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The Found In Translation Talk Show: Host Ray Collazo stacks truth about politics and today's hottest issues with a team of diverse experts and commentators.


Philadelphia, PA


The Found In Translation Talk Show: Host Ray Collazo stacks truth about politics and today's hottest issues with a team of diverse experts and commentators.






Raising Arizona

Found In Translation Talk Show hosts Ray Collazo and Enrique Chaurand are joined by Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Salazar of UnidosUS Action Fund and Luis Avila to take a deep dive into Arizona politics. Liz gives us the landscape on the critical Arizona Senate and Governor’s races. Liz also breaks down what issues are truly important this cycle. Then Luis joined us to help us understand the key to organizing the essential Arizona Latino vote in 2022. A hardy congratulations to Hispanic Civil Rights icon...


Yvonne Gutierrez On Being Latina In Post Roe World

Found in Translation Talk Show, your home for Latino politics, is back with analysis the historic happenings in Washington this week. Hosts Rafael “Ray” Collazo and Enrique Chaurand are joined by Yvonne Gutierrez, the Managing Director of the Latino Victory Project. Yvonne is a long time reproductive rights activist. She joined us to share how the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs. Wade impacts Latinas’ civil rights and health care access. Gutierrez, Collazo and Chaurand explore how...


Get To Work Garland! Is Flores The Future?

Found in Translation Talk Show, your home for Latino politics, is back with analysis of this week’s hot political headlines. Hosts Rafael “Ray” Collazo and Enrique Chaurand analyze what this week’s January 6 hearings mean for possible federal prosecution of former President Donald Trump. They also discuss the impact of the newly passed Senate Gun Safety bill and SCOTUS gun rights decision. Newly elected Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores is claiming to be part of a new movement of...


Real Story of Latino Vote With Fernand Amandi

Hosts Rafael "Ray" Collazo and Enrique Chaurand welcome pollster and political analyst Fernand Amandi to discuss the real story of the Latino Vote. Are Latinos really drifting towards Republicans? What are issues Latinos care about leading up to midterms. Crew also takes deep dive into Nevada electoral landscape and how Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Secretary of State candidate Cisco Aguilar can excite Latino voters. Collazo and Chaurand also analyze the impact of House Select...


CHC Goes To White House; Immigration News Update

FOUND IN TRANSLATION TALK SHOW, your home for Latino politics & news, is back this week with updates on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Meeting with White House, Republican infighting on January 6 insurrection and latest anti-Latino attack. Hosts Rafael “Ray” Collazo and Enrique Chaurand then interview Carlos Guevara of UnidosUS to update us on immigration policies from Capitol Hill to our Southern Border. Guevara shares what UnidosUS is calling on President Biden to do now on immigration...


Happy Earth Day! Found In Translation Is Back

Found In Translation Talk Show is back with host Rafael “Ray” Collazo and new cohost political communications expert Enrique Chaurand. Chaurand interviews Collazo to catch us up on this past year as Collazo has assumed the role of UnidosUS Action Fund’s Executive Director. UnidosUS Action Fund is the 501c4 political arm of the nation’s largest Latino Civil Rights Organization. Collazo catches us up on his new national platform and the political landscape for Latino voters in 2022. Collazo...


The Slap Heard Around The World; Will Smith And Chris Rock At the Oscars

Found In Translation Host Rafael “Ray” Collazo shares his real time reactions to Will Smith and Chris Rock’s confrontation during the 2022 Oscars. Collazo analyzes the many angles of this sad moment in Hollywood history and discusses the many positive highlights throughout the show, including Ariana DeBose, Encanto, Quest Love and CODA. Collazo also touches on Ukrainian conflict, Daddy Yankee’s new album, Danielle Clavell on American Idol and March Madness. Subscribe to Found In...


Philadelphia Latino Film Festival

Host Ray Collazo is joined by Festival Director Marangeli Mejia-Rabell of the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. Marangeli will review her exciting movie lineup for this year's virtual festival from May 30-June 6th. Ray and Marangeli will also discuss film's impact on the culture and her exciting role in the upcoming Bomba Live 2! on Saturday, June 12th. Go to for film festival tickets and for Bomba Live 2! Tickets!


My Broken Language

Host Ray Collazo welcomes award winning writer Quiara Alegria Hudes on this week's Bomba Live! for a historic conversation. The pride of Philadelphia discusses her new book "My Broken Language" and her upcoming movie "In The Heights." Celebrate literature, Philly and #BoricuaExcellence. Collazo and Hudes also have a major announcement about Bomba Live 2! on Saturday, June 12th.


