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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)

True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)
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True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture roundtable with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about the blockbuster podcast 'Serial,' as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.' This podcast is AKA Crime Writers On...Serial (& More!)




Serial Season 3, Episode 5 & The Dream

In Serial episode 5, Pleas Baby Pleas, Sarah brings us inside the prosecutor’s office, giving us a view of what it’s like to be one of too-few prosecutors in a system with too many felonies to prosecute, with some decisions made for justice and some for expediency. But does this episode live up to Serial's promise? The panel is split 3-1. Then, we review The Dream, a new podcast from Stitcher that looks at the unsavory world of multi-level marketing companies, and the reasons some people...


Serial Season 3, Episode 4 & American Vandal (Season Number Two!)

For Serial season 3 episode 4, "A Bird in Jail is Worth Two on the Street," Sarah introduces us to man charged with shooting of an infant in a car before the state dropped the charges. Could this have been avoided? We learn that a snitch in time could have saved him a year in jail. Then...American Vandal is back with number two. Netflix's smart, Peabody Award winning, true crime satire returns with Pete and Sam looking for the Turd Burglar. Call the police, because DeMarcus steals the...


Serial Season 3: Episode 3 & Uncover: Escaping NXIVM

In Serial episode 3, "Misdemeanor, Meet Mr. Lawsuit," Sarah looks into the issue of how the police interact with the African-American population in their communities. A large topic writ small through the story of one arrest in a hallway. Which one of the crime writers says this is the best single episode of Serial ever? Then the panel discuss the new CBC podcast Uncover: Escaping NXIVM. The distinctive Canadian presentation style takes on an alleged sex cult. (Want to skip to our...


Serial Season 3: Episode 1 and 2 - Our breakdown and review!

Get ready for the best discussion and analysis of the Serial podcast. Sarah Koenig is back for season 3 (finally!) - Along with Emmanuel Dzotsi, Sarah gives us a year in the life of the Cleveland Justice Center. For episode one, "A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center," the crime writers discuss whether the lesson is about prosecutorial discretion...or about race? In episode two, "You've Got Some Gauls," we can't even with Judge Gaul. But does he have a point? (Spoiler alert - he does...


Dr. Death, Ozark Season 2, and Serial Season 3 is almost here!

Weekly episodes of "Crime Writers On" have returned! And so has "Serial!" For season 3, Sarah K and Co. will look at the justice system from the inside: embedding themselves in a criminal courthouse in Cleveland. Note: for the duration of Serial's run, episodes of CWO will drop on Mondays instead of Fridays. Netflix’s hit crime show "Ozark" is back with a second season. The drama starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney combines white collar crime and redneck gothic. Is it as good as its...


Serial Season 3 is almost here, guys

Those wacky Serial folks just dropped an 8-minute mini ep/trailer for season 3!! We are *all* over it.


This episode has IT ALL: Up and Vanished, Sharp Objects, Pam Smart, Kim Kardashian and MORE!

Wow, we've got more true crime than you can shake a stick at! This time out we talk about Kim Kardashian's new-found love of "Serial," the latest court filings in Adnan Syed's appeal, and the Facebook meltdown over "My Favorite Murder." The panel give first takes and final thoughts on shows like "Sharp Objects," "Up and Vanished," and "Fatal Voyage." And there's cool stuff to look forward to with TV debuts of "My Dad Wrote a Porno" and "American Vandal" season two. TO AVOID SPOILERS FOR...


A Double-Bill Review: Slow Burn and Castle Rock!

In the world of true crime updates, Irish authorities have issued a new report on police conduct in the West Cork case. Speaking of podcasts from Audible, what's happened to their podcast division? Rebecca gives a plug for her new project, Bear Brook, which will be debuting from NHPR next month. Also, has horror author Joe Hill solved the 1974 mystery of the "Woman in the Dunes" by watching "Jaws"? Speaking of Joe Hill, his father (Stephen King) has a new show on Hulu. Castle Rock is the...


A Bundyville review! A Dark Tourist debate! And Rebecca gets called for jury duty!

On our off week, the Crime Writers got together face-to-face for the first time in ages. We're back with lots to talk about. This includes the latest "In the Dark"-related court filings in the Curtis Flowers case, the passing of a troubled ex-prosecutor featured in "The Staircase," and one of the panelists gets called for jury duty. We go globetrotting on the new Netflix series, "Dark Tourist." Journalist David Farrier, who wowed us with his documentary “Tickled,” shows us some of the most...


An S-Town lawsuit, an In The Dark tragedy, and a Sharp Objects Review

While Toby broadcasts from a beautiful island lake house, the rest of the panel sweats it out to bring you another episode of Crime Writers On with a brand new logo! There are true crime updates galore: We talk about the MD Court of Appeals granting cert in the continuing post-conviction struggles of Serial's Adnan Syed. Curtis Flower's mother passed away and we reflect on the meaning of injustice within injustice. Plus, the "estate" of John McLemore is suing "S-town" for violating his...


