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Marvel Hacks Season 3 Ep 5

The Marvel Hacks are Back this week with episode 5 in season 3. In Blerd Notes we talk Mature Comics with DC Black Label, the changes being made to DC Cinematic, Captain Marvel being the leader of Phase Four at Marvel, and hell to the no to light skinned Storm. In Comics, we review Plastic Man 1, Thor 1, Dr Strange 1, and X-Men Red's first 5 issues. Lost of fun and laughs from your boys The Producer, Brother Beavis, and the Sandman


Marvel Hacks Season 3 Ep 4

The Marvel Hacks are back.... In Blerd Notes we talk the toxic fandom that is Star Wars, why they should never remake Willy Wonka, and the ridiculousness of DC building their movie universe around characters of Suicide Squad. With the books, we review the new Justice League book, Ant Man and the Wasp, Immortal Hulk, Marvel 2 in 1, and our throwback X-Men story has us dealing with newly Asian Psylocke and the Mandarin. Fun listen with your boys the Sandman, Brother Beavis, and The Producer...


Last Night In The Association Ep 9

Last Night in the Association looks back at the first 2 games of the NBA Finals. We discuss JR Smith's moment, the refs influencing game 1, Lebron's epic game and epic meltdown. Plus Are the Warriors lucky, good, or both? Game 2 we look at Steph's big night, the Warriors adjustments, and the lack of consistent help for Lebron on the road. Plus who is the greatest Phoenix Sun of all time. Great Listen with Will Stacks and the Producer from Brothascomics


Spiderman Retrospective

The Marvel Hacks celebrate the Amazing Spiderman's 800th issue by looking back at the character across different mediums. What is the best Spiderman movie, who is the best actor to play Spiderman, and which Spiderman cartoon was the best...outside the Fox Spiderman cartoon of the 90's. Fun look back at a character who is beloved by all. Listen to the Sandman,Brother Beavis, and The Producer from Brothascomics spin their webs


Marvel Hacks Season 3, Ep 3: Ether

Marvel Hacks is back as we review some milestone issues from Marvel. We talk Iron Man 600, Spiderman 800, and we say goodbye to Falcon after 8 issues. Plus we review Man of Steel 1 and Black Panther number 1. Plus all the weekly news in Blerd Notes. Fun Listen with your boys the Sandman, Brother Beavis, and The Producer from Brothascomics


Last Night In The Association Ep 8

The conference finals are over and we got the 4peat that most people predicted. The Warriors battle their way back from 3-2 down to defeat the Rockets in Houston. The Cavs come back from 3-2 down to defeat the Celtics in Boston. Can Lebron pull the Cavs to a title? Can the Warriors slow him down to win back to back titles? We get you all set for the NBA Finals. Plus who is the greatest player in Oklahoma City Thunder/Seattle Super Sonics history? And who is the greatest Orlando Magic player...


Marvel Hacks Season 3 Ep 2

The Marvel Hacks are back! We look at Justice League: No Justice and say farewell to Miles Morales. Plus the Avengers are back and so is a mystery villain from their past. We also look at the very fun Domino book by Gail Simone and book our reservations for the Kitty Pryde and Colossus wedding. Fun listen with Brother Beavis, the Sandman, and The Producer from Brothascomics


Last Night In The Association Ep 7

Last Night in the Association is back as the conference finals are both even at 2-2. The Warriors choked away game 4 in Oakland and the series heads back to Houston with the Rockets back in control of Homecourt. In the east, the Cavs even series behind Lebron James and the Celtics cannot win on the road. Each series is now best of 3... who has the advantage to get to the NBA finals! Plus who is the greatest New York Knick and Kool Moe Dee plays us out! Great listen with the Producer from...


Blackity Black Podcast Ep 3

Brothascomics is back with our Blackity Black Podcast. We say RIP to Margot Kidder and Prince Harry's bachelorhood. 1 Gotta Go got us fighting over french fries. In the Box office report, we review Deadpool 2 and debate Infinity War with Female Perspective. In the Blackity Black portion of the podcast we talk the Bad Boys franchise news, Lando being Pansexual, Our Kentucky Derby Black horse names, calling the police on Black people for living, and the This is America video from Childish...


