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Join Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst, former New Scotland Yard) and Lisa Zambetti (Casting director for CBS' Criminal Minds) as they profile behavior from real criminal cases.


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Join Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (criminal behavioral analyst, former New Scotland Yard) and Lisa Zambetti (Casting director for CBS' Criminal Minds) as they profile behavior from real criminal cases.




#421: Sarah Ann Masse & Rowena Chiu: Survivors of Harvey Weinstein (Part 2)

Convicted serial rapist Harvey Weinstein (HW) will be sentenced AGAIN in Los Angeles on February 23, 2023 following his conviction of rape, sexual penetration by foreign object and forcible oral copulation. He is already serving a 23-year prison sentence after being convicted of rape and sexual assault charges in New York in 2020. Joining us today are Sarah Ann Masse and Rowena Chiu who say they survived assaults by HW though sadly their cases were not addressed in these convictions. You...


#422: Wondery Present: Stolen Hearts

Sergeant Jill Evans is a small-town cop in Wales with an impressive record in her job, and a less than impressive record in her love life. After three engagements, two divorces and one affair, she’s beginning to worry that love is only true in fairy tales. That is until she meets: Dean. He’s a wealthy beauty entrepreneur with his own range of toiletries. Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They kiss and fall in love. Roll credits. But that would be boring, wouldn’t it? Instead, this is a love...


#420: Survivors of Harvey Weinstein speak out: Meet Sarah Ann Masse and Rowena Chiu

We are honored to have two very special guests with us Sarah Ann Masse, and Rowena Chiu who both say they were victims of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein. Sarah Ann and Rowena tell us their stories, and the aftermath of their assaults. They have each become fierce advocates for other survivors and are still trying to shed light on HW’s enablers responsible for allowing an environment of abuse to continue. You can watch Rowena’s story depicted in the brilliant Universal film “She Said”...


#419: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 10

We wrap up our coverage of Laci and Conner Peterson’s case by discussing Laci’s autopsy report and dispelling many rumors and misinformation about what the medical examiner found. We also delve into other false narratives still swirling around this horrific double murder. Many of you have reached out thanking us for our detailed analysis and being a voice of reason in a sea of conspiracy whispers. Well, we thank YOU for following us, listening with a critical ear, and appreciating the...


Wondery Presents: Frozen Head

Hosted by Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart from the hit show Morbid. When 90-year-old Laurence Pilgeram drops dead on the sidewalk outside his condo, you might think that’s the end of his story. But, really, it’s just the beginning. Because Laurence and others like him have signed up to be frozen and brought back to life in the future. And that belief will pull multiple generations of the Pilgeram family into a cryonics soap opera filled with dead pets, gold coins, grenades, fist fights,...


#418: Where is Ana Walshe?

Ana Walshe, a 39-year-old mother of three boys ages 2, 4 and 6 and who was a successful real estate executive from Cohasset, Massachusetts, disappeared sometime after having dinner with her husband and a friend just this past New Year's Eve. She was reported missing by her employer, not her husband Brian Walshe, who claims he last saw her on New Year’s Day when she left for work that morning. Police were immediately suspicious of Brian’s story and we now know why. In today’s episode, we...


#417: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 9

The Real Crime Profile team continues to play “whack a mole” with all the conspiracy theories and false narratives that seek to put the blame of the brutal murder of Laci and Conner Peterson on anyone else except who really committed this crime and that person is Scott Peterson. Laura makes some interesting observations about other media interviews that Scott Peterson gave as well as his recorded phone calls to Amber Frey. We also discuss in detail Conner’s autopsy and testimony of the...


#416: The Murders in Moscow, Idaho

Early in the morning hours of Sunday November 13th, Ethan Chapin, 20; and roommates Madison Mogen, 21; Xana Kernodle, 20, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21 were brutally murdered in the Moscow Idaho home shared by the young women. Since that day, this case has been in the news nonstop as the speculations about the murderer, the why’s and how’s of the crime captured our national attention. It is very tempting to want to weigh in right away on a crime like this but Real Crime Profile has held back...


#415: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 8

Today we are joined by Retired FBI agent Bobby Chacon, who led the dive team searching for the rest of Laci Peterson’s remains in east San Francisco Bay, after her torso was discovered on the shore. Bobby recounts in deep detail what it was like on the ground during the search, his observations about the site and what he thinks happened to Laci and Conner. Bobby describes the autopsy photos he viewed himself of Laci and Conner taken both at the site where they were recovered, and also at the...


Introducing SUSPECT: Vanished in the Snow

For more than three and a half decades, the disappearance of 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews was a mystery – a riddle neither authorities nor her family members could solve. The residents of her cloistered Colorado hometown had scoured every inch of prairie. Jonelle’s face had been on milk cartons nationwide. Even the President of the United States had appealed to the public for help. Still, every lead had fizzled. Every person of interest had turned out to be a dead end. Then, in 2019,...


