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Todd Herman pledges to tell the truth, honor your intelligence, and fight back against crony capitalists weekdays 3pm to 6pm on AM 770 KTTH.

Todd Herman pledges to tell the truth, honor your intelligence, and fight back against crony capitalists weekdays 3pm to 6pm on AM 770 KTTH.


Seattle, WA


Todd Herman pledges to tell the truth, honor your intelligence, and fight back against crony capitalists weekdays 3pm to 6pm on AM 770 KTTH.




Hour 3: Dori talks about Inslee's ignorance

Dori Monson joins the program! // TEXTS and WRAP // PERSONAL NOTE: The Last Resort School See for privacy information.


Hour 2: O’Keefe gets banned by Twitter for doing journalism

SEATTLE SPIRIT: Capitol Police were told to pull back on Jan 6, Nadler: "We're not packing the Supreme Court, we're unpacking it," even though RBG spoke out against court-packing, the ridiculousness of gender identity in society // James O’Keefe gets banned by Twitter for doing good journalism // Just a Few More Things See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Inslee's awful press conference

SEATTLE SPIRIT: Inslee’s new rollbacks are stupid, Dems are trying to pack the court, Dunchin has killed more people than any police officer // The media with Biden vs Trump. It’s not even close // idiotic Jerry Nadler wants to pack the court See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Something's up with Todd

Our terms of race need to change, will Todd die on the radio?, a hero emerges in this social mess // TEXTS and WRAP // PERSONAL NOTE: Money and Happiness See for privacy information.


Hour 2: More progressive myths

SEATTLE SPIRIT: Democrats to introduce bill to expand Supreme Court, Jason joins the show with the Rantz report // Seattle Times is back at it, AGAIN, and progressive myths // Just a Few More Things See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Is our media becoming state run?

SEATTLE SPIRIT: The New York Times has concluded their time as a reputable newspaper and Ted Cruz isn’t pleased, preacher is put in solitary confinement for…. preaching, Weather Channel cautioning that you not forget “your papers”, so you can travel, don’t think Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are completely safe // A leftist tool from the ADL pretends Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist and says his show should be banned. // Todd on being enculturated in a Pakistani Seattle restaurant See...


Hour 3: Boehner slams the GOP

CBS hacks hype Boehner’s slashing at GOP, ABC, NBC Back Biden’s Orwellian rebranding of social programs as ‘infrastructure,’ Pathetic panic porn from KOMO “news” // TEXTS and WRAP // PERSONAL NOTE: See for privacy information.


Hour 1: The media is still calling these riots protests

Jack Dorsey of Twitter was enflaming racial hatred with carefully crafted hate-porn, Seattle Times are behaving well as mockingbird media members, Media is calling these riots protests // Fauci says pause of J&J vaccine “really doesn’t mean anything” about the efficacy // Gretchen Whitmer blames Michigan surge on variants See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Public “health” officials are peddling hysteria

SEATTLE SPIRIT: Radicals taunt cops after they make an arrest for vandalism outside Seattle’s West Precinct, State employee brings RICO suit against SEIU in Oregon, even in Chelian called public “health” officials are peddling hysteria using fakes charges of rampant racism, more propaganda from the Seattle Times // Todd wants soldiers out of Afghanistan, CNN director ADMITS CNN set out to get rid of Trump // Just a Few More Things See for privacy information.


Hour 3: How we view officers

Somewhere along the line, we lost the presence of the “neighborhood” cop, and the Minnesota situation is another sad example of virtue signaling // TEXTS and WRAP // PERSONAL NOTE: Hoarders See for privacy information.


Hour 1: More virtue signaling

More virtue signaling from the events in Minnesota on Monday, the FDA halts the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, KOMO news is misreporting the vaccine failures // Glenn Greenwald is not thrilled with the Hunter Biden coverage // Jay Inslee sends three counties back in time because of the Covid Flu, and Tennessee REALLY wants you to comply See for privacy information.


Hour 2: An update from Julie

GUEST: An update from Julie on her daughter’s awful situation // A woman is hospitalized immediately after getting J&J injection, we’re somehow still keeping kids out of school…..a year later, a roundtable discussion on COVID in Florida was banned on YouTube // Just a Few More Things See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Respect for Victims of PTSD

TRACKING THE TECHNOCRATS // Todd takes a look at your texts // ON A PERSONAL NOTE. See for privacy information.


Hour 2: New Zealand Lives Matter

Seattle Police arrest an anti-lockdown protestor and raid his Air-BnB // New Zealand employees will be forced to vaccinate from companies // Black Lives matter protestors storm the Iowa State Capitol and try to "kill legislative bills they opposed" // JUST A FEW MORE THINGS. See for privacy information.


Hour 1: Runnin' Down a Criminal Dream

SEATTLE SPIRIT: South Seattle caught up chasing down an arson suspect // Todd examines the "end games" of businesses and schools // Biden and Major League Loser Baseball attacks Georgia's voter integrity law. See for privacy information.


Hour 3: Dori is upset with Inslee

Friday’s with the great Dori Monson! // TEXTS and WRAP // PERSONAL NOTE: What Could Have Been See for privacy information.


Hour 2: There’s a reason why COVID isn’t spiking in opened states

The flu was not wiped out because of COVID, Inslee is not doing as good of a job with COVID as he thinks he is, the Today Show…….reported news?..... there’s a reason why COVID isn’t spiking in opened states, Drew Hernandez documented the migrant situation in McAllen // ‘Republican’ Asa Hutchinson defends allowing children to undergo transgender medical procedures // Just a Few More Things See for privacy information.


Hour 1: What to make of the homeless crisis

Our country has lost it’s conscious, District 3 school board president Chandra Hampson is under fire for being a coward, understanding the mentality of the homeless, CBS is blaming climate change for the border crisis instead of Biden // Jen Psaki refuses to answer if Joe Biden’s dementia actually believes there are no background checks at gun shows // “Silence is Violence” except one of these things is not like the other, CDC director says racism is 'serious public health threat' See...


Hour 3: Ghosts with Guns

Joe Biden goes to war on the suburbs, the 2nd amendment. // TEXTS and WRAP // PERSONAL NOTE: See for privacy information.


Hour 2: Schools - The New Homeless Campgrounds

Which public health ad panders the worst? RANTZ REPORT: Seattle School board president actively stopping the city from sweeping homeless encampments on school properties. Village Theatre asked job applicants to disrupt ‘toxic whiteness’ of musicals // Todd teases the Trial of Dr. Fauci // JUST A FEW MORE THINGS See for privacy information.