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A podcast where Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt continue to watch and review Grown Ups 2 weekly, until we go insane and kill each other.

A podcast where Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt continue to watch and review Grown Ups 2 weekly, until we go insane and kill each other.
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A podcast where Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt continue to watch and review Grown Ups 2 weekly, until we go insane and kill each other.




Episode Forty Four - Yabbering

Tim's in Wellington, Guy's in Christchurch. But one thing won't change: These boys are spending the morningwith MPK and four lovely ladies travelling to Abu Dhabi. The mood is low but shining lights still find a way to punch through. The movie's structure is discussed at a length it doesn't deserve and Brady's out to play. Shout out to Joshua Peters who provided a brand new outro on this episode.


Episode Nothing

Tim and Guy have blown their storage budget on the five hour episode so have to wait for a new month to click over to upload the new episode. Meanwhile, TWIOAT Experience Vol 1 is available now on Bandcamp. A $5 minimum Best Of collection of Season One of the podcast.


Episode Forty Three - Magda

This ep possible thanks to BIGPIPE.CO.NZ (and our gorgeous donators/merch buyers)featuresan all too overlooked character - Magda, the housekeeper. Is she a competing robot vying with Dickbot for domination?Is she a Russian spy? Miranda's importance to the Rat King arc is drawn out. Mr Big is splitting his focus between deadliest catch and a new idea: retractable, blendable knives in a pack the size of a deck of cards.


Episode Forty Two - Merch

This episode made possible by KARMA COLA! Guy and Tim dig into a very heavy Dickbot v Brady episode discussing the possibilitiesand probabilities of a Rat King going toe-to-toe with a cold, electronic maniac. The Pretender makes an appearance also, as does Viper and someNickelodeon childhood memories. The boys sell out well and truly with merchandise now available on the website (worstideaofalltime.com if you're curious).


Episode Forty One - Five Hour Energy

Nobody is going to listen to a five hour episode so I hardly think I need to include a description. Brought to you by both KARMA COLA and BIGPIPE BROADBAND.


Episode Forty - Paul Scheer

That's right listeners, Mr Paul Scheer (host of How Did This Get Made) - the reason you probably know about Tim and Guywhatsoever, is finally on thepodcast. And it'shis third time watching Sex and The City 2! Paul joins the lads from Los Angeles and discusses men's packages, the general apparent loathing among the girlsthat seems to have spilled into the movieand a lack of desirable male partners for the film's protagonists. Thanks to KARMA COLA for their support of this episode.


Episode Thirty Nine - Southern

Guy and Tim seem to have subbed out for two good ol boys from the American South - Stevenson and Warren.They share stories from their past, their family and their unique perspectiveon the film shaped by their southern upbringing. BIGPIPE BROADBANDsupports this episode, Brady watches over it and Warren and Stevenson wrap iton a musical number.


Episode Thirty Eight

Brought to you by BIGPIPE!Guy and Tim got bored so they've grabbed the microphone and roamed the streets of suburban New Zealand. Their trip includes fireworks blowing up in the background and a quick shop at the supermarket. While freaking out passers by who are watching two men with headphones on talking into beanie, a lot of ground is covered. Tim digs into SJP's comparative acting strengths and weaknesses.He then proceeds to fill in some blanks on Coffee Guy's past. Guy is thesmartest...


Episode Thirty Six - Hand Awards

Guy and Tim have been sent a Elton John-flavoured Coffee Guy (Man) theme song from a fan. It's time for the Annual Hand Awards,the mere mention of Brady's name is eliciting fear all over the shop and Guy is tickled by an drink pouring extra in the wedding scene.


Episode Thirty Five - Sushi Delivery

KARMA COLA showers the boys in sponsor kisses this week. Guy takes us back to his Canadian adventures, Tim is now working in a bar.Mr Big meanwhile has found a way to sell octopus feces to the masses. Coffee Guy is putting rockets in shoes, on account of his inventor father, ya see? Meanwhile Carrie and Big have been spotted off the usual film set and they have NOT been well received.


Episode Thirty Four - Subtitle

This ep is brought to you by Bigpipe so suck on that! Tim andGuy are back to the banal normal vanilla viewings at home and it's not going well. Talk about chimps ripping faces off, musical motifs and far too much time spent discussing whether Sex and The City 2 should have had a subtitle. Coffee Guy has a 4 metre wing span OR DOES HE?! There's a treasure map now and Dusty Springfield makes an appearance.


