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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.

Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.
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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.




Ep. 83 - Disney Will Feature An Openly Gay Character

The Left is mad that the actor portraying a gay character in a new Disney film is not himself gay. They're also mad that the actress portraying a lesbian Batwoman is not herself lesbian enough. Here we see two facts demonstrated: 1) Identity politics is insane. 2) The Left will never be satisfied, no matter how much ground is surrendered to them.


Ep. 82 - The Media Hypes White Supremacists Yet Again

Any time a handful of white supremacists gather together, the media rushes to the scene. If I didn't know any better I might begin to suspect that the media is trying to purposefully embolden and legitimize white supremacy so they can use it to discredit the Right.


Ep. 81 - Why My Generation Loves Socialism

It's not hard to figure out why young people today are attracted to socialism. The equation is pretty simple. Bad parenting + bad education = socialists. Date: 08-10–2018


Ep. 80 - Why 'Love Yourself' Is Horrible Advice

We are far too focused on self-love these days. People have come to believe that self-love is the starting point, and goal, of human life. It isn't. Self-love hardly even makes sense as a concept, and in practice it almost always translates into narcissism. Let's talk about why we should stop worrying about loving ourselves and focus instead on loving others. Date: 08-09–2018


Ep. 79 - How Social Media Helps Turn Us Into Narcissists

A new mental disorder called "Snapchat dysmorphia" has been invented to describe people who get plastic surgery so that they look better on Snapchat. There is a simple and more accurate term for this: narcissism. Social media fuels narcissism because it encourages us to focus intently on our image, our appearance, ourselves. Date: 08-08–2018


Ep. 78 - The War on "Hate Speech" is a War on Conservative Speech

The big tech giants have conspired to ban and shutdown Alex Jones. No matter how you feel about Jones, this is chilling. And it's just the beginning. Date: 08-07–2018


Ep. 77 - The Left Claims Only White People Can Be Racist

The Left is defending the racist tweets of a New York Times reporter on the basis that she can't be racist because she isn't white. In the Leftist mind, only those with "institutional power" can be racist, and only white people have that kind of power. This is wrong and nonsensical on several different levels. Let's dissect the wrongness now. Date: 08-06-2018


Ep. 76 - Is The Pope Right About The Death Penalty?

Pope Francis is attempting to overturn 2,000 years of Church teaching on the death penalty. Christianity has always taught, and Scripture says, and men like Aquinas and Augustine have affirmed, that the death penalty is morally permissible. The Pope disagrees. Is he wrong? We'll talk about that on the show today. (But yes, he's wrong). Date: 08-03-2018


Ep. 75 - What is the Point of Evangelical Atheism?

I don't understand evangelical atheism. If life is objectively meaningless, and we are but physical matter headed into an eternal oblivion, why do you care what other people believe? Why are you trying to convert us into unbelief? What does it matter? What does anything matter? Let's talk about it. Date: 08-02–2018


Ep. 74 - Jesus Is Not A Socialist

I can't believe I have to say this, but, no, Jesus is not a socialist. He does not see poverty as a social disease to be cured by a power from on high. He could do that Himself if He wanted to. But that's not the point. The point is that we as individuals are supposed to CHOOSE to help and love our fellow humans. Date: 08-01–2018


Ep. 73 - The New York Times Just Published An Extraordinarily Racist Article

The New York Times published an article lamenting the fact that there are so many white people in New Hampshire. The Left continues to engage in blatant bigotry against white people under the guise of pushing "diversity." But socially engineered diversity is wrong and self-defeating. It's also extremely racist, for many reasons. We will discuss those reasons now. Date: 07-31–2018


Ep. 72 - Voters Should Be Required To Take A Civics Exam

We say that it's everyone's civic duty to vote. That's not exactly true. It's everyone's civic duty to be informed and contributing members of society. If they haven't fulfilled that duty, then it's extremely bad for them to vote. An ignorant, self-centered vote serves only to cancel out the votes of informed people. We could easily solve this problem by holding voters to a very basic standard of awareness and maturity. Date: 07-30–2018


Ep. 71 - Why Introverts Hate Small Talk

For a change of pace from the heavier topics, let's talk about the most misunderstood group in human society: introverts. We are often accused of being "anti-social," and "hating people," and so on, but none of that is true. We just have no need for, and do not enjoy, constant noise and pointless chatter. Date: 07-27–2018


Ep 70 - Inventing Another Fake Environmental Crisis

Supposedly, our plastic straws are destroying the environment. We are told that we use 500 million straws a day, and many of them somehow end up in the ocean. Both of these claims are false. Let's now debunk this hysteria, and discuss why people engage in environmental hysterics, and how they hurt their own movement in the process. Date: 07-26–2018


Ep. 69 - The Church Is Plagued By Cowardice

The disease that infects the church in America is cowardice. Many Christians are afraid to stand for moral truth. The persecution we face is very light, yet we cower from it in fear. There can be no resurgence of faith in America until there is a resurgence of courage. Date: 07-25–2018


Ep. 68 - Child Abuse In The Guise Of 'Gender Neutral Parenting'

Trendy liberal parents are raising their kids "gender neutral." They even have a name for gender neutral kids: theybies. This is not only illogical, ridiculous, and insane -- it is also child abuse. Date: 07-24–2018


Ep. 67 - The Inconvenient Truth About The Catholic Church Sex Scandal

The Catholic Church started admitting a significant percentage of gay priests in the 60s and 70s. It was right at this time that the sexual abuse of altar boys became a huge problem. These two things are not unrelated. The one leads to the other. This is the glaringly obvious fact that any rational person can recognize, but few will say out loud. Christianity in the West is infested with cowards who will not even admit the truths that are right in front of them. Date: 07-23–2018


Ep. 65 - Our Country Needs More Masculinity, Not Less

A new campaign seeks to "evolve masculinity" by turning men into emasculated weaklings. But this does not represent an evolution. The new version of masculinity is a devolution from the traditional version. And that's a problem because this country desperately needs masculine men. Date: 07-19–2018


Ep. 64 - We're All Mentally Disordered

The drug companies and the psychiatric industry have turned nearly every human emotion, trait, characteristic, and weakness into symptoms of mental diseases. Often they do so by pushing thoroughly debunked theories like "chemical imbalancement." Before long, we will all be mentally disordered. Date: 07-18-2018


Ep. 63 - Why Is God Hidden?

Today I want to address what I think is maybe the best atheist argument against the existence of God. It's also a question that we Believers have been grappling with for centuries: Where is God? Why does He remain invisible to us? Why doesn't He reveal Himself unmistakably to all of us? I don't claim to have THE answer to that question. Nobody does. But here are my thoughts on the subject. Date: 07-17–2018