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Join show hosts Samantha & Eric as we explore all facets of the Alternative Black spectrum. Topics include everything from MMA to DragCon, Veganism to Anime. No subject is too niche or taboo to be out of our scope. So come live, laugh, and learn with the fam.

Join show hosts Samantha & Eric as we explore all facets of the Alternative Black spectrum. Topics include everything from MMA to DragCon, Veganism to Anime. No subject is too niche or taboo to be out of our scope. So come live, laugh, and learn with the fam.
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Join show hosts Samantha & Eric as we explore all facets of the Alternative Black spectrum. Topics include everything from MMA to DragCon, Veganism to Anime. No subject is too niche or taboo to be out of our scope. So come live, laugh, and learn with the fam.








Consensual Suplexes

I'm down, maybe-probably, or hell naw? This week we have part one of our 'special' play series. In this series we cover the Periodic Table of Kink (courtesy of UberKinky), and tell a bit too much of our business. Starting from vanilla on we see where we land on the spectrum, and question Sam on her relationship 'privileges'... InstaBae: Sydni Deveraux | Insta - @goldenglamazon Local Business: Oyin Handmade | Takeaway Question: - What's a red level kink for you? *...


Teachable Moments

Values, truth, and understanding. This week we look at an organization that is utilizing performance art to heal and self reflect on the community. We learn some valuable lessons on how to change an institution, how kids can be more knowledgeable than adults, and the importance of expression. InstaBae: Jaz | Insta - @blakmatilda Local Business: Pandora Box Boutique | @shoppandorasboxboutique Guest: Dr. Fakunle | Insta - @wombworker | Takeaway Question: - What's an...


Capes or Gowns

Don't touch if you ain't got money. Looks, personality, and cashhhh! What does this get you? Drag, baby. This week we talk performances, drag culture, dating, and the tightrope of playing stereotypes. Also, we all want drag moms now. InstaBae: Melissa Alcantara | Insta - @fitgurlmel Local Business: Plato's Closet | Guest: Saaphyri Wildz | Insta - @Saaphyri_Wildz Takeaway Question: - What celebrity do you think would be great in drag? * Follow us:...


Uterus Valkyrie

Got your nana doing yoga. On this uber informative episode, we chat with a local Doula who tells us the ins and outs of what that really means, why emotional support is so critical, and birthing trends for black women. InstaBae: Ducky Dynamo | Insta - @duckydynamo Local Business: R. J. S Printing | Insta - @r.j.s_printing Guest: Anna Temple | Insta - @the_rising_mama | Takeaway Question: - What part of your life do you need a Doula for? * Follow us:...


Smooth Bottoms

Grab your dancing shoes! This week, Sam & Eric sit down with a local dance choreographer and go over our favorite dancers, how to get started dancing in heels, and problematic preferences. On a side note, Eric breaks glasses. You gotta watch him. InstaBae: Ms. Briqhouse | Insta - @ms.briqhouse Local Business: Eubie Blake Cultural Center | Guest: Chris Reed | Insta - @bronzkid Takeaway Question: - One gotta go: Pop lock & drop it, Chicken noodle soup, or lean wit it rock...


Moon Daughters

Leave Clucky alone! This week's guest came through giving witch realness. AKA not the pop culture interpretation. We got some great info about sticking to your faith, witch feminism, and pre-Coachella AfroPunk. InstaBae: Kari Faux | Insta - @karifaux Local Business: Ottobar | Guest: Black Witch | Takeaway Question: - Do you feel being Alt-Black is becoming a fad? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & subscribe:...


Non-Home Videos

Sam wants to film reality shows. Eric wants to film 'home movies'. Our guest this week records all sorts of things from club events to documentaries. We learn a lot about the process, juggling your creativity with the client's vision, and the odd hilarity of combination Halloween costumes. InstaBae: Kay Bear | Insta - @kayyybear Local Business: Bright Ideas Studio | Guest: Antonio Hernandez | Insta - @electricllama Takeaway Challenge: - Make any wild/random videos...


Brown Sugar & Vinegar

We want all the flavor! A local chef and rapper stops by the studio to talk Filipino cuisine with us. We talk about our relationship to culture through food, why Filipino food may not be as popular as some other Asian cuisines, and how to manage art and hustle. InstaBae: Vanessa Davis | Insta - @the_wigs_and_makeup_manager Local Business: Mama Rosa Grill | Insta - @mamarosagrill | 3321 Annapolis Road Guest: Toyomansi | Insta - @toyomansi_ Takeaway Question: - What regional food do you...


