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The best prank call show in the world!

The best prank call show in the world!
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The best prank call show in the world!






AC Chicken And Plenty Of Fish – 04/15/18 - The Macron Show

AC Chicken And Plenty Of Fish - 04/15/18 This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess handling the serious business of all the world's complaints. Great pickup rate in this show, suddenly everyone seemed to want to talk to us. We had hotel rooms with fried chicken in the air conditioning, a Plenty Of Fish dating site scammer from Guam, a mother and daughter team caught red handed trying to change the price tags on items in a hobby store and some seriously angry car owners. Lot's of...


Chumley’s Birthday Blowout – 04/12/18 - The Macron Show

Chumley's Birthday Blowout - 04/12/18 Happy Birthday Chumley! This show features Chumley (obviously!) as well as Macron, InkedGoddess and a little dash of Dr. Charles as we celebrate the one and only Chumley's birthday in style. We called a whole bunch of crazy complainers with some great results, from people wanting free money for their bad fried chicken to some woman spending $6000 on air conditioning and many many more. We also hijacked some more conferences who, despite our best...


The Macron Files Episode 1 – 04/11/18 - The Macron Show

The Macron Files Episode 1 - 04/11/18 Welcome to a new type of show for us! The Macron Files Episode 1. This is a chat only show where Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess sit around and chat about any and everything from how we got started with pranking to conspiracy theories, ghost stories and other general topics. We answer questions from the listeners and even have a couple of people call in to talk. As this little experiment was so successful we are now planning to make this a regular...


No Refunds – 04/09/18 - The Macron Show

No Refunds - 04/09/18 Another crazy long show yet again featuring Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess, plus a whole bunch of whiny people demanding refunds for everything from food to shoes to flowers. Some people are just never happy, especially when we try to help them. On top of the big heap of complainers we also managed to hijack a conference call and attempted to cause more animal panic at a hotel. Also one very dumb lady stayed on the phone for ages and still wasn't happy when Macron...


Attack Of The Chupacabra – 04/07/18 - The Macron Show

Attack Of The Chupacabra - 04/07/18 This show features Macron, Chumley, InkedGoddess and Dr Charles and once again ended up being stupidly long basically due to how much fun we were all having. We started off dealing with the usual complainers which got us some good results and then moved on to some more hotel panic calls this time involving another riot, a horse and deadly chupacabra with the ability to posses employees and turn them into demons, which could only be saved by the power of...


Horse Panic – 03/25/18 - The Macron Show

Horse Panic - 03/25/18 Get your stinking hooves off me you damn dirty horse! This crazy show features Chumley and Macron and a whole bunch of crazy wild horses. We started with some complainers, which rarely seems to work on a Sunday night, and we also shut down a sex addicts conference just for the lolz. We then proceeded to deal with a serious emergency at a budget motel which involved a small scale riot, a horse and a bunch of goats loose in reception. It was a real serious emergency...


The InkedGoddess Birthday Bonanza – 03/20/18 - The Macron Show

The InkedGoddess Birthday Bonanza - 03/20/18 Happy Birthday InkedGoddess! This show features InkedGoddess, Macron and Chumley celebrating all things InkedGoddess including great pranks, 80's music, guns, drugs, nudity and frequent adult situations. Some awesome pranks and loads of fun in this show including trigger happy Macron, the virus and the return of the Sea Tac. I mean what more do you want? How about an angry doctor with tiny feet? A sweaty old man complaining about his camp site?...


The Ringing Show – 03/18/18 - The Macron Show

The Ringing Show - 03/18/18 This episode features Macron and Chumley and a whole bunch of ringing. Like seriously it's as if for some reason people didn't want to talk to a strange number calling in the middle of a Sunday night or something. There's a few good calls in here and lots of banter but honestly mostly ringing and British swearing, so enjoy that. We managed to get a few complainers, a cool guy who rapped and hijacked a few conferences. We are currently prepping InkedGoddess'...


Discipline My Child And Win A Free PS4 – 03/11/18 - The Macron Show

Discipline My Child And Win A Free PS4 - 03/11/18 This episode features the dynamic duo of Macron and Chumley, with just a little visit from InkedGoddess too. How it went on for nearly 6 hours I do not know. This time around we placed some Craigslist ads for free stuff, but made the callers discipline our rowdy children first, one call ending in tragic results. We also dealt with usual huge list of complainers who are frankly never satisfied with our awesome service these days! On this...


Breaking Mad – 03/03/18 - The Macron Show

Breaking Mad - 03/03/18 Back again with another massive show in less than 24 hours as promised thanks to all you awesome supporters! This time we had to face the horrors of a lady who was clearly using her prescription to become an international drug dealer, a seriously angry dental patient, a couple who didn't want to pay for their furniture and a lady who joined our wig of the month club and then didn't want to pay for her wigs. There are some terrible people out there and it's a good...


