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Blackity Black Votes

The Brothascomics podcast is back!! This week we talk One Gotta Go with Uno Cards and which horror villian would you like to get rid of. Female Perspective and Big Hutch review. the new Halloween movie and Bohemian Rhapsody. In the Blackity Black part of the podcast, we talk Blackface, Rebel Wilson fucking up, teachers beating up children, and the Prince documentary We also talk the election- pre election night coverage. Fun listen with your folks!!


Who Dey over 40 VS 5-3

Who Dey over 40 is Back with our midway point podcast. We took off the last 3 weeks from the Stealer and Chiefs loss and the closer than it needed to be win against the Bucs. We talks the losses and the injury to AJ Green and how that affects the team in the 2nd half. Plus I will have to watch Halloween if the Bengals dont go 5-3 in the to finish the season. Fun listen for all Bengals fans!!


Blackity Black Podcast: Hot Sauce

Brothascomics is back with our Blackity Black Podcast. This week we talk Poor Black people drinks like Hugs and Kool Aid in One Gotta Go. We review a Star Is Born and debate whether Barbara Stressiand and Lady GaGa are hot! We talk the cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist and if Quincy Jones still on that shit! Plus, we discuss is Hot Sauce trash and the "Good Furniture" in Black folks houses. Donna Summer plays us out hear a story of how the Producer almost burned his house down. Fun...


Marvel Hacks Season 4 Ep 4

The Marvel Hacks is back with a massive Blerd Notes review. We talk Baltimore Comic Con, review Venom and Titans, and talk alot of nerdly news over the past 2 weeks. Grab a drink and listen!!


Leaders of The Free World Creator Lakel Pruitt

Leaders of The Free World Creator Lakel Pruitt by Brothascomics


Who Dey Over 40 VS The Dolphins

Who Dey over 40 is back this week... and How Bizarre as the Bengals pull out a win from the Dolphins. A straight up Trap game with Stealer week coming up and the Bengals struggle to put away an injury filled Dolphin team. We talk the lack of offense, the second half comeback, and how Bizarre that the Bengals keep winning games like this. Fun listen with your boys! And feel free to follow us on our new Twitter feed @WhoDeyover40


Who Dey over 40 VS The Falcons

Who Freakin' Day Bengals Fans!! The Bengals win getting to 3-1 with a huge win on the road against the Dirty Bird Atlanta Falcons! We talk the game, the loss( again) of Tyler Eifert, and look forward to the game this week against the Dolphins. Plus, Charlie Daniels plays us out this week. Great fun and listen with your boys! Join us for our Bengal Brew!!


Marvel Hacks Season 4, Ep 3

The Marvel Hacks are back as we talk comic and comic book movie news this week. In Blerd notes we talk about Batman's penis, Fox threatening us with Gambit, and our review of Tampa Bay Megacon! In comics, we review Heroes in Crisis and take a walk on the creepy side with the Immortal Hulk. Plus we say goodbye to X-Men Gold and review The Return of Wolverine, Domino, and Extermination. Also we give a HUGE shout-out to our friends and Anna Reads Comics. Join us for some fun as we...


Blackity Black Podcast 9 - 16

The Brothascomics Blackity Black Podcast is back! We dive deep into movie news and look at some Blackity Black topics. The job shaming of Elvin, Serena getting screwed over at the US Open, Bothen Jean murdered by the police, and the crazy idea of Bruno Mars playing prince. Plus we say RIP to Burt Reynolds and hear The Producer mumble rap his way to a hit! Ray Parker and Radio play us out this week. Fun listen with the crew as we finally get back together!!


Who Dey Over 40 Vs Ravens

Who Dey over 40 is back. The Bengals are 2-0 and atop of the AFC North. We recap the win over the Ravens where we saw both Good Andy Dalton and Bad Andy Dalton, AJ Green score, and the Bengals almost blow a huge lead. Also we look at the tough schedule ahead and the possible conspiracies against the Bengals. Plus we revel in the Stealers woes and the Browns being the Browns. Today was a good day as Ice Cube takes us out!! Fun listen with your boys!!


