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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.

Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.
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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.




Ep. 331 - The Most Embarrassing Debate Yet

Last night's debate was great entertainment but also a huge embarrassment for the Democrat Party. Bernie screamed until he lost his voice. Yang tried to bribe the audience. Kamala appeared to be drunk. We'll sort through it. Also, I'll answer your emails. Date: 09-13-2019


Ep. 330 - The Non-Existent Vaping Crisis

Trump wants to ban flavored e-cigarettes because his wife doesn't like them. We'll talk about why the talk of a "vaping crisis" is overblown and why this move is politically disastrous for the president. Also, a gaggle of conspiracy theorists rallied in DC yesterday and Hillary Clinton put on the saddest and most embarrassing display anyone has ever seen. Date: 09-12-2019


Ep. 329 - Okay, Let’s Lower The Voting Age To Zero

Today we remember 9-11. Also, Vox suggests lowering the voting age to zero. I’ll explain why conservatives should actually support that idea for entirely self-serving reasons. Also, a London zoo has the first “genderless” penguin. Date: 09-11-2019


Ep. 328 - Hey Guys, Stop Oppressing Women

Beto says everyone has a "right" to live near their jobs. This is yet more evidence that the concept of human rights has lost all meaning in our society. Also, a feminist informs us that the term "hey guys" is oppressive to women. And a former James Bond actor gives the only answer he's allowed to give when asked whether there should be a female James Bond. Date: 09-10-2019


Ep. 327 - Buttigieg Mangles The Bible Again

Pete Buttigieg once again mangles the Bible to try and justify abortion. We will look at his theological arguments. Also, noted child rapist Roman Polanski wins another prestigious film award. Yet Hollywood continues to lecture us about our moral inferiority. Date: 09-09-2019


Ep. 326 - Drew Brees Promotes The Bible, Gets Attacked As Anti-Gay

Drew Brees is being attacked by the outrage mob for recording an "anti-gay" video. In reality, the video promotes the Bible and says nothing at all about gays. We'll discuss how "anti-gay" and "Christian" have been synonymous terms in our culture. Also, more stores are banning open carry. My opinion on the subject may put me at odds with most conservatives. Date: 09-06-2019


Ep. 325 - The Deranged And Evil Overpopulation Myth

Bernie Sanders endorses abortion as a means to solve overpopulation and save the planet. But why is it that those who want to exterminate surplus people never seem to see themselves as part of the surplus? Also, a feminist gives men rules for engaging in conversation. And an ESPN host claims that track and field isn't a sport. Date: 09-05-2019


Ep. 324 - Walmart Solves Mass Shootings

Walmart has caved to the left and will stop selling ammunition for semi-automatic firearms. It is also asking customers not to open carry in their stores. Both of these measures are absurd and pointless. I'll explain why. Also, a woman brings an emotional support horse on a flight and Calvin Klein competes with Gillette for the most insufferably stupid ad campaign. Finally I respond to the very colorful emails from our Harry Potter discussion yesterday. Date: 09-04-2019


Ep. 323 - Gun Confiscation By Another Name

Democrats propose mandatory gun buy back programs. What's the difference between that and confiscation? There isn't one. Also, colleges take down portraits of white male scientists in order to make everyone feel safer. And a Catholic school bans Harry Potter. But why is Harry Potter spiritually dangerous if Lord Of The Rings isn't? Date: 09-03-2019


Ep. 322 - Stop Turning Children Into Mascots

The Left has found another child mascot for its climate change alarmism. It’s time we stop making kids into mouthpieces for political and ideological issues. Also, what is a “non-binary lesbian”? And a woman stabs a kid in the face while the kid’s father stands by passively watching. Date: 08-30-2019


Ep. 321 - Jokes Aren't Allowed To Be Funny Anymore

Today, Dave Chappelle has provoked outrage for telling jokes during a comedy routine. Also, Reuters reports that two cameras outside Jeffrey Epstein's cell coincidentally malfunctioned on the night of his suicide. And a female soccer player wants to play in the NFL. I'll explain why this is an utterly insane and probably fatal idea. Date: 08-29-2019


Ep. 320 - A Politician's Affair Is Not Just A Personal Matter

Beto O'Rourke says that mothers decide the worth and value of their unborn children. We'll talk about how that sort of attitude leads directly to eugenics and genocide. Also, Ilhan Omar allegedly had an affair with a married man. We're told this is a personal matter and not relevant to voters. I disagree and I'll explain why. Finally, a woman babbles incoherently in front of a giant jiggling butt at the VMAs. Kamala Harris calls the performance powerful. I have a different description. Date:...


Ep. 319 - The Dumbest Boycott Yet

Leftists call for a nationwide boycott on CVS. The reason is astoundingly stupid. Also, David Hogg claims that it's easier to get an AR-15 than cold medicine. And we'll discuss the recent trend of Christian leaders leaving the faith. Date: 08-16-2019


Ep. 318 - The Suicide Conspiracy Theory

With "coincidences" piling up, the suicide theory in the Epstein case is becoming less and less credible. Also, a gay news site celebrates the story of a 49 year old man "dating" a 16 year old boy. And another Christian leader falls away from the faith. Why does this keep happening? Date: 08-15-2019


Ep. 317 - Huddled Masses Yearning To Breathe Free

The media launches incredibly dishonest attacks against a Trump immigration official. I'll sort through the lies today on the show. Also, is there anything wrong with denying immigrants who only come here to take advantage of the welfare system? Of course not, and I'll explain why. And a Harvard professor claims that white supremacists are pro-life. The exact opposite is the case. Date: 08-14-2019


Ep. 316 - Fredo Is Furious

Today on the show, the latest in the Epstein case. Also, Chris Cuomo is under fire for cussing out a guy who heckled him in public. I'll explain why Cuomo is in the right on this one. Plus, a drag queen teaches children how to twerk at a library and an alleged science teacher hands out a "gender unicorn" worksheet. Date: 08-13-2019


Ep. 315 - Incompetence Or Conspiracy?

Was Epstein able to kill himself because of breathtaking government incompetence, or did powerful forces conspire to kill him? Both are reasonable possibilities. We will discuss them today on the show. Also, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris continue to repeat debunked talking points about Ferguson. We'll address their despicable lies today on the show. Date: 08-12-2019


Ep. 314 - Red Flags In The Red Flag Law The Matt Walsh Show

Republicans and Democrats are pushing for gun control now. They want something called a red flag law. What is that and is it a good idea? Also, Joe Biden embarrasses himself in hilarious fashion. And we'll talk about the Left's desire for vengeance. Date: 08-09-2019


Ep. 313 - Media Matters Releases A Daily Wire Greatest Hits Album

Another mass killing last night but the media is less interested in covering this one. Why is that? Also, Media Matters compiled a video highlighting all of the "bigotry" at the Daily Wire, but it’s really more like a greatest hits compilation. Date: 08-08-2019


Ep. 312 - Headlong Over The Cliff

As we rush headlong into social unrest and worse, there are people who seem to be trying to speed up the process. Also, a white supremacist attacked me for opposing white supremacy. I will respond to the cowardly bigot today. And feminists are concerned that women don’t talk enough. Is that really a problem in our country? We'll discuss. Date: 08-07-2019