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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)

True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)
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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)




Over My Dead Body: Joe Exotic & Happy Jail

Rebecca gets around. Even as she’s laid up recovering from ankle surgery, our host will appear on other podcasts including "Undisclosed Addendum," "The JV Club," and bonus episodes of "In the Dark." Meantime, there’s a True Crime Podcast Update featuring everyone’s least-favorite prosecutor Doug Evans. They were the Pilipino inmates who became a YouTube sensation with their “Thriller” dance. Netflix’s “Happy Jail” returns to that detention center. It follows former inmate-turned security...


Bardstown & The Great Hack

Kevin provides some good news in his battle with cancer. Also, Lara hired a murderer. (It's complicated.) The panel talks about Netflix’s latest documentary, a deep dive into the scandal around Cambridge Analytica. “The Great Hack” is a think piece about how forces can harness our digital footprints to influence our voting behaviors and the way we look at the world. FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF “THE GREAT HACK,” GO TO 33:50 Moving on, Vault Studios and WHAS TV News have teamed for the new...


Mindhunter returns! Plus, 30 for 30: The Sterling Affairs

On the podcast, Kevin talks about being radioactive and Toby, where is thy sting? In True Crime Update: even more about Dirty John. The panel reviews the latest from 30 for 30 podcasts: The Sterling Affairs. It explores the downfall of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in a whirlwind of sex, race, and sports...all caught on audiotape. FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "THE STERLING AFFAIRS," GO TO 28:10 Then, Netflix is out with season two of its triumphant “Mindhunter.” This time,...


Room 20 & Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

Studio C has been relocated to accommodate Rebecca and Kevin's upcoming medical procedures. They give Lara and Toby health updates. First on the double bill is HBO's "Who Killed Garrett Phillips." The 12-year-boy was strangled in his apartment after school and the perpetrator escaped from a third-floor window. Reminiscent of The Staircase, it's a look at race and justice in America. FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "WHO KILLED GARRETT PHILLIPS" GO TO 33:55. Then it's a review of top-ten...


Bundyville: The Remnant and The Clearing

As summer rolls on, so do the hot new podcasts. First, the panel revisits the Patriot Movement in the sequel to Bundyville: “The Remnant.” It’s a deep look at how a bomber who targeted a former co-worker may be tied to the larger anti-government movement. FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF “BUNDYVILLE: THE REMNANT,” GO TO 26:26. Then the crime writers dive into “The Clearing,” an investigation into serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards. A journalist and the killer’s daughter try to sort out what...


I Love You, Now Die & Exhibit A

We're back with a double review. First, HBO's “I Love You, Now Die,” exams the strange case of a teenager accused of ordering her boyfriend to commit suicide over text message. The documentary tells a deeper story than was presented on TV news, probing the troubled lives of both young people to offer more complex reasons Conrad Roy might have wanted to die and why Michelle Carter didn’t stop him. FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF “I LOVE YOU, NOW DIE,” GO TO 34:30 Next, Netflix's “Exhibit A”...


In the Dark Revelations and Atlantic

Following the US Supreme Court striking down Curtis Flowers’ conviction, In The Dark has returned with what could be the final episode of season two. The Polk Award-winning podcast saved some of its most compelling journalism for its final hour, accomplishing more in 56 minutes than most podcasts do in their entire series. FOR OUR THUMBS UP OR THUMBS WAY UP REVIEW OF THIS EP OF IN THE DARK, GO TO 25:04 The Irish Times’s podcast “Atlantic” examines the unsolved mystery of Peter Bergmann, a...


Big Little Lies and Slate's The Queen

This week, the panel talks about Madeline Baron’s rapid response episode of “In the Dark” following the SCOTUS decision on Curtis Flowers. What was the response from residents in Winona…including prosecutor Doug Evans? The crime writers review “The Queen,” a new podcast from Slate. It follows the story of Linda Taylor, the con woman whose brazen public assistance scam gave rise to the “welfare queen” narrative. The mixture of crime, politics, and dog-whistle racism has left a legacy which...


Double review: Confronting OJ and Man in the Window

Lots of true crime podcast updates this week! The US Supreme Court has vacated the conviction of In The Dark S2 subject Curtis Flowers in a 7-2 decision. Will he be tried for a seventh time? There’s a shocking discovery in NPR’s White Lies podcast. We have a verdict in the Escaping NXIVM case and a new plea from the suspect in The Teacher’s Pet podcast. After their hit Dirty John, the LA Times and Wondery have paired up again to tell the story of California’s most infamous serial killer....


When They See Us & This Land

In True Crime Update, a listener of the “Bear Brook” podcast solved a big part of the cold case. We hear from Rebecca’s colleague Jason Moon, as well as giving a plug for NHPR’s new podcast about parole, “Supervision.” The panel offers a first-impressions review of Crooked Media’s “This Land.” It touches on a murder conviction from 2000, but the legal case has less to do about what happened and more to do about where it happened. FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF “THIS LAND,” GO TO 38:22. Then...