Marvel Hacks Season 4 Ep 2

Season 4, episode 2 of the Marvel Hacks has us talking the changes in the DC Cinematic Universe and if we really need another Batman movie. We also talk the exit of Henry Cavil from Superman in Blerd Notes. In comics, we review Captain America 3, Fantastic Four #2, The Life of Captain Marvel, and the Ultimates/Black Avengers. Great listen with the folks from Brothascomics


Who Dey Over 40 Vs Colts

Game one of the 2018-2019 saw the Bengals win 34-23 over the Colts. Bengals struggled early but were able to seal the game late with a scoop and score. We look at the game quarter by quarter and our post game covers who was good, bad, and ugly for the Bengals. Plus we swing around the AFC North and talk the Ravens blowing out the bad Bills and the Browns and Steelers ending in a tie! Plus a quick look ahead to Thursday Night. The Producer, Big Hutch, and the Sandman got you!! Who Dey!!!!!


Marvel Hacks Season 4 Ep 1

The Marvel Hacks are Back with our Season 4 premiere. In Blerd Notes we talk the end of the Big Bang Theory, Ironhearts return to comics, Zendaya taking all the redheaded roles, and if we really need another Guardians movie. In comics, we talk the return of the Fantatstic Four, the latest X-Men event to relaunch the books, and Mr. and Mrs. X. Plus we talk the new West Coast Avengers book and how that book is not made for us and we are ok with it. Fun listen with The Sandman, Brother Beavis,...


Who Dey Over 40 VS Preseason 2019

We're Back!! The Who Dey over 40 crew is back for the 2019 season. The last two season were rough for Bengals fans, but hopefully this year the Bengals can make a return to the playoffs. This opening episode we talk Carlos and Geno securing the bag, the strength of the D-Line and the struggles on the right side of the offensive line. We discuss the tragedy of the shooting in Jacksonville and make some predictions for game 1 vs the Colts. Great listen for long suffering Bengals fans from The...


Comic Con Recap

We got a brief recap podcast of the trailers that premiered at Comic Con this year. We talk Shazam, Godzilla, and Aquaman. We also talk the controversey with the Titans trailer and Hutch talks his anger of not being at Comic Con this year and we argue over the theme music to close out. Fun listen with The Producer, Big Hutch, The Female Perspective, and the Sandman


Game Of Thrones Season 1 Ep 8

Our GoT recap is back as we talk season 1, ep 8: The Pointy End. Araya and Sansa are in trouble, Ned rots in a dungeon, and things at The Wall are getting spooky. Plus Rob Stark calls the Banners and Kal Drogo is a true bad ass. Lots of info and laughs with your boys from Brothascomics.


Marvel Hacks Season 3 Annual

The Marvel Hacks have an add on episode for season 3. In this issue for Blerd Notes we talk the two Joker movies under development, how Kevin Feige lies about the Fox properties, give an Ant Man and Wasp review, and we say RIP to Steve Ditko. In thats they one, we review te Dusty Finish that was Batman 50, we talk the Marvel Refresh of Captain America and Amazing Spiderman, and close out talking Creepshow Hulk and the state of X-Men team books. Good fun with your boys The Sandman, Brother...


Marvel Hacks Season 3, Ep 6

The final episode of season 3 as we conclude with the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus. We talk Luke Cage season 2 for Blerd Notes, That's They One for Hawkman #1. We revisit the Wakanda space Empire with Black Panther #2, and Iron Man is back with a new writer and direction in Iron Man #1. Lastly we talk the Avengers #3 and introduce the Dusty Finish to comic book lexicon as X-Men Gold ends its run with issue 30. Lots of fun and laughs as we close out season 3


Game Of Thrones Season 1 Ep 7

After a long sleep, I Know What You Did Last Winter is back. We pick up with season 1, ep 7 as Ned Stark makes choices that will have fatal consequences. Cersi makes her move, Kal and Khalessi plot to take over the throne, and King Robert dies leaving an opening for takeover. Great listen with your favorites The Producer, Sandman, and Brother Beavis


Last Night In The Association Finale

The finale of our NBA recap show! We look back at the short lived finals and what happens next with both the Warriors and Cavs and what happens with Lebron James and the league as they all await The Decision part 3. plus the greatest player debate rages on with the Trailblazers, the Kings, and the Wizards/Bullets! Thanks for hanging with us all season!