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Geek culture for the casual nerd




30. Current State of Our Geek Lives

BFGP episode 30 =============== Current State of Our Geek Lives -------------------------------- Given that it had been awhile between our previous two episodes, the geeks wanted to catch up with one another on what they'd been up to, casual nerdom-wise. Dallas: Star Trek mirror universe comic series - Destiny 2 <> Arrow...


29. Creepy Movie Moments From Our Childhood

The Big Fat Geeks are back! The guys talk about their top 3 movies that creeped them out as kids. What were some movies that creeped you out?


28. Aliens

Load up the M41A pulse rifles and prep the drop ship, because the geeks are doing an Ancient Geek Mythology deep dive on James Cameron's 1986 masterpiece—and Nathan's all-time favorite film—Aliens. Chris, Nathan, and Dallas are joined by friend of the show Luke to watch the 1990 Special Edition of Aliens. For Dallas, it was his first viewing of the film ever! So pop in the Blu-ray or start streaming from your preferred service, sync up on the opening 20th Century Fox logo, and listen to...


27. Intro to Table Top Role Playing Games

The big fat geeks are sharing how they got into the vast world of table top RPG's and how you could get started too. Let the geeks know what are some of your favorite RPGs or tabletop games. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have on entering the RPG realm!


26. Best and Worst Sci-Fi Technologies

The Geeks get together to talk about the best and worst of sci-fi tech. They are exploring the sci-fi universe and bringing you the best and worst out there. But we want to know what some of YOUR favorite and least favorite pieces of sci-fi tech are out there. Let us know on any of our social media outlets, and thanks for listening!


25. Solo

Chris, Nathan, and Dallas chat about Solo: A Star Wars Story. The guys share what they liked about the movie, and wonder why it’s not doing as well at the box office as it should: it’s a really fun flick! [Christopher Turner - Complaining about Star Wars]( [Wannabe Films on Twitter: “The biggest problem with most @starwars fans is they don’t know what they want. TFA? Too unoriginal. TLJ? Too original. Solo? He...


24. Avengers Infinity War Part 2

Part two is here! The geeks break down the second half of Avengers Infinity War. What they liked, didn't like, laughed at, and loved. The geeks also are needing your Infinity War feedback! Call/Text 832-930-3283 and leave your thoughts on the film, you may make it on the fan feedback episode!


23. Avengers Infinity War Part 1

A spoiler filled episode of our greatest heroes the Avengers! The geeks get together to break down this massive film. Much like this Avengers movie we are breaking this episode into two parts. We’ll pick up with our thoughts on the second half of the movie in our next episode. We have also opened the phone lines again! Leave us a message or send us a text at 832-930-3283 with your Avengers Infinity War thoughts and we play them on an upcoming episode. As always you can email us at...


22. Gearing Up For Infinity War

The geeks get together to talk about what we might see in Infinity War and a little background on the movie before you go see it. From the big Marvel fan to the casual superhero film fan, the geeks will get you ready for the film. They talk about who Thanos is, where he came from, and what may be his motivation in this film. Also for the casual Marvel fans they offer some suggestions on what Marvel films to see to get you set before Infinity War. Thanos Copter -...


21. Interview with CEO of Hero Within, Tony Kim

The geeks are joined by Mr. @Crazy4ComicCon himself, Tony Kim. Tony is the CEO and founder of the Marvel and DC fashion brand, Hero Within. He is a passionate geek, from Comic Books, table top games, to all things San Diego Comic-Con and comic conventions everywhere. The gang talk about how comics impacted Tony as he was growing up, how Hero Within was started, and some of the many interactions he's had at conventions. Tony also shares some stories of hosting and moderating many panels at...


20. Black Panther

The geeks are joined by friend of the show Moses Uvere to *finally* talk about Black Panther. Born in America, the son of Nigerian parents, Moses has a take on the movie that many in the geekspace may not consider. Things get personal as the four men take a deep dive into the superhero film that has blown through box office expectations and what it means to black Americans and those of African heritage. Black Panther <> Roy Wood Jr tweet about...


