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33. Double Feature - Daredevil Season 3/Crimes of Grindelwald

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This week, two reviews for the price of one! In this turkey-prepped episode, host Aeric Azana shares his thoughts on two recent releases: the third season of Marvel Netflix's Daredevil and the newest film in the Wizarding World franchise - Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald! Plus, as always, "This Week in Comics"! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Music Sampled: "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK


32. Thank You Stan Lee

This past Monday we lost a legend. Stan "The Man" Lee lived a full 95 years, and his legacy will ensure he lives forever. Join host Aeric Azana in sharing some favorite moments and memories of the man who influenced and inspired millions of people, including this podcast here. Excelsior! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Music Sampled: "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK


31. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

It's November! And as the first week of the month, you know what that means: The next installment of our Kingdom Hearts Retrospective! This time, we're covering "Birth By Sleep", a prequel set 10 years before the first game. Join host Aeric Azana for a full story recap, and stick around til the end for "This Week in Comics"! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Music Sampled: "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru


30. Halloween 2018 Special - IT Live Commentary

Happy Halloween! To celebrate this spooky holiday, our 30th episode was chosen by YOU! Going head to head with a review of Castlevania Season 2 (still incoming!), a live commentary of the 2017 film "IT" won the poll! So in this episode, host Aeric Azana faces his deep fear of clowns and brings to you his first-ever viewing of this deeply beloved film. So tune up your own copy of the film and watch along with us! URGENT! After experiencing the film, Aeric forgot all about "This Week in...


29. Top 5 Darkest Comic Stories

October rolls on! To keep "in theme", this week we're counting down the Top 5 Darkest Comic Stories! Join host Aeric Azana for some of the darkest and heaviest stories to ever grace the pages of a comic book. And stick around for "This Week in Comics"! We recently hit 1000 LISTENS! Thank you all for supporting the podcast, we're very grateful and looking forward to providing more content in the future! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Music Sampled:...


28. Daredevil: Born Again

Podcast Oktoberfest rolls on! This week we're spotlighting the critically-acclaimed graphic novel Daredevil: Born Again. Why you ask? Well because Daredevil Season 3 is debuting THIS FRIDAY on Netflix! With all signs pointing to Bullseye and the Kingpin making Matt Murdock's life a living hell, host Aeric Azana takes a look at the story inspiring the events for this season. Plus, stay tuned for "This Week in Comics"! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Music...


27. Top 5 Scariest Doctor Who Episodes

It's October, so you know what that means - it's time for spooky podcast episodes! This week we count down the TOP 5 spookiest episodes of Doctor Who, as well as reviewing the newest episode featuring the debut of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor! Plus, host Aeric Azana is utilizing his lower register because of his side gig at Warner Bros. Studios' epic "Horror Made Here" event (get your tickets NOW at! So join us for a special baritone-sounding episode, and stay tuned...


26. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

We are officially in October! And of course, you know what that means: the next installment of our Kingdom Hearts series! This episode focuses on the game "Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days" (totally love that title) or as we like to call it, "The Tragedy of Roxas and Friends". Get ready for some sad times with Roxas as we march on towards Kingdom Hearts 3! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Music Sampled: "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru "Roxas"...


25. Pitch It! - Spider-Man

This is a big one. We've officially hit TWENTY-FIVE episodes of this podcast! And how do we celebrate this, you ask? By debuting a NEW segment called "Pitch It!" where host Aeric Azana will be pitching you his version of a standalone Spider-Man film. So join us as we celebrate 25 episodes of Geeksplained with web-slinging, wall-crawling and doing whatever else a spider can! And of course stay tuned til the end for "This Week in Comics"! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email -...


