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Ep.50 Avengers:Endgame Trailer Reaction! Big Star Wars Ep 9 Name/Trailer News! We Interview Marvel's Eisner Nominated Writer Jeremy Whitley! Brightburn Trailer! Resident Evil Reboot! WWE TLC Preview!

It's our 50th episode and we went fucking huge! Were talking Avengers: Endgame! Star Wars Episode 9! Brightburn trailer! Resident Evil's Reboot! The Toxic Avenger Remake and WWE's TLC! But wait there's more!! We got to sit down with our friend Tom from Heroes Garage, to interview Eisner Nominated Comic Writer Jeremy Whitley, notable for his work on Marvel's Unstoppable Wasp and Princeless! Hear his take on the comic book industry and what got him started! All this and so much more!!! Time...


Ep.49 New Captain Marvel Trailer Reaction! A Quiet Place 2 is Coming! Dr.Sleep! A Sequel To The Shinning!? Shang Chi Starts MCU's Phase 4! Star Wars Episode 9 Villains?! Kenny Omega HBO Documentary!

This week Marvel kicks it into high gear with Captain Marvel’s new trailer! We also get a glimpse at Marvel’s phase 4 with an announcement of its next hero, Shang Chi. Get Horror updates as we dive into the Shinning's sequel Dr. Sleep and A Quiet Place 2. Get your Star Wars round up and get caught up with this week’s comics! Is Raw on its last legs!? Monday night raw faces its lowest ratings yet. Kenny Omega to be featured in an HBO Documentary!? All this and a whole lot more! Time...


Ep.48 Candyman Remake Gets a Director! The Joker Film! What we know So Far! Netflix Adapts Cowboy Bebop! A PG-13 Deadpool !? Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures! CM Punk Talks The Elite! WWE News!

Things get animated this week as we talk major animation news with more Star Wars coming and the arrival of Young Justice this January. Christian begs for better adaptations of animated features and Damon asks what the hell is the WWE doing!? Was this Raws worst episode? Is Smackdown booking Becky and Charlotte to similar? Could we actually see the return of CM Punk? We also round up some horror news with Candyman and give you this weeks comics as Astonishing X-men comes to a close. All this...


Ep.47 The Crimes of Grindelwald Review! Big Guardians of the Galaxy Movie & TV News!? Have They Found a Director? Avengers & X-Men events! Plus WWE NXT Takeover & Survivor Series Reviews!

Get your fill of a healthy diet of nerd culture and news with this weeks Amazing Nerd Show. We give you a feast to be thankful for as we fry up some fish with Aquaman's final trailer before the release next month! Get yourself a hot scoop of Guardians news as we dive into potential Disney + series featuring Rocket and Groot. Sprinkle in some rumors about the next potential director for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Spice up your pallet with our take on Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of...


Ep. 46 The Legacy of Stan Lee! A New Star Wars TV Series Coming! & Mandolorian News!? New Horror film Overlord Review! WWE's Becky Lynch is "The Man" ! Plus Batman Is Doomed & Cosmic Avengers!

Hearts of Nerds and pop culture fans alike are shattered after the news of Stan Lee's passing. We remember Stan Lee and his importance to Nerd/Pop Culture. Nazi Zombies are a foot and Detective Pikachu is on the case! This week we talk Live Action Pokemon film and Review The Horror War Epic; Overlord! we go over some star wars speculation with the news of more shows coming to disney +, and the casting of the lead in The Mandolorian. We dive into comics as Infinity Wars and Drowned Earth near...


Ep.45 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Talk! Breaking Bad the Movie! The Walking Dead Rick Grimes the trilogy? Batman without a plan? The X-men are Screwed! NJPW & WWE News!

We're hungover from horror month! Halloween has past. Lets break down what's left for the year! We're on our way to Wrestle Kingdom! Hear us break down Power Struggle and the future of NJPW. Also Speculation on the Elite. Were also swinging ahead to Survivor Series. With only two weeks to get you hyped, how will WWE Book it's teams!? Movie news rolls in as AMC finally cashes in on their biggest series. But is it too late? And can a newly cast villain in DC bring brighter horizons for Harley...


Ep.44 Jason Vs Pinhead! Freddy Vs Pennywise! Leatherface Vs Michael! Its our Horror Battle Royal! Halloween Retro Review! More MCU Shows On Disney! Red Dead Reaction! WWE 's Evolution Review!

