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The best prank calls and comedy podcast in the multiverse


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The best prank calls and comedy podcast in the multiverse






Chaos Of Black Magic Curses N Conference Confusion – 05/26/20

Chaos Of Black Magic Curses N Conference Confusion - 05/26/20 Welcome to another exciting Mondays With Macron, this time on a Tuesday obviously. This time around things really took a strange turn. Kevin wasn't in the mood at all today, Jolo agreed to do an entire show as my supervisor (coming soon!) and Karl still will not speak to me. We also met a crazy lady who pretended she was a cop, helped a nice lady to never use Amazon again, had THE Super Mario take a call for us, spoke to Louis...


Mondays With Macron On Thursday – 05/21/20

Mondays With Macron On Thursday - 05/21/20 First of all apologies for the lack of show on Monday due to yet more technical issues, we're now gonna catch up with all the missing shows this month to make up for it. Also double apology as for some reason Streamlabs isn't showing up all donations on the alerts, not sure if they changed the minimum amount or something but we're looking into it. Tonight Ron tries to set up a lady with Lenny, Kevin calls our new voicemail system to sing a song,...


Rufus Therapy And The French Connection – 05/11/20

Rufus Therapy And The French Connection - 05/11/20 Welcome back guys. Sorry about the lack of show last week, this was due to the remote country of Ireland suffering from stupid power cuts. We hope you've all had a great week in lock-down. This time around we have even more great complainers for you including another Doordash customer who could not pronounce the name of the restaurant they ordered from, a dating site customer who spent all his money trying to find a match, a couple who's...


Ray’s Gay Goose – 04/27/20

Ray's Gay Goose - 04/27/20 We're back and this time the show lasted for a little more than 10 minutes! Thank you once again to our friends Nemesis and ScorpianQueen for saving the day. This show is packed full of some of the crazies complainers yet including a lady who's fat pills didn't work, a shady landlord who wanted his rent payments, another lady who couldn't handle the automated phone system, some dating site customers who were very upset, a lady who didn't want to donate to lease a...


The Let’s Try This Again Show – 04/24/20

The Let's Try This Again Show - 04/24/20 This show is dedicated to Jak, ScorpianQueen and Nemesis for saving the show. As you may have seen our long standing show machine computer up and died during Monday's show and we had to abandon it. This show is to replace that show and for Jak's birthday and also to thank Nemesis and ScorpianQueen who amazingly stepped in and bought us an amazing new computer, which is way better than Ray's, so that we could get back to business straight away. Myself...


If You’re Going To San Francisco Be Sure To Bring Your Passport – 04/13/20

If You're Going To San Francisco Be Sure To Bring Your Passport - 04/13/20 In case you're wondering about the show title it's from a lady who was on this show and genuinely thought that San Francisco was not part of the United States. This is about the level we had to deal with tonight. Firstly we want to mention that our boy Johnny shaved his hair off live on the stream for Macmillan Cancer Research, that was awesome! Also please ignore any technical glitches if watching the video streams,...


Isolation Party Easter 2020! – 04/12/20

Isolation Party Easter 2020! - 04/12/20 Happy Easter everyone, we decided to do a little extra bonus show today featuring Ron and everyone in Discord mostly calling up even more complainers and trying to resolve their completely unreasonable problems on Easter Sunday. There were way too many crazy ones to list here so just go ahead and listen and we'll be back very very soon... Don't forget to get an extra 2 shows every week please subscribe to our Patreon! Thank you as always to our kind...


The Curious Caper Of The Contaminated Container – 04/06/20

The Curious Caper Of The Contaminated Container - 04/06/20 Another lockdown show and clearly cabin fever is taking affect. This time around it's Ron, Ray, DS, Carpel, Munch, Munsoned and Dr. Charles taking on mostly insane complainers. We finally got Jolo to come through for us and he actually had a live proper rap battle with 50 Cent (Toby) on the air. We also deal with a big bunch of whiny complainers including people not happy with the spread of Coronavirus at their favourite steakhouse,...


Jolo Completely Fecks Everything Up – 03/30/20

Jolo Completely Fecks Everything Up - 03/30/20 So this show was supposed to feature an epic prank on our good buddy Jolo which we prepared for an entire day to show you guys, only it turned out in the entire 3 hours of the show he was literally just too dumb to even manage to get in front of a computer or even to open up YouTube. It was quite amazing, instead I just yelled at him for a good few minutes but it was still kinda funny. Despitefrom Jolo completely f*cking everything up, Restream...


Ron Fights Back – 03/23/20

Ron Fights Back - 03/23/20 Despite being actually diagnosed with the stupid Coronavirus and barely being able to speak Ron digs deep in order to slaughter a bunch of unsuspecting people. This week was a strange one because initially Ron was feeling too sick to do anything and wanted Ray and co to run things, but less than an hour in the control freak side came out and he just took right over again. This show was weird in some other ways too, we are living through some unprecedented times...


