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Ep.33 NJPW G1 Climax Finals! Summer Slam Preview! NXT Takeover Preview! Red Dead Redemption 2 Impressions! The Fantastic Four Are Back! and More!

After a month of non stop wrestling we have finaly reached past the mountain peak known as the G1 Climax. Hear our thoughts on this monumental PPV from NJPW. Were also on the road to Summer Slam, hear all the nights matches and our predictions for who will win. Thats not all though NXT Takeover returns to Brooklyn, we talk the card and the implications of some of there top stars heading to the main roster. But wait it wouldnt be ANS if we didn’t talk a little comicsand this week we cover the...


Ep.32 Big Star Wars Episode 9 News! & Star Wars Series Going to Mandalore? The Justice League is Doomed! Venom Trailer Reaction! WWE Brand Split Coming To An End!? NJPW G1 Climax Finals Preview!

Everything is going down! The nerds are back covering the latest in Comics, TV, Movies, wrestling and more! Get the scoop on DC and Marvel as we review books such as Mister Miracle, Justice League, Captain America, and Infinity War! Were nearing the “hottest” event of the summer with WWE’s Summer Slam. But are they treating the main event matches the way they should? This weekend marks the end of the G1 Climax. Catch up on all the standings and who are the top contenders to win! Also what is...


Ep.31 Mega Reviews! Best of 2018 So Far! Horror! Action! Comics!

After some unfortunate technical issues we lost our weekly recording. But never fear, there is always more ANS content here! Check out our favorite movies that we reviewed so far this year! From Horror to Action, this has been a great year so far in film. Look out for more Reviews as we finish out the 2nd half of the year. Time Stamps Ready Player One-00:00 A Quiet Place- 15:25 Hereditary- 37:59 Black Panther- 59:00 Avengers: Infinity War- 01:30:00 WE GOT A NEW DJ! HEAR ALL HIS TRACKS...


Ep.30 Aquaman! Shazam! Clone Wars! and More! SDCC’s biggest news, Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar, and The Bullet Club goes to War at G1 Climax!

SDCC 2018 was a big one this year heavily featuring DC’s new content. Hear our thoughts on all the biggest news to come out of comic con this weekend. We also bring you up to speed with raw and smack down, get you into the mindset of Captain Marvel, and talk about the avengers and justice leagues big books of last week. The g1 climax is only just heating up as the bullet club implodes and wrecks havoc all across the tournament, and could christian have a new pick to win the g1? Time...


Ep.29 Stranger Things Season 3! Aquaman Teaser on the horizon!? San Diego Comic Con Early Stories! A Brand New Spider-Man! WWE Extreme Rules! and Week 1 of NJPW’s G1 Climax!

It has begun! the biggest event in NJPW. G1 Climax! Did it over shadow WWE’s Extreme Rules!? WWE plans for the future as we hit the road to Summer Slam. Marvel hits us with another #1. This time with its flagship hero, Spider-Man! DC looks to take over San Deigo Comic Con! and we break down Stranger things season 3 teaser. All this and more! Time Stamps Stranger Things @ SDCC-00:00 What comics are we reading? The Amazing Spiderman #1-37:00 Darth Vader #18-52:10 Hunt For Wolverine:...


Ep.28 Antman and The Wasps Huge Review! Lando is entering the fight! Bullet Club Civil War comes to an end!? NJPW G1 USA Special Review! WWE Extreme Rules Preview!

The Bullet Club are not ok! NJPW sees the rise of a new chapter in the civil war. Hear our thoughts on the U.S. G1 as well as the upcoming tournament. We also talk WWE Extreme Rules. Dive into our pullboxes this week as we feature the best of marvel and DC. And its not a nerd show with out a little star wars talk. All this and more! WE GOT A NEW DJ! HEAR ALL HIS TRACKS ALONG WITH OUR NEW...


Ep.27 Antman and The Wasp are MCUs “End Game”!? WWE Superstars injured!? New Leader of the Bullet Club at G1 USA Special?! and The Hunt for Wolverine is over!?

