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Our daily load of stuff from the Van Camp and Morgan Radio Show heard worldwide. From shower thoughts to random facts and more. On the web: On socials: @vancampandmorgan


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Our daily load of stuff from the Van Camp and Morgan Radio Show heard worldwide. From shower thoughts to random facts and more. On the web: On socials: @vancampandmorgan




Ep. 280: VC & M Right Now 2-28-24

On the pod (airdate: 2.28.24) It's National Pancake Day... Again. Do you have an old person's name? Things that should be solved by now. Things that the middle class will be unable to afford in the next five years, sadly. Would you rather Wednesday and let's talk happy weight and the Dad bod. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 279: VC & M Right Now 2-27-24

Today on the show (airdate: 2.27.24) Taco Teusday! John talks about his experience at the accupuncturist yesterday. Today we're talking about habits that make you undatable. Plus Tuesday Confessionals, we are washing our clothes too often, keeping secrets from your SO and our Crazy Crime story takes us back to Florida. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 278: VC & M Right Now 2-20-24

On the pod (airdate 2.20.24) Leap year babies, a word that will help you sound influential, landlines might be coming back, a Powerball winner that didn't win, things that are more expensive at Costco and a truck jacking at the Truck Stop. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 277: VC & M Right Now 2-16-24

On today's show (airdate: 2.16.24) I single dude in Massachussets received a birthday card from his Mom and a lottery ticket...and he won! $1 Million! Do we think he should he split it with Mom? Americans are behind on work breaks. We give up a lot for Lent, but sex? SOmebody did the math on NFL team fans and their use of alcohol, and do the numbers add up for losing teams' fans to be heavier drinkers? How comfy are you with needing to go number 2 when you are with others? And check out our "good samaritan" crazy criminal. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 276: VC & M Right Now 2-15-24

On the pod (airdate: 2.15.24) Today is a SAD day (actually it is). Have you ever wanted to make a difference while telling your boss to shove it? The inventor of the Pop-Tart has died at age 96. It's Lent, and that means fish sandwiches all around. And in honor of Singles Awareness Day, we have a list of things about being single. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 275: VC & M Right Now 2-14-24

On the pod (2.14.24) It's Valentines Day, and not everyone is celebrating. It's also Ash Wednesday. According to a priest the two holidays don't go together. We've got some Valentines oddities, perfect fictional couples and anti-Valentines too. Plus, who is the bigger baby when sick? Men or Women (we all know that answer) and should we reuse our Ziploc bags? on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 274: VC & M Right Now 2-13-24

On the pod (airdate: 2.13.24) Natl. Pancake day, go get 'em! And we'll need some coffee to wash down those hotcakes, the most searched coffee flavors according to Google. It's also Galentines Day, made famous by gal Amy Poehler. Have a glass of wine with your Poehler day, and we've got the most turbulent skies in the world. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 273: VC & M Right Now 2-12-24

On the pod today (airdate: 2.12.24) Big Game wrapup, including SB by the numbers. The FCC has outlawed Robocalls and use of A.I. to pester people over the phone. What do you think is the stupidest DoorDash request, our crazy crime drives us into the ocean and the best part of the game was the commercials. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 272: VC & M Right Now 2-6-24

On the pod (airdate: 2.6.24) Have you seen the T Mobile commercial for the big game yet? Hilarious! We do a little armchair pregaming for this week's game, go Niners! Burger King will pay $1 Million for a new addition to their Whopper menu. Sirachi is back, after a few years shortage. And 1 in 5 of us has a gambling app on our phone. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 271: VC & M Right Now 2-5-24

On today's pod (airdate: 2.5.24) It's National Fart Day because everbody farts. We've got all things fart today. What is the sexiest language? Super Week and there's news about the doink. Our crazy crime story features a pair that almost got away, twice in one day. And a dietician lists 5 foods that are sensible after midnight snacks. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 270: VC & M Right Now 2-1-24

On the pod (airdate: 2.1.24) Seacrest Who? We want to be like Ryan Seacrest...especially when he cashes his paycheck(s). Dry January is officially over, how'd you do? The best cartoon characters ranked, Charles Entertainment Cheese, and overdrawn woes. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 269: VC & M Right Now 1-30-24

On the pod today (airdate: 1.30.24) It would be possible for Taylor Swift to jet out of Tokyo on the Saturday before Supwer Bowl 58 and make it with time to spare for the kick off. Who are the most narcissistic people in your life? Phone habits that cause anxiety, bathrooms that turn in to discos, Ozempic causes weight gain after you quit using it and our crazy crime story involves pepperoni. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 268: VC & M Right Now 1-29-24

On the pod (airdate: 1-29-24) Our roundup of Championship Sunday, Go Niners! The latest TikTok trend and toothpicks, Home Depot has William Wallace's sword for salr, Reese's Valentine peanut butter hearts sure look like male genitalia when you inver them. Regardless of whether you are lid up or down when flushing your toilet, it still sprays fecal matter all over your bathroom. And our crazy crime story is a real horse and buggy caper. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 267: VC & M Right Now

On today's pod (airdate: 1.24.24) It's Natl Peanut Butter Day...YUM! All things PB today! Have you ever interviewed for a job, then realized it was a mistake? Classic names that are in danger of becomng extinct, we return to the Sunshine state for our Crazy Crime story and the top 10 cities that have bed bugs (ewww!) on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan Check out our other daily podcast "The Who Cares News" whereever you get your pods. ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 266: VC & M Right Now 1-23-24

On the pod (airdate: 1.23.24) Let's taco about tacos. If you have to blast the radio when you are driving to stay awake, you might have a more serious health issue. A new gadget promises to relieve your sinuses, using electrocution. Our Tuesday confessionals, how men react to women's tears and our crazy Stanley Water Cup crime. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 265: VC & M Right Now 1-22-24

On today's pod (airdate: 1.22.24) Bang Bang Niners Gang! What a weekend for football, bring it Detroit! Pro Bowl feelings and #goals for football in 2024. Would you give up your smartphone for a month? How about if someone paid you $10,000? Have you heard of the 6 to 1 Grocery List hack? Is it good to make your bed first thing every morning? Who is the ultimate directions partner, men or women? Our crazy crime story involves pizza delivery in the wee hours of the morning. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 264: VC & M Right Now 1-19-24

On the pod today (airdate 1.19.24) How many times are we interrupted at work compared to working from home? Kids can help clean the house, and have fun at the same time, it's F My Life Friday, we play Normal or Nope and a Naked Crazy Crime Story. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 263: VC & M Right Now 1-18-24

On the pod (airdate 1.18.24) Travis and Jason Kelce are questioning the pronunciation of their last name. They bring in the expert, Dad Kelce, who reveals that we might be mispronouncing. It's Winnie The Pooh day, American 50-somethings are millionaires. Plus a term we use that makes us sound old, a dopamine diet, slip sliding crazy crime and Applebee's date nights. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 262: VC & M Right Now 1-17-24

On the pod (airdate: 1.17.24) Today is the 30th Anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake, our first hand reveiw, Morgan had just settled down for a nap after her paper route. It's Would You Rather Wednesday, if you like your coffee black, you might be a psycho. Wearing red can get you noticed and our crazy crime story from Florida involves dog pee. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 261: VC & M Right Now 1-16-24

On the pod (airdate 1.16.24) Review of Super Wild Card Weekend. A new feature you can ask your Doordasher to keep things on the DL. What if you woke up tomorrow and it was 1924 again? Devil or ghosts? Which do you believe in? Going down to Florida for our Crazy Crime story and we've got the top 5 mistakes not to make when you finish having sex. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media