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A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities.

A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities.
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A dynamic talk show that discusses topics from an educated, conservative Black perspective-debunking ghettoized stereotypes. A show for contrarian people of ALL ethnicities.






Shazam!; US! & Harvard's Gotta Renty Problem-The Grind at 8:30pm ET

Ok folks, unfortunately we had to pivot our scheduling a tad but we ARE ready to rock and roll! Check out a shorter and tighter Grindhouse show this Sunday at 8:30pm eastern. Your resident AFROnerdists will discuss the following pop culture topics: our impressions of DC/Warner's Shazam movie; also Jordan Peele's highly anticipated US movie; Harvard University gets sued for a VERY lucrative slave photo by the slave in question's descendents; Alien the High School play? Lastly, how is Hamilton...


Gunn Rehired; Dr. Angelou Trends; Endgame Trailer; Love Death Robots-Grind 6pm

It's the Grindhouse podcast airing Sundays at 6pm eastern and powered by the mighty Afronerd Radio engine! The topics to be placed on our podcast barbecue grill this week are: once fired GOTG director. James Gunn has been rehired by Disney to helm the third Galaxy installment (and he gets to stay on the Suicide Squad 2 gig as well); the late iconic author/poet/actress/activist trended on twitter due to 30 year old resurfaced video clip that has folks on social media divided about respecting...


T(S)ucker Carlson's Rage; Rich AFF Action; Marvel What If Animated?-MWIR 7pm

Check out a new installment of Afronerd Radio'sMid Week in Review (MWIR) podcast, airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. Gather around the virtual "campfire" and listen to the Afronerd crew wax prolific about the following topics: we address some topics that we missed per the last episode; FOX News media personality, Tucker Carlson appears to be in hot water (with colleague Judge Pirro to a lesser degree) over racist/homophobic/sexist remarks he made more thatn a decade ago; a scandal...


Kwanza's "White" Kickstarter; Capt Marvel Review; Racist AI Autos?-The Grind 6pm

Howdy, AFROnerdists! You know the drill-it's The Grindhouse podcast as engineered by Afronerd Radio airing every Sunday at 6pm eastern. Join us as we discuss the following pop/pulp culture topics: writer/graphic novelist, Kwanza Osajyefo stops by to discuss the companion Kickstarter project to his highly successful BLACK comic entitled simply, WHITE; Marvel's latest MCU movie, Captain Marvel premiered this weekend and we give you our non spoiler impressions; a new study from the Georgia...


"Black" Now "White" Comic; Terry Crews' Views vs NYT; MJ Doc & More-MWIR 7pm ET

It's going to be straight to the jugular topics, fellow AFROnerdists! Listen to the latest episode of The Mid-Week in Review show, as engineered by Afronerd Radio and airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. The cornucopia of issues to be discussed are: like leftovers from a Sunday dinner, we tackle some topics left "in the fridge" per the last podcast ; past guest, Kwanza Osajyefo has a new Kickstarter follow up to his Black comic book with a new White comic project; actor, Terry Crews...


Bros' Keeper Critiqued; Spielberg vs Netflix; Love Death Robots-The Grind 6pm ET

What's good, folks! We're back, live and direct for another broadcast adventure! Listen to a new installment of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse podcast, airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern. The topics up for grabs this week are: a recent Harvard Law alum in a NY Times op-ed took umbrage with former POTUS Barack Obama's timber with young Black boys via his Brother's Keeper initiative; legendary filmmaker, Steven Spielberg seeks to ban Netflix films from Oscar awards consideration; why do the...


OscarsSoBlack; Candyman News; #Hetoo? Black Supes 4 Real?-Mid Week, 7pm ET

Greetings, AFROnerdists! Again, let's dive in....check out a new episode of our Mid-Week in Review (MWIR) podcast airing Wednesdays at 7pm eastern. Oh and each broadcast is engineered by the Afronerd Radio machine. Listen as we wax prolific about the following issues: our thoughts about this past weekend's Oscars (Spike Lee, Spiderverse, Black Panther, Beale Street, Trump's comments, Green Book controversy, etc); it appears that actor, Yahya Abdul-Mateen will be a double duty franchisee with...


TV Live Action Cyborg; NY Undercover Redux; Twilight Zone Trailer-The Grind 6pm

Making it plain! It's Afronerd Radio and it's also our Grindhouse podcast airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern. And then there's the topics: DC Universe's Doom Patrol premiered its SECOND episode with Victor Stone a/k/a Cyborg making his TV live action debut; actor, Malik Yoba is reprising his role in the NY Undercover reboot at ABC-TV; more fallout over the Jussie Smollett alleged faux racial attack case (in the wake of a REAL white supremacist threat that was thwarted); black celebrity...


Rising Podcaster, GMoody Stops By; Umbrella Academy/Alita Reviews-The Grind @6pm

Another one of our straight, no chaser installments, folks! Welcome to our latest episode of Afronerd Radio'sThe Grindhouse podcast-airing Sundays at 6pm eastern. The topics on the "George Foreman" grill this week are: assurgent podcaster and famed Brooklynite, Gerald Moody better known as "GMoody" (formerly of I am Rapaport) stops by to talk about his new podcast, This That & The Third With GMoody; our impressions of Robert Rodriguez' Alita: Battle Angel film which premiered in theaters...


Addae's Viral Minstrel Act; Grammys; Netflix' Siempre Bruja, Killer Mike-7pm ET

Time to Rock and Roll! Listen to the latest episode of Afronerd Radio'sMid Week in Review (MWIR) broadcast-airing every Wednesday at 7pm eastern. The topics du jour are: Jahleel Addae, safety for the Los Angeles Chargers and his soon to be wife get put through social media paces for "toasting" the prospect of having "light-skinned" babies (minstrely is a well that leads to the center of the earth, apparently); Still addressing matters left on last Sunday's podcast table; Esquire magazine...