Episode Thirty Three - Intergalactic Gloryhole

Guy and Tim are back home. There's no guests. There's no flashy location. There's no live audience. Just two guys, one movie, 32nd watch. Mr Big has a sixteen piece ska band. Guy flips his mattress because of French crumbs and possibly human discharge. A lot of whispering going on. Plus Coffee Guy has started educating children!


Episode Thirty Two - Tokyo Drift

Guy and Tim are in LA doing a live record during the #Audible LA Podcast Festival 2015. AND WHAT AN EPISODE! Guy talks masturbating to Lizzie McGuire, Tim's theory on where cheese comes from (again), the Grown Ups/Sex and The City cross over, random audience member's opinion on whether or not we're comedy geniuses (spoiler: we are) and all the Brady-loving, Mr Big Idea-ing, Shining Lighting, Coffee Guying updates you know and love. Special thanks to our sponsors Karma Cola and Audible.com!


Episode Thirty One - Paul F (Part Two)

Paul F Tompkins joins the lads for the second part of this special two part episode. Bigpipe.co.nz also joins the fray in the form of a great sponsor. In this edition: PFT takes the lads through a cultural maze including a Streetcar Named Desire and a horror film called Thinner. The Dickbot v Brady rumble gains exciting new perspectives and there's one hell of a three-way scat off as the trio delve into what that crazy coffee consumer is up to this week.


Episode Thirty - Paul F (Part One)

Paul F Tompkins joinsGuy and Tim for a watch of Sex and The City 2. The comedy and podcasting great has seen both movies and every episode of the TV show so watch out for some in depth knowledgeabouteveryone's favourite franchise! The trio cover ground including the Cookie Monster, the oppressive use of fashion and Canterbury prop great Col Barrell (four caps for the ABs but no international matches). ENJOY! Part two to come soon...


Episode Twenty Nine - Altitude

The lads are on a 13 hour flight (in coach, no less) to The Statesfor the 2015 Los Angeles Podcast Festival. But before the big show, they're battling sleeping pills, international date lines and moderate alcohol consumption at 10,000 feet to rejoin their favourite four gals. Tim finds sympathy for Charlotte, Guy finds a opening for Mr Big joiningTenaciousD and Karma Cola isbringing the support and love from the homeland.


Episode Twenty Eight - Dickbot

LONG LIVE KARMA COLA (and death to Blaze Pizza), the lads have finally got a show sponsor. The corporate injection has added a spring in Tim and Guy's step but it's only short lived as another diabolical watch of SaTC2 sends their minds in deep theories of AI. Also this week - hidden anti-Government messages Michael Patrick King is trojan horsing into the public concious, terrible metaphorical applications of carbonara sauce and a potential opponent for Brady the Rat King.


Episode Twenty Seven - Unsympathetic

Guy and Tim are back! Now separated by different seas and timezones, Tim is recording from a fivestar resort in Thailand while Guy has just arrived into Sydney, Australia. With a renewed vigour and keen desire to add some Grown Ups 2 back to the mix, the lads are well and truly back after a significant absence. Loaded with more conspiratorial theories on Michael Patrick King, Mr Big (and his Big Book of Ideas) and asurprisinglylong chat on Sony's beleaguered Minidisc technology - this truely...


Episode Twenty Six - The Fuck

Tim is angry,tired and lashing out at Guy. Guy is trying to hold the show together. An 11:30pm watch of Sex and The City 2 has proven too much for the NZ based half of the podcasting duo, with Tim barely able to keep his eyes open and mouth moving. Guy meanwhile paints an incredible picture of Mr Big's latest Big Idea - a sexual speak easy franchise which has been funded by Brady - The Ratking. Plus, does Coffee Guy have ties to an intelligence agency linked to theSheikh? Time will tell.


Episode Twenty Five - Matafeo

Friend of the TWIOAT, award-winning comedian Rose Matefeo is back on the podcast, beaten down by 2.5 hours of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Hot topics this week include Rose's fascination with when cheating actually matters, an introduction of Mr Big's Big Book of Ideas and the ridiculous campy fashion of SATC2. This week, Rose, Guy and Tim are talking bombs, spies and who would want to see Daniel Craig popping uppers. Plus, exactly what genre of film is Sex and The City 2? Time...