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Operation Final Answer

In this weeks Episode we talk about news and all of our other crap we talk about. Then Brady gives us a report on the great McDonald's monopoly heist of the early 2000's so GIVE US A LISTEN!!! Also write in to give us more topic or segment ideas or just to say hi and tell us how we're doing at ALSO find us on Facebook and Twitter @Comicalpod or just search Almost Comical AND TELL YO FRIENDS!!! -Aaron, Brady, and Benjie ...and sometimes Bobby.... and Brena ALSO...


Mission Impossible FALLOUT

Follow us on twitter & facebook @Comicalpod Write in with topics and suggestions at This week we talk a little too long about the news after flying through the first few topics. Then we talk about what we're currently watching/reading. After that we talk all Mission Impossible FALLOUT with full spoilers and boy was it something! LISTEN AND SUBSCRIBE AND TELL PEOPLE... or dogs we'll take dogs too.


Comic - Con 2018 BABY!!!!

COMIC-CON WOOHOO!! In this very special episode we talk all things Comic-Con the trailers, the announcements, and of coarse the strange Johnny Depp appearances. Follow us on twitter @ComicalPod Write in at Tell your friends and leave us a kind review on iTunes if you're keen.


The Rise And Fall Of Billy Mitchell

Follow us on twitter @Comicalpod Write in please @ In this installment, we talk about some of the latest in news from the pop culture world before diving headfirst into Benjie's report about the insanity behind the quest for the original Donkey Kong arcade high score world record and the ultimate rise and fall of one of arcade gaming's biggest stars: Billy Mitchell. Don't forget to write in, TELL YOUR MATES, and leave us a review on iTunes because apparently that...


Antman And The Wasp

Follow us on Twitter @ComicalPod Write in at you know with fan mail and stuff.... or hate mail we will take either This week as always we talk all the latest in pop culture news from more Star Wars news, DC news, and a little Marvel with a heavy emphasis on Spider-man. Then we talk all things Antman and The Wasp the good, the not so good ALL of it. SPOILERS @ 59:54ish so look out for that Tell your weird uncles about us please ;)


Comics Code Authority

Follow us on twitter @Comicalpod Write in at This week Brady returns and we talk the latest trailers and news! Then we talk about some story about a scotch we are drinking and we discuss the comics code authority of 1954 and how modern day comic book stuff holds up too it. Sorry about the SUPER late release its been a very busy week. a Oh and tell your friends please :)


Real Life Super Heros!!!

Follow us on Twitter @Comicalpod Email us with questions and topic suggestions at This week we discuss all the latest trailers and news from the new Predator trailer to Tom Holland giving us more spoilers. Then we get into what we've been into this past week from Bobby playing a game for Intellectuals, Benjie reading more Star Wars books and watching Arrival, and me playing Mario Tennis Aces. Then I give my brief report on five of my favorite REAL LIFE SUPER...


The Incredibles 2

In this weeks episode we share our thoughts on The Incredibles 2 and how it adds up too the original. We also talk a bit of news and some trailers from Disney buying Fox officially too the many projects DC claims to have in the works. We start our review of the incredibles with a non-spoiler review ending at the 1:11:06 mark if you don't want it spoiled. Follow us on twitter @Comicalpod Email us with topic ideas and feedback at Enjoy and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! also a...


E3 (with special guest Bobby)

This week we talk all things E3 with our good friend Bobby who is our video games expert. First we talk about some of the trailers that came out, Oceans 8, and what we've been doing/watching/playing/reading. Sorry about the long run time we got a little carried away listen to the first 45 minutes for fun banter or the latter half for E3 talk. Follow us on twitter @Comicalpod Email us with feed back and topic ideas or just something for us to talk about at TELL...


The Star Wars Holiday Special

Follow us on twitter @ComicalPod Email us with your comments and topic suggestions at In this episode Benjie gives a report on one of the most Infamous and terrible variety shows to ever appear on television, The Star Wars Holiday Special. Before that we talk all the latest trailers to hit our smart phones. Then we talk what we have been doing this week. Benjie watched Tombstone, Aaron is still playing God of War, and Brady is trying to keep up with the CW...


Solo (A Star Wars Story?)

In this episode we talk all things Solo!! Heads up there is a slight sound quality issue and a bit of an echo so I apologize for that. The episode is still pretty good (I think) we talk what we liked and didn't like about Solo. We also touch on some news and what we are watching. Also sorry about Brady yelling so much he gets excited.


Deadpool 2

In this episode we talk all things Deadpool 2!! Did it hold up to the first movie? Is it as funny? How many times can you break the fourth wall and sill be funny? There are SPOILERS ahead so be warned!!


Shia LaBeouf and His Antics

Join us and listen to the brief story of Shia LaBeouf as told by Aaron, and some of his crazy antics. We definitively answer the question of whether or not Shia LaBeouf is a good actor! We also dive into some of the news of the week.


Avengers Infinity War!!!

In this special episode, after a brief bit of news, we talk all things Avengers!! The good, the not so good, the heartbreaking we cover it all! Caution Heavy spoilers ahead!!


Superman Lives!!!

This week on Almost Comical (formally Encyclopedia Galactica) Brady tells us about the failed Nicolas Cage Superman movie and how close the world got to seeing Nic Cage dawn the red and blue. We also talk the latest in trailers and other pop culture news.


Encyclopedia Galactica

Hello!! Welcome to the first episode of Encyclopedia Galactica With Aaron, Benjie, and Brady. Every week we will be discussing the latest news on all things Pop Culture. Also one of us takes turns doing reports on our favorite things.