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Join show hosts Samantha & Eric as we explore all facets of the Alternative Black spectrum. Topics include everything from MMA to DragCon, Veganism to Anime. No subject is too niche or taboo to be out of our scope. So come live, laugh, and learn with the fam.

Join show hosts Samantha & Eric as we explore all facets of the Alternative Black spectrum. Topics include everything from MMA to DragCon, Veganism to Anime. No subject is too niche or taboo to be out of our scope. So come live, laugh, and learn with the fam.
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Join show hosts Samantha & Eric as we explore all facets of the Alternative Black spectrum. Topics include everything from MMA to DragCon, Veganism to Anime. No subject is too niche or taboo to be out of our scope. So come live, laugh, and learn with the fam.









With the release of Cannon Busters on Netflix, we turn our focus to black characters in anime. We go over our obvious faves, the characters who are black in always but coloring, where our brown brethren fit in, and black character tropes. Plus, Disney is definitely getting this coin... & moose knuckles. InstaBae: Raychill Smith | @raychillster Local Business: Hanifa | @hanifaofficial Takeaway Question: - What off-color character do you think is actually black? * Follow us:...


Culture Sculptures (Feat. Murjoni Merriweather)

This week on Alt-Black we have on a wonderfully delightful local sculpture artist. We talk about creating art that reflects what YOU know, the process for creating sculpture art, and why you should let your mama follow you on Instagram. Plus, hear why Eric got twitter banned for nothing at all.... Guest: Murjoni Merriweather | @mvrjoni InstaBae: Theresa | @theresachromati Local Business: Impact Hub | @impacthub_baltimore Takeaway Question: - What have you re-purposed your kitchen...


Cemetery Workers' Comp

We on that creepy sh*t this week as we take a look at Maryland/Baltimore's long turbulent history with the paranormal and serial killers. Demons got Eric shook. Sam is a little too excited by murder... I advise not eating while listening. InstaBae: Medianoche | @_medianoche_ Local Business: Field of Screams Maryland | Takeaway Question: - Have you ever witnessed paranormal activity? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:...


Zines, Scenes & Things

You've got skills, your friends have skills.. why not bring those skills together to achieve your goals?? That's what we're discussing this week, as we dive into the world of art collectives. Plus, listen to us geek over these MCU moves!! Ahhh!! Guest: Liss | @tort.gurl InstaBae: Sachi | @chibith0t Local Business: Fully Grown | @fullygrownbmore Takeaway Question: - What would be the name of your collective?? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website &...



Get your freedman dance on! This year Juneteenth seems to be a bigger deal than it has in previous years. We look into why it's more popular in some areas, some dope ways it's celebrated, the controversy over when to recognize it, and of course... whyt people whyt people'in. InstaBae: Tabria Majors | @tabriamajors Local Business: Bengies Drive-In I | @bengies1956 Takeaway Question: - What tradition should we have for Juneteenth? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us:...


Hot Bucko Summer

This week on Alt-Black we are refereeing Hot Girls vs Gone Girls. On Hot Girls side we have the new rap femmes, mermaids, soccer champs, and more.. vs local mayors, ice cream criminals, and the recently deceased. No hate mail please. InstaBae: Shannon Sharpe | @shannonsharpe84 Local Business: Everyman Theatre | @everymantheatre Takeaway Question: - What kind of summer you having? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Hatin' Outside The Garden

This week on Alt-Black we are taking it back to the roots! A farming brother comes on to talk to us about urban farming, and how agriculture should be a bigger part of our communities. We discuss the spiritual connection between us, our food, and the land, how to get started, and why farmers are the boss b***s of the apocalypse. Plus, we get to the real about the effects of gentrification in our sister city, D.C. Guest: Xavier Brown | InstaBae: Chauncey Dominique |...


Spiritual Gangstas

Happy Birthday to US! In recognition of our podcast anniversary, we revisit our birth charts from our 'Ultra Personal' episode and have on the lovely guest who did them for us. We get some questions answered, get some bomb advice, and even have a mini tarot session. Guest: Ash | @supaultraviolet InstaBae: Jay Ford | FB - @givemhellj Local Business: Star Track | @startrackbaltimore Takeaway Question: - What sign do you vibe the most with? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us:...


Sexual Reality

Tell your homeboy to grab the sticks... 🌈 Happy Pride!! With this month being all about our friends on various ends of the sexuality spectrum we decided to look more into what that actually means. Is the Kinsey scale still relevant? What's the difference between Bi & Pan? Would you smash your bestie (virtually)? Listen & find out. InstaBae: Durand Bernarr | @durandbernarr Local Business: Open Works | Takeaway Question: - What game character would you bang as? *...


