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Podcast by The Daily Wire




Ep. 172 - MSM Pleads Guilty To 5 Charges Of Manslaughter

ABC News and TIME Magazine go full MSM—you never go full MSM—as President Trump forces Democrats’ hand on the contrived non-troversy at the border. Then, SCOTUS raises our taxes but foreshadows a possible yuge victory for American liberty. Finally, the Mailbag! Date: 06-21-2018


Ep. 171 - Chesterton’s Fence Just Got 10 Feet Higher

Michael—er, Rachel Maddow—cries on MSNBC. We'll analyze the contrived immigration issue that has the GOP losing another fake Republican strategist! Then, Derek Hunter will join fittingly to discuss his new book, “Outrage Inc.: How the Liberal Mob Ruined Science, Journalism, and Hollywood.” Date: 06-20-2018


Ep. 170 - A National Conversation About National Conversations

It’s time for a national conversation: a national conversation about "national conversations." Then, why the total hysteria over illegal immigration is actually a healthy sign for our culture, not just in America, but across Western civilization.Then, Chris Pratt preaches the gospel at the MTV Movie Awards audience. Finally, on this day in history, the U.S. executed Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Date: 06-19-18


Ep. 169 - The Smoke-And-Mirrors Left

Fake news at the border. Michael analyzes the "Republicans" who swallow MSM bait hook, line, and sinker. Then, theologian George Weigel joins the show to discuss chaos, order, and our turbulent times. Speaking of turbulence, soccer fans in Mexico caused an earthquake during the World Cup. DW2 Sports Analyst Jeremy Boreing joins to discuss the fallout. Finally, Juneteenth on This Day In History! Date: 06-18-18


Ep. 168 - Happy Birthday To Us!

It’s Flag Day, and it’s the President’s birthday, and we’re getting all the presents: on the economy, foreign affairs, standing among the international community, even sports. We’ll observe something conservatives usually hate to acknowledge: things are getting better! Then, the IG concludes the FBI acted tried to help Hillary and hurt Trump. Then, theologian George Weigel joins the show. Finally, the Mailbag, and a few favorite American flags! Date: 06-14-2018


Ep. 167 - The Smoke-And-Mirrors Left

This is a really big day. I’m honored. I’d like to thank the Academy. The Southern Poverty Law Center has named a video I did for Prager University, in which I attack the Alt-Right, the “most egregious” PragerU video of all-time. Then, actor and comedian Tom Arnold will stop by to talk about his new show on Vice, which focuses on that strangely elusive Russian golden showers tape Democrats insisted they had on Donald Trump. We’ll discuss how sorry it is that Democrats have nothing to run...


Daily Wire Backstage: Thoughts On Father's Day

If "the future is female," what does that mean for fathers? Do Children need them? Does Society? Date: 06-12-2018


Ep. 166 - The Kim Summit: Reality vs. Fantasy (ft. Sean Spicer)

Trump sat down with Kim and offered hope for denuclearization. But hysterical theoreticians worry that, while the meeting worked in reality, it didn't work in theory. We analyze the costs/benefits of the summit and the MSM spin doctors setting Trump up to fail. Then, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stops by! Finally, on this day in history, another renegade American president challenges a communist dictator to give peace a chance. Date: 06-12-18


Ep. 165 - Boyz To Men: DeNiro, Trudeau, Trump

Aloha, hoa! Michael is bronzed, bound, and back. Now that he's finally a man, at a time when the culture encourages boys to become girls, we’ll discuss boys to men, from Robert DeNiro to Justin Trudeau to Donald Trump, with a word on Charles Krauthammer to boot. Then, why IHOP’s rebranding to the International House of Burgers is a brilliant marketing strategy directly influenced by the Trump phenomenon. Finally, it’s Pride AllTheTime! Celebrate superbia with an historical retrospective on...