NJPW picks up again as G1 season cranks into high gear! Who will be the IWGP Heavyweight champion and leader of the Bullet Club? Extreme Rules in danger due to multiple WWE Superstars injured? Wolverine returns mid hunt? Domino Learns how to phase like Kitty Pryde? Are comics like Lando fixing the Star Wars Universe? and how will the quantum universe effect not only Antman, but the entire Marvel Universe? All this and more in a very special 4th of july ANS. Time Stamp Avengers 4 has a...


Ep.26 Starwars Franchise In Trouble!? Who Is Luke Cage Season 2’s Biggest Villian!? What Has Thanos Done To The Chitauri!? and The Predator Has Evolved!?

Who is the king of Harlem! Luke Cage came back with a vengance and we have so muc to talk about as we review Season 2 of Luke Cage. Kathleen Kennedy is on her way out from Starwars. How will Disney proceed with future films in the franchise? Are WWE Superstars Smilling to much? Get the rundown on this week in wrestling. And the champions take on Warbringer in there infinity Countdown Tie-in. All this and much more! Time Stamps Starwars Exec Fired?-00:00 Book vs Movie, Ready Player 1...


Ep.25 Luke Cage Is Back! The Incredibles are Back! The Nun is Back! Wolverine is Back! and James Ellsworth is Back!?! Money In The Bank & NXT TakeOver Weekend Review!

We’re hot off the heels of Money In The Bank! It was a monsterous weekend with new faces holding the coveted contract of a life time! Nxt rocks the house and we talk upcoming horror movie The Nun as well as this weekends Netflix binge in Luke Cage Season 2. Christian gets all nostolgic with a Incredibles 2 review and we catch up with DC’s Mister Miracle and Marvel’s Darth Vader. All ths and much more! Time Stamps The Nun Teaser-00:00 Luke Cage Season 2 and Defenders...


Ep.24 Hereditary is a Killer Hit!? Fallout 76 is Online! The Justice League is Dead!? Whos Grabbing That Briefcase at Money In The Bank!? And The Golden Elite Arrive!

Finally The Money In The Bank PPV is Here! We break down the card and discuss our potential winners. The end of one of the longest most impressive title reigns in modern wrestling history has come. Tune in to hear our thoughts on the history making matches at NJPW Dominion. Keep up to date with marvel and DC as we discuss infinity countdown #4 and Justice League #1. All this and more. Time Stamps E3 2018 Wrap Up-00:00 Halloween Trailer-11:56 What Comics are we reading? Infinity...


Ep.23 E3 2018! Spiderman! Star Wars! Suspiria! and The Super Jr. Finals!

Its time to talk games as E3 2018 aproaches. Check out what the nerds are looking forward to being announced at the expo! We also talk about the upcoming horror remake of Suspiria and Halloweens official sequel 40 years in the making! We talk Spiderman #800 and the end of DC;s Justice League no justice plus many more great comics. All this and more! Check out our Time Stamps and listen to wht you want! Time Stamps Spiderman into the Spiderverse Trailer- 00:00 Suspiria Trailer-...



Rick no more! Andrew Lincoln to leave the walking dead? We talk Spawn Devolopments with its anounced lead and director. We also dive into WWE failings with its current womens division and we keep swimming through the weeks hottest comics. All this, more,and our thoughts on Solo! Time Stamps The future of the Walking Dead: 00:00 Cloak and Dagger Early Reviews: 06:00 Jammie Foxx Casted as Spawn: 08:00 This week in wrestling: 11:53 What Comics are we reading?: 29:23 Justice League: No...


Ep.21 Boba Fett!? Friday Night Smackdown!? Omega Titans!? and Deadpool 2 Review!!!

“Boba fett!? Where!?” Thats right Boba Fett might be coming to the big screen again! We talk starwars “solo” movies we’d want to see and give you a comicbook breakdown on all the latest major marvel and DC runs! Fox is looking to buy Smackdown and we also review foxes triumphant family friendly sequal to Deadpool. All that and more! Time Stamps Boba fett: A Star Wars Story: 00:00 This Week In Wrestling: 06:40 What comics are we reading?: 25:26 Quick Silver: No Surrender #1:...


Ep.20 Deadpool 2 ! Domino! Darth Vader! Wolverine! Justice League! “ALL IN” press conference, & WWE news!

