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Comedian Stacey Prussman hosts a show that will make you laugh and question everything about everything. Nothing is off limits


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Comedian Stacey Prussman hosts a show that will make you laugh and question everything about everything. Nothing is off limits




The Prussman Hour – Rob Saul & Michelle Tomko

The ladies of The PRUSSMAN HOUR were joined today buy Rob Saul of The Rob Saul Show and Michelle Tomko an amazing lady and hilarious Atlantic City comic. @robsaul @tomkomedy [EP114]


The Prussman Hour – Frustrations

The Deprussion hour, Stacey and Angela talk about their “frustrations”. Angela’s transformation, Stacey’s anger, Myrna revisited. Sex during Quarantine and more!!


The Prussman Hour – In Quarantine

Stacey and Angela discuss life in quarantines, push up challenges, yoga poses, Stacey beach dissatisfaction, memories of fun times and the last fun times before Corona hit hard and more. [EP112]


DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Jodie Wasserman

From a Brain Aneurysm to a Pandemic . Comedian Jodie Wasserman life changed forever this January after suffering a brain aneurysm, now recovered she is talking about her experience and how awful the Chinese government is. Follow her on Instagram @jodiewasserman [EP2] The post DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Jodie Wasserman appeared first on Radio Misfits.


The Prussman Hour – Corona Virus Ruins Everything

Stacey and Angela have a disagreement about the value of a flawed weight loss contest. They are both frustrated and concerned. They discuss #GabrielHernandezstory Stacey and Angela are in rare form. #coronavirus #covid19


DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Barry Ribs

Stacey Prussman goes 1 on 1 of in ‘Deep with Stacey Prussman’ aka (the half hour Prussman Hour) the first guest is Barry Ribs! They discuss the “growth” of his career, his first sexual experience, sharing Tuna sandwiches, yuk yuk porn and more. [EP1] The post DEEP with Stacey Prussman – Barry Ribs appeared first on Radio Misfits.


The Prussman Hour – Podcast of brotherly love

The girls talk about Stacey’s recent trip to Philadelphia, Angela’s weight-loss contest, Stacey’s upcoming trip to Los Angeles and much more. [EP110]


The Prussman Hour – Does this sound okay?

Stacey and Angela talk about the state if their affairs. The discuss the #Oscars, Angela ‘s newest weight loss contest, Stacey's upcoming shows and more!


The Prussman Hour – Super Bowl Weekend

Stacey and Angela get together and talk about their #superbowl weekend. and what’s been going on last few weeks Stacey is still seasonally depressed. Angela is doing yet another weight loss Challenge. Shakira is Stacey’s spirit animal. Stacey known affectionately as The Puss by her friends in comedy (Thanks to Jeff Manno /Howie Dewey/JAnice Messetti and Angela is getting amazing photography reviews. Sending prayers to Jodie Wasserman [EP108]


The Prussman Hour – Same Shit, Different Year

After a long two week hiatus Stacey and Angela are back! Stacey talks about Her issues of depression, Angela discusses her date, the girls discuss music, how Stacey emptied a bar with her Jukebox choices and the girls argue in their usual fashion.


The Prussman Hour – Jersey Fresh Comedy Show

It's a post 8th Annual Jersey Fresh Comedy Show Prussman Hour where the girls are joined by special guest Geno Bisconte and they record in Geno and Angela's hometown in South Jersey. They interview some of the great fans who flew in from Minnesota, Indiana and drove in from Philly to see the show the night before. Everyone is tired, and hungover from partying too much and Angela, Geno and Stacey all fight like usual.


The Prussman Hour – Network Please

First you take The Prussman Hour add in some misery loves company and you’ll be in hot water. With four bitches in one room things are sure to get heated. Special guests Kevin Brennan and Geno Bisconte ... bridges with be Burnin, we are hanging out! [EP105]


The Prussman Hour – Chad Zumock

Who’s Chad Zumock? After Stacey’s brief Twitter war with Chad. Stacey goes one on one with @chadZumock. We learn all about Cleveland’s 2011 eligible bachelor history, his intense loyalties, his enemies, what happened at The Roast of Kevin Brennan and more! #twitterwars #kevinbrennan #cleveland


The Prussman Hour – Misery Loves Company

Stacey and Angela are Joined by Comedian Kevin Brennan @kevinbrennan666 of The Misery Loves Company podcast. Rob Saul and producer Adam . This is episode was recorded at The Comic Strip Live podcast studios. #donate #MLC #cohosts #patreon


The Prussman Hour – Tow Truck Adventures

Stacey And Angela on the eve of Stacey birthday talk about her weekend and the her tow truck adventure, #dead actors and athletes, #fangedmousedeer, disdain for people that call themselves #influencers, The peeping Jerkoff, country club wine #hermesbag incident. #happybirthdaystacey


The Prussman Hour – Adam Hunter from MTV?

Stacey and Angela talk about their post #Halloween antics, Stacey #hauntedHouse horrors, Angela’s nieces car wreck, what really happened on the #DFWM Don’t F$ck w/ Me Tour and more! [EP101]


The Prussman Hour – Send Me No Photos

Stacey and Angela discuss #twitter feuds, queens of the compound show at White Plains Comedy Show, Angela’s dislike for people sending her photos from places she isn’t invited, Halloween and #Baghdadi dead.


The Prussman Hour – Angela’s Insane Life

Stacey and Angela talk about the recent tragedy at the fair, missing children, Stacey interviews Angela’s co workers Christian and Robert. The discuss #queensofthecompound at White Plains Comedy Club October 25,2019 and more.


The Prussman Hour – 10/10/19

Stacey and Angela record after Stacey’s #yomkippur fast. The women discuss, #healthyeating, #artielange's amazing sobriety and handsome looks, stacey’s sore hips, Angela’s newest weight loss contest, #mattLauer , #goodvibes music and more


The Prussman Hour – Our Side Of The Story

Stacey and Angela discuss the #kevinbrennanroast, and they discuss at length the incident post roast night at #TheStand comedy club. Stacey and Angela initially wanting to ignore it, but some #fakenews came out and they thought it was only right that they tell their side of the story. So here it is