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CBH Podcast Episode 17: Rick Marschall Interview Part 1: Newspaper Strips to Marvel Comics

Alex Googly Eyes Grand, Jim Snuffy Smith Thompson, and Little Orphan Bill Field interview Rick Marschall as we go through his life and times from being a teenage sidekick to veterans of the National Cartoonist Society like Rube Goldberg, to being an Editor at United Feature Syndicate working over more comic strip super stars like Charles Schulz, to co-writing the The World Encyclopedia of Comics with Maurice Horn, to meeting with Stan Lee and becoming an Editor at Marvel Comics. So grab your...


CBH Podcast Episode 16: 1956 Atlas Comics. Kirby, Ditko, Lee & Maneely! From Knights to the Year Atlas Shrugged

Alex Galahad Grand, Sir Billiam Field, and Jim the Bright Knight Thompson discuss Atlas Comics from 1955 Knights through 1956, to 1957, when Atlas shrugged. Why was Atlas the rising comic book company star of 1956? What brought Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Joe Maneely to work there along with a good chunk of the EC Comics artists? Why were Knights so popular in 1955 and how did the comics code shape this genre? What factors around this year and the next set course to later create Marvel...


CBH Podcast Episode 15: 1953 Science Fiction! with Superman and Astro Boy!

Alex Galactic Grand, Bill Assteroid Field, and Jim Jupiter Thompson discuss 1953 and the science fiction genre. Was EC Comics the King of Science Fiction? Who invented Science Fiction Comics and why were they popular at this time? Why did traditional Science Fiction die out as a comic book genre. What was the relationship between Bill Gaines and Wally Wood, and who are the best science fiction comic book artists of the time? Which science fiction author jumped on the comic book bandwagon?...


CBH Podcast Episode 14: 1953 Horror!!! Freedom of Screech or Speech? Tales of the Crypt and Wertham

Alex Gravedigger Grand, Bill Field of Screams, and Jim Empty Tomb Thompson discuss 1953 and the horror genre. Was EC Comics the King of Horror? Who invented horror comics? What other comics made horror and were they any good? Why did Crime Comics naturally lead into Horror? What was the relationship between Bill Gaines and Al Feldstein, and who are the best horror comic book artists of the time? Why did Wertham write anti-comics articles for the Ladies Home Journal? What psychologically...


CBH Podcast Episode 13: 1968, Steranko & The Super Silver Age with J. David Spurlock

Alex Grand, Bill Field, Jim Thompson and special guest, Vanguard Publisher, Pop Culture Author-Historian, and Creator Rights Advocate, J. David Spurlock discuss 1968, the Silver Age, and its possible creative and design peak with Jim Steranko. In great detail, J. David Spurlock goes over Steranko's life before 1968, his music band, career in advertising, his comic book work in the late 1960s at Marvel Comics culminating in an incredibly celebrated run in comic books that peaked in 1968,...


CBH Podcast Episode 12: 1976, Marvel Bicentennial with Editor clashes and DC Publisher Changes

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson discuss 1976 with the pertinent goings on at Marvel and DC. Marvel Editor-In-Chief plays music chairs, and DC has their own backdoor shake ups as Carmine Infantino is out and Jenette Kahn is in. Jack Kirby returns to Marvel to celebrate the bicentennial, Marv Wolfman creates Nova, and Steve Gerber shakes up the Marvel Universe with a Howard the Duck presidential run, as Vance Astro and Nikki copulate to prevent a universe wide cataclysm, and Phoenix...


CBH Podcast Episode 11: CBH Christmas Special, The Gang's Top 5 Christmas Comics!

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson celebrate the Holidays and Dawn of the New Year by going over each of their top 5 Christmas Comics of all time. Bill and Jim come up with their theories on why Stan Lee hardly ever wrote a Christmas story, Bill wrestles a gay bear, Alex brings up a yuletide christmas Superman tale that reaks of a prison (g)rape scene, and Jim weeps and mourns... for Starman!? Is the best comic story of all time found in a comic strip or comic book? You decide!...


CBH Podcast Episode 10: 1992 - The Present, Tom Orzechowski Interview part 2 of 2

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson interview legendary Marvel, Image and Darkhorse Comics Letterer, Tom Orzechowski discussing the history of Comic Books alongside his personal and professional involvement in comics, in part 2 starting with why he left Marvel Comics and started working with Todd McFarlane on Spawn, as well as his heavy involvement with Manga, and the change from manual to digital lettering. Alex asks Tom about Jim Shooter’s editorial involvement in the X-Men, and...


