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Elsa Eli Waithe and Coree Spencer are not doctors. But they are two funny people who have gone through some stuff, and came through smarter and stronger. Now they're sharing the secret to better living through THC.


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Elsa Eli Waithe and Coree Spencer are not doctors. But they are two funny people who have gone through some stuff, and came through smarter and stronger. Now they're sharing the secret to better living through THC.




Take Me to the Cookie Throne

Coree and Elsa are back, with an all new episode that's too hot for the Albanian Board of Tourism! Hear all about the shady side of Europe, as experienced by a queer person of color! And if that's not enough, listen as two very stoned people try to unpack the sociopolitical history of North Korea! It's a show so jam-packed with content, we didn't even have time to talk about hemorrhoids! Our show is a production of Cinder Block Comedy, in association with your town is next. Media. This...


Cave Syndrome

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend? I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It is a Twitter legend. His balls became so powerful, his fiancée had to call off their wedding. Ironic; he could save others from the vaccine, but not himself. Anyway, you're fine. This week, Coree and Elsa are about to embark on big trips, but not before convening for one last clam-jam. Or maybe that's not the right phrase? Just for the record, I wanted to call this...


Cutting Dogs and Sawing Logs

Hi. You got a second? Remember how, last week, we were talking about turning horses to glue, and cleaning hamster cages? We really couldn't have done all that without your help. And then look at you! Look at all you have done, and you have accomplished in all that time. We just want to say we never forgot you, and you're fine. Yes, because this is a self-care podcast, we do give a shout-out to Steve from Blue's Clues this week. Elsa also obsesses over catching Pokémon, while Coree just...


The Covid Coping Hour

Wake up, sleepyhead. We're almost to grandma's house. Coronavirus? Hurricane Ida? The Marvel Cinematic Universe? What are those? It's 2006 and You're Fine! This week, we take some time to vent and just get through this thing called Life in a Pandemic. Times are hard, anti-vaxxers are stupid, and we're down to smoking our roaches. On days like these, all you have are your friends and your podcast on which you record all your conversations. So enjoy the flow of discourse as we touch on dirty...


Take This Job And Reprioritize It

Brave explorer, you enter the cavern to the north. The air is damp and acrid, and the path ahead lies shrouded in darkness. Wary of dangers lurking in the dark, you roll your dice for a perception check. Fortune smiles as you roll a natural Episode 20, which means You're Fine! However, your senses are now clouded by that dank kush, for a -2 modifier to your Wisdom. This reference is not relevant to the core interests of our audience demographics! Now more than ever, people are learning how...


How Gaming Consoles Us

Thank you for reaching our 19th episode, loyal listener! But our princess is in another castle! See what I did there? So it turns out the Polybius legends were true: video games can have potent effects on our brain chemistry. But don't take Joe Lieberman's word for it; more often than not, it's actually good for your mental health. Gaming has been shown in studies to provide a therapeutic outlet for reducing stress and improving brain function. Even when you're playing murder games like...


Does Blossom Shower?

As the sea levels rise, as the land spoils, as the waters pollute, as the animals thin in their numbers, as the air we breathe spreads illness and contamination, one thing remains true: You're Fine. And isn't that just peachy? Life is in flux at the moment for our hosts. Coree has gone up for an extended stay with her mother in a remote town where masks and vaccines aren't popular, and the vibe is very not chill. Elsa is coping with the devastating news of Jeopardy hiring two white hosts....


Brief Encounters with Solicitous Seamen

Bad credit? No credit? No problem! You can drive this week's episode of You're Fine off the lot today, with no down payment and no interest. That's our guarantee to you! Elsa and Coree are back to shoot the shit while life gets a little bumpy. Our hosts reminisce over being jerked around by crappy jobs and getting caught with shady arrest records, which leads to bonding over their experiences with narrowly avoiding being recruited by the Navy. Also, does anyone out there know what "ITT...


The Attention Deficient Detective

Here's a pro-tip for all you aspiring podcasters: never miss your scheduled recording sessions. Otherwise your producers start coming up with "creative workarounds." Anyway, enjoy whatever the hell this episode is supposed to be. Music credits: "Noire #3" by MusicByPedro "The Black Cat" by Aaron Kenny Our show is a production of Cinder Block Comedy, in association with Sodabags Studios and your town is next. Media. This episode was engineered and produced by Alex Fleming and Alexander...


Working Out the Kinks

You stand in a hallway that extends onward into darkness, its walls lined with doors. Behind you, every door has been opened. Ahead, every door remains shut. You approach the next, marked "15," and find it unlocked. You turn the knob and peer inside. Welcome to a new episode of our podcast. This week, Coree and Elsa get naughty. Our hosts waste no time in getting to their hottest topic to date: Android versus iPhone. And once the smoke clears from that raucous exchange, they get into the...


