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Not Dealing With Problems & Hard Emotions - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

Often in life, we either bulldoze through the things we can’t face by keeping ourselves busy, or stuff them away by playing a game of charades until we become so weighed down that our lives begin to feel numb. When we push away the harder parts of life, we create walls of limitation that we refuse to break through, leaving us chained to bad behaviors and self-sabotage. This episode is all about confronting the not-so-pretty things and feelings of life so that we can get back to living...


Letting Go Of Control - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

Let go of control or it will control you — a statement that has taken on a whole new meaning this year. There will always be things outside of our control; like what others say, do, and think, as well as things within our control, like the foods we eat and the exercise we do. Today’s episode is all about finding a balance between it all, ultimately learning how to let go of control and live life with a sense of abandon that will make you feel more in charge than you ever have before.


Spending Time Alone - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

Being a lone wolf is often shunned, but I think that spending time in periods of solitude helps one to understand our perceptions on life and the attachments we carry. All the while, the amount we tend to rely on other people for our sense of self-worth and fulfillment tends to be inflated. By finding comfort in spending more time alone, we can finally face the sides of ourselves we may not like in order to let them go and live more freely, reconnecting with the world around us once again.


What We Resist, Persists - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

The more we try to turn away from what is presently happening in our lives, the more our problems continue to persist and pop up until we learn to not only accept them, but use them to our advantage. This episode is all about getting back into the flow and trust of our lives rather than the fear and resistance of what we don’t want them to be.


How To Focus - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

With today's world being so easily distracted by growing technology, constant notifications, and the continuous drive to tackle ten different goals and projects all at once, it can be easy to lose the ability to do something as simple as sitting down and focusing; no matter what the task. If you find yourself tuning into things for a solid five minutes before fleeting to the first distraction, or worse, procrastinating because the idea of even trying to focus seems daunting, this episode...


Conquering Your Inner World (PT 2) - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

Part two of this mini-series is all about conquering the lands we’ve officially calmed the storms up. It’s about taking the reigns in the balancing of mind, body and soul in order to rise up and thrive in our lives. We’ve only been given one life, there’s no changing who we are and the hand of cards that have been dealt to us. Instead of complaining or comparing, we should be conquering.


Calming Your Inner World - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

Part one of a two part episode on calming our inner world. In this episode, using a meditation technique alongside some visualization, we anchor into what our internal worlds are looking like, invite our suppressed emotions to come through and face them head on so that in next weeks episode, we are able to take our clean slates and conquer again.


How To Stop Self-Sabotaging - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

This episode covers the six pillars that stand between us and what we want most out of life, stemming solely from our underlying need to self-sabotage. Many of us don’t even realize we’re doing it, or have become so used to sabotaging our happiness we’ve accepted it as a part of who we are. If you want to break free from the house of mirrors and step out of your own way in order to live your best life, this episode is for you!


Growing Up & Living Alone - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

If it were up to us, I’m sure we would all love to stay forever young. Unfortunately for the time being that isn’t a possibility so instead we should learn to love and cherish the different stages and phases of our lives - embracing them in order to harvest all the magic they carry. If you’ve ever felt nostalgic for the days of recess and snack time or have wondered what tips or pieces of advice I have when it comes to living on your own, this episode is for you.


You ARE The Party - Kalyn's Coffee Talk

When we go through life turning up the beats of our hearts, dancing to the rhythm of our thoughts, and embracing all there is to see and do with a contagious energy, we become a party all within ourselves that other people and amazing opportunities naturally gravitate towards. If you’re tired of feeling stuck in a pity-party for one and want to learn how to dance to beat of your own drum, this one is for you!