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Wonder Woman Reviewed – GGP – EP #21

We're back with episode 21 of The Generic Geek Podcast, and we're joined by a special guest. Well, one host is anyways. The other one met another unfortunate death. Don't worry though because, like Kenny from South Park, he'll be back. This time we share our thoughts on Wonder Woman. At this point, it's made more than $300 million globally, and so the odds are that you've probably seen it. Be warned though that spoilers abound for those who haven't. Finally, special thanks to our Patreon...


GGP #20 - FanX 2017

We're finally back with episode 20 of The Generic Geek Podcast! Zohner is flying solo this time thanks to Collin going and getting himself married off, but is he really solo if he's interviewing guests from Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017? Well, yes; but only for a few minutes. Anyhoo, while we were at FanX 2017, Zohner had the chance to chat with Arrow and Supernatural actress Amy Gumenick, comic book legend Marv Wolfman, Khary Payton from The Walking Dead and numerous cartoons including...


GGP #19 – Rogue Ducks

The Generic Geek Podcast may be elusive, but we're back and we're talking Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the new Ducktales! Spoilers ahead. You have been warned... And to make this episode even more special, we have a pair of special guest hosts who joined Zohner as a replacement for the newly engaged Collin! (Sorry ladies; he's off the market.) And apologies for not posting this sooner. With Christmas and all of its associated festivities, things got a bit hectic and the episode took...


GGP #18 – Suicide Squad The Video Game

We may be a few weeks late, but we have finally took the time to share our thoughts on Suicide Squad. I won't spoil it, but if you've listened to any of the recent Stolendroids Podcasts, then you already know my feelings. But what does Collin think? I guess that you'll have to listen to find out! But before we get to that, since Salt Lake Comic Con is only mere hours away, we wanted to take a few minutes to discuss some of the EPIC guests that will be in attendance. And if you will be in...


GGP #17 – Salt Lake Comic Con Chat

Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 is only a few weeks away, and even though he's extremely busy finalizing new guests, making epic announcements, and doing what it takes to run one of the most successful conventions out there, Dan Farr took a few minutes to chat with us about what's been taking place behind the scenes. If you've ever wondered what goes into booking some amazing guests, such as Jon Cena, Mark Hamill or Stan Lee, or even if you are just a fan of attending conventions, then this is a...


GGP #16 – Comic Con Trailer Park

San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, but in its wake we have lots and lots of trailers! GGP is back to recap some of these trailer highlights so sit back, relax, and listen to geeks talk about stuff. And of course, we had to discuss the recently announced changes in leadership at DC Entertainment.


GGP #15 – It’s You Again

Andrea Peterson and Zacahri Reynolds from the You Again web series join Zohner and Collin on location at Gweedo's Comics in Layton, Utah to bring you a very special episode of The Generic Geek Podcast. And when we say "very special," we aren't kidding - we're talking ABC Afterschool Special special. (Fun fact: Did you know that ABC Afterschool Special ran for 25 seasons?) If you want to hear about everything from creating a web series to old-school gaming, with and without a Game Genie, to...


GGP #14 – Batman v Superman v Rogue One

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has fans and critics divided. (According to Rotten Tomatoes, there is about a 40% difference between the critics and audiences.) Not surprisingly, it also has the Stolendroids team divided. Was it a perfect movie? Was it a hot, steaming mess? Was it somewhere in between the two? Join us as we try to decide. Also on this episode, we discuss the new trailers for Star Wars: Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Suicide Squad. Have you seen...


GGP #13 – Apocalypse Convention Tips

We're back, and since convention season is upon us, we've got some awesome tips to help you get through the ocean of people dressed as Deadpool and Harley Quinn that you are sure to encounter at your local convention center. For us, that would be Salt Lake Comic Con FanX which takes place at the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake City this week. (By the way, if you haven't picked up your tickets yet, you should hurry because they are going fast!) In addition to our...


GGP #12 – DC Star Wars Mashup

Star Wars and DC Comics... Well, this is The Generic Geek Podcast so what did you really expect? Anyways, this week we talk about a flurry of DC news including the New New 52(?) and some great looks at their upcoming cinematic universe offerings. And of course there's Star Wars, but the question everyone really wants to know is #wheresrey? Seriously, where is merchandise with her image? How can Hasbro/Disney/any toy manufacturer not anticipate that a main character will be at least...