CBH Podcast Episode 9: 1958-1992 Tom Orzechowski Interview part 1 of 2

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson interview legendary Comics Letterer, Tom Orzechowski discussing the history of Comic Books alongside his personal and professional involvement in comics starting in 1958, through the impression that Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Artie Simek made in the Silver Age, through to the Detroit Fan Fair Comic Convention that united him, Jim Starlin, Arvell Jones, Rich Buckler, Al Milgrom and Mike Vosburg as they entered Marvel Comics with a passion pushing...


CBH Podcast Episode 8: 1986, The Year Comics Grew Up or Turned Out the Lights

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson discuss 1986 as the year comics grew up, or became modern, or just became dark while discussing some of the creative achievements of Alan Moore, Frank Miller, and Jim's not personal favorite, John Byrne. How did Frank Miller and Alan Moore change comics forever? Did John Byrne break a new creative height or did he jump the shark that year? What did Mark Gruenwald have to do with DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths? Did Maus popularize the serious adult...


CBH Podcast Episode 7: The Comic Strip and Comic Book Industry circa 1934!!

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson discuss the 1934 newspaper comic industry specifically the decline of the old guard like Windsor McCay, and the upsurge of the new guys who would end the newspaper golden age with a bang including Milton Caniff and Alex Raymond. How did Milton Caniff and Alex Raymond change the choreography of Newspaper Strips and how did that affect the buddening Golden Age of Comic Books? Why do Newspaper Comic Strips at this time matter? What was the comic book...


CBH Podcast Episode 6: 1972 Marvel Horror Comics Halloween Special!!!

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson discuss the 1972 Marvel Horror comics movement pushed mainly by Roy Thomas for our Halloween podcast extra spooky extravaganza. How does DC's exploration into horror in 1968, effect Marvel in 1972? How do the Universal Monsters fit into Marvel? Marvel experiments with monster anti-hero's with Werewolf by Night, Tomb of Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Tales of the Zombie with Simon Garth, Man-Thing, etc. What was Roy Thomas' vision for the horror...


CBH Podcast Episode 5: 1966 Part 5/5: 1968, The Decline of Both Batmania & Old D.C, and the Rise of Carmine.

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson wrap up 1966 as Batmania declines and the Superhero glut is shown not to be the significant cash cow it used to be, Carmine Infantino uses corporate change at old DC, as an opportunity to change the creative face of their comics line by enabling the release of the old guard and replacing them with the new artists and writers that would transition into the bronze age. What were the creative titles in 1968 that echoed these internal changes? What does...


CBH Podcast Episode 4: 1966 Part 4/5: The Superhero Glut in Tower Comics, Charlton, and Harvey Comics

Alex Grand, Bill Field, and Jim Thompson discuss more aspects to 1966 and the superhero glut as it strikes Tower Comics, Charlton and Harvey Comics. This episode also goes over where Wally Wood and Steve Ditko went after leaving Marvel in 1966, and how successful those lines showed to be, as well as Charlton Superhero comics and their relation to the Watchmen graphic novel series. What was Joe Simon doing at Harvey Comics? What are Bill and Jim's pet peeves? Do we need lawyers yet? ©Comic...


CBH Podcast Episode 3: 1966 Part 3/5: The Marvel Age with guest historian, Barry Pearl aka Forbush Man

Alex Grand, Bill Field, Jim Thompson, and special guest, Marvel historian and 4 time published author / co-author, Barry Pearl discuss more aspects to 1966 and its place in the 1960s Marvel Age. This episode goes over the 1954 Comic Code Authority, the 1957 Atlas Implosion, and the 1966 Batman TV's effect on Martin Goodman, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Stan Lee and other freelancers in the "bullpen" and their adaptability and creativity in the market that left Marvel as the ultimate winner of...


CBH Podcast Episode 2: 1966 Part 2/5: The Me-Too Superheroes

Alex Grand, Bill Field and Jim Thompson discuss more aspects to 1966 and its place in the Silver Age of Comic Books. This episode goes beyond Superhero TV shows discussing how there was a Superhero glut this year flooding the market and children’s living rooms creating a whole host of me-too Superhero comics including Dell Superhero Monsters, Gold Key, King Comics, ACG, .Myron Fass enterprises, the superhero Archie comics, its subsidiary Mighty Comics Group, Charlton, Tower Comics and the...


CBH Podcast Episode 1: 1966 Part 1/5: Batmania, Cartoons and Merchandise

Alex Grand, Bill Field and Jim Thompson discuss 1966 and its place in the Silver Age of Comic Books as well as Animation and Television Pop Culture in general. Topics include the Batman 1966 show, the Spider-Man animated show, Dell Superhero Monsters, Captain Action, and more. ©Comic Book Historians Batman ©DC Comics


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