Ep. 164 - The Real Trump-Kim Summit

After months of high-stakes negotiations, the Kim Summit is back on, and it won’t be happening in Singapore. That’s right, Kim Kardashian is coming to the WH to discuss criminal justice reform! We’ll analyze the political and philosophical ramifications of the summit. Then, Allie Stuckey drops by to give advice on love, marriage, and children—not necessarily in that order. Finally, a special pre-honeymoon Mailbag! Date: 05-30-18


Ep. 163 - Bad Jokes: Roseanne And The Left’s Fake Outrage

Roseanne Barr told a joke in poor taste about an ex-government aide’s appearance, so leftists got her show cancelled. We’ll analyze the fake outrage and real tears. Meanwhile, nuclear talks with North Korea proceed apace. Then, Karol Markowicz stops by to discuss why NY Democrats are especially corrupt. Best of all, I survived my bachelor party! Date: 05-29-18


Ep. 162 - Donald Trump Doesn’t Kneel

As Little Rocket man runs his mouth, the U.S. send a clear message and backs it up with action. Meanwhile, Trump triggers the Left into attacking the American flag again. We’ll analyze the virtues of common sense. Then, Patrick Coffin joins the show to give Michael and the world advice on marriage. We could all use it Finally, the Mailbag! Date: 05-24-2018


Ep. 161 - Trump’s Eerie Ability To Predict The Future

Donald Trump: the voice of one tweeting out in the wilderness. As President Covfefe’s critics continue to wind up with egg on their face, and his own assertions keep asserting themselves in reality, it’s time to ask: has anybody else noticed Donald Trump’s eerie ability to predict the future? We’ll explain what that’s all about. Then, we’ll try to predict the future: in November, in Ireland, for the Catholic Church. Prognostication will abound. Finally, some good news on the culture front!...


Ep. 160 - Guns, Damned Lies, And Statistics ft. Kyle Kashuv, Kenneth Preston

Fake news about guns and school shootings abounds. We break down the MSM's false claims line by line. Then, Kyle Kashuv and Kenneth Preston stop by to discuss the media reaction. Trump’s prophetic streak continues, a literal sinkhole opens up at the White House, and we analyze the true legacy of Harvey Milk. Date: 05-22-18


Ep. 159 - I Spy…Democrats Threatening Our Republic!

The more we learn about the Russia investigation, the clearer its nakedly political nature become. Then, why Google stops telling its employees not to be evil, why Starbucks goes full homeless shanty, why the British royalty degrades itself, and the incredible stories of American soldiers escaping Nazi-occupied France on This Day In History.


Ep. 158 - Which Is Worse: MS-13 Or MSM?

In its most bizarre electoral strategy since nominating a dessicated old crone for president in 2016, Democrats have now taken to defending face-tattooed, child-slaughtering, illegal alien psychopath gangsters. We'll analyze. Then, Lord Conrad Black joins to discuss his new book Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. We’ll round out the news with my least popular opinion of all: Starbucks is terrific. Finally, the Mailbag! Date: 05-17-2018


Ep. 157 - Nationalism: From D.C. To Jerusalem

As the MSM provides cover for Palestinian terrorists, we’ll analyze why President Trump’s embassy move has so infuriated Democrats and the mainstream media. Spoiler: It's about much more than just Israel. Then, actual Jerusalem resident Yoram Hazony joins to discuss The Virtue of Nationalism and why “conservative” and “classical liberal” don’t actually mean the same thing. Finally, on This Day In History, we analyze how past presidents have handled communist dictators and collapsing peace...


The Conversation Ep. 9 : With Michael Knowles

It’s our latest episode of The Conversation, and this month we’re speaking with Michael Knowles! Subscribers can ask their live questions over at, and Michael will answer them for everyone to hear!


Ep. 156 - When Mueller Colluded With The Russians

A bombshell report uncovers a possible major conflict on interest for Robert Mueller and his never-ending Russia investigation. Then, legendary standup and SNL alum Dennis Miller stops by to talk comedy in the age of Trump. Finally, how to fix our ‘vomitive’ culture! Date: 05-15-18


Ep. 155 - The Kids Are All Right

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s think of the children! Is the GOP in danger of losing Millennials forever? No wayWe will mine the hidden covfefe in the poll numbers and explain why the kids are all right. Well, some kids are all right. The overgrown adult kids, by whom I mean Democrat politicians, continue to make fools of themselves. We’ll look at that too. Then, on this day in history, Lewis and Clark depart for their journey, joined by Indian mother and gold-dollar icon Sacagawea....