GGP #11 – Star Wars Spoiler Spectacular

By now you have hopefully seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If not, why not? It's an amazing movie that you really need to go and see. That being said, the movie has been out now for a few weeks, and so there is no reason for you to get angry about spoilers; however, this episode is nothing but spoiler after spoiler after spoiler. You have been warned.


GGP #10 – Star Wars, Trailers, and Soulless Podcasters

It's yet another episode of the Generic Geek Podcast in which Zohner gets irritated by movie studios, lots of Star Wars is discussed, and we take a trip to the movies to discuss a whole slew of new trailers that are sure to tickle your geek bone. We also learn that Zuke lacks a soul as we talk about our favorite Christmas movies! Come gather 'round, grab your secret decoder ring, and be sure to drink your Ovaltine! Group doesn't understand how the Internet works Star Wars is still racist...


GGP #9 – What Were They Thinking?

GGP is back with a new episode, but there is much confusion. People don't like David Tennant being evil in Jessica Jones, Peter Jackson is making things up as he goes, George Lucas is acting like a jilted lover, and Warner Brothers and DC are trying to show the entirety of Batman vs. Superman in a single trailer! Join Collin and Zohner as they try to make sense of this crazy, crazy world of geekdom in which we live. Civil War Superman vs. Spoilers Jessica Jones...


GGP #8 – Darth Jar Jar

Have you ever stopped to think about what if Jar Jar Binks wasn't really a bumbling fool, but was actually the "menace" in The Phantom Menace? Someone on Reddit actually did just that, and they pose a lot of really good points that Zuke and Zohner discuss on this week's episode. Yeah, it's another episode in which we discuss Star Wars. But should that really surprise anyone at this point? But in fairness, we do talk about other stuff too... Toy Hall of Fame inductees for 2015 announced A...


GGP #7 – Back To The Fantastic Four

Back to the Future Day has come and gone, and now when you watch the Back to the Future films, you can take peace in knowing that the trilogy is now set entirely in the past. Zuke and Zohner discuss the good and bad of these iconic movies, as well as some rumors of a possible trade between Marvel and Fox that would bring the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And what kind of podcast would we be if we failed to mention controversy regarding the most recent issue of Captain...


GGP #6 – Super Star Wars Spectacular

It's a super Star Wars spectacular episode of the newest offering from The Generic Geek Podcast! If you have listened to the show, or really to any of the Stolendroids shows, you know that there are few things out there that Zohner loves more than Star Wars. And since the new trailer was released earlier this week, why not devote an entire podcast to that which is so loved? Well, that's exactly what we do so sit back and hear Zohner and Zuke discuss the new trailer and all of the good, and...


GGP #5 – Joker Issues

The Joker is undeniably one of the greatest villains in all of comic books. Heck, it could probably be argued that he is one of the best villains from any medium. And when it comes to definitive Joker stories, there are few better than Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. Which is why it comes as no surprise that DC has green-lit an animated adaptation of the story, but rumor has it that they have also signed off on it having an R rating. Good idea? We discuss our thoughts, as well as the...


GGP #4 – Whopper of Death

Since it's October, and because things are supposed to be scary, Burger King has created the most scary of all food items: a black Whopper! Technically it's called the A.1. Halloween Whopper, but after looking at it, and reading about what it does to you AFTER being consumed, I'm going to call it the Whopper of Death. Although, I should probably call it the A.1. Halloween Whopper of Death to ensure that it doesn't get confused with the regular Whopper of Death which doesn't have a black...


GGP #3 – Death of a Superhero Movie

The superhero movie genre is currently all the rage. It seems as though everyone loves them, and unless they are about a group of four individuals who happen to be "Fant4stic," they generally make lots and lots of money. So what's the problem? Well, according to Steven Spielberg, at some point in the future they are going to ride off into the sunset and become as rare as the westerns of old. Is he right? For the time being, it's obvious that the genre isn't going anywhere, but what does...


The Generic Geek Podcast – Pre Comic Con Chat

Salt Lake Comic Con is almost here! Have a listen as Zohner, without Collin (who may or may not have died as the result of a large soundboard falling on him, crushing his internal organs), sits down in the offices of Salt Lake Comic Con boss man, Dan Farr, to discuss the convention that only is a mere two weeks away. We discuss previous conventions, what has been fun to see, and the possibility of additional guests being added to this year's lineup. Also, if you are in the Intermountain...


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