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This was meant to be a podcast of live gigs from The Shelf, a comedy night in Melbourne, but mostly it's Adam & Justin nattering on about who knows what.

This was meant to be a podcast of live gigs from The Shelf, a comedy night in Melbourne, but mostly it's Adam & Justin nattering on about who knows what.




This was meant to be a podcast of live gigs from The Shelf, a comedy night in Melbourne, but mostly it's Adam & Justin nattering on about who knows what.




The Shelf Podcast 2017 Episode 3

A residual charge. Iron Fist and Pacific Rim (how did those two things end up in the same podcast?) LAYGO Batman Movie, Kong: Skull Island. We break down The OA. MANY MANY SPOILERS. Crippling winter. Replaced by a magician. Bosch. Luke Cage. Big Little Lies. Vikings. Travis Fimmel vs Charlie Hunnam. Adam is back on board with Samuel L. Jackson. Justin is back on board with Keanu Reeves and loving John Wick. Can anybody get back on board Batman & Robin with George Clooney? The Shelf...


The Shelf Podcast 2017 Episode 1

Old man noises, awesome rigs and many spoilers. Adam's been watching Riverdale, Justin has been watching Santa Calrita Diet, they've both seen The OA, and there will be many spoilers. Good Wife and Brooklyn 99 also get a mention. Justin has seen Split (more spoilers, like huge ones) and Adam is still very angry at M. Night Shyamalamadingdong for the glacial pace of Unbreakable (of which there are many more spoilers but it's an old movie, so suck it up crybaby). Some discussion about Doctor...


The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 11

This is a massive 100 minute end of year wrap up podcast. Justin and Adam will spoil everything. Including that show with the robots that was on just this week. Mostly they're going to talk about how much they hated Suicide Squad. Favourite films, books, comics, tv shows and other malarkey from 2016. Look, it's two hours, the less time you spend reading this, the more time you'll have to listen.


The Shelf Podcast 2016 Ep 9

Adam feels like he's been in an abusive relationship with Melbourne, and is chased out of town by Paste-Pot Pete. Night and nighter. Sax careers. Justin's new record. Adam has been watching TV from the nineties, Frasier and Star Trek, and Justin has been watching cartoons, Bojack Horseman and Rick & Morty. Adam has been reading Invincible, while Justin is still loving Tom King, especially his run on Batman. Some deep love for Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol. Six degrees of Hot Gossip. Justin...


The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 6

Justin thinks he has thermometer poisoning, Adam spoils Unfollow (SPOILER), Justin has a domestic disaster, Sydney winter, Adam’s not entirely sold on the Preacher TV show, Mad Men, Lost, Law and Order, Justin has a proposal for a Walking Dead crossover, Ian McShane in Game of Thrones (LOTS OF MASSIVE SPOILERS and some nutty theories), Justin’s Mum and her strident opinions on Hans Zimmer, Man of Steel dick ships, Scott Snyder’s Batman, 2000AD Progs 1977-1983, Grant Morrison’s Heavy Metal,...


The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 5

Robot vacuum cleaners, The Sha-na-nas, nearly twenty minutes about X-Men Apocalypse (MANY MANY SPOILERS) including some very deeply nerdy discussion of John Byrne, Barry Windsor-Smith and Walt Simonson. Adam’s Brett Ratner conspiracy, including more derision of Batman V Superman and Man of Steel. Lots of comic talk including the new Steve Rogers Captain America comic (OUTRAGEOUS SPOILER) and DC Rebirth (DANCING AROUND A SPOILER). Justin’s Bento Box, Rove’s Condiments, Cap V Trump, Lost,...


The Shelf Podcast 2016 Episode 2

Adam and Justin are in the car, back in Melbourne. Justin needs to go home to Sydney after The Shelf live show, so there’s blinkers, toll beeps, coughs and sneezes. Justin has a goopy eye, Bieber fury and ignorance, panelling radio shows, Batman V Superman (multiple spoilers alert, although the whole film is a spoiler for all films, ever), Deadpool’s opening credits, Daredevil episode 3 (casting spoiler), Jessica Jones (sex scene spoilers), Adam is scared the Doctor Strange movie is going...


The Shelf Podcast 2016 Ep 1

The Shelf Podcast Rises. Justin V Adam: Dawn of Bullshit. The first podcast in nearly a year, featuring tasty Adelaide snacks, gym advice, Justin’s new found love for Harry Styles and rekindled love for Neve Campbell, hanging out with Alfie Allen, making tapes of compilation LPs, breaking an embargo and so many movies, TV shows and comic books, including (of course) Doctor Who, Sherlock, Power Man Iron Fist, The Notebook, Batman V Superman, Cannon, The Rockford Files, Mighty Isis,...


The Shelf Podcast 2015 Episode 3 LIVE

Justin is unwell and a bit croaky, and Adam is putrid. Another of the live Shelf Podcasts recorded during the Comedy Festival at the Imperial Hotel. Some very outdated references, including Justin having just seen Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler, and Adam being excited about the trailer for Daredevil. Lots of dirty gay talk (Adam has mistaken it for the Poofcast, it seems), steaming open Gwyneth Paltrow's envelope, Adam's infamous pressed hams in the office, Justin getting in trouble at a...


The Shelf VS Don't You Know Who I Am?

Recorded LIVE during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, with special guest Josh Earl, host of the hilarious panel podcast Don't You Know Who I Am? Lots of fun with old mate JEarl, talking rubbish about playing basketball, henna tattoos, Justin's Blood and Toner show, hijinks on roadshow, disfiguring accidents, and the last time Adam and Jearl went to the Logies (possibly ever). There are visual gags that will make no sense, and references to things that happened months ago, when...


The Shelf VS Steele Wars

Adam joins forces with Steele Saunders from the Steele Wars podcast to talk all things Star Wars, live during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


The Shelf Podcast 2015 Episode 1

This has everything you want in a Shelf podcast. Tram bells, sirens, walking to a cinema, driving around Melbourne. We ask all the big questions, like what was The Fonz doing in his office in the toilet? Why do people do those "One Man insert tv show / movie trilogy here" shows? How does that Wizard of Oz / Pink Floyd thing work if they have incredibly different running times? Why doesn't Doctor Who trick a robot into a hole? Why isn't Apple as easy as it should be? Why is it so windy?...