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This podcast is about every and any thing. Tune in to listen to detailed and nuanced conversations about politics, relationships, class, and anything else you can think of!

This podcast is about every and any thing. Tune in to listen to detailed and nuanced conversations about politics, relationships, class, and anything else you can think of!


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This podcast is about every and any thing. Tune in to listen to detailed and nuanced conversations about politics, relationships, class, and anything else you can think of!




Be In The Now

In the midst of everything going on, i.e. black people's fight to live...I took a moment to talk to Tevin Tavares who is a young filmmaker already doing great things and will only continue to rise as time goes on. We talk for a bit about his story, creativity, and the ways we sometimes stand in the way of our own dreams. If you need a reprieve, I invite you to listen!


Bored In The House

After a long hiatus, Marquita is back with her podcast Don't Hold Back! This revival is particularly special given the times we are in. Listen to my roommate and I talk about things we have been doing to cope during this time! Also I'm taking this moment to hold space for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the countless number of black men and women who have been killed by America's obsession with white supremacy.


Episode 21- Be Kind To Yourself

If someone told you they were deactivating all of their social media, staying home all the time, and talking out loud to themselves, you would question their sanity. That would make perfect sense to me! I probably would do the same thing, but this week I explain how these very things are allowing me to flourish in the clarity of my thoughts. In an effort to clear the space in my head, I decided to clear the space around me. Listen to this week's episode and stay tuned for an episode in two...


Episode 20: Don't Mistreat Black Women

Malcolm X famously said the black woman is the most disrespected woman in America and that quote is the backdrop of the twentieth episode. Today we talk about black women and sexual assault. I will center the voices of three black women who are survivors and let them take a few minutes to answer one question for me: How does the black community contribute to the mistreatment of black girls and black women in light of the R. Kelly documentary? Take a listen to hear what they said. Thank you...


Episode 19- A Racist On Video

On today's episode I talk about the viral video of a Columbia University student that went on a long rant about how great white people are. I talk about why the video failed to shock me and how often times what is happening in the real world directly correlates to the activities on college campuses. I also take a moment to talk about the boy in the video and why I am conflicted about the huge media storm surrounding this incident.


Episode 18- Is This...Blackface?

The question of the day was: If white women are putting on makeup to appear that a modern form of blackface? Apparently there are women on instagram who look black but are...white. They even tricked me! Sounds wild, right? Darren and I discussed how far are people allowed to alter their look? What are the parameters of blackness? Is there a look or sound or culture to it? And how much are others allowed to partake in that culture? What is it about social media that allowed this...


Episode 17- A New Endeavor and Voting

This week is a short episode. I just update you all on a new endeavor I am tagging along with, some ideas about voting, and the fact that it is my favorite month ever!! November! Take a listen and next week we will go back to original programming!


Episode 16: Ghosting Is Bad, Mental Illness Is Real , and Everybody Sucks

Today's episode features Dre, who is a friend of mine and someone who I've been trying to collaborate with forever now! We decided to do an episode surrounding the show Insecure by Issa Rae. Our focus was on a storyline concerning ghosting and how it correlates to mental illness. We touch on many subjects today and of course have fun along the way! Enjoy the episode!


Episode 15- A Work Marathon

Ever had a week when you worked 7 days straight? Well that is me this week and I wanted to share a few tips on what to do when you have a work marathon. Things like sleeping and eating are the most important. Listen to me ramble for 15 minutes on how I am surviving hectic work week!


Episode 14: What's The Deal With Monogamy?

This has been a very stressful week in society, so Paula and I decided to talk about something light and fun! We sat down to discuss monogamy and what that looks like in our world, as well as polyamory and if we could practice that in our lives. Thanks to Paula for joining me this episode, it was a fun time!!!!


Episode 13: It's Spooky Season

Don't Hold Back has returned from its hiatus! In this episode, I give y'all some personal updates as well as a run down of the recent societal events that grabbed my attention. This episode is short and sweet and I look forward to creating more episodes in the upcoming weeks! Thank you for listening!


Episode 12: A Requiem For Nia Wilson

This week I take a moment to discuss the gruesome murder of Nia Wilson, an 18 year old black woman who was killed on a train station in the Bay Area by a white man. Her death along with countless other events this week, reinforce the idea that black women are not protected and cared for in this society. Listen to my thoughts and of course feel free to reach. This is an episode to and for black women.


Episode 11- Dating (Mish)Apps

This week I return with some data from a "research project" I embarked on. Online dating is prevalent in our generation; there is no doubt that people are turning to the internet to find love...and whatever else. In the second part of this two part episode, I talk to Shondrea who knows way more about dating apps than I do. She also explains the coffee and bagel app!! z


Episode 10- Dating (Mish)Apps

This week I return with some data from a "research project" I embarked on. Online dating is prevalent in our generation; there is no doubt that people are turning to the internet to find love...and whatever else. In the first part of this two part episode, I decide to put myself out there...for research purposes. Listen to me talk about my experience with dating apps and why I think the funniest things only happen to me!


Episode 9: Wraps, Weaves, And Waves (Hair Edition)

Kim Johnson, my guest on this episode, has bright red hair and we took a moment to discuss how the relationship we have with our hair is tied to our blackness. Why do we wear our hair curly, or straight? What is our hair story from childhood to young adulthood? How is the relationship black women have with their hair one of a kind? We had a lovely conversation that I hope you will enjoy and discussed the reclamation of the hair we have grown to love.


Episode 8: Mental Health, Social Media, and The Block Feature

Last week, the world was informed of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's deaths. Two people whose struggle with mental health ended tragically. I took this moment in time to discuss mental health in regards to social media and our current generation. Researchers say that depression and anxiety is at an all time high. Social media might be the cause of it, with constant stimuli that allow us to compare ourselves all the time to one another. Austen Tosone, a blogger who uses social media often...


Episode 7: The Beauty Edition

It's all about beauty! Today I let you all join me as I get ready in the morning and take you step by step through my skincare/makeup routine. For all those who wanted the skincare routine: this is the episode for you! I list the products I use and where you can get them from, as well as my dos and don'ts. If you missed any products that are mentioned in the episode, don't hesitate to contact me!


Episode 6- Drake And A Baby

This week Demi and I try to figure out if Drake has a baby no one knows about. A baby! Is Drake a father? Pusha T and Drake are currently in a rap beef and as all rap beefs go....secrets are being revealed. Are things different if Drake has a baby? We try to figure it out, as well as discuss the other interesting events that occurred this week.


Episode 5: Why Is Colorism A Debate?

This week I have three friends sit and listen to me tell them a story of how a friend challenged me on the idea of colorism. The challenge led to a debate and a very exhausting exchange. Today we talk about what colorism is, dating preferences, our own ideas of blackness, and remember that every thought we have may not be our own. Thank you to Damon, Imani, and Kidd for their insight and for lending me their time.


Don't Hold Back- The Intro

Listen to a quick synopsis of Don't Hold Back and what I plan on providing to my listeners!