Waking Up to Subconscious Biases

Welcome back to another episode of You're Fine. Please, have a seat and relax. This is a place of love and support; no one is here to attack you. Coree and Elsa have experienced their share of hate and bigotry, both in the comedy scene and the world at large. But when combatting prejudice and hate, one must also beware when the call is coming from inside the house. So this week, we talk about combatting internalized bias and oppression! And along the way, our hosts end up kinda trading...


A Thin Line Between Kink and Trauma

You're so brave for making it all the way to this, our thirteenth episode. It takes a lot of courage to follow us on this journey, and it is valid to feel proud of how far you've come. No big topic this week! Instead, our hosts just catch up with each other on everything from the apocalyptic weather on the East Coast to Coree armchair-diagnosing reality show contestants with ADHD. Along the way, we'll reminisce about long-lost childhood traditions like gleaking and school bus seating...


Appetite for Soft Destruction

Lucky you, you're just in time to hear our first episode for July! This is the magical time of year when LGBTQ+ Pride turns to LGBTQ+ Wrath, Americans reward themselves with participation trophy celebrations, and people who take SSRIs need to stay extra hydrated. In this episode, Coree introduces the praxis of "Soft Destruction," a concept she conceived for her book I'm Not Ok, You're Not Ok. Not to be confused with self-destruction, these are chaotic and sometimes off-putting behaviors...


Stigmas and Stones May Break Our Bones

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to get through this latest episode of our podcast. Some podcasts seem to go on forever, and that's a mighty long time. But Coree and Elsa here to talk you down, and to be casually bigoted against the Irish. It's easy to say there's no shame in accepting and owning one's issues. But anyone who's tried to talk with a gymrat coworker or oblivious aunt has encountered the subtle humiliation of being told "everyone gets depressed," or "you don't need...


Be Easy On Yourself, Be Hard On The System

You've made it all the way to our tenth episode! Who would've bet we would get this far? If you didn't, you owe us $5. Pay up. This week's episode is about the delicate balance of advocacy: when to be forgiving, and when to be demanding. For example, Coree is working to forgive and accept her experience with publishing her book (which you can purchase at your local store via IndieBound or online!), while Elsa is continuing to demand the state of New York reckon with its slave trade history...


Good Grief

Oh thank goodness, you're here! We were so worried you might miss out on an all new episode of You're Fine! This week, Elsa and Coree return to the stage—the Stages of Grief, to be precise. Grieving can take many forms and come out of many experiences, all of which manifest differently from person to person. Still, the basic trajectory tends to align with the famous Kübler-Ross model, as theorized by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, perhaps the original #GirlBoss of silently weeping inside a...


The United States of Shock

Congratulations, you've survived another week! Your reward for living this long is another new episode of You're Fine! This week, Coree reminisces about scat, Elsa learns the terrifying truth about Mad Cow Disease, and John Hinckley uses the power of song to finally get over Jodie Foster (just in time for Pride Month!). And that's all before we get to the main topic of the week: Shock! Shock comes in many forms; in this episode, we focus on Acute Stress Disorder and the very serious mental...


An Introduction to Adderall

The results from Coree's ADHD tests are back, and the doctors say there's only prescription: do more podcasting! They also prescribed her Adderall! So buckle in because this episode is going to ride that amphetamine coaster till the wheels fall off. You will hear Coree experience the early effects of her new drug, which includes a lot of highs and some very heavy emotional valleys. Consider this a trigger warning. You'll also hear our hosts cover a wide array of topics, from Elsa's recent...


Voicemails From The Edge

This week's regular episode has been postponed, as our hosts have each found themselves separated by tragic circumstances. Instead, we offer a brief glimpse into where they're at, emotionally and physically, and how they're meeting each new day. If you've been following our show, you may know that a number of emotionally taxing family issues have afflicted Coree in recent weeks, while Elsa has wrestled with health issues stemming from their hit-and-run injury. Those came to a head this past...


You Can, In Fact, Knock The Hustle

Welcome back to the safest space on the internet, where you can nestle into the warm aural embrace of the least problematic hosts in all of podcasting, Elsa Eli Waithe (they/them) and Coree Spencer (she/her). This week, we finally raise the question that's been on everyone's mind: do y'all listen to us for advice, or for Coree's singing? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know. Coree and Elsa also take on Hustle Culture, and its kung-fu grip on our sense of self worth. Do you need to be...