Who would you draft in your ultimate horror monster team!? Christian and Damon enter a Battle Royal with their choices of horror villains! Help them choose which is the better team! That's not all that teamed up this week as we got word of another show coming to Disney Play featuring 2 MCU favorites! and Marvel kept up the tag teams with the joint effort of Punisher in Daredevil in the latest Punisher Comic! We conclude Horror Month with unveiling our #1 pick for you to watch this...


Ep.43 Saw & Dawn of the Dead Horror Retro Reviews! Plus Our Review for Halloween 2018! Friday the 13th News! Avengers 4 News! & lots of WWE News!

Halloween is upon us and so is Michael Myers! Laurie Strode takes on Michael for the “final” time in the Halloween sequel. Catch our review and find out what this means for the future of slashers and possible return of, everyone's favorite mama's boy, Jason! But that’s not all, we talk two of our favorite Halloween horror month flicks. George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead and Saw! We also discuss Marvel news and leaks surrounding the Avengers. Get your comic book round up. And we break down...


Ep.42 The Exorcist Film Review! As Our Horror Month Continues! Big Avengers 4 News! Daredevil Season 3 Talk! Spider-Man faces Spider-Geddon! & the big WWE Controversy

We’re nearing Halloween and the films that inspire our festive spirit keep getting better! What’s the movie for this week!? The Exorcist! We also talk our fears for the MCU after potential Avengers 4 trailer info leaks! We dive into Spider-Man this week from the next movie news to the hit games new content, all the way to what’s going on the page in Spider-Geddon! We also keep up with The Witching Hour! Avengers! Infinity Wars! and much more! The wrestling world is in a bit of a chaotic...


Ep.41 The Return of Michael Myers! Halloween 4 & Pet Sematary Retrospectives ! Venom Film Review! Star Wars TV Show Talk! WWE & NJPW News! Plus Aquaman & Pet Sematary 2019 Trailer Reactions!

Horror month continues! We talk several horror classics as well as one movie that was just horrifying to watch! Halloween 4! Pet Sematary! Venom! and more! get info on Disney's big Star Wars show plans for The Mandalorian! We talk the future of DC films with Aquaman and Suicide Squad news and a potential game changer for the MCU and how Marvels Daredevil could be apart of it! and if thats not enough we break down last weekends wrestling ppvs and look to the future of all pro wrestling. All...


Ep.40 Our Halloween Horror Movie Countdown Continues! Big Conjuring 3 & Annabelle 3 News! Spider-Man:Far From Home Villain Reveled! Harley Quinn on a Killing Spree?! & WWE & NJPW Talk!

Big movie news this week as we talk Spider-man, X-men, The Conjuring and more! We continue our Horror Month Countdown to Halloween by reviewing another iconic horror film. We get deep with DC as we take on Heros in Chrisis, Justice League Dark, and Doomsday Clock. Marvel wasn't light either as things get down and dirty in Punisher, Extermination and X-men Red! Get the low down on new game releases and how you can celibrate them with us and much more in the latest #ANS. Time Stamps Fallout...


Ep.39 We Go Full Joker with Joaquin, Trick r Treat Review! As Our Horror Countdown to Halloween Begins! Dark Pheonix & Daredevil Trailer Reactions! Wolverine Returns! Plus NJPW & WWE Talk!

It's Horror Month with ANS as we start counting down each week till Halloween with our quintessential Halloween season classic lists! We will be reviewing a different films every week. This week’s pick is Trick r Treat! We also get smacked with all new teaser trailers for X-Men, Daredevil and the Joker! We also get the long-awaited return of one of the badest men in the Marvel universe. HE'S BACK BUB! It's the Return of Wolverine! Also what secrets lie in the origins of Captain Marvel and...


Ep.38 The New Joker has arrived! Mandy Film Review! The Revenge of Nicolas Cage! Captain Marvel Trailer Reaction! Loki & Scarlet Witch Series Coming to the MCU! & WWE Hell In A Cell Review!

A week of first impressions and reviews! We get our first looks at Captain Marvels MCU addition as well as our first glimpse at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker! Get our thoughts on the future of the MCU as they start making more integrated shows for its new streaming service, featuring Loki and Scarlet Witch. We also take a dive into marvels infinity wars as well as take a look into the origins of vaders castle. Plus we give our review of WWE's Hell in a Cell and map out what we would want for...


Ep.37 Horror Classic Candyman Rebooted!? The Nun Reviewed! Spider-Man PS4 Talk! Ghost Rider"s first ride in the Avengers! Justice League Doomed! Faction Warfare In WWE!? & Hell in a Cell Predictions!