Deadpool 2 is here this week and of course we got a preview for ya! Plus the Amazing Nerd Show was “ALL IN” this weekend! We bring you the inside scoop of what went down at the ALL IN press confrence. Also will Rohnda Rousey be your next Raw Womens Champion? We show our love for Darth Vader and get you prepared for the new DC universe with our review of Justice League: No Justice. All this and more! Time Stamps “ALL IN” Press confrence: 00:00 This Week in Wrestling: 18:25 What Comics...


Ep.19 The Avengers get a fresh start! Red Dead Redemption 2! Luke Cage Season 2! BackLash Review! and NJPW’s Dontaku!

Luke Cage is back! Hear our thoughts on the new trailer highlighting the villian Bushmaster. We read the start of the new Avengers line, the holy trinity of marvel has reunited but was it the big start they needed? We talk the Backlash from WWE’s BackLash and the epic matches of NJPW Dontaku. Plus Red Dead Redemption 2! Time Stamps Oldman Damon: 00:00 Red Dead Redemption 2: 02:37 God of War Spoiler Reveiw: 08:23 Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer: 15:40 What Comics are we reading?:...


Ep.18 Avengers: Infinity War The Review! WWE’s Backlash Preview, The Hunt for Wolverine & Much Much More!!!

Did the 10 years of marvel movies lead to a spectacular pay off? Find out in this weeks spoiler review of Infinity War. Hear what we’ve been reading and catch our predictions for WWE Backlash after the Greatest Royal Rumble! Time Stamps Antman and The Wasp New Trailer!: 03:50 This Week in Wrestling Greatest Royal Rumble?: 08:30 Backlash Predictions: 24:00 What Comics are we reading?: 40:50 Hunt for Wolverine #1: 41:24 Doctor Strange: Damnation #4: 52:12 Avengers #690:...


Ep.17 Avengers:Infinity War Preview! God of War! WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble! Superman! Venom! & much much more!

It’s all lead to this! We here the week that Avengers Infinity War drops! Listen to our preview and predictions for this monumental film before it’s release. Talk about making history! Superman’s flagship comic Action Comics has hit 1000 issues and we also talk the penultimate issue of Avengers No Surrender! A true episode of heros and super beings as Christian gives his hands on impressions for the latest God of War. All this and more! Time Stamps Venom Suit Reactions-00:00 God Of War...


Ep.16 X-men, Avengers, Justice League! A Quiet Place Review! And the WWE has been Shook!

This week we review the horror hit A Quiet Place. We jump back into our longboxes and get caught up on all our pulls from both Marvel and DC. Plus we discuss WWE’s big superstar shake up! Time Stamps Intro: 00:00 Heart Breaking News: 00:30 A Quiet Place: 03:30 Comics: 25:32 Darth Vader #13-#14: 25:50 X-men Red #3: 32:16 Astonishing X-men #10: 38:38 Avengers #688: 47:24 Doomsday Clock #4: 55:55 Dark Nights: Metal #6: 01:04:02 WWE Shake Up 2018:...


EP.15 Wrestlemania Weekend Recap! Han Solo, Supercard of Honor, NXT: Takeover, and Wrestlemania 34!

This week we hit the mat and take on, over 15 hours of wrestling content that came over WrestleMania weekend! We’re talking ROH: Supercard of Honor, NXT: Takeover and of course WrestleMania 34. Solo’s new trailer also snuck into this epic weekend and we look ahead to the future of WWE with next weeks superstar shuffle. Time Stamps Intro: 00:00 Solo: 00:41 Wrestling: 06:55 Supercard of Honor: 08:25 NXT:Takeover: 22:28 Wrestlemania34: 55:00 This week on Raw: 1:59:27 Smackdown:...


Ep.12 Jessica Jones Season 2 Review, The Strangers Prey At Night, and Our Top Horror Sequels!

In episode # 12 we’re reviewing Jessica Jones Season 2 and The Strangers: Prey Night! And in honor of the Strangers return, we’re talking our favorite horror movie sequels of all time. Did your picks make our list? We also get ready for war with the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer and we’re chanting “YES!” with the news of Daniel Bryan being cleared to wrestle again! #theshowyouneverknewyouwanted is now on Stitcher! More ways to listen! get your Amazing Nerd Show fix the way you...