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He’s 90% bourbon and 10% man - Ricky Worley and his co-host Ann Sharpsteen sit down with some of the worlds funniest comedians.


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He’s 90% bourbon and 10% man - Ricky Worley and his co-host Ann Sharpsteen sit down with some of the worlds funniest comedians.




TRWS | Mike Marino

Comedian Mike Marino stops by! Are cracked phone screens a turn off? There's a new accessory for your "Bridgerton" binge! J-Rod is officially over. Bill Maher nabs Sharon Osbourne for her first interview since leaving "The Talk". Ann, Mike, and Ricky talk comedy in today's society. Facebook - Instagram -


TRWS | Jeremy Nunes

Ricky’s mom Martha Jo stops by for a special Mother’s Day show! Ann, Martha Jo, and Ricky toast to Cinco de Mayo. Author and comedian Jeremy Nunes joins the show to chat about being elected mayor of his town! The group chats about the top lies moms tell their kids! Bill & Melinda Gates are headed to Splitsville. What happened to Zac Efron’s face? Is J-Lo back with her ex? Will the Kardashian Jenner kids support Caitlyn’s governor campaign? Plus a game of “Ricky’s Rapid Fire” Facebook -...


22. Alright, Alright, Alright

Country artist Thomas Fountain stops by to chat about his new single “It Don’t Matter” Ricky judges the judges on American Idol. Britney Spears swears to fans that shes fine! Caitlyn Jenner officially announces her candidacy for Governor of California. Luke Bryan’s wife address rumors that contestant Wyatt Pike and the Idol judge got into a physical altercation. Ellen DeGeneres admits to being “high” on life. Researchers reveal a new study that more coffee = more health...


20. Let's Rock!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is contemplating a presidential run. Ricky ponders "relationship titles". Plus, we reveal four things you should never joke about with your man! Prince Harry and Prince William open up about the loss for the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. Kim Kardashian joins the 10-figure club! Caitlyn Jenner also considers a run for public office. The Girls Next Door are opening up about life with Hugh Hefner. Tampa based rock band Visit Neptune stop by to chat about...


19. I'm a Survivor

Top 3 finalist, Carolyn Rivera (a.k.a. Mama C) stops by the show to chat all things Survivor Season 30 Worlds Apart. We find out Ann, Carolyn, and Ricky's "theme song for life". Ariana Grande joins Season 21 of NBC's The Voice. Britney Spears breaks her silence on the 'Framing Britney Spears' documentary. Madam President? Meghan Markle's new biographer thinks the duchess has a "good chance" of becoming US president. Mama C chats about her experience on CBS's Survivor - including the...


18. I Pity the Fool!

Ricky reveals one of his biggest pet peeves. Are you a binger?? The Suez Canal debacle may mean a new toilet paper shortage! Is it a compliment when your husband says you remind him of a porn star? The Tiger King, Joe Exotic & hubby to divorce. President Joe Biden’s dogs are finally out of the dog house More fallout from Meghan & Prince Harry Oprah interview - will it ever end? Bindi Irwin gives birth and honors her dad. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie child custody court...


17. Stirrin' Sh*t Up!

Ricky returns from his Hawaiian birthday trip and checks off Dukes on Sunday with Henry Kapono from his bucket list. What have you stolen from a hotel? Cruising to return soon! ...but of course there are stipulations. The J-Rod saga continues. The battle across the pond rages on. Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan find themselves in the middle of the Royal tell-all. Gwen Stefani reveals her maid of honor! Heather Smith, the foul mouthed chef stops by to chat about her "toddler approved"...


16. A Turn of the Paige

Country artist Kyle Kelly ( joins Paige and Ricky for a new game of "You Laugh, You Lose" China makes anal COVID-19 tests mandatory for foreign visitors. What would you do if your partner was a "furry"? Bethany Frankel disses Meghan Markle. Alec Baldwin is talking accents - and he deletes his Twitter. Paris Hilton accepts Sarah Silverman's apology...a few years too late. Plus Kyle Kelly answers Ricky's Rapid Fire questions. Facebook -...


15. Shootin' and Survivin'

YouTube’s Sootch00 ( and Sensible Prepper (, Don Porter stops by to chat about the biggest stories of the week. Ricky FINALLY appears for jury duty. Movie theaters across the nation are trying to reopen. San Francisco halts plans to rename schools that are named after former US Presidents. “Hunker Downer” Leslie Jordan is launching a new Apple Music radio show. Lady Gaga’s dogs safely returned after a $500,000 reward. Tiger...


