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You may think you know the whole story, but you don’t. Cardinals Folktales gives new life to several unbelievably true tales in team history through the personal recollections of the people who were there for each incredible moment.


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You may think you know the whole story, but you don’t. Cardinals Folktales gives new life to several unbelievably true tales in team history through the personal recollections of the people who were there for each incredible moment.




Cardinals Folktales - When Arizona Met The Cardiac Cards, The Podcast

When the Cardinals moved to Arizona in 1988, there was a major buzz around the Valley of the Sun. A high-powered offense led by quarterback Neil Lomax and wide receiver Roy Green gave Phoenix Cardinals fans many exciting moments during their debut season, none more thrilling than an epic second-half comeback against the loaded San Francisco 49ers. Paul Calvisi tells the story of how the Cardinals erased a 23-0 third-quarter deficit to stun the eventual Super Bowl Champs at Sun Devil Stadium. What followed was a major gut punch that would put a premature end to Lomax's career.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Kurt Warner: Renaissance Man, The Podcast

Kurt Warner arrived in Arizona in 2005 looking to revive his career in search of the same glory he achieved with the St. Louis Rams. The two-time MVP and Super Bowl winning quarterback had to prove himself all over again. Warner overcame the odds, silenced his doubters, won the starting job and eventually led the Cardinals to their first Super Bowl appearance. Paul Calvisi details the ups and downs of Kurt’s career in Arizona, an improbable era that sealed his position in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Lassiter's Legacy, The Podcast

S2, E3 - Kwamie Lassiter the football player may be best remembered for his four-interception game that helped send the 1998 Cardinals to the playoffs for the first time since arriving in Arizona. Kwamie Lassiter the man will be remembered for much more. Paul Calvisi explores Lassiter's path to a successful NFL career, his larger-than-life personality, the special relationship he forged with Pat Tillman, teaming with his wife Ericka to be champions in the community and his tragic passing in 2019. Lassiter's legacy lives on through The Kwamie Lassiter Foundation which focuses on Sickle Cell awareness and educational resources for those who need it most.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Miracle In The Desert, The Podcast

S2, E2 - The final game of the 2003 season against the Vikings was expected to be a formality for the Cardinals. It was anything but that. Paul Calvisi tells the story of an unknown receiver making the biggest play of his life while sending shockwaves through three NFL markets and significantly altering the 2004 NFL Draft. In a matter of seconds, Nathan Poole won the game for the Cardinals, pushed the Packers into the playoffs and broke the hearts of the Vikings and their fans.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - The Hyphen Wins A House, The Podcast

S2, E1 - Former Cardinals running back and kick returner LaRod Stephens-Howling made several incredible plays during his four seasons in Arizona, but it was a kick return during the 2010 season that had the biggest impact. In the Cardinals' home opener against the Raiders, 'The Hyphen' took the opening kickoff to the house and won a house for a local couple. This is the story of how the stars aligned that September afternoon to allow a kick return to produce big returns for Cardinals fan Dave Johnson and his wife Darci Nimz.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Snow Day To Tampa Bay, The Podcast

Ep. 11 - When the 2008 Cardinals were dismantled by the Patriots in wintery conditions, many experts gave Arizona a snowball's chance in hell to succeed in the playoffs. After some brutal practices in the rain, the newly-focused Cardinals played well in the season finale before going on an epic run to earn a spot in Super Bowl XLIII. Paul Calvisi details the journey from nightmare roadtrip to the biggest stage in sports.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Nine More, The Podcast

Ep. 10 - In 2013, former Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost more than a football game in New Orleans. He literally lost a part of himself. Paul Calvisi tells the tale of a bloody glove, severed fingertip and viral tweet that made for one of the most bizarre stories in NFL history.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Money Mike's Redemption, The Podcast

Ep. 8 - In the 2009 NFC Wild Card game, the Cardinals and Packers lit up the scoreboard thanks to epic performances from QBs Kurt Warner and Aaron Rodgers. However the game was decided on defense when the smallest player on the field came up with the biggest play of his life. Paul Calvisi tells the story of Money Mike Adams who was able to overcome several miscues to lift the Cardinals to an overtime victory in one of the greatest postseason contests of all time.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - 104 Yards, Victory, And A Vote, The Podcast

Ep. 6 - Did the longest fumble return touchdown in NFL history do more than help win a game for the Cardinals? When Aeneas Williams went 104 yards, did the Cardinals legend carry more than a football across the goal line? Paul Calvisi takes you back to the turn of the century when the Cardinals needed a home to call their own as well as a big win at the ballot box.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Drafting Jake, The Podcast

Ep. 4 - Paul Calvisi takes us back to 1997 when the Arizona Cardinals took a chance on local ASU legend Jake Plummer. Going into the NFL Draft, the Cardinals needed more than a franchise quarterback, they needed an identity. This is the story of how Jake 'The Snake' brought a new energy to the Cardinals and delivered a playoff appearance in just his second NFL season.See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - The Night The Goalposts Vanished, The Podcast

Ep. 2 - Paul Calvisi takes us down memory lane to highlight a historic victory over the rival Dallas Cowboys in the 1997 home opener. What made this win different from others? Well, jubilant Cardinals fans rushed the field, tore down the goalposts and marched them to Mill Avenue and beyond. Where did the goalposts wind up? Which famous Cardinals player saw his brothers dangling from the goalposts? And why does the win qualify as a genuine turning point in team history?See for privacy information.


Cardinals Folktales - Audio Trailer

You may think you know the whole story, but you don’t. Cardinals Folktales gives new life to 11 unbelievably true tales in team history through the personal recollections of the people who were there for each incredible moment. The series premieres on September 8.See for privacy information.