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Ep. 7 Living Earth Solutions: Projects in Sustainability

In this episode of the Podcast, The WordsMyth holds dialogue with three people who are working together with others, to promote and implement Sustainable Technologies and Projects. Aeon, Brittney and Jonah of Living Earth Solutions, give us an inside look into what kinds of projects they are working on, and the mindset of beautiful people like them who are actively making a difference. Media projects, energy, farming and ocean technologies.. The possibilities for regenerating...


Ep. 6 "Alternative Treatments" What the Medical Industry Does Not Want You To Know

CANCER has taken too many of our loved ones away from us and has made many suffer through the "Accepted" forms of "Treatment". In this interview, I traveled to The Burzynski Clinic, in Houston Texas, in 2012 to bring light to something that has been kept relatively quiet, since the 1970's.. And which sadly still is unknown today in 2018. It was on my quest for the truth that I came across a documentary that BLEW my mind. It is called 'Cancer Is Big Business'. This can be seen on the...


Ep. 5 Tortured Hero: A Soldiers Story

****WHISTLEBLOWER*** This Episode of the Podcast focuses on an Incredible story that illuminates a few corners of the vast dark side of our military. Retired Army Veteran Mike Barbot sheds light on his harrowing journey to Ramadi, Iraq, and the after-war he faced against the very institution that sent him there in the first place. This story is sure to get attention as it directly implicates our Military in the engagement of Fraud, Conspiracy and the complete Exploitation of our...


Ep. 4 Musings on Jim Carreys Awakening - Maharishi - Quantum Physics

In this Episode, The WordsMyth gets deep on Jim Carrey, some of his films, and most importantly, the Deep Transformation and Awakening he has been going through for about a decade.. And how it's culminating to a beautiful, perpetual climax right now, and the importance of following and tracking this process..


Ep. 3 Ivanka Trump, President Exposed Contracting Factory Labor in China with Workers/Human Rights Violations

Ivanka Trump, President Exposed. So, not only is this family a bunch of two-faced Hypocrites, after POS POTUS Daddy Donald Trump made Very Strong statements about bringing jobs back home to America and then sourcing Chinese factories for their clothing lines, EVEN WORSE, they KNOWLINGLY used factories CURRENTLY VIOLATING Workers Rights, Human Rights and Harassing Female workers. They did so without a care in the world because it’s NOT THEIR PROBLEM, and they are SAVING MONEY, and therefore...


Ep. 2 Exclusive Interview with Les Jamieson

In this inaugural podcast, The WordsMyth of goes in depth with Les Jamison, a man who is an integral part of several groups courageously and tirelessly continuing the fight for truth regarding 9/11. The fight for we the American people, and for the families who lost loved ones in the attacks. Our discussion details the process and battle leading up to the extremely late release of the 28 pages omitted from the official NIST report, as well as what exactly the 28 pages were and...


1st Podcast: An Introductory Musing

This session is an introductory one in which you will get to know a little about and the host of Phaet's podcast, The WordsMyth. The battle for middle earth has begun!!!