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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.

Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.
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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues.




Ep. 129 - Gosnell Is No Different From Any Other Abortionist

You cannot logically oppose the killing of born infants if you do not oppose the killing of unborn infants. As a society, we have to decide where we stand on murder. Either we celebrate it or we condemn it. We can't do both. Date: 10-23-2018


Ep. 128 - Why The Gosnell Movie Is Being Ignored By The Media

The Gosnell movie was dropped from a third of its theaters in its second week, despite a very strong box office performance. The media and the Left have been stonewalling this film from the beginning, and they haven't let up. But why are they so terrified of the Gosnell story? Why have they ignored it? I think the reason is pretty clear. We'll talk about it now. Date: 10-22-2018


Ep. 127 - The Evidence For The Resurrection Of Jesus Is Overwhelming

Atheists like to say that the Christianity is irrational and grounded purely in blind, unthinking, uncritical faith. This couldn't be further from the truth. Christianity is completely rational, completely logical, and grounded in a real historical event. The evidence for that event is overwhelming. Let's look at the evidence now. Date: 10-19-2018


Ep. 126 - Why I'm Not A Young Earth Creationist

Young Earth Creationism -- the belief that the universe was made in six 24 hour days less than 10,000 years ago -- is quite common among Christians in America. I think it's wrong and comes from a misreading of the Biblical text and a misunderstanding of science. I also think Young Earth Creationism is an unnecessary stumbling block which prevents non-believers from taking Christianity seriously. I'll explain why. Date: 10-18-2018


Ep. 125 - On The Left, "Trans Rights" Trump Women's Rights

A male cyclist competed in a women’s cycling event and won. The left says this is a great victory for trans rights. But yet again, victories for trans rights must come at the expense of women’s rights. And speaking of rights, a great victory for religious liberty happened this week. We’ll discuss that important case as well. Date: 10-17-2018


Ep. 124 - Why Is The Genocide Of Christians Being Ignored?

Why are Trump's enemies always doing stupid and self-destructive things? And why are white Americans always so desperate to prove that they have non-white or non-American heritage? What's wrong with just being a white American? Also, we'll talk about Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was released from a Turkish prison last week after spending two years behind bars for "Christianization." Why is the persecution and genocide of Christians across the globe ignored by people in this country? Date:...


Ep. 123 - The Media's Most Dishonest Attack Yet

Today on the show we will discuss Elizabeth Warren's hilarious attempts to prove her Native American history, the media's incredibly dishonest attempt to (yet again) smear Trump as a Confederate sympathizer, and we'll talk about why people should stop trying to publicize and monetize their personal grievances. Date: 10-15-2018


Ep. 122 - Democrats Trying To Get People Killed?

In the midst of deep division and political turmoil, leading Democrats are using militant and language and explicitly encouraging more chaos. When people start getting hurt, we will know who to blame. Date: 10-11-2018


Ep. 121 - That Viral Feminist Song Shows Everything Wrong With Feminism

According to a viral feminist propaganda song, women cannot open their windows or walk out their doors without worrying about being assaulted by evil men. This is the kind of fear, paranoia, and resentment that feminism wants to instill in women. And that is why feminism is poison. Date: 10-09-2018


Ep. 120 - Don't Apologize To The Mob

Astronaut Scott Kelly issued an apology for tweeting a Winston Churchill quote. Leftists berated him for quoting a "racist," and Kelly backed down almost immediately. This is yet another example of why you should never apologize to the mob. Date: 10-09-2018


Ep. 119 - After Kavanaugh: Now Is Not The Time For Squishy Centrism

Today we will talk about how the Left has destroyed any possibility of compromise or unity. Conservatives must be radical and unbending in defense of their principles. Also, we'll discuss the PC attack on the great Christopher Columbus. Date: 10-08-2018


Ep. 118 - Christine Ford Needs to be Investigated by the FBI

There are many reasons to now suspect that the accusations against Kavanaugh were part of a coordinated smear campaign. If that's the case, everyone involved in the effort must go to prison. It's time for the FBI to step in again. But to investigate Christine Ford, not Brett Kavanaugh. Date: 10-05-2018


Ep. 117 - Kavanaugh Backfiring Big Time on Democrats

The Democrats were heading into the midterms in a pretty good position. But they've overplayed their hand with Kavanaugh. Their disgusting and dishonest behavior has caused conservatives to rally together. Conservatives haven't been this united in a very long time. That's bad news for Democrats. Date: 10-04-2018


Ep. 116 - Trump Is Right - The Media Are "The Enemy"

President Trump has long said that the media are the "enemy." A lot of people are uncomfortable with that kind of rhetoric, but the media's performance these past two weeks has proved him right. They are smear merchants and liars, entirely unconcerned with the truth. Date: 10-03-2018


Ep. 115 - The Biggest And Most Glaring Hole In Christine Ford's Story

How did Christine Ford get home from the party after her alleged assault? Why hasn't that person come forward to testify to her demeanor and appearance mere moments after she was supposedly attacked? For that matter, why hasn't anyone in her life -- parent, family member, friend -- come forward to vouch for her emotional state in the weeks, months, and years after the supposed attack, when she claims she was traumatized and failing school because of it? Date: 10-02-2018


Ep. 114 - Kavanaugh FBI Investigation a Witch Hunt

Democrats don't care about the truth. That's not why they insisted on this FBI investigation. This is about digging up more dirt on Kavanaugh, even if it has nothing to do with sexual assault. Republicans never should have agreed to it. Date: 10-01-2018


Ep. 113 - Democrats Criticize Kavanaugh For Being Angry? That's Insane

The most insane narrative to come out of the Kavanaugh hearings is that Kavanaugh is an unfit judge because he was angry. Well, let's think about this. Why might a guy be angry at a bunch of smear merchants who have been trying to ruin his life, end his career, and destroy his family? Date: 09-28-2018


Ep. 112 - The Kavanaugh Hearing Was A Disgusting Circus. Now Let's Confirm Him.

Let's talk about the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing. The smear merchant Democrats threw everything they could at Kavanaugh but he's still standing. Now it's time to confirm him. Finally. Date: 09-27-2018


Ep. 111 - Should Students Be Allowed To Sit During The Pledge Of Allegiance?

A public school student in Texas was expelled for repeatedly refusing to stand for the Pledge. For me, the problem with kids sitting during the pledge isn't that they lack patriotism, but that they lack respect for their elders and obedience to authority. Date: 09-26-2018


Ep. 110 - Republicans Need To Stop Being Cowards

Do you know what Democrats would do if the shoe was on the other foot? They would just hold the vote and confirm their guy. There would be no investigation, no hearing, nothing. They'd flip us the bird and do what they want. And that is exactly what Republicans should do. Republicans need to stop being cowards and confirm Kavanaugh. Date: 09-25-2018