Owning Your Funny

"Ava DuVernay stole my life" This week we sit with an hilarious improviser of the troupe Casually Dope to talk Improv, POC theatre, and the one rap career that got away. InstaBae: Barbara Simi Muhumuza | Insta - @simimoonlight Local Business: Diablo Doughnuts | Insta - @diablo_doughnuts Guest: Blue Cavell-Allette | Insta - @bluecavell & @casually_dope Takeaway Challenge: - What rap line is hilarious to imagine happening IRL? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us:...



A cartoon for everybody. Weird, funny, geeky, sexual, complex, and all the other adjectives. What are we talking about? Anime of course! This week we talk our favs, the genres, and much more. InstaBae: Greighwolfe | Insta - @thegreighwolfe Local Business: Collectors Corner | Insta - @collectorscornermd Takeaway Question: - Did you wear any anime attire? Eric's EP: Thot About It, Action Bastard * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website:...


Local Matters

Do you know who you're voting for? A local delegate stops by to school us on the importance of local government, mid-term elections, and working with those across the aisle. InstaBae: Makeda Lewis | Twitter - @themakeda Local Business: Live Baltimore | Guest: Jazz Lewis | Takeaway Challenge: - Find and follow 2 local government social media accounts. * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:...


Going Mental

Work Stress? Kid Stress? Bae Stress? We got you. This week we sit down with a local LMSW to get the real on what social work actually entails, and how it's for everybody. InstaBae: Selasie Amewusika Acolatse | URL - Local Business: Allure Bound | Insta - @allurebound Guest: Octavia Sykes Takeaway Question: - Any suggestions on how to improve our made up show? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Upsetting Catherine Pugh

Clean your old tweets while you can... This week we take a look back and catch up on some summer topics that didn't make it into earlier episodes. InstaBae: Zoie Fenty | Insta - @iamzoie Local Business: Connie's Chicken and Waffles | URL - Takeaway Question: - Who got canceled for you this summer? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Getting Over

The Vamp King is here... This week we learn about the world of Smackdowns and Promotions. Plus, Sam & Eric have the promos of the season! InstaBae: Vanity | Twitter & Insta - @wrestlebae Local Business: Club Orpheus | Insta - @cluborpheus Guest: Kindred Kymari | Insta - @kindredkymari.v.k Takeaway Question: - What would be the song your wrestling character walks out to? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Back Rolls?!

Much debate over who should play Aretha.. It's all drag or be dragged this week, as we sit down with a knowledge expert on all the looks and reads our Queens have to offer. InstaBae: Nerissa Nefeteri | Insta - @nerissanefeteri | Local Business: BMORE LICKS | URL - Guest: Jasmine Takeaway Question: - What would your drag name be? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Poppin' Out On Purpose

Man, Bunny had the Vegas trip of a lifetime.. This week we talk about the intersection of nudity, comedy, nerdom and performance; pasties, style! InstaBae: Joy Postell | Insta - @joypostell Local Business: Papermoon Diner | URL - Guest: Bunny Vicious | Insta - @bunny.vicious Takeaway Question: - What song from a musical makes you want to strip? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Hot Glue & A Dream

How soon is too soon? We join with a special guest to go over some creative outlets for our fav toons.. and maybe also migos? Plus, who don't love a con? InstaBae: Cola Nash | Insta - @_sun_gypsy_ Local Business: Charles Theatre | URL - Takeaway Question: - What should we cosplay as at the next Blerdcon? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:



Hoeing or Racking Points? You decide.... This week we discuss some of our online endeavors. What's happening, our experiences, and a checklist to make sure you don't get called out. InstaBae: Dustin Ross | Insta & Twitter - @lookatdustin Local Business: O'ard Clothing | URL - Takeaway Question: - What's your birthright? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


Almost Paradise

We'll call it live action anime... Celebrity appearances? Check... Lovable character tropes? Check... Wild stories & scripts? Triple Check! InstaBae: Josephine Oceane | Insta - @josephineoceane Local Business: Iron Age | 6506 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD | URL - Takeaway Questions: - What stereotypical K-Drama role do you identify with? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us: * Website & Subscribe:


PETA Protested

Whoopi got some explaining to do... From childhood craze to adult on the GO madness. We discuss one of our favorite childhood shows that is still relevant to this day. InstaBae: Quinzel | Insta - @cin_von_quinzel Local Business: Gorilla King Comics | 1171 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD | Insta - @gorillakingcomics | URL - Guest: Andrew Takeaway Questions: - What type of gym trainer would you be? * Follow us: @altblackpod * Email us:...