#414: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 7

We finish our analysis of Diane Sawyer’s interview with Scott Peterson where she drills him with tough questions. Laura and Jim share what they see and hear in his answers. You can watch the interview for yourself on the link below. Watch then listen to our conversation. #LaciPeterson #ConnerPeterson #DianeSawyer #AmberFrey #Interview #BodyLanguage #LinguisticTells #Lies #Entitlement #realcrimeprofile...


#413: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 6

Laura and Jim analyze what they see as well as hear in a very important interview that Scott Peterson gave January 27th 2003 to Diane Sawyer, just over a month after his pregnant wife Laci went missing. What are some clues in his answers and reactions to Sawyer's questions? You can watch the interview on the link below. Watch for yourself then listen to our breakdown. #LaciPeterson #ConnerPeterson #DianeSawyer...


#412: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 5

Jim and Laura continue to behaviorally and forensically deconstruct the movements, actions, inactions, and lies of Scott Peterson after the disappearance of his pregnant wife Laci Peterson. Why did he decide to go fishing in that particular spot 90 miles away from his home instead of the many closer water bodies, better suited to his boat? What do his many phone calls with Amber Frey, whom he was having an affair with, tell us about his state of mind leading up to and beyond the day he...


#411: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 4

We continue our analysis of Scott Peterson’s behavior before and after Laci Peterson went missing on Christmas Eve 2002. We discuss the book “For Laci” that Laci’s mother, Sharon Rocha wrote which gives a lot of insight about that time. Sharon specifically writes about Laci’s pregnancy and Scott’s disinterest bordering on avoidance of becoming a new father. Laura and Jim explain the risk factors that pregnant women face from their intimate partners. #LaciPeterson #ConnerPeterson #ForLaci...


#410: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 3

We continue tracking through what happened on December 24th, 2002, the day that Laci Peterson went missing. Jim and Laura take special note of Scott Peterson's behavior that day, his actions as well as his lack of action. Laura has a very interesting theory about the connection between Laci Peterson and other pregnant women who went missing and were found murdered in the San Francisco Bay area around this same time period. Join us. Subscribe, share and tell us what you...


#409: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 2

We continue our step-by-step analysis of Laci Peterson’s victimology, the timeline and Scott Peterson’s behavior leading up to the day of her disappearance on December 24th 2002. When there are competing narratives about what happened and why it happened, Jim and Laura connect the dots and flag what is most important. As a domestic abuse and coercive control expert, Laura highlights that pregnancy and separation are high risk factors for serious harm and femicide and Jim gives us his take on...


#408: Profiling the Murders of Laci Peterson and Conner Peterson | Part 1

When you say the name Laci Peterson many of us conjure up the sweet smiling face of a woman, who was eight months pregnant, glowing with excitement for the imminent birth of her son Conner. That image is juxtaposed with the terrible knowledge that before Laci could hold her baby in her arms, she was brutally murdered. Both Laci and Conner's bodies were found in the San Francisco Bay in April 2003. Laci's husband, Scott Peterson was convicted of her and Conner’s murder in 2004. But this case...


#407: Emanuela Orlandi - The Vatican Girl | Part 2

We continue our discussion about the case of Emanuela Orlandi, a 15 year old girl who disappeared near her Vatican City home on June 22, 1983. We also discuss the disappearance of Mirella Gregori, another 15 year old girl who went missing about a month before Emanuela. Jim and Laura analyze the cases and explain what they think happened, questioning the lack of response from the Italian police as well as the Vatican. #EmanuelaOrlandi #MirellaGregori #VacticanGirl #Rome #Italy...


#406: Emanuela Orlandi - The Vatican Girl | Part 1

On June 22 1983, 15 year old Emanuela Orlandi was abducted on her way home from a music lesson in the center of Rome, Italy. Emanuela lived with her parents, three sisters and brother in an apartment in Vatican City, where her father worked in an administrative position for the Pope. One of the few secular families to live on the Vatican grounds, her disappearance sparked international interest, leading her grieving family down a confusing torturous road to find the truth. On today’s Real...


#405: The Shenandoah Murders - Part 2

We continue our conversation with Kathryn Miles about her book “Trailed: One woman’s quest to solve the Shenandoah murders” about the murders of Lollie Winans and Julie Williams in Shenandoah National Park in May of 1996. We start by talking about the FBI’s response to the case and how they profiled the possible murderer. We discuss Darrell David Rice who was law enforcement’s prime suspect in the case, the lengths they went to find evidence connecting him and if Kathryn agrees based on her...