Dollars For Scholars; #NiUnaMas

Parent Alert! Host Ray Collazo is joined by Youth Motivational speakers Joaquin Zihuatanejo and Carlos "Chu" Ojeda Jr. from Educational consulting company CoolSpeak. Joaquin discusses his new book “Dollars For Scholars,” a guide to writing winning college and scholarship essays. We also talk about empowering young men and special #bombalive2​! announcements. In segment 2, Collazo will share how we all need to address femicide epidemic in Puerto Rico. #NiUnaMas


Spring Sports Special

Host Ray Collazo is joined by Monte Perez of Nuts and Bolts Sports for our Spring Sports Special. Perez analyzes NFL Draft, previews NBA playoffs and shares his vision for Bomba Live 2!'s Sports programming. Plus Boxing promoter and Monroe County, New York Executive candidate Mercedes Vazquez-Simmons joins show to discuss boxing and sports worlds' responsibility to respond to domestic violence tragedies in Puerto Rico and throughout the country. #RIPKeishla #RIPAndrea #NiUnaMas...


The Cannabis Show

Hosts Ray Collazo & Vanessa Maria Graber are joined by activists Jason Ortiz, Jess F. Gonzalez and Nelson Guerrero for the long anticipated "CANNABIS SHOW." This special episode of Found In Translation/BOMBA LIVE! simulcast will break down how the Cannabis movement impacts health, business and racial justice. Collazo and Graber also reveal two other major guests that will be joining Bomba Live 2! the virtual Puerto Rican celebration taking place on Saturday, June 12th. You won't want to...


Autism Is A Superpower

Ray Collazo & Maryanell Agosto host this special "Autism Is a Superpower" episode. Collazo and Agosto are joined by YouTube Sensations Miguel and Iliana Santos of ToyQuest101, Parent Advocate Jennifer Hutcheson and Occupational Therapist Alicia Stufoso on how we help our loved ones across the spectrum show us their Superpowers! This episode is dedicated to all those on the spectrum, their parents, caregivers and other loved ones. You are not alone.


Solidarity In 2021

Host Ray Collazo is joined by Argentina Beltran, Liz Miyoung Kaufman, Ben Cheng and Elbert Garcia to discuss what true solidarity among Asian-Americans/Pacific Islanders and Latinos looks like in 2021. Kaufman updates us mood of Minnesota's activist community in midst of Ben Chauvin trial for murder of George Floyd. Cheng and Beltran share practical tips on how to show solidarity to Asian-American/Pacific Islander community during this time. Kaufman shares historical context to latest...


Voter Suppression In Arizona

Arizona Under Attack: Voter Suppression Efforts At The Capitol On this week's Found in Translation, you will hear a recent virtual townhall on Voter Suppression efforts in Arizona. Voter suppression is real. Join Co-hosts UnidosUS Action Fund, Arizona Advocacy Networks and other allied partners for panel discussion on what is happening at the state Capitol and what we can do to prevent the erosion of Latino voting rights. Episode includes opening from Gabriella Cázares-Kelly, Pima...


Its Ernie G!

Hosts Ray Collazo and Dionely Reyes are joined by Empowerment Comedian Ernie G. The panel chops it up about how Ernie G has harnessed the power of laughter to help millions of people through mental health coaching, TEDx speaking and standup comedy. Collazo and Reyes provide news updates on American Rescue Plan, Vaccine distribution and Violence Against Women's Act. Jeffrey Vargas joins show to talk March Madness and what hoops means to the FIT/Bomba Live crew. FIT/Bomba Live family...


Maria Hinojosa And Suave Gonzalez

Hosts Ray Collazo and Vanessa Maria Graber are joined by juvenile justice activist & podcast star Luis "Suave" Gonzalez and legendary journalist Maria Hinojosa. Maria and Suave discuss their groundbreaking "Suave Podcast" and Maria's new book "Once I Was You." Learn about what made Maria and Suave's 27 year relationship as journalist and source possible. Suave also reveals what made him believe in the power of redemption even while he served a life sentence. Join us for this historic and...


Big News!

Hosts Ray Collazo & Christina Vega are joined by political analyst Elbert Garcia and Freestyle legend and podcaster Betty Dee. The crew will share some huge announcements related to Bomba Live!, Betty Dee's new project and Ray's new gig. A must listen!


Empresarios Boricuas Unidos

Host Ray Collazo is joined by special cohosts Joel Berrocal of the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce and Alan Taveras of Brands of Puerto Rico. They announce their exciting collaboration to build partnerships between businesses on the island and the diaspora. Collazo also interviews boricua entrepreneurs Chef Vivoni, Ivdia Velazquez and Roberto Rivera to discuss how we can do business together to strengthen the island's economy. #GrowPR


The Bronx Takeover

Ray Collazo is joined by Co-Host Zoe Colon for this special "Bronx Takeover" edition. The all Bronx lineup features actress, speaker and author April Hernandez Castillo to discuss her newest book "Embracing Me." Plus music sensation April Rose on her hit single "Unstoppable" and her burgeoning career. The panel also shares the impact of Salsa legend Johnny Pacheco and Hip-Hop pioneer Prince Markie D on the culture. RIP to Johnny and Mark. Support Texas relief efforts and continue to hold...