The Iron Ramp

And with that, it's a wrap... Tune is as we have another GoT aficionado on to recap the final season. We discuss our favorite moments, some plot holes and what George R. R. Martin and HBO have in the works. Guest: John InstaBae: Frankie Fictitious| @frankiefictitious Local Business: Charm City Meadworks | @charmcitymead Takeaway Question: - Who would be your king of the 6 kingdoms? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:...


Happy Mothers Assemble!

Ya'll had more than enough time. This week on Alt-Black we cover the highly anticipated wrap to the MCU Avengers; the highs, the lows, the blows etc. Plus, we get into the hard-hitting questions like who's the Beyonce stan of the group, and who does kink with their superpowers ;) Guest: Earnest InstaBae: Lucky Luna | @_lucky.luna Local Business: Ultrazone Baltimore | 7835 Eastpoint Mall Takeaway Question: - What Avenger is most likely to shoot their shot at Capt. Marvel? * Follow us:...


KFC Christmas

Soul Sister my ass... After some drunken Cinco de Mayo plans, we decided to take another look at the roots of our ridiculous holidays. What's actually pagan? Why do we show breasts for worthless beads? What shrine should you take your bachelorette party to? Tune in & find out. InstaBae: Alli S. | @empressak Local Business: Artistic Costumes & Dance Fashions | Takeaway Question: - Traveling listeners: What has been your favorite foreign holiday? * Follow us:...


Blerd Jokes

The funnels of nerdom... We love Black nerds over here at Alt-Black, and this week we have a super funny nerd on to talk to us about the intersection of stand-up, D&D, LARPing and much more... Plus, catch our blerdy cypher that even Sam hops in on. Guest: Dorian/Violet Gray | @chaoticviolet InstaBae: Annie Hawkins | @anniecans Local Business: Mercury Theatre | 1823 N Charles St Takeaway Question: - Any stand-up special recommendations? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us:...


Beating Up Michael Myers

So after taking a podcast field trip to see Us, we recap some of the trends in the horror industry, some ideas for black horror films, and how different sub-genres have affected our young and adult lives. InstaBae: Harper Watters | @theharperwatters Local Business: Next Act Cinema | Takeaway Challenge: - Let us know what you think about our horror flick recommendations. * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:...


Throne, Bone, or Stone

I hope you hoes is ready for Sunday. The time has finally come to see who, or what, will be sitting on the throne after all this grief. It's GoT week on Alt-Black as we discuss everything from top looks, to best schemes, to the male Pisces of Westeros... And of course a very fun round of FMK. Guest: Mason | @mason_eli_neal InstaBae: Raven White | @raveyrai Local Business: Pubdog | Takeaway Question: - Who would be your FMK of House Stark? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email...


Beards and Titties

Bi-folk, you need to think like a man! This week we have Mr. & Ms. steal your girl on tell us about performing as a Drag King, and that lovely, artsy world. We learn some of the differences between the Queens and the Kings, how to make a beard, and a very cute acceptance story. Guest: Majic Dyke | @majicdyke Instabae: Bretman Rock | @bretmanrock Local Business: B'more Saucy | Takeaway Question: - Who's someone that you follow that churns out artsy looks? * Follow us:...


Sexy Nigga Moving Company

The wait is over! We've been wanting to have this guest on for a while, so glad the stars aligned for this link up. We talk about how to be an independent adult film star, how many is too many, and much more! Plus, Eric puts us on to a very interesting book. Guest: Marley Moore | InstaBae: Simone Mariposa | Insta - @simonemariposa Local Business: Mustang Alley | Takeaway Question: - What studios would you want to work with? * Follow us:...


Stuntin' Through History

Lupita got it on lock. Black History Month got a little overshadowed by mess, but aye, it's Women History Month now, so we are giving our Black Qweens their credit... From our historic icons, to our present day honorable mentions, ery'body getting their roses. InstaBae: Bilphena Yahwon | Insta - @goldwomyn Takeaway Question: - Who do you consider a black anti-hero? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Tuxedo Gowns

Sam's back ya'll!! We're coming with our winter recap a little early, cause why not? We cover the crazy highs and lows of black history month (we're looking at you Oscars, and Jussie), who we've been listening to, our choice video games, and these crazy TV specials. InstaBae: Zelia Rose | Insta - @zeliarose Local Business: Greg's Haberdashery | Insta - @gregshaberdashery Takeaway Question: - What month should Black History Month be moved to? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us:...


Heartless Nobodies

Ya'll gon' leave Donald alone!! Sam is still away in baby mama mode, but this week we are joined by former guests to cover the hottest game of the season. We talk about our favorite and iconic parts of 1 & 2, and then roll up our sleeves to dive into KH3. *Spoiler Alert* obvi. Guest Hosts: Andrew & Leslie | Insta - @kimonojones InstaBae: Violet | Insta - @violet_cosplay Local Business: Clark Burger | Insta - @clark_burger Takeaway Question: - What world would you like to see in the KH...