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Download This Show is your weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology. From social media to gadgets, streaming services to privacy issues. Each week Marc Fennell and a team of people far smarter than him (his words, not ours) take a fun deep dive into how technology is reshaping our lives.

Download This Show is your weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology. From social media to gadgets, streaming services to privacy issues. Each week Marc Fennell and a team of people far smarter than him (his words, not ours) take a fun deep dive into how technology is reshaping our lives.


Sydney, NSW


Download This Show is your weekly guide to the world of media, culture, and technology. From social media to gadgets, streaming services to privacy issues. Each week Marc Fennell and a team of people far smarter than him (his words, not ours) take a fun deep dive into how technology is reshaping our lives.






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Facebook's big "accident"

Remember when Facebook blocked all news outlets in Australia over a row about paying news providers, but then "accidentally" blocked fire and state health services? Whistle-blowers have claimed that it may have been a deliberate negotiating tactic. And, with Elon's takeover of Twitter apparently imminent, there's been some buzz around Mastodon as an alternative. Is it worth the hype? Plus, the Federal election is just around the corner and social media is being plastered with political...


Is this the new frontier of online shopping?

The creators of snapchat have announced a new augmented reality online shopping tool. Is it likely to catch on? Plus, a crypto crimewave forces police online. And the Meta verse TikTok war ramps up. Guests Kunal Kalro, Founder & CEO of Eugene Labs Tegan Jones, Tech Journalist


Who do you blame when driverless cars crash?

In the UK, people using self-driving cars might be allowed to watch television on built-in screens. So who do we blame if something goes wrong? Plus, Netflix is losing subscribers and money. What does this mean for the future of streaming? And, Google, Meta, and others will have to explain their algorithms under new EU legislation Guests Alice Clarke, journalist and game reviewer Sam Koslowski, co-founder of the Daily Aus


How political parties are targeting you on Facebook

Facebook doesn't have the best track record when it comes to political advertising. Will things be different for election campaign 2022? Plus, Elon Musk ups the stakes in his bid for Twitter. And why your weather app might be selling your data. Guests Peter Marks, National Technology Editor, Access Informatics Manal al-Sharif, presenter of the Tech 4 Evil podcast


What does Elon Musk want from Twitter?

The world's richest man, Elon Musk, has become Twitter's biggest shareholder. What does it mean for the future of the site? Plus, Telstra steps up to take on scam texts. Will it work? Guests Emily van der Nagel, Social Media Lecturer at Monash University Seamus Byrne, Head of Content at Byteside


Facebook's 'bare-knuckle' fight with TikTok

Facebook has been accused of contracting a political lobbying firm to help sway public opinion against TikTok. What does it say about the fight for social media dominance? Plus, is social media content moderation destroying potential evidence that could be used to prosecute war crimes? And Amazon workers unionize. Guests Natasha Gillezeau, product manager at Flux Finance Michael A. Cowling, Associate Professor at Central Queensland University


Encore | The human brains behind the machine brains

Who makes Artificial Intelligence, and how should it be made differently – if at all? All technology is the product of humans. But just who are the people behind technology? Whose interests shape how it's created? Which values and voices are prioritised, and which ones are excluded? And what factors influence why technologies are designed in certain ways for certain purposes? Guests: Dr Jathan Sadowski, Research Fellow in the Emerging Technologies Research Lab & Centre of Excellence for...


Is this Australia's electric vehicle moment?

Skyrocketing petrol prices mean that many Australians are consider going electric. Will this spur an uptake? Plus, a new announcement from Netflix means the days of sharing your account with others might be coming to an end. And should we vote in elections online? Guests Amy Bainbridge, ABC National Consumer Affairs Reporter Cameron Wilson, Associate Editor at Crikey


Can Bitcoin save Ukraine?

Ukraine has raised millions of dollars in cryptocurrency in the weeks since Russia invaded. Could this be the future of donations? Plus, is violent speech online ok during war? Meta is trying to decide. And would you pay to get a background check on a Tinder date? Guests Ariel Bogle, journalist at ABC Investigations Daniel Van Boom, senior writer at CNET


The Russia-Ukraine cyberwar explained

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has already proven to be a devastating conflict on the ground, for soldiers and civilians alike, but this has also been a battle over information and technology. This week, a special episode of Download this Show explores the Russia-Ukraine war in cyberspace - from DDoS attacks, to disinformation, to censorship. What impact might it have on the conflict in the real world? Guests Katherine Mansted, Senior Fellow in the Practice of National Security at the ANU...


