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#078 “Jessica Jones,” abuse, and the power of superhero tropes + Holtzclaw’s abuse, the vulnerability of African American women, and Asian American men’s masculinity – Culture Slash Podcast

We go heavy with Jessica Jones and a sneaky story that uses the superhero trope to get TV viewers to confront a difficult topic–abuse, abusers, and their victims. Next, the Holtzclaw abuse case forces us to confront problems that are mostly swept under the rug–the vulnerability of black women in America and the twisted relationship between …

#077 “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is Christmas on drugs + “Miracle on 34th Street” is smarter than you think + “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is for girls and ethnics – Culture Slash Podcast

It’s a just-in-time Christmas special! Trey and Mervyn ofCulture Slashtalk Christmas movies. First, a trip with “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” a truly punk/hippie/LSD Christmas movie. Next, the surprisingly subversive, edgy, and delightful “Miracle on 34th Street.” Of course, there’s a tangle with the biggest movie of the year, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Does it …

#076 Into the Badlands is a Bruce Lee corrective + Totally Awesome Hulk is an angry Asian American – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashduel with “Into the Badlands,” the ultimate Bruce Lee corrective. Plus, then marvel over “Totally Awesome Hulk” and his alter ego, Korean American super genius Amadeus Cho. What happens when a “model minority” gets angry? As always, there’s What Makes America Beautiful and Mervyn tries to guess the punchline to …

#075 Creed, getting old, and dying + Terrorism in San Bernardino, considered – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashget in the ring withCreed, then reflect on terrorism in their hometown of San Bernardino. As always, there’s What Makes America Beautiful and Mervyn tries to guess the punchline to Trey’s joke. (1:01) We dive into Creed. We imagine a world where bankers box and the Rocky franchise isFrench. Is …

#074 San Bernardino Mass Shooting: Murder in Our Hometown – Culture Slash Podcast

We talk about the San Bernardino mass shooting because it literally hits close to home. Trey and I both went to high school less than a mile from the shooting. Our parents still live nearby. This week, wecouldn’t talk about anything else. This conversation happened less than 12 hours after the incident. It’s us trying …

#073 Master of None and Indians on TV + Field Notes + Paris – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashdish on Master of Noneepisode 4, Indians on TV. Why is it like nothing you’ve seen on television, guaranteed? Why isShort Circuit 2both an stealthilyhorrifying movie when it comes to Indians in popular media? Next, a new segment called “Field Notes” where the guys talk about things they found interesting, …

#072 Spectre, Bond women, and Idris Elba + Master of None and immigrant parents – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashtake aim at Spectre andBond this week. Why do women make or break a Bond movie? What makes Bond culturally British and un-American? What could Idris Elba bring to the table and could he do for others whatDaniel Craig did for blondes? Next, the boys explain why you should watchMaster …

#071 Rick & Morty is Sci-fi at Its Best + Awesome Asian Bad Guys – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashmake the case that Rick and Mortyis easily one of the best sci-fi things, ever. How doesthe show transcend the cynical cartoon genre of The Simpsons/Futurama/Family Guyand explorea deeply sincere, yet hilarious place. Sorta Ikiru,2001: A Space Odyssey, and Kierkegaardmixed in with ball jokes.(Seriously, this show’s a must watch.) Next, …

#070 Iconography of Steve Jobs + Supergirl is a Girl – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashwatched Alex Gibney’s documentary “Steve Jobs: Man in the Machine” and the Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle movie “Steve Jobs.” Guess what they’re talking about this week? Yup. Steve Jobs is an icon, but why? What do we want to see in him that we wish were in us? Next, …

#069 Dr. Ken the Other Asian Show + Beasts of No Nation and America’s version of Africa + Evil Black Hackers – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashexamine the TV show “Dr. Ken,” its status as the “other Asian American comedy.” Who is this show for anyway? Next, the boys join up with “Beasts of No Nation,” the challenging, powerful Netflix movie on child soldiers. Did the African-ness of the movie help or hinder connecting with the …

