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CBH Podcast Episode 25: 9/11 2001 and its Impact on Comic Books and the Film Industry

Alex Grand, Jim Thompson, and Bill Field return for this special episode on 9/11, its direct impact on New York City, its Comic Creators, as well as the resulting film industry. The background of Marvel's return from Bankruptcy, change in management, its published reaction to 9/11, DC Comics reactions, and the psychologically polarized reactions of Art Spiegelman and Frank Miller in Shadow of No Towers and Holy Terror. How did the comic pros react to an attack on their home turf? How did...


CBH Podcast Episode 25: Splash Page!: Jack Kirby, co-creator of the Marvel Universe and Julius Schwartz, co-creator of the DC Universe by Alex Grand

A first in a sub-series of the CBH Podcast, Splash-Page! Where one of the CBH Podcasters goes on an educational session of an aspect of comic book history. In this episode, Alex Grand reviews the importance of Jack Kirby to the co-creation of the Marvel Universe including Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man, Iron Man, the X-Men, Avengers, and Marvel Villains. This is also discussed side by side with Julius Schwartz, the sci-fi creative dynamo who co-created the DC Universe like Flash, Green Lantern,...


CBH Podcast Episode 24: CAC Panel: Attorneys vs Historians: Who Authors The Authorship Narrative?

A very special podcast, Alex Grand and Jim Thompson along with Danny Barer presented this panel at the CAC. Jim Thompson originated and led this panel at the Comic Arts Conference, as well as discussed Joe Simon's lawsuit of ownership of Captain America against Marvel, and recruited Alex to discuss Jack Kirby vs Stan Lee and Marvel for ownership of the Fantastic Four. Danny discussed Bill Finger vs Bob Kane and the creator credit of Batman. Special guest addition Marc Greenberg discusses...


CBH Podcast Episode 23: Neal Adams Interview with Alex Grand and Bill Field

CBH goes to San Diego Comic Con 2018 where Alex and Bill interview the chief Comic Book Illustrator himself, Neal Adams. CBH discusses his life and times starting when he graduated from the School of Industrial Art in 1959, his news strip and advertising work in the early 60s, his late 60s Superhero books, through the 70s with Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and Superman Muhammad Ali, through his Continuity era during the 1980s and beyond. Who was Green Lantern and Green Arrow based on? Was...


CBH Podcast Episode 22: San Diego Comic Con 2018 Walk Around the Floor Experience Part 2 with Alex Grand, Bill Field, Jim Thompson and special guests!

Live from SDCC 2018 your favorite Comic Book Historians, Alex Grand, Bill Field and Jim Thompson walk around the Convention Floor in the second of a 2 parter discussing Comic Book History with Rand Hoppe from the Jack Kirby Museum with a crash course of Jack Kirby circa 1958, Mark Texeira Illustrator for both Marvel and DC, Jimmy Palmiotti inker and writer for Marvel and DC as they discuss their illustrator inspirations and encounter with Frank Frazetta, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, published...


CBH Podcast Episode 21: San Diego Comic Con 2018 Walk Around the Floor Experience Part 1 with Alex Grand, Bill Field and Special Guests

Live from SDCC 2018 your favorite Comic Book Historians, Alex Grand and Bill Field walk around the Convention Floor in the first of a 2 parter discussing Comic Book History with Star Wars and ERB Illustrator, Dan Parsons, Larry Houston the creator of the 90s X-Men TV Show, Athena Finger the granddaughter of the co-creator of Batman, Chris Burnham from Batman Incorporated, Ron Lim from the Infinity Gauntlet, and Ger Appeldoorn from Behaving Madly.


CBH Podcast Episode 20: San Diego Comic Con 2018 Live Podcast with Guest Arlen Schumer on 1965-1968 Marvel Comics

Join us Live at San Diego Comic Con 2018 with your favorite CBHer's Alex Grand, Jim Thompson and Bill Field for a sit down podcast interview with Arlen Schumer, published Comic Book Historian and Silver Age expert as we discuss Marvel Comics 1965 to 1968 ranging from Jim Steranko to Jack Kirby, to Nick Cardy to Wally Wood to Neal Adams and many others.