Geeksplained: News Roundup

BREAKING NEWS! Geeksplained has strayed from its' usual format to give you a full news roundup of all the recent happenings in Geek culture! Host Aeric Azana will be giving you the rundown on the Captain Marvel trailer, Cavill/DC disputes, a new KH3 trailer and more! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Opening/Closing Theme: "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK


Geeksplained: Top 5 Alternate Universe Spideys

Spiderman PS4 has officially dropped! And when he hasn't been playing the game (which seems impossible), host Aeric Azana has put together a list ranking the Top 5 Spider-Men (and Women!) across the entire Spiderverse! Join us for this reality-hopping ride through the multiverse, and stick around till the end of the episode for This Week in Comics! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Opening/Closing Theme: "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK


Geeksplained: Kingdom Hearts 2

"The story is not over." Those were the words that greeted fans and newcomers alike when Kingdom Hearts 2 hit shelves back in 2006. And now, with just 4 months until Kingdom Hearts 3 releases, let's look back at a game that defined how the series would take shape in the years to come. It's Part 3 of our "Kingdom Hearts Retrospective" series, and it's ALL about the critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts 2! And stick around at the end of the episode for this week's installment of "This Week in...


Geeksplained: Top 5 Asian Characters in Comics

Rounding out August, with the success of "Crazy Rich Asians" in cinema and "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" on Netflix, host Aeric Azana lets his "Asian-Am Nerd" flag fly and talks about his Top 5 Asian characters across all of comics. And stick around after the countdown for "This Week in Comics"! DISCLAIMER: Our host was feeling a bit under the weather for the first 10-15 mins of the episode, so bear with us as we get to the main list. We are incredibly proud of this episode and can't...


Geeksplained: Castlevania Netflix Review

Vampires! Demons! Monsters! Oh my! This week's episodes (requested by Andrew Kincaid) is all about the Castlevania animated series on Netflix! With season 2 looming in just a couple months, host Aeric Azana gives a spoiler-free(ish) review on season one and why you should check it out! Plus, stick around after the review for the debut of our new segment: "This Week in Comics", where we'll give you our top 5 books you should pick up on Wednesday! Follow us! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email -...


Geeksplained: TOP 5 Rebirth Stories

Now that DC Rebirth is wrapping up and moving into the NEW JUSTICE era, host Aeric Azana is taking a look back at the Top 5 stories of the soft reboot that promised to "bring back what has been lost, the legacy of the characters, the love and the hope of the DCU!" Now on Stitcher, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, and wherever podcasts can be found! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Amazon links for this episode's picks: 5....


Geeksplained: Death of Superman Review

With the release of the animated film "Death of Superman", host Aeric Azana gives a look back on the original comic as well as a mostly spoiler-free review for this AMAZING film. SPOILER: This film is incredible and we loved it! Follow Us! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Opening/Closing Theme - "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK


Geeksplained: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

G-E-E-K. Got it memorized? It's episode 2 of our Kingdom Hearts Retrospective, on the march to Kingdom Hearts 3! This episode goes in-depth on "Chain of Memories" the (initially) handheld-only adventure bridging the gap between KH1 and KH2. Join host Aeric Azana on a deep dive into the memories of Sora and the gang as they begin their journey through the mysterious Castle Oblivion! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Music Sampled: "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK...


Geeksplained: SDCC 2018 News Roundup

San Diego Comicon 2018 has come and gone, and boy were there lots of news stories! Can host Aeric Azana compress 4 days-worth of news into 1 hour? Tune in and find out! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Now featured on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio, and Google Play! Opening/Ending Theme - "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK


Geeksplained: The Killing Joke

With the news of Joaquin Phoenix's new Joker origin film, host Aeric Azana takes a look back on one of the most iconic Joker stories of all time: The Killing Joke! In this retrospective both the original comic and film will be covered, so put on your utility belt and get ready to smile! We're now on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio, and Google Play! Checkus out wherever podcasts live! FOLLOW US! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Opening/Closing Theme - "Sayonara"...


Geeksplained Double Feature: Ant-Man & the Wasp / Incredibles 2

Not one, but TWO superhero movie reviews?! It's true! In this week's episode host Aeric Azana reviews the two hottest superhero flicks currently in theaters: "Ant-Man & the Wasp" and "Incredibles 2"! We're now on Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Music and iTunes! Search "Geeksplained Podcast" on any of these platforms and don't forget to give us a subscribe! Follow us! Twitter - @GeeksplainedPod Email - Opening/Closing Theme - "Sayonara" by SAKEROCK