19. Going to a Geeky Convention

Friend of the show Luke returns to help the geeks talk about conventions. No, not norms of social behavior, but gatherings of like-minded casual nerds and hardcore geeks based on myriad interests or a singular focus. If you’ve thought about going to that comic or sci-fi convention, but wonder what you might be getting yourself into, this episode will walk you through what to expect. If you have any more questions, email us at or hit us up on any of our social...


18. Back To The Future

The geeks are joined by friend of the show Luke Erlenbusch to talk about one of the iconic science-fiction films of the 1980s: Back to the Future. Crank up the flux capacitor, make sure your radiation suit is packed, and your Walkman has fresh batteries, because we're cranking it to 88 miles per hour and dialing the time circuits for 1985! Visit to see a video of Dallas building a Lego DeLorean! Back to the Future...


17. Bad Sci-Fi We Love

We all have them. Those guilty pleasure movies which, no matter how we find them while channel surfing, or where in the movie we may find it, we'll stop and watch. Most of the time, these aren't even particularly good movies, but occasionally they are. Chris, Nathan, and Dallas share with you their top 3 bad flicks in the science-fiction and fantasy realm. The guys talk about why these movies matter to them, and discuss what each other thinks of them.


16. Interview With Robert Kroese: Bad Novelist

Chris, Nathan, and Dallas are joined by author of 18 books, Robert Kroese. They talk about Rob's books, which include Mercury Falls, the hilarious Starship Grifters, the taut City of Sand, critically acclaimed The Last Iota, and his latest, The Dream of the Iron Dragon. The guys delve into Rob's personal geek history, and he shares how he got into writing novels about sarcastic angels and intergalactic con men. Rob discusses his somewhat unconventional journey in the realms of...


15. Solo Movie Trailer Reaction, and Introducing "Ancient Geek Mythology"

The trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is out and Chris, Nathan, and Dallas have opinions, thoughts, and theories. They also dive deep into the known background of Han Solo from the original trilogy and the old Extended Universe in a brand new show segment, Ancient Geek Mythology. With this new segment we will explore the history of geek topics, characters, and ideas, and hopefully you will learn something you may not have known before. Time Stamps: Han Solo Trailer Thoughts -...


14. Star Wars Last Jedi Fan Reaction

Chris, Nathan, and Dallas revisit The Last Jedi, all having now seen it at least once more. We also received listener feedback via email and voice mail, and talk about what our listeners had to say! “We Had Such a Great Time”: Rian Johnson On the Path to Star Wars: The Last Jedi <> Mark Hamill just literally said 'he's not my Luke Skywalker' about 'The Last Jedi'...


13. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Two hours after they left the theater, the guys sit down to talk about their first impressions of the latest entry in the Star Wars universe. Chris, Nathan, and Dallas share their initial, spoiler-free reactions, before settling in for a long haul of spoiler-full discussion. Don't worry, the guys give plenty of warning before they jump into spoiler territory. Luke, Rey, Kylo, Snoke, Poe, Finn, Rose, Leia, Chewie, and yes, even the Porg, are discussed at length. The BFG podcast crew...


12. Predator

This year marked the 30th anniversary of one of the 1980s ultimate action films: Predator! Full of Schwarzenegger star power, lots of muscled manly men hunting and being hunted in a Central American jungle, and one of the greatest practical alien effects in cinema, Predator delivered many now-classic scenes and lines, including the (in)famous "Get to da choppa!" which even our kids have heard of, even if they don't know what it's from. - Predator...


11. Gearing Up For Last Jedi

Chris, Nathan, and Dallas are getting excited for the next chapter in the newest Star Wars trilogy. They talk about what we know from trailers, TV spots, interviews, toys, and merchandising, and do some speculation. Figuring heavily in our thoughts is the theme of Luke being a broken man from dealing with Ben Solo's turn to the Dark Side and becoming Kylo Ren. Rose Tico The Knights of Ren Rian Johnson will develop brand new Star Wars trilogy Slipstream (1989) George Lucas...