18 Today we celebrate our independence! By calling up a bunch of complainers and random stuff for sale on Craigslist of course. This special show features Macron and Chumley and real bunch of very special people, and by very special I mean REALLY stupid people this time. This show is a little shorter than usual as Macron is in the middle of moving to a brand new super secret base of operations in which to conduct the business and so has to get up real...


Big Chimpin – 06/29/18 - The Macron Show

Big Chimpin - 06/29/18 Oh man he finally went there. Advance warning tonight's intro music was only about 10 minutes long instead of the usual 20 as I was super late getting started due to some obligations, nevertheless this show was still awesome. Macron and Chumley take on the world's complainers once again with some amazing results, a very angry lady who didn't like the staff at the Olive Garden, a Yankee who got told he wasn't welcome at the waffle house and a very confused man who...


Revenge Of The Rednecks – 06/24/18 - The Macron Show

Revenge Of The Rednecks - 06/24/18 Back once again like the crazy maniacs we are Macron and Chumley do another epic long show to end a great weekend of pranks thanks to our awesome supporters. Named this show after a very special little guy with more than a few hangups on racial issues, listen to find out all about it. We also had some very angry complainers who for some strange reason seem to be able to hear us when we're on hold including multiple fast food complaints as usual, problems...


Poop In A Jar – 06/22/18 - The Macron Show

Poop In A Jar - 06/22/18 That's right poop in a jar people! It happened! This show features Macron and Chumley back in action yet again with another crazy long show thanks to all the fans who listened live, who just won't let me stop! This week we got a dude to poop in a jar to check for worms, listed off an extensive list of porno parody titles to a really cool guy, got yelled at extensively by a guy over a 20 Cent discrepancy when he purchased Coca Cola, offered a replacement skeleton to...


Weak End Of Ringing Part 2 – 06/10/18 - The Macron Show

Weak End Of Ringing Part 2 - 06/10/18 As promised here is part 2 of our super special weak end of madness, this time featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess too! As we'd hoped there were a lot more pickups in this show including a few people who didn't respond yesterday. Once again complaints ranged from poor fast food service, missing deliveries, a very confused woman waiting for her tax refund, a lady who had to post her clothes back to North Korea because she was too fat to wear them...


Weak End Of Ringing Part 1 – 06/09/18 - The Macron Show

Weak End Of Ringing Part 1 - 06/09/18 In the first of this weekend's special super double feature machine Macron and Chumley attempt to call another smorgasbord of complainers, most of whom were difficult to get a hold of, rude, uncooperative and definitely very difficult to deal with. We got the usual upset fast food customers, a woman who was beside herself with fury over not getting a 0.30 cent discount, dirty hotel rooms, more failed airbags on Ford cars and a whole bunch of other...


The Launch Party – 06/02/18 - The Macron Show

The Launch Party - 06/02/18 Welcome to the specially extended launch party show! Featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess as celebrate all things skeleton replacement! Actually not really this is just about 7 hours of us handling complaints as usual, but that is a real website and we are now using it to direct all our skeleton replacement customers and donors! This show has an extended piece by a definite real life meth head, fights at convenience stores, some red...


Ribble And Chimbles Get The Hoobly Jooblies – 05/28/18 - The Macron Show

Ribble And Chimbles Get The Hoobly Jooblies - 05/28/18 What do you expect from a Macron show joint bank holiday and Memorial Day show? Skeleton transplants? Too bad because we gottem! Zombie food servers? Check! Ruthless car companies? You betcha! We got gunfights at the corporate office, we got grenades, we even have undead monster plants of some type. Everything you needed to unwind after a busy holiday and so much more. Get ready to meet Ribble and Chimbles and go on an epic journey of...