The Legend of Cocaine Island (Live from PodX!)

In a break from format, this episode was recorded before a live audience at PodX in Nashville! The panel discusses the stylized, semi-serious Netflix documentary "The Legend of Cocaine Island." Is this story of buried treasure about the American Dream or about American excess? TO HEAR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "THE LEGEND OF COCAINE ISLAND," GO TO 25:00. With the help of the audience, the team plays a few rounds of CRIME WRITERS AGAINST HUMANITY! Using cards from the very-adult,...


HBO's Chernobyl and Killing Eve season 2

Kevin makes his return from his latest surgery to sound that call: TRUE CRIME PODCAST UPDATE! From Paris, the trial of "West Cork" subject Ian Bailey is underway. Call it the “feel-bad show of the summer.” HBO and Sky Atlantic have teamed for the five-part series “Chernobyl.” We know going in that “Chernobyl” will be scary and depressing...but will it also be entertaining? FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "CHERNOBYL," GO TO 29:51 It was one of our favorite shows from 2018. BBC America’s...


White Lies and that Game of Thrones finale

With Kevin taking a week off to recuperate from cancer surgery, Rebecca, Lara, and Toby nerd out on the series finale of Game of Thrones. (Bran the Broken? WTF?) Then the panel digs deep into NPR's new podcast, "White Lies." This look at the cover-up around a 1965 civil rights crime is just as resonant today. FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF THE GAME OF THRONES FINALE, GO TO 26:54. FOR A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF WHITE LIES, GO TO 50:53. In Crime of the Week: hey, it's that guy. Get our...


That Zac Efron Bundy movie and The Last Days of August

This week on the podcast: TWO REVIEWS! The panel breaks down the latest film in the Ted Bundy canon: It's called Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile and it's on Netflix. Then, a review of Jon Ronson's latest take on the porn industry, the podcast The Last Days of August. Plus, a true crime update about the Madeleine McCann case. In Crime of the Week: winner winner, chicken dinner. Get our Patreon-exclusive CWO After Show...and more! Just click here to sign up! APPEARANCE...


Double review of "Charged" and "At the Heart of Gold"

The panel begins with some appearance announcements, plus the reveal of our PodX ticket giveaway winner. Then somehow we get on a tangent about the 1978-1981 TV series, "The White Shadow." There's a new HBO documentary looking at the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal. "At the Heart of Gold" doesn’t have the amount of time the podcast "Believed" enjoyed, so it goes for breadth instead of depth. In "Slate Presents: Charged,” host Emily Bazelon spent two years examining New York’s special gun...


Whatcha gonna do with our Running from COPS review?

Kevin begins with a health update. Then the panel then wields their Valyrian steel and takes a stab at The Battle of Winterfell episode of Game of Thrones. TO SKIP SPOILERS FROM EP 3 OF GoT, go to 18:12 Moving on, the crime writers talk about the new series from Dan Taberski, "Running from COPS." It's a look at law enforcement reality TV and a contemplation on what it's doing for the public, the police, the suspects, and the system. TO HEAR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF "RUNNING FROM COPS,"...


Netflix's Madeleine McCann doc and a Make-a-wish mystery podcast

With Rebecca and Lara on school vacation, Kevin and Toby are joined by special guest Sarah D. Bunting from "The Blotter Presents...." First off the panel reacts to the Maryland Court of Appeals' refusal to reconsider its recent decision reinstating Adnan Syed's conviction. Next Toby introduces us to an up-and-coming podcast, "What Happened to Holly Bartlett." This six-part series looks at the 2010 death of a blind woman from Halifax. Then we give a glowing review to the mystery podcast from...


The Murder Squad! A Blackout podcast review! And Billy Jensen!

We take a quick look at “Murder Squad.” The concept of the podcast from journalist Billy Jensen and cold case investigator Paul Holes is to not only chat about crimes, but ask listeners to help solve them too. Rebecca has an interview with Jensen, too. Then, we review “Blackout,” which follows a northern NH disc jockey as he attempts to navigate a world suddenly without power,wondering whether there are nefarious actors bent on forcing modern society to revert to simpler times. TO GET OUR...


A double review! Uncover: The Village and The Ballad of Billy Balls!

“Uncover: The Village,” investigates a series of murders in Toronto’s Gay Village. Despite a 2018 arrest, gay residents of The Village have been vanishing since the mid-70s with the police taking little notice. TO HEAR OUR SPOILER FREE REVIEW OF "UNCOVER: THE VILLAGE," GO TO 29:38 “Crimetown Presents” is back with a new series about true love and true crime. “The Ballad of Billy Balls” looks at the mysterious death of a New York punk-era musician, told mostly through the eyes of his...


To Live and Die in LA - NOPE. Plus, an In The Dark SCOTUS update!

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