This week #ANS went to hell! Get our thoughts on the new Conjuring universe addition, The Nun! Potential horror news surrounding 1992's Candyman!? We get an origin to the spirit of vengance in this weeks Avengers, as well as geting the end of a major arc in Justice League. After last weekends twitch stream we give our early impressions on Spider-man for the ps4. And we talk WWE with Hell in a Cell and talk the implications of faction warfare ahead of survivor series. All this and more! Time...


Ep.36 Michael Myers is back! New Halloween Trailer Reaction! Captain Marvel has Arrived! American Horror Story Apocalypse! ALL IN Review! Undertaker Vs HBK? This Week In WWE! Plus X-Men Comic Talk!

This week we got our first look at Captain Marvel and the Skrulls! Get our impressions of the new footage coming from a new Halloween trailer and a debut trailer for American Horror Story Apocalypse! It was also a big week in wrestling as The Elite put on there first PPV with ALL IN and WWE refuses to go shadowed with major moments on RAW! All this and a couple of flamming claws on this weeks ANS! Time Stamps Captain Marvel dawns the cover of Entertainment Weekly-00:00 Halloween Trailer...


Ep.35 A Texas Chainsaw Massacre TV Show!? New Suspiria Trailer! Big Star Wars Casting News! Punishers Return To Form! Ghost Rider Avengers MVP? WWE Recap Strowman Turns Heel! & An ALL IN Preview!

Fall is on its way! It's time for Horror! Listen as we get ready for the Horror season talking the new Suspiria trailer and what horror movies could make great TV shows. We follow up on Star Wars episode 9 casting news, take a deep dive into the Life of Captain Marvel as well as talk several new Marvel #1s including West Coast Avengers and The Punisher. Get your wrestling recap and a dose of the indy scene as we come up on ALL IN. All this and more in another terrific episode of #ANS. Time...


Ep.34 Star Wars: Resistance and Iron Fist S2 Reaction! WWE SummerSlam & NXT Takeover Review! New Champions! The Shield reunited? Justice League! Infinity Wars! X-Men! Comic Reviews!

Fists are sparking up! Iron Fist dropped its first full trailer! Hear our reactions to the new fights we will be getting in season 2 along with our review of Summer Slam Weekend featuring NXT Takeover Brooklyn. Get more star wars news with the resistance trailer dropping and we talk the big new X-men event as well as continueing Justice League and infinity wars! An episode packed with action! Have you heard!? ANS is on Ironiq Radio! Check us out and other great shows on Ironiq! WE GOT A...


Ep.33 WWE SummerSlam ! NJPW G1 Climax Finals! NXT Takeover Preview! Red Dead Redemption 2 Impressions! The Fantastic Four Are Back! & Trian to Busan 2?

After a month of non stop wrestling we have finaly reached past the mountain peak known as the G1 Climax. Hear our thoughts on this monumental PPV from NJPW. We're also on the road to SummerSlam! Hear all the nights matches and our predictions for who will win. Thats not all though, NXT Takeover returns to Brooklyn, we talk the card and the implications of some of there top stars heading to the main roster. But wait it wouldnt be ANS if we didn't talk a little comics and this week we cover...


Ep.32 Venom Trailer Reaction! Big Star Wars Episode 9 News! & is the Series Going to Mandalore? WWE Brand Split Coming To An End!? NJPW G1 Climax Finals Preview! Plus X-Men & Justice League reviews.

Everything is going down! The nerds are back covering the latest in Comics, TV, Movies, wrestling and more! Get the scoop on DC and Marvel as we review books such as Mister Miracle, Justice League, Captain America, and Infinity War! Were nearing the "hottest" event of the summer with WWE's Summer Slam. But are they treating the main event matches the way they should? This weekend marks the end of the G1 Climax. Catch up on all the standings and who are the top contenders to win! Also what is...


Ep.31 Mega Film Review Show! Best of 2018 So Far! Horror! Action! Comics! Avengers Infinity War, A Quiet Place, Solo! Who made our list? & Who did not?

After some unfortunate technical issues we lost our weekly recording. But never fear, there is always more ANS content here! Check out our favorite movies that we reviewed so far this year! From Horror to Action, this has been a great year so far in film. Look out for more Reviews as we finish out the 2nd half of the year. Time Stamps Ready Player One-00:00 A Quiet Place- 15:25 Hereditary- 37:59 Black Panther- 59:00 Avengers: Infinity War- 01:30:00 WE GOT A NEW DJ! HEAR ALL HIS TRACKS...