Deciphering #ADOS; Killer Mike's Trigger Warning; Badlands Ends@S3-Grind 6pm

Check out a new episode of Afronerd Radio'sGrindhouse podcast airing Sundays at 6pm eastern. Join your "Blerdfleet" Academy podcasters as they tackle the following pop/pulp/political issues: picking up what we failed to address during the last show: what is the burgeoning #ADOS (American Descendants of Slaves) movement and why do some in mainstream black media (Angela Rye, Joy Ann Reid, Roland Martin) believe ADOS to be a Russian "bot" hack; hip hop artist, Killer Mike has a new Netflix...


Post Super Bowl; Black Panther@Oscars; Race Bros: Neeson & Northam? MWIR 7pm ET

Greetings, loyal AFROnerdists! Listen to the latest episode of Afronerdradio's Mid Week in Review (MWIR) airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. The topics to be addressed are: our impressions of this past Super Bowl event that ended with yet another win for the New England Patriots (gameplay, Halftime show assessment and commercials incl. Avengers: Endgame); more on Marvel's Black Panther being nominated for an Academy Award; movie star, Liam Neeson finds himself in a brewing controversy over...


Special Pre Superbowl Grindhouse! Black History Month Starts-Sat 6pm ET

You know WE know better than to compete for airtime against Sunday's Super Bowl! Check out a special Pre Superbowl edition of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse podcast-airing this SATURDAY at 6pm eastern. Friend of the show and football enthusiast, Martin Adams stops by to give his insights into Sunday's game. Call in LIVE at 646-915-9620.


Pt 2 of Sunday's Podcast: Schomburg, Sen. Kamala (& Willie), Glass-MWIR 7pm ET

As eventful as last Sunday's Grindhouse was, we failed to address a large swath of subject matter.....sooo...we're just going to continue the topics and include a few more for The Mid Week in Review: legendary singer, James Ingram passes at 66; dirty politrix are starting early regarding salacious revelations about Sen. Kamala Harris; actor, Jussie Smollett was reportedly attacked by racists while visiting Chicago; actor, Terry Crews "revisits" the #metoo movement with comedian, D.L....


We're (Black) Comic Fest '19!; Glass & Punisher Reviews & More-TheGrind 6pm ET

*Apologies for the preempted shows, folks! We're b(L)ack, live and direct and let's just get to the information. It's another action packed Afronerd Radio/Grindhouse podcast airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern. The topics are: our impressions of last weekend's 7th annual Black Comic Book Festival held at the world renowned Schomburg Center in Harlem, NYC; Afronerd's "sanctum sanctorum" checked out M Night Shyamalan's Glass at Dburt's favorite spot, Brooklyn's Alamo Drafthouse; Punisher S2...


Gilette Ad; R Kelly; Frederick Douglas Graphic Novel; Spidey 2 Trailer-MWIR 7pm

Due to time comstraints, were' going directly to the pertinent stuff. Listen to a new episode of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review (MWIR) airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. This week's issues are: a new Gilette shaving ad appears to be tackling toxic masculinity and some critics feel it's really an ode to social engineering; David Walker's The Life of Frederick Douglass graphic novel is released; the latest Spiderman: Far From Home trailer hit the cyberwebs this week; skin color...


Black Culture to White Adopter? Meh; The Passage; Sif TV? & More-TheGrind 6pm ET

The NYC Black Comic Festival is coming, AFROnerdists! (Jan.18). Meanwhile, we have a podcast to do.....let's get to it! It's yet another eventful installment of The Grindhouse by the Afronerd Radio machine airing this Sunday at 6pm eastern. The topics du jour are: a new Federalist article highlights a white woman's experience with adopting African children and how she felt blacks were more racist toward her children-going against conventional wisdom; our thoughts about FOX's forthcoming TV...


Angela Davis Event Canceled; Black Villains Matter; Capt Marvel-MWIR 7pm ET

Ok people, let's just jump into the fray, shall we? Listen to the latest episode of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review (MWIR) airing this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. Your resident AFROnerdist podcasts will be tackling the following issues: cleaning up topics that we didn't get to from the last show; an event honoring iconic educator/activist, Dr. Angela Davis is abruptly canceled due to Davis' alleged past pro Palestinian comments; more discussions that Black Villains do Matter in fiction as...


Young Justice S3; Luther S5; Netflix' Kingdom;Hart's Oscar Saga (The Sequel)-6pm

It's hard to believe that 2019 really is in full swing, people. Nevertheless, our infamous Grindhouse podcast continues to persevere. Listen to your favorite AFROnerdist crew wax about the following subject matter: After much speculation and waiting, Young Justice S3 premiered this past weekend on the DC Universe streaming platform; noted actor, Idris Elba returns for the fifth season of his detective series, Luther; South Korea's foray into zombies and samurai are explored per the latest...


Our Predictions for '19; Punisher S2; Bird Box & Bandersnatch-Wed 7pm ET

Happy New Year to our loyal Afronerd Radio supporters! Let's just dig in, shall we? Check out our first Mid Week in Review (MWIR) installment for '19 and listen to our podcast crew muse about the following topics: the team rolls out their predictions for the new year in cinema, TV, streaming services as well as politics (Senator Elizabeth Warren's POTUS dreams); Netflix' S2 Punisher teaser trailer hits the net; and in more Netflix products, our impressions of Bird Box and Bandersnatch films;...