The conundrum of consuming war online

In the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, what can you do to tell truth from fiction in a fast paced war ready made for digital consumption? Plus, China launches a state backed cryptocurrency. And can Tumblr work without adult content? Guests Jocelyn Brewer, founder of Digital Nutrition Josh Taylor, reporter at Guardian Australia


What happens when a bionic body part becomes obsolete?

A retinal-implant manufacturer has shifted its focus, leaving it's users with no product support. Where can you turn if your eye breaks down? Meanwhile, as millions are poured into NFT's, scammers are circling to try and take advantage. Plus, is Apple's Tim Cook really worth 99 million dollars? And has the New York Times ruined Wordle? Guests Jessie Hughes, Creative Technologist at Josephmark Peter Marks, software developer at Access Informatics.


From Tinder with Love

​The ASIO Director-General has suggested that dating apps are becoming a go to tool for foreign espionage, while Tinder is trying out a blind dating feature. Will it be a catch? Plus, are cars becoming too smart for their own boots? Guests Sam Koslowski, Co-founder of the Daily Aus & Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson, News Corp National Technology Editor


Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook?

Facebook's total user base has declined for the first time ever, while its parent company Meta is searching for solutions to stop harassment in the virtual world. Plus, a new scam alert triggers anxiety about the increasing prominence of cryptocurrencies. Guests Meg Coffey, social media strategist at Coffey & Tea Kunal Kalro, founder and CEO of Eugene Labs


How much is Joe Rogan worth to Spotify?

American podcaster Joe Rogan has one of the most lucrative licencing arrangements in podcasting, but after playing host to COVID misinformation on his show, Spotify is facing a major backlash. Plus - Apple moves to stop stalkers, and TikTok takes on holocaust deniers. Guests Liam Ridgeway, Co-Founder INDIGITEK and NGNY Tegan Jones, Global Reviews Editor, Finder


How Wordle became the distraction we all needed

Wordle, the free online word game flooding social media, has attracted global engagement by embracing the best of online culture. Plus, the European Union plans to take on targeted ads, and the Australia government takes on online bullies. But will these legislators be able to make a difference? Guests: Alice Clarke, Freelance Award-Winning Technology Journalist Seamus Byrne, Editor of CNet Australia


What just happened? The big tech stories of 2021

It was a year of lockdowns and border closures, and for many of us technology was a key part of how we worked, played, and connected with loved ones. On this episode, the last for 2021, we look at the year that was in technology, culture and media, gleaning what we can learn from the year and forecasting what we can expect next year. Guests: Amanda Yeo, co-host of the Queens of the Drone Age podcast Cam Wilson, Associate Editor at Crikey


Does tech need a Use By date?

The Australian Federal Police are testing a new technology that predicts what a criminal looks like from the DNA left at a crime scene, making this use of forensic analysis an Australian first for law enforcement. Meanwhile, Uber is set to pay $9 million to settle a sexual assault complaint and Twitter mistakenly suspends accounts after extremists abuse new policy. Plus, the Productivity Commission says white goods and electronics should have clear labels outlining repair information and...


One coin to rule them all

Some of the toughest ‘anti-troll’ legislation in the world is to be introduced in Australia, so how will it work? Meanwhile, the estate of Lord of the Rings creator JRR Tolkien has successfully blocked a crypto-currency called JRR Token. Plus, 193 countries have adopted the first global agreement on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and the US blocks the export of quantum computing technology to Chinese organizations. Guests: Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson, News Corp National Technology...


Fatwa declared on crypto

The trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has been declared forbidden for Muslims in Indonesia. So, what does this mean for the 6.5 million cypto investors in Indonesia? Meanwhile Tinder and Queensland Police launch a new campaign to combat assaults. It’s a world first but is it enough and what can other dating apps learn from it? And would you replace your own iPhone’s screen, battery or camera if it was broken? Well, if you’re brave enough, you now can as Apple makes parts and tools...