St Patrick’s Day In Quarantine – 03/17/20

St Patrick's Day In Quarantine - 03/17/20 Welcome to a very special show that was literally planned at the last minute. It is St. Patrick's day and all the pubs have been closed due to Coronavirus. We have therefore decided to open Virtual Pub and keep you entertained throughout this crisis as promised during our announcement yesterday. In this show we host the very first Macron Show Virtual Pub Quiz which was a great success. We also called a huge amount of complainers and got some awesome...


Everyone’s In Quarantine – 03/16/20

Everyone's In Quarantine - 03/16/20 Hi everyone, firstly if you're watching this show on the website the YouTube link is for part 1 of the show. We got attacked by hackers after talking about the Coronavirus and had to restart the stream, but the first part is important to see as it contains a very special announcement from Ron. The rest of the show got way, way out of hand. Ron, Ray, Ds, Carpel, Munch, Munsoned, JustDewit and Brent try to keep things under control whilst calling some really...


Meatball Timberlands – 03/09/20

Meatball Timberlands - 03/09/20 Here we go again, this show features Ron, Ray, DS, Carpel, Munch, Munsoned, JustDewit and Brent as well as a whole host of the Internet's finest and freshest complainers. This time around we get a lady who keeps getting her mail stolen every time she buys sneakers, a man who kept opening multiple dating accounts to meet Jewish women, an Amazon customer who simply does not want to pay for our amazing service, we are forced to fire a lady from her job in fast...


The Unappropriate Solution To A Time Machine Problem – 03/02/20

The Unappropriate Solution To A Time Machine Problem - 03/02/20 Wow another show that got utterly and totally out of control. I don't even know where to begin with this one. Ron, Ray, DS, Carpel, Munch, Munsoned and JustDewit take on one of the largest steaming piles of pure complainer nonsense that's ever been tackled on this show. Right at the start we get a guy fired for live streaming people's medical data at work, we then move on to a bunch of crazy people with missing orders, some very...


Complaining About Complainers – 02/24/20

Complaining About Complainers - 02/24/20 So we've had a few complaints here at the corporate office that we haven't been doing enough complainer calls lately, which is ironic. Just don't come crying back to us when there's a bunch of women peddling cheap Chinese jewellery all over the place. In this show Ron, Ray, Ds, Carpel, Brent, Munch, and JustDewit call a whole bunch of crazy and angry complainers just to satisfy your never ending thirst for blood. This time we charge a guy $69 just to...


Tig Ol’ President Bitties Day – 02/17/20

Tig Ol' President Bitties Day - 02/17/20 Apparently it's President's Day. We didn't find this out until after the show had started however please assume that that Ron, Ray, DS, Carpel, IGotMunsoned, Munch_Magash and Britney meant to do a special holiday show just for you guys! In this show we mostly completely disrupt and annoy really stupid people selling cheap tacky jewellery on Facebook Live and get some great results. We also ruin some conferences, catch up with life in the Manhole and...


Ron In Quarantine – 02/10/20

Ron In Quarantine - 02/10/20 After contracting a mysterious virus Ron is taken away to an undisclosed location by some shady government men and locked up in quarantine. Despite this minor setback we did try to make a regular show go ahead but it ended up being disrupted by weird nurses in hazmat suits and some kind of zombie apocalypse. We did still manage to get some good complainer calls in and disrupted more than a few conferences. Hopefully everything will be back to normal by next week,...


Drax Vs The 49ers – 02/03/20

Drax Vs The 49ers - 02/03/20 Another one of those shows that really got out of control for some reason. In this episode Ron, Ray, DS, Carpel, IGotMunsoned and DownSouth take on a bunch of complainers, including one guy who sure would make a great voice actor in something! We also shut off some more services for ungrateful phone customers, give out some fantastic advice about managing your online account, sort out some good delivery issues and much more. We also completely disrupt some...


What A Wonderful Wank – 01/27/20

What A Wonderful Wank - 01/27/20 This show features Ron, Ray, DS, Carpel, Brent and for the first time ever on a live show IGotMunsoned. This is yet another show that really got out of control in places. We got yelled at by a lady who did not want to be charged for service from Microsoft, we made a guy sing for $20,000, we disconnected some ungrateful people's phone services, Ron calls into a radio show to talk about the host's moustache and we get Kevin to perform a brand new song for us...


The Teddy Bear’s Picnic – 01/20/20

The Teddy Bear's Picnic - 01/20/20 God help you if you know where we got the name of this show from. This one features Ron, Ray, DS, Carpel and Brent, and also Kevin. This time around we make sweet music with Kevin (as Ray jerks him off) and we also get Phil to appear on a rap song. We spoke to a very angry man who couldn't understand why everyone kept falling asleep on him, we disconnect some very ungrateful people's services, we call a bunch of psychics and try to get help with the plots...