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BBC Radio Ulster's On Your Behalf is a weekly programme presented by me, Linda McAuley, investigating your consumer issues.

BBC Radio Ulster's On Your Behalf is a weekly programme presented by me, Linda McAuley, investigating your consumer issues.
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BBC Radio Ulster's On Your Behalf is a weekly programme presented by me, Linda McAuley, investigating your consumer issues.




Consumer Conundrums

Our consumer guru Jimmy Hughes is in studio to set the world to rights, including the credit note that can't be used in a sale, the curtains that don't quite reach the floor and the stove that needs to be repaired on a regular basis. Shaun contacted the show after trying to locate contributions that were taken directly from his wages over a year ago. What are your rights and who is responsible? and The Housing Rights charity have secured funding to run their landlords advice service for...


Identity Theft and Staying Safe Online

Which worries you more? War or cybercrime? Sir Hugh Orde tells Linda what the biggest security concern is for the people of Northern Ireland. And how to stay safe on line - whether its banking or shopping. Is it safer to shop on the High Street or on line? Are you more likely to be pickpocketed in a town or in a virtual city. Also Linda visits homeless charity Macs to see how your donations to Children in Need have helped young people at risk.


Citizens Advice, Energy and Postage Problems

The Citizens Advice Bureau will soon be no more. What will this mean for the people who turn to them for advice? Universal Credit gets an extra £1.9 billion, but who are the winners and who are the losers? It's Energy Week next week - so what little changes could you make that won't cost anything but could make big savings? Plus Posting at Christmas - how to make sure you won't pay more because you live in Northern Ireland.


Counterfeit, Phones and Broadband

Counterfeit goods - they may be cheap but might be bad for your health, bad for economic growth and may even be funding organised crime. We discuss how to spot a fake with Sharon Muldoon of Trading Standards. Hands up who's still paying for a mobile phone handset you already own? You and millions of others could be paying as much at £500m extra and are you paying more than you need to for gas and electricity? Switch more, pay less, says the regulator. The Pensioners Parliament convened in...


A Universal Credit Special

The introduction of UC represents a fundamental change to the benefits system, replacing 6 separate means tested benefits and tax credits and turning them into 1. Already there are winners and losers. Many will be worse off, only a few will be better off. Professor Eileen Evason Chair of the Mitigation working party for Welfare Reform and Kevin Higgins of Advice NI are both in the studio. Has the mitigation worked in the way they hoped? The introduction of UC represents a fundamental change...


A Car Buyer's Guide

The Consumer Council have released a car buyers guide which would have been useful for some of our guests today. We hear from a man with a burnt out clutch on a brand new ford focus. If the headlines this week are to be believed it might be the last car he ever buys! The theory is that more of us will share driverless cars, and public transport will become so good and convenient that within the next decade you'll decide you don't need a car any more. We also hear from George who thought he...


Who said to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive?

Who said To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive - Never mind who said it, is it true? The couple who spent a holiday in a hotel that was a noisy building site might not agree; Nor will anyone who was hoping to fly with Primera Air - it's left passengers stranded. The man who had to do without his vital diabetic needles and back up insulin wasn't impressed either and should David and his guide dog Jamie be forced to travel with Jamie under the seat for four hours? Everyone sets...


Postage, PIP and Prize Problems

When is a book too dangerous to ship? An in-depth look at PIP after the shocking testimony on this week's Nolan show, and after a charity prize draw gone wrong, what are your rights?