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Our daily load of stuff from the Van Camp and Morgan Radio Show heard worldwide. From shower thoughts to random facts and more. On the web: On socials: @vancampandmorgan


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Our daily load of stuff from the Van Camp and Morgan Radio Show heard worldwide. From shower thoughts to random facts and more. On the web: On socials: @vancampandmorgan




Ep. 212: VC & M Right Now 10-2-23

On the pod (airdate 10-2-23) Traylor update from the big game last night, in addition to her posee guess who else showed up? Aaron Rodgers limped his way to the sideline to toss a few at Zack Wilson. The NFL is lapping up the TNF - Taylor Night Football - spectacle. Kansas City won...barely. The FAA is warning against the urge to take your phone out and start recording people on flights having meltdowns, teens are spending nearly 2 hours daily watchig TikToks, Our Crazy Crime sounds like a Super Trooper caper, and Netflix distributes its very last DVDs, go ahead and keep 'em they don't want them back. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 211: VC&M Right Now 9-29-23

On the pod (airdate 9-29-23) It's National Coffee Day, and that reminds us of Brendan Fraser in a loin cloth. Speaking of "chiseled" we have results of a new gym study. How many photos do we really have on our phones? Cheating on your to-do list and a rousing episode of "Normal or Nope." on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 210: VC&M Right Now 9-28-23

Today on the pod (airdate 9-28-23) Update on the Hollywood strikes, good news, Late Night shows start up on Monday! T-R-A-Y-L-O-R, the new ship for Travis Kelce abd Taylor Swift and seemingly ranch. The Las Vegas Sphere opens tomorrow, have you ever pretended to like something someone cooked for you so as not to hurt feelings? Barbie for emotion support and the Girlfriend Effect explained. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 209: VC&M Right Now 9-27-23

On today's show (airdate 9-27-23) ChatGPT talks back, the whole Roman Empire thing, is GPS safe? Sour Patch Kids are good for something, Tinder Select and our crazy crime story focuses on Florida on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 208: VC&M Right Now 9-26-23

On the pod (airdate 9-26-23): The latest updates on the SAG and WGA strikes and the possibility of another! Our new workspace might be at the gym? The NFL's most dangerous (according to local crime stats) stadiums. A chance to win if you find the message in a bottle, our crazy crime story from NorCal. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 207: VC&M Right Now 9-25-23

On today's show (airdate 9-25-23) We take a look at the best cities for coffee, breathing and memorization go together, the fix for iPhone 15 if it crashes, the most unhealthy items at the Costco Food Court and our crazy crime story takes us to Terminal C at DFW airport. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 206: VC&M Right Now 9-22-23

On the pod (airdate: 9-22-23) It's Natl. Ice Cream Cone Day, you scream...Our Artificial Intellegence day, first up what if A.I. could help you talk to your pet? Employers are seeking candidates with working knowledge of A.I. and our Stupid List of things your dog is saying to you if A.I. could translate.It's F*ck My Life Friday, Kraft is recalling Singles, and our crazy Meth McMuffin crime story. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 205: VC&M Right Now 9-21-23

On the pod (airdate 9-21-23) Why we don't drink water. A study suggests we are happier when we communicate face to face. Will you go into debt to own the new iPhone? Our crazy crime story takes us to California's Wine Country and this is why I'm broke Thursday. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 204: VC&M Right Now 9-20-23

On the pod (airdate 9-20-23): Going Commando! Do we find out if John is a fan of the Commando or not? The average home is only really clean for a few days every year, the case for cringe on cringe Gen Z dating, Millennials say Nerd Boys make the best hubbys and Morgan takes a spin on the Would You Rather Go-Round for this week. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 203: VC&M Right Now 9-19-23

On today's show (airdate 9-19-23): Leftover Frend Fries, is there anything worse? The Big "O" and what women and men want int bed. Speaking of bed, this food is perfect for increasing sex drive. Or Crazy Crime story involves family and lovers. Plus 5 ways we waste money big time and the Hambone Award is considering votes from pet lovers. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 202: VC&M Right Now 9-18-23

On the pod (airdate 9-18-23) It's National Cheesburger Day! I'd gladly pay you Tuesday... Jorts are back, and we ask "why?" The OnlyFans capitol of the U.S. is...are you often exhausted, we have the reasons why as well as our crazy crime story from: Florida, of course. And would you let A.I. choose your clothes for you? And a Powerball winner is investing in expensive Southern California houses. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 201: VC&M Right Now 9-15-23

On today's show (airdate 9-15-23) What have you done for extra money in your life? Does your dog have a better social life than you? Friends with benefits, the need to nap and events missed due to napping, and OK Boomers, a new fragrance is coming soon, for real, it's called eau de Yellow Pages. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 200: VC&M Right Now 9-14-23

On the pod (airdate 9-14-23) The FDA says the decongestent we are taking doesn't work, thanks to Meth. We're Googling "How to" questions and there's a new Coke, the Coke of the future! Graceland figures into our crazy crime story, does spelling and grammar matter anymore and what is a Boy Dinner? on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 199: VC&M Right Now 9-13-23

On today's pod (airdate: 9-13-23) I got banned on Facebook. It's hug your boss day, we think that's not a good idea. An update on Below Deck Down Under, the importance of showing your kid the letter "A" before a test, how long should you wait to begin dating after a breakup, our crazy crime story from Florida and should smoking sections be brought back? on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 198: VC&M Right Now 9-12-23

On the pod (airdate 9-12-23) Signs you aren't ready to be friends with you ex, our crazy crime story is a real "stay off my lawn" tale, 5 things to do if you are falsely accused of using AI, A case of the lazies, and our Tuesday Confessionals. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 197: VC&M Right Now 9-11-23

On today's pod (airdate 9-11-23) Mee Maws and Pee Paws, police chasing, well a police officer, #girlhammers, Shrek Crocs and a laxative shortage. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 196: VC&M Right Now 9-8-23

(airdate 9-8-23) Puppy kisses -- America is no longer No.1 -- Which side is your bread buttered, 'cuz we get letters -- Let's Get It On times 7 AND The Helpful Hardware Place and Ankle bracelets! on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 195: VC&M Right Now 9-7-23

On the show (airdate 9-7-23): Six degrees of separation, true or not? And how about that Kevin Bacon...or Halle Berry even. John has loosely figured his connection to the Cat Woman star...sort of. Are hairy men a turn on for women? The story of the White Claw Bear named Tripod and Five key ingredients in Worcestershire sauce. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 194: VC&M Right Now 9-6-23

On today's pod (airdate: 9-6-23) Hot bedding, Naked Yoga, Gary Busey...GaryBusey Hit and Run, Opposites Don't Attract and Pet Peeves. on the web: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media


Ep. 193: VC&M Right Now 9-5-23

On today's pod (airdate 9--5-23) We're Back! After a 2 week summer break, we're back with a new season of shows and pods and a new website at ! Today, Burning Man wash out, and no one gets out! Our crazy crime story ain't no cock 'n bull's a Bull story. A former relationship coach is an expert on breakups, and she's charging for it. Plus pumpkin spice and everythig nice! All New Site: on socials @vancampandmorgan ©Mouthful Media