Rewinding The RFK Tapes and In The Dark's triumphant finale

Kevin is recording in his underwear and Stephen King has come to live at Lara's house. It must be time for the summer edition of Crime Writers On. In the first part of the podcast we'll review The RFK Tapes from the team behind Crimetown. Robert Kennedy was assassinated at point blank range in a room full of why do some believe there was another shooter? We're not buying the conspiracy, but the tale isn't so bad. FOR OUR SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF THE RFK TAPES, FAST-FOWARD TO...


Has In The Dark surpassed Serial? Plus, Adnan Syed gets a timeline, and Flint Town gets our review.

Is In The Dark a better podcast than Serial season one? Or would it not even exist were it not for Serial? The Crime Writers take on that debate as we check in with the latest installment of In The Dark's investigation into the investigation that left Curtiss Flowers stranded on death row. Plus, Adnan Syed gets a new timeline for a legal decision, Brendan Dassey's case maybe gets a SCOTUS look, and in the biggest crime of all, Rebecca and Kevin make jokes about their sex life. Also, Toby...


Those new eps of The Staircase! An S-Town movie? And In The Dark has us like...

What a bad week for Lara. First she loses the chowder contest, then she had to listen to that enraging interview with DA Doug Evans from "In the Dark" (of which Rebecca genuinely worried for Lara's health). Everyone has thoughts about a proposed "S-town" movie. And Kevin makes some Canadian friends. The panel runs up and down "The Staircase's" three new episodes. The original true crime doc about Michael Peterson was a seminal work. Does this final coda contain the same power? TO HEAR OUR...


'In the Dark' outrages, 'Killing Eve' slays, and what really happened to Maura Murray

Lara hits the roof after hearing the latest installment of "In the Dark." We knew the court was rough on the defendant - but the jurors too?! Kevin gives a plug for the June 8-9 Toronto True Crime Film Festival. He'll be there Saturday for a panel discussion. More at Toby gets another chance to roll his eyes about "The Staircase" owl theory. Rebecca leads the discussion on Killing Eve. An American-bred Brit goes from desk jockey to head of a secret unit...


A hot review of 30 for 30's "Bikram," Adnan Syed responds, and an "In the Dark" recantation

More paper pasted this week in the Adnan Syed case. The defense has filed its conditional cross-petition. It basically says, "Hey state supreme court, don't take this case. But if you do, we got some stuff over here we want to talk about." This week's "In the Dark" buries the needle on the Brickter-scale. Listen how Cookie's story crumbles. The crime writers break out the leotards and sweatbands for the hot hot-yoga docu-pod "30 for 30: Bikram." Julia Lowrey Henderson tells the rise of...


Dismissing Adnan's charges? The Handmaids return! An In The Dark Update! And Grading The Teacher's Pet!

Could it be? Could the next Baltimore State's Attorney be willing to drop charges against Adnan Syed? Well..he's gotta win first. How about them Handmaids - the feel-bad tv show of the year? Lara's Rage-o-meter buries the needle when she hears this week's episode of In the Dark (oh Cookie!), TO SKIP OUR TALK ABOUT "IN THE DARK," JUMP AHEAD TO 29:50. Then from Australia we’ll review “The Teacher’s Pet”: a podcast about a professional athlete, his missing wife, and his teenage lover. Does...


Evil Genius! That HBO Adnan Syed Documentary! Miracle Whip! And More In the Dark!

There are TWO true crime updates this week in the Adnan Syed case. First, prosecutors have decided to ask Maryland's highest court to review the previous rulings granting Adnan a new trial. Second, HBO has announced a documentary about the case is in the works. They promise new information and the first interviews with Adnan since "Serial." We discuss episode four of "In the Dark." Something's fishy about those jailhouse confessions, and Lara's head might explode. Speaking of confessions,...


In The Dark - A Great True Crime Podcast Returns!

This week the Crime Writers look at the second season of "In the Dark" from APM Reports. Madeline Baron and her team investigate the case of Curtis Flowers, a man who’s been tried six times for the same crime. Is the sophomore season of the Peabody Award winning pod delivering the goods? TO JUMP TO THE SPOILER-FREE REVIEW, FAST-FORWARD TO 1:00:00. Kevin announces his appearance at the Toronto True Crime Film Festival June 8-9, Lara gets a fan mail slap down, and Toby gets sexually...


The clock's ticking on Adnan Syed's case! Done Disappeared is back! And our Caliphate podcast review!

Lara makes her triumphant return, promising to bring her A game. We give an update on the COSA appeal in favor of Adnan Syed: why the next 15 days are important. Speaking of triumphant returns, John David Booter is back with season two of Done Disappeared. It seems crimes against water fowl are more common than John David Booter realized. (With John David Booter.) Plus, a fake astronaut claps back on The Habitat, the podcast from Gimlet we reviewed last week. Next, we take a close look at...


Is The Habitat a terrible podcast? Is the Golden State Killer caught??! And Westworld returns!

Lara picked the wrong week to go on vacation... The panel gives their reaction to the capture of the alleged Golden State Killer. Did Michelle McNamara's I'll Be Gone in the Dark play a roll in the arrest or is it too soon to tell? Rebecca provides Toby an abridged update on Death In Ice Valley. Then the team offers their first impressions of season two of HBO's "Westworld." The main event: Gimlet’s new hit podcast The Habitat. This series follows six volunteers simulating a Mars mission...