14. Ya' Cruz, Ya Lose...

Bestselling author Ann Sharpsteen ( steps in to guest co-host for Paige Loxley and the host of The Anything Show with Jon Francois stops by. Senator Ted Cruz is in "agua caliente" for his trip down to Mexico while his home state of Texas deals with catastrophic winter weather. Adult entertainment mogul Larry Flynt dies and has quite the send off! Larry King's widow Shawn contests her late husbands secret will in court. "Kimye" is no more. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West...


13. Gone Country

Country musician Lloyd Carter stops by for a PBR and to chat about his new album “Nothing to Lose” Career Builder releases their list of the Sexiest Jobs Lloyd and Paige compete in a game “Country Tune or Trash?” - which country song titles are fake or real? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announce baby number two! Bruce Springsteen adds DWI to his rap sheet. Kelly Anne Conway’s daughter Claudia auditions for American Idol. Dolly Parton plans to join former co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily...


12. Be Mine

On her birthday, Ricky's mom Martha Jo joins the show. Paige has a run in with the law! What past Super Bowl performances were the best? Santa Maria Valley starts paying people to increase tourism. Morgan Wallen slips up and feels the wrath of "cancel culture". Dolly Parton is conflicted on accepting the Medal of Freedom from President Joe Biden. Plus, a new game..."What the #?@$!" Facebook - Instagram -...


11. China Tests Your A**hole

Tina wins a copy of “The Crown in Crisis: Countdown to the Abdication” The Weekend reportedly spends $7 million of his own money for an epic Super Bowl halftime show. What you notice first physically about a person says a lot about your personality. China rolls out a new COVID test…down under… Facebook plans to limit political content on its social media platform. We get a first look at Kristen Stewart playing Princess Diana in the upcoming biopic “Spencer” We chat about guest Ann...


10. End of the Kings

Legendary broadcaster Larry King dies due to COVID-19 complications. Who let the dogs in? Champ and Major move into the Biden White House. The worst drivers are from what state? Plus, Paige and Ricky discuss the most obnoxious things drivers do on the road. The TSA gets a little frisky in Los Angeles...a TSA agent finds himself locked up for an extensive pat down. Want Super Bowl tickets? You better be vaccinated or really rich! Author Alexander Larmen discusses his new book "The Crown...


9. Leopards, Tigers, and Karen...Oh My!

Ricky and Paige chat about “Millennial New Year Resolutions” Who will get a Presidential pardon as Donald Trump winds down his final hours in the Oval Office? Jenna Bush Hager reflects on past Inauguration Days HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Betty White tuns 99 and says it’s the animals and her positive attitude that keeps her young-at-heart. American Idol returns to ABC on February 14th along with Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. A new HBO documentary reveals all the facts of Tiger Wood’s...


8. Would I Lie to You?

Judge Loxley interviews the jury pool for the trial of Joe Exotic. What do men and women fib about? Can Paige catch Ricky in a lie? Plus, the girls (well most of them) are back for another round of “Sex in the City” What are people doing to save money during COVID-19? How cheap are you? How well would you survive off the grid? Play along as Ricky and Paige discover who is the better survivor! Social media is going crazy! Facebook - Instagram -...


7. The Jury Is Out

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is in hot water after dancing the night away with his wife in a locked down Times Square on New Years Eve! Ricky and Paige discuss behaviors from COVID-19 that should stick around for good. Plus, what kind of drunk are you?? Paige Loxley reports the latest news of the week. COVID Karen goes off on her medical receptionist. The Grammy Awards get pushed back due to surging COVID-19 cases in California. Facebook - Instagram -...


6. New Year...It's About Time!

Ricky and Paige chat about long lost friends who show up out of the blue to sell their latest pyramid scheme. Forbes announced its list of the highest earning celebrities of 2020. What household items should you clean more often than you do? Paige Loxley reports the latest news of the week. Ricky’s mom calls in to recap the biggest things that happened in 2020 and New Years Resolutions that men plan to make for the coming year. Facebook - Instagram -...


5. A Very COVID Christmas

Ricky and Paige talk Christmas traditions - the ones we love and the ones that need to die. How much would you pay to have stressful holiday chores done for you? Ricky tests Paige's Christmas Carol knowledge. A British mum treats herself for Christmas, the heck with her kids! Plus, a special holiday version of "This or That" Facebook - Instagram -


4. "Cruise"ing into Christmas

What clothes are really necessary? The COVID-19 vaccine is here, are you getting it? Are you a picky eater? What foods do picky eaters hate?? Paige has some dating advice for the single ladies. Plus, Tom Cruise goes crazy on the set of Mission Impossible 7! Facebook - Instagram -