#068 The Martian, Science, & Manly Emotions + Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the Inland Empire – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashprobethe movie The Martian and the difference between America’s version of science and Europe’s. Also, what does Matt Damon teach us about Howard Dean, Joe Biden, and manly emotions? Next, the guys love the loads-of-funCrazy Ex-Girlfriend, a TV show that’s set in the “Inland Empire” of Southern California–specifically, West Covina. …

#067 Sicario, Emily Blunt, and the American Id Unleashed + Leaning Out, Men, Women, and Money – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashexplore the thrilling, bleak world of Sicario. How is Josh Brolin’s character America’s id, unleashed? What does Emily Blunt bring to the table that no male actor could? Next up, the guys react to an article entitled “Men Need to Lean Out.”Are women willingto acceptmen who make less than they …

#066 Blackish & the “N” word + Fresh off the Boat & vacations + Empire as Scarface – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashexplore “Fresh off the Boat’s” season premiere and talk about vacationing while ethnic in America. Also, what’s up with grandma’s fascination with sunbathers? Next the guys talk “Blackish” and the “N” word. What are the rules, anyway? Trey explains why he wishes Gwenyth Paltrow would use it MORE. Yup. Then …

#065 Mexico’s “Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos,” Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro,” and How Disney Movies Could Be Creating Problem Kids – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashdiscuss the Mexican animated movie “Un Gallo con Muchos Huevos” which canbe translated into something besides “A Rooster with Many Eggs.” What about Mexican culture makes the movie simultaneously delightful and problematic? The guys also talk about how Disney movies might be ruining American kids and how Miyazaki’s movies–like “My …

#064 Fear the Walking Dead and Vancouver + Yi-Fen Chou, Poetry, and the Invisibility of Asian America – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashtry to figure out if Vancouver works as Los Angeles in “Fear the Walking Dead.” Also, is this show for someone like Trey? Next up, turns out a poet in “The Best American Poetry 2015″ called Yi-Fen Chou isn’t Chinese, he’s a white dude name Michael Derrick Hudson. Why would …

Mr. Robot and Lonliness + When a White Person Can Talk to A Non-whiter Person about Race #063 Mr Robot and Loneliness + When to Talk to a Minority about Race – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashrave about Mr. Robot, the best show on TV. What does it have to say about America’s relationship with hackers and nerds? The guys also talk about the most accurate portrayal of loneliness in media. Next up, some of the most fun we’ve had on the show. We answer an …

#062 Ben Carson and Seventh-day Adventism + UnREAL is Worth Your Time

(clockwise from top left) Ben Carson, a self-proclaimed Seventh-day Adventist is running for president; how have Trey and Mervyn’s opinions–both of whom were born and raised Adventist–changed from Carson’s book “Gifted Hands” to his presidential run. Also, UnREAL just finished on Lifetime; why the show’s remarkable and the guys actually recommend you watch a show …

#061 Straight Outta Compton & NWA + Donald Trump

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashdiscuss “Straight Outta Compton,” what NWA were like for an Asian kid and a Black kid growing up in Southern California, and women (and the absence of them) in hip hop’s biggest biopic. Next, the guys think about giving Donald Trump his America back and consider when they’d go with …

#060 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation + Bernie Saunders – Culture Slash P

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashare talking Tom Cruise and his new movie “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.” Cruise is the most successful actor in the last 30 years, but is he the living embodiment of America? Who is? Next up,we answer a listener question about the TV shows and movies that capture the Asian …

#059 Inside Out + Ant-Man – Culture Slash Podcast

Trey and Mervyn of Culture Slashare talking emotions and Pixar’s “Inside Out.” Why does it feel so revolutionary/subversive/un-American to suggest it’s okay to be sad? What if Riley, the main character had been a boy? Is Pixar brainwashing our kids to be obsessed withproductivity? Next up, Marvel’s “Ant-man” and the Hollywood tradition of the ethnic …