Chumley And Macron’s Cat Neutering And Dentistry Service – 03/02/18 - The Macron Show

Chumley And Macron's Cat Neutering And Dentistry Service - 03/02/18 In this show Macron and Chumley try to tackle some important medical issues, such as dealing with smelly apartments, bizarre dentistry issues and even the ever growing problem of fatty, greasy, thighs. We had to bring in a team of top scientist from NASA and SpaceX to decipher one lady's complaint and we even helped cellphone customer to set up their voicemail properly. I never understand why some people seem so ungrateful...


Sybians And Cigarettes – 02/24/18 - The Macron Show

Sybians And Cigarettes - 02/24/18 This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess and somehow nearly made it to 6 hours this time! Crazy! In this one we placed some more ads on Craigslist for free cigarettes and had people calling and texting for them throughout the whole show. For some reason not many wanted to exchange sexual favours for them or meet in fast food restrooms to get them, people are strange. We also handled the usual mess of silly complainers ranging from a couple stuck...


Thirsty Cleats And Caffeinated Hairy Teats – 02/19/18 - The Macron Show

Thirsty Cleats And Caffeinated Hairy Teats - 02/19/18 This show features Macron, Chumley and InkedGoddess in yet another 5 damn hours of solid madness. I think the show name speaks for itself here, although actually probably not, you're just going to have to listen to all 5 hours to understand what we went through with this week's barrage of complainers, whiners, bad parents and confused customers. Had some great calls again in this show, highlights include a guy who was very upset about...


The Runaway Technician – 02/10/18 - The Macron Show

The Runaway Technician - 02/10/18 This show features Macron, Chumley, Dr. Charles and the return of Inked Goddess! It was another long show but packed with great calls this time, we really got lucky with some fantastic complainers ranging from pharmacies, washing machines, restaurants and a technician who, for some strange reason, decided to run away from a customer's house during a TV install. This show had so many great calls I can't even list them all here, so you'll just have to listen...


The 2018 Super Bowl Fiasco – 02/04/18 - The Macron Show

The 2018 Super Bowl Fiasco - 02/04/18 Sorry for the slight delay in uploading this show but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. Obviously Macron and Chumley spent Super Bowl 2018 trying to bother people who were actually watching Super Bowl 2018. Results were mixed, for some reason a lot of silly people were watching some sports event and didn't want to listen to our crap, but eventually we got some good calls in there anyway, and as always we had lots of fun along the way. Just want to say a...


Hold Please – 01/28/18 - The Macron Show

Hold Please - 01/28/18 Back yet again already! Macron and Chumley with another crazy long show because we still have many many complaints to take care of, ranging from old men ordering gay porn to old ladies ordering books on tantric sex, and one lady who could not seem to stop getting put on hold. Another super fun show which once again started slowly but really got going. Thank you to all the people who donated, there were lots of you this time and we REALLY appreciate the support, thank...


Kill The Body And The Head Will Die – 01/25/18 - The Macron Show

Kill The Body And The Head Will Die - 01/25/18 Another bonkers show featuring Macron and Chumley, the second one this week and it's not over yet! In this one we set to work on a whole bunch of new Internet complainers. It was a slow start with not a lot of people answering initially but boy did it soon pick up! The best call of the night was probably the lady with the flea infested urine soaked TV, I won't say any more but you can catch that on YouTube shortly! As always thank you to all...


Posting Solutions LLC RIP PLC – 01/22/18 - The Macron Show

Posting Solutions LLC RIP PLC - 01/22/18 A crazy long show, back to the old days with Macron on a Monday! This show features just Macron and Chumley doing nearly 6 hours of insane complainers calls, hotel calls and tonnes of banter and chatter too. Lots of fun doing this show as not only did we get loads of amazing results, particularly from the complainers, but everyone had a lot of fun and that's what really counts. The show is really starting to expand now. We've been upgrading...


Am I My Mother’s Son? – 01/13/18 - The Macron Show

Am I My Mother's Son? - 01/13/18 This show features Macron, Chumley, InkedGoddess and surprise visit from Llama. This week we learn a great deal about family dynamics and how to stop cold callers in their tracks. We dealt with more angry shoppers and fast food eaters and yet again we got yelled at for our efforts for some reason. Then this hobo Llama showed up and started bothering some hotel guests just like the good old days. A blast was had by all! Thank you to everyone that listened...


EBT By Drone – 01/08/18 - The Macron Show

EBT By Drone - 12/31/17 Good day friends. This week Macron and Chumley bravely took on the entire world's complaints, from broken drone cables to refunding pizzas with food stamps we had it all covered. A lot of people yelled a lot this week my ears are still hurting. I'm not sure if it's just the time of year but everyone seemed to be in a really bad mood. Either way we did our best to put things right. Oh and there was also a surprise appearance from Train Wreck who came in to the Macron...


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