Last Night In The Association Ep 6

Last night in the association is back with the conference finals. Lebron and the Cavs go down 0-2 to the Celtics after Lebron goes video game mode. How much trouble are the Cavs in? We look at the draft lottery and which players are ready for the rigors of the NBA. Out west, the Warriors shock the Rockets and still game 1 and homecourt before tonights game 2. Are CP3 and James Harden THAT DUDE who you can't win with. Plus who is the greatest Milwaukee Buck of all time. Jay Z leads us in...


Marvel Hacks Season 3 Ep 1

The Marvel Hacks are back for season 3.... this week some book hit Milestone issues as Action Comics reaches 1000 and Captain America reaches 700 issues. Plus we search for Wolverine and the Avengers team gets a power boost and a refresh with Avengers #1. Plus DC sets their summer stories with DC Nation #0. Fun listen with The Producer from Brothascomics, the Sandman, and Brother Beavis


Last Night In The Association Ep 5

Last Night in the Association is Back. May 7 is a great day in NBA history as AI gave us the Practice Rant and Jordan hit "The Shot". We talk the conference semi-finals as the Sixers finally win one game and Lebron and the Cavs look to close out the Raptors. Plus we talk why people still hate on Lebron. Out west, the Dubs are 1 win away from going back to the conference finals and the Rockets should be there waiting. Our best player talk stops this week on the Miami Heat! Great listen as...



Have you heard about Universal Fan Con? No. Search for the hashtag on Twitter. Ctalleen is joined by three special guests to discuss dissapointment and betrayal, attending her first con, meeting Twitter peeps, and Infinity Wars. Caution this podcast contains spoilers for IW!


Who Dey Over 40 VS The Draft

Hope springs eternal after the draft as the Bengals and the other 31 teams in the NFL think they are headed to the Super Bowl. This week we talk the draft picks and how each pick may affect the roster for the Bengals. Plus we talk useless veterans that Marvin needs to get rid of. We swing it around the AFC North and look at the draft for each of our divisional rivals. Fun listen with the Producer from Brothascomics and The Sandman


Last Night In The Association Ep 4

Last Night in the Association is Back! We look at the games and results in the conference semifinals. The Cavs steal one in Toronto as we still cant trust the Raptors. The Celtics are ballin' without Kyrie and the Sixers need to get their shooters going. Out west, the champs are here as the Dubs get back Steph Curry. And the Rockets look great in game 1 but get run in game 2. Plus, we discuss if Russell Westbrook is THAT DUDE and the implosion in OKC. Plus who is the greatest 76'er of all...


Infinity War Podcast

Brothascomics is here with our Infinity War review. This is full of spoilers so dont listen until you see the movie. We break down all the major scenes of the movie and tie together the last ten years of the MCU. Take a listen with the Producer, Sandman, and Brother Beavis


Last Night In The Association Ep 3

Last Night in the Association has your playoff recap- Props to the Pelicans to being the first team into round 2, The Cavs, Bucks, and Wiz even their series, and who has the edge going into tonights Rockets and Jazz games. Plus, the Sixers push the Heat to the brink and the Warriors put in some sad ones in San Antonio. Plus, Will Stacks gives us a Rampage review and Slick Rick the Ruler is our music of the night. Great Listen from your boys!


Brothascomics Reboot Episode 2

Brothascomics Podcast is Back with our 2nd episode of the reboot. We have our full crew of originals. We say RIP to Harry Anderson, Barbara Bush, and Verne Troyer( The Producer line steps). We also talk the best seasons of GoT, who may die in Avengers: Infinity War, and we talk the debacle that was Universal Fan Con. Plus LTD takes us out as Big Hutch has the perfect exit music for the week. Fun listen with The Produer, Big Hutch, Female Perspective, The Sandman, and Brother Beavis


Last Night In The Association Part 2

The playoffs are moving forward and Last Night in the Association has got your back! The Champs, the Celtics, and The Raptors go up 2-0. The Pelicans also go up 2-0 and we let Master P bring us in and take us out of the podcast to honor the NO. We podcasts live during the Cavs and Pacers game and watch Lebron go video game mode and its barely enough to hold off the Pacers. Plus we were right about the late night games Wednesday night! Great listen from the Producer and Will Stacks


Last Night In The Associtaion

Finally the playoffs are here! The NBA long regular season is over and The Producer and Will Stacks got your playoff recaps here. We talk both eastern and western conference playoff games and give predictions moving forward. Plus who is the rookie of the year? Who is the MVP? And there is no debate on who the greatest Timberwolves player is. Fun listen with ya boys!