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Come for the conversation. Stay for the covfefe. The Michael Knowles Show goes beyond the headline, analyzing the top cultural and political issues of the day alongside Michael's Panel of Deplorables. 518438 Monday thru Thursday

Come for the conversation. Stay for the covfefe. The Michael Knowles Show goes beyond the headline, analyzing the top cultural and political issues of the day alongside Michael's Panel of Deplorables. 518438 Monday thru Thursday
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Come for the conversation. Stay for the covfefe. The Michael Knowles Show goes beyond the headline, analyzing the top cultural and political issues of the day alongside Michael's Panel of Deplorables. 518438 Monday thru Thursday




Ep. 219 - Below The Belt

Stormy Daniels continues to epitomize grace and class as she compares President Trump’s genitals to cartoon fungus, CNN dedicates a segment to Donald Trump Jr.—not the President’s son—and Hillary Clinton says we should believe accusers. Then, the Blaze’s Stu Burguiere drops by to talk about the news and why it matters. Finally, the meaning of life. Date: 09-19-18


Daily Wire Backstage: Special Guest Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck joins the guys to discuss America's outrage culture, how it's driving our politics, and how we can fix it. Be part of this special roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, and special guest Glenn Beck as they talk about the themes behind Glenn's new book, "Addicted to Outrage." Date: 09-18-2018


Ep. 218 - Another High-Tech Lynching

Democrats launch un-credible allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Anne Hathaway spouts newspeak at a gay lobbying group gala, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slaps lipstick on a socialist pig. Finally, on This Day In History, the signing of our Constitution! Date: 09-17-18


Ep. 217 - George Orwell’s Diversity University

An extensive survey of Yale’s incoming freshmen has found that the Class of 2022 will be “the most diverse in University history.” They’ll be five percent homosexual, 9% bisexual or transsexual, 8% asexual, and 3% unwilling to answer the question, which sounds pretty coy-sexual to me. Also, they’re all left-wing. We’ll analyze the increasingly homogenous “diversity” on campus and what can be done about it. Then, speaking of diversity, the Dalai Lama defends nationalism in Europe, and Twitter...


Ep. 216 - The Virtue Of Nationalism

The humorless Left is now so trigger-happy they’re now attacking things that haven’t even happened yet. Hysteria rips America apart, but Yoram Hazony helps us put it back together. A new poll shows Americans don't care about candidates' religion, while the Pope blames the Devil for exposing the corruption of bishops. Date: 09-12-18


Ep. 215 - 9/11: The Beginning Of The End Of Globalism

Maxine Waters wants to impeach every Republican from president to dog catcher. The NFL and Nike continue to get woke and go broke. Then, has the West learned anything in the 17 years since the September 11 terror attacks? Finally, John Bolton defends the nation-state while Democrats promise to tear it down. Date: 09-11-2018


Ep. 214 - Bad Sports

Democrats humiliate themselves, from campaigning in Canada to filing fake perjury charges against Brett Kavanaugh, and Serena Williams becomes the Hillary Clinton of sports. Then, stupid abortion arguments, self-hating Republicans, and Big Tech turning the frickin’ frogs gay. Date: 09-10-2018


Ep 213 - Sweeps Week

Traitors, tall tales, trolls, or spies: there’s a concerted effort afoot to take down this presidency. Cory Booker is behaving like an infant again. Second trimester abortionist and Consulting Medical Director of Physicians for Reproductive Health Dr. Anne Davis stops by to discuss abortion and the Kavanaugh hearings. Finally, the Mailbag! Date: 09-06-18


Ep. 212 - Anti-Social Media

Social media CEOs head to Capitol Hill and promise censorship to their political overlords. Alex Jones makes a good point, the health benefits of “friending” God, and Pope Francis tells his critics to shut up. Geoffrey Owens explains the value of work, and the First Continental Congress convenes on This Day In History. Oh, how the legislature has fallen... Date: 09-05-18


Ep. 211 - Get Woke, Go Broke

Hollywood writes America out of the moon landing, and Nike turns Colin Kaepernick into a real-life Al Bundy. Then, Steve Bannon is disinvited from the New Yorker conference, Democrats scrape the bottom of the barrel for 2020, politicians politicize John McCain’s funeral. Finally, I explain Sarah Silverman’s own joke to her. Date: 09-04-18


