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089: The Deserved Death of “Doctor Knows Best”

“Doctor knows best,” the saying went. While delivered as reassurance, its real meaning was much more sinister, as I’ll explain. This is the story of the final nail in that idiom’s coffin because really, it was a lie all along. The crazy thing is, that didn’t happen all that long ago. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast89


088: The Fruits of Her Labor

“Success came because I never saw obstacles” — an Uncommon Sense approach to life, let alone business. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast88


087: I Got the Moderna Vaccine

My Reaction So Far. It was quite the surprise to get the shot 2 days before Christmas.


086: Beating the Vaccine Scare-Mongers

Now that the coronavirus vaccine is rolling out, there are several important things to watch out for, which may take a little Uncommon Sense to fully get past the scare-mongers.


085: The Triple Win

What makes a business work in the sense of the triple win: employees and customers being happy, and the owners making a decent return, or better! This is about a guy who applied Uncommon Sense, and figured it out. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast85


084: Why You’re So Tired

A lot of us are pooped — wrung out, over capacity. This episode doesn’t just talk about why, but how to build your resilience to the stressors of this crazy year that’s not over yet. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast84


083: Coming Together

The United States is divided like never before, but it’s too easy to point at Donald Trump, or even to the 'right' or the 'left': there is fault all around. By applying the Uncommon Sense and without being partisan, let’s explore what both sides can learn. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast83

082: You Don’t Need Willpower

Relying on willpower for change is a recipe for failure. A psychologist who has studied willpower says there’s a much, much, better, and easier, way. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast82


081: Breathe Easy

There’s a technique that can keep you calm, or even alive in an emergency, that’s so easy to learn you’re already doing most of it right now. You’ll be amazed at what it can get you through when you learn the rest of it, and I’ll tell you how. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast81


080: The Eight Secrets to a (Fairly) Fulfilled Life

The title of this episode — The Eight Secrets to a (Fairly) Fulfilled Life — isn’t mine, as I’ll explain, but it’s the distillation of one man’s writing, and this is going to summarize his summary. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast80


079: The Key to Success

The fear of failure is central to most of our lives. We worry about failing in business ventures, in personal relationships, and in our dreams. But what happens when you apply Uncommon Sense instead and embrace failure? Because that’s actually the key to success, and I’ll tell you how. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast79


078: Tapping a Deeper Mind Power

What if there was a way to use your mind to reduce stress, increase emotional health, boost your attention span, help preserve your brain as you age, even help control pain? There is a way, and it’s actually easy to do. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast78


077: 7 Things to Stop Doing

Want a happier, more-fulfilled, and less-stressed life? Here are seven things to stop doing immediately — and what to do instead — that are pretty easy to do right away. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast77


076: Leading Yourself Down a Path

Having vague, preconceived, and uninformed notions and, worse, acting upon them, isn’t just the opposite of Uncommon Sense, it can actually cause harm. How do you avoid that trap? Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast76


075: Leveraging Thinking Tools

A profound bit of advice isn’t necessarily usable just for the situation it’s created for. In fact, that may be what makes it profound, because sometimes you end up with a nice tool for leveraging your Uncommon Sense. This episode offers a great example of that. Show Page: https://go.thisistrue.com/podcast75


074: “I’ve Learned to Never Give Up”

Previous episodes have pointed out that children can indeed have Uncommon Sense. So much so, they can truly contribute to society. So this week, I’ll tell you about Nora Keegan. She’s 14, and has been doing something extraordinary for five years now. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast74


073: The Missing Element

The medical profession is starting to realize that it’s been missing a very important element of patient care. It’s likely that you’ll be very surprised to hear what it is, but then when you think about it, it’ll make total sense — and you’ll be mad that you didn’t get it. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast73


072: Not Perfect

Sure, it’s cool to hear stories of famous (and completely obscure) people who exhibit Uncommon Sense. But there’s one other thing you need to know about every one of them: they’re definitely not perfect, and that’s important to know because neither are you. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast72


071: Taking It To the Extreme

Humans mostly pay attention to the short term. If we can lift our eyes and look much farther out, not only does that benefit us personally, but business leaders that truly have Uncommon Sense sometimes take it to the extreme, and their results, actual and still in the works, can be absolutely mind-blowing. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast71


070: Pushing for Better

Company owners aren’t just employers: sometimes they’re mentors who can change lives. My buddy Doc recently told me about his old boss, and his story illustrates what I mean very clearly. Show Page: https://thisistrue.com/podcast70