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Join Chris and Producer Jay weekly for their unique slant on news, hot topics, and more!

Join Chris and Producer Jay weekly for their unique slant on news, hot topics, and more!


Phoenix, AZ


Join Chris and Producer Jay weekly for their unique slant on news, hot topics, and more!




What About Pod? #96

Back to a three-man podcast. Nothing like being triple-teamed with questionable accents, celebrity quotes, all the news that's unfit to talk about, and a discussion about the benefits of shouting and whispering. It's all here in episode 96! Get some!


What About Pod? #95

It's the C&C Podcast Factory this week! Ricciardi and Squyres get back into "Best", and the entire show is about TV! We talk guilty pleasure TV shows, and who makes what kinda cheddar. Get some!


What About Pod? #94

United Airlines one-liners, guessing how old celebrities are, some news and free punch and pie! Well, three outta four ain't bad.


What About Pod? #93

Where to start with 93. A very interesting "Would You Rather"; Hulk or Emma? You have to listen to this! Sprinkle in some news, Electric Lemonade science, and carbon monoxide cats, and you've got this week's episode! Get some!


What About Pod? #92

If you can't talk about BackPage with two close friends, who are you gonna talk about BackPage with? Join us for an Ides of March "Is It", all the news that's fit to speak about, the return of "Would You Rather?" and much, (too much) more! Episode 92!


What About Pod? #91

The very first WAP Science Report! How much pee is in that pool? Find out here! News includes smart condoms, and super smart Rubik's robots. Pair that up with Dick of the Week and the re-emergence of the Cat Story of the Week, and you've got a jam packed episode! Dig it!


What About Pod? #90

The Return of Ricciardi! This week's episode includes the return of "Whats Your Problem?", along with the "Name That Substance" game! Pile on with news and tales of Mexico's traffic issues, and you've got Episode 90. Enjoy!


What About Pod? #89

Laughter is the best medicine, right? Squyres' sickness leads to revelations about talent, the NBA All Star festivities, and bad eyebrows. We talk about ailing pets for a bit, and news includes all the Yak Milkin', BART cleanin', truck stealin' stories you've ever wanted to hear. Learn more about Canada in a special "Spanning The Globe" trivia edition, as well. Oh, and don't eat your ass.


What About Pod? #88

496 days. 496 days? That's how long we've been gone, but back with episode 88! We talk all things noob yoga, marriage, and Mexico City to catch everyone up with what's gone on with us in the last year plus. "Is It -or- Is It?" tests everyone's knowledge of elves and prescription drugs!


What About Pod? #87

Gather 'round the podcast machine as we discuss #Paleo, #Peeple, underwater violations, and squeezing the air out of raccoons! Yes, it's all here in episode 87.1. Where else can you find jicama, breathalizers and "yelp for people"? Nowhere, I tell you. NOWHERE. Get some today!


What About Pod? #86

Shocking breaking news kicks us off! Would you notice if your downstairs neighbor was.... well, you'll just have to listen, you'll understand why when Ricciardi makes the local Fox newscast, it certainly has it's own kinda pinache. From there, we do some Would You Rather with some audible bells and sharp pains. New this episode is the WAP Hero of the Week, where we pay homage to a woman in China who's living life the right kinda way. This episode's a lot of fun. Pop a squat, give a listen,...


What About Pod? #85

We're BAAAACK! Just in time for #JaredFogel and #AshleyMadison, did we pick a good week to get back at it, or what? Our #ProducerJay is off getting married, so Squyres and Ricciardi test out some new technology that has us reunited, for the time being. Add some "What's Your Problem?" and some discussion about Hurricanes, and you've got a triumphant return from an all too long hiatus. Good to be back! Enjoy!


What About Pod? #84

We're baaaack! Super Bowl talk and predictions, a "Would You Rather?" where we discuss the merits of sneezing, sex changes and muffin babies, plus a cat story, and all the standard idiocy and hilarity you've become accustomed to. It's the Yoko Ono edition, and it's ready for you NOW on your favorite listening thingamajig. Get it!


WAP FourPlay #31

Squyres sits down with actor Patrick Adam for the FINAL WAP FourPlay! We tackle the Six Pack Interview, talk about the Patriots and #DeflateGate, and get a dramatic reading from the Buck Nasty book courtesy of fake Liam Neeson. Sound random? It is! Listen in on this free-for-all, and get ready for all new full-length episodes next week!


WAP Holiday Spectacular

Ho Ho Howdy from your extended family at What About Pod?! A very small gift from us to you... some Christmas and Holiday thoughts, plus our very, very special rendition of "The 12 Days of Christmas", which has our own.... "special" twist to it. We'll be back in 2015 with all new episodes for you! Enjoy your holidays, and have a very healthy, happy start to the New Year from all of us here at WAP!


WAP FourPlay #30 - Happy PodsGiving!

Our pre-hiatus, Happy PodsGiving FourPlay! Listen about the pie-jacking of the century, crazy football facts, our picks, and... then things come unglued. You'll have to listen to find out how. We're taking a hiatus over some of the holidays, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch! Love you guys!


What About Pod? #83

It's our.. relationship edition? We talk about the "6 reasons I'm breaking up with you" text in some detail, and whaddaya know? Our regular segments seem to rear their heads, even when we're exclusively talking about something else. It's all the relationship talk you can stand from three dudes, and it's all free! Get it now!


WAP FourPlay #29

The return on the One Liners! All the finger jokes you can handle in 30 seconds, thanks to eternal punchline Jose Canseco! Danah Palmer joins us with another Great Moment in Food History. Find her at foodwinejourney.com and read some blogs! We delve into an impromptu Entertainment Report that really isn't and talk about funny movies, before getting into our Football Challenge picks. Who's ahead? Who's behind? Tune in and find out! Thanks for listening, and tell a friend!


What About Pod? #82

We acknowledge Veteran's Day from last week to kick off episode 82, and head into another money-making edition of "Dollars and No Sense" from there. Are we now independently wealthy podcasters? A game of "Say What?" recapping crazy celebrity quotes follows shortly behind. News covers a study on how to dance to attract women, an owl and hawk attack each other at an LL Bean store, and Magic the parrot! CSOTW is about everyone's favorite Grumpy Cat, DSOTW focuses on MF'n dogs on MF'n planes,...


WAP FourPlay #28

Get some Friday FourPlay action in your ears! Things start off with a semi-candid talk about Veteran's Day, and the state of Veterans affairs in the US. We shift to talk about everything from the passing of a hip-hop legend, to junkies in clubhouses, and a little football, too. All this for the low, low price of... zip! Plug in your headphones and give a listen!