Ep. 210 - The Virtues (And Vices) Of Selfishness

iPhones, Me-llennials, and the sacrament of self-love have infected every aspect of society, from Alex Jones’s browser history all the way up to the White House and the Vatican. We will discuss the virtues and vices of selfishness. Then, on this day in history, George Washington shows the difference between pride and dignity. Finally, the Mailbag! Date: 08-30-18


Ep. 209 - America’s Favorite Pagan Orgy

This week, 70,000 weirdos will descend on the Nevada desert to bump uglies, roll around in filth, and worship Moloch. Then, we explore why everybody is suddenly transgender and blame our debauched sexual culture on British royalty. Finally, a primary night recap, as CNN fills our leftist tears tumblers to the brim. Date: 08-29-18


Ep. 208 - A Nation Of Dopes

As markets surge after Trump shreds NAFTA, we have to ask ourselves: is it possible that the smart people are stupid and the stupid people are smart? Then, 1 in 7 Americans smokes pot, Lanny Davis admits admitted liar Michael Cohen is a liar, CNN pays no heed, more demagoguery of dead people, #MeToo Hollywood hypocrites, why everybody is suddenly transgender, and bad parents. Date: 08-28-18


Ep. 207 - Spiritual Wickedness In High Places

The Vatican’s former ambassador to the United States is publicly accusing Pope Francis of covering up for an abusive cardinal, and he’s calling on the Pope to resign. We will analyze what this means for the future of the Catholic Church. Then, Eric Eggers stops by to discuss his new book, Fraud: How The Left Plans To Steal The Next Election. Then, the mainstream media, which savaged John McCain in 2008 when it actually mattered, are now rolling out the panegyrics after the Senator’s death....


Ep. 206 - The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

Democrats have fallen victim to one of the three classic blunders. We’ll analyze why the best defense is a good offense. Then, a CNN contributor posts the stupidest tweet of the week. Patrick Madrid joins the show to discuss how to approach politics as a Christian. Finally, the Mailbag! Date: 08-23-18


Ep. 205 - Are You Not Entertained?

Drama unfolds as Manafort and Cohen fall within minutes. Will Trump survive? Then, Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips stops by to discuss the Left's latest attempt to ruin his life and your religious liberty. The MSM loses interest in Mollie Tibbets—wonder why. And finally, what Trump can learn from Clinton on This Day In History. Date: 08-22-18


The Conversation Ep. 12: Michael Knowles

It’s our latest episode of The Conversation, and this month you’re speaking with THE Michael Knowles! Subscribers, ask your live questions over at, and Michael will answer them or die trying! Head over to and type your question into the chat box to have it read and answered on the air! Also, tune in for next month’s episode on Thursday, September 20th at 5:30pm ET / 2:30pm PT featuring Ben Shapiro! Daily Wire website:


Ep. 204 - Literally Hitler Deports A Nazi

Trump and ICE arrest a Nazi, Andy Millennial stops by to rap about socialism, and the VMAs prove feminism is witchcraft and Cardi B is a future Republican. Then, don’t call it a come back, but the reanimated corpse of Hillary Clinton may be running for president again. Date: 08-21-18


Ep. 203 - Truth Isn’t Truth To The Left

Rudy Giuliani says, "Truth isn't truth." Or did he? A White House aide is fired over racism accusations while the Left promotes racists, drooling Joe Kennedy defends an illegal alien wanted for murder in Mexico, Twitter amps up the censorship, and Nancy Pelosi almost melts. Finally, cut it out with exclamation points! Date: 08-20-18


Ep. 202 - The Devil In The Details

A horrific sex scandal shakes the Catholic Church from Pennsylvania up to the Vatican. We will analyze why it happened, what can be done, and why so many people get it wrong. Then, the dumbest article on the Internet this week, care of Slate. Former Bush administration drug czar John Walters stops by to discuss the opioid epidemic, legalized Haitian oregano, and why libertarians are wrong. Finally, the Mailbag! 08-17-2018