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The Little Book of Cannabis

Season Two Episode Two


Tracking The Patient Journey

Season Two Episode One


Highlights and High Hopes

The End of the Beginning Episode 9 It's the end of season one and we reflect on the past several months hosting a cannabis themed podcast interviewing smart and thoughtful women. We chat about stigma and debate whether or not being called a "pothead" is a bad thing. Is it really so bad to be known as a stoner? Would you put "chronic" in your Bumble bio? Join us as we wrap up season one of the High Friends Podcast. Editing by Canadian Cannabis Radio Produced by Gill Polard and Rachel...


Discovering Zen

A Mother's Search for Hope Episode 7 When Zen Hanif was born, he suffered from hypoxia, a lack of oxygen during birth which lead to brain damage. In an effort to treat his cerebral palsy and seizure disorder that caused up to 200 seizures a day his mother Kunval, tried over 20 different pharmaceutical medications with no luck. Desperate to give her son a chance at a better life, she turned to medical cannabis and saw positive results very quickly. Now, this Ontario mother is telling Zen's...


The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Events

The Highs and Lows of Cannabis Events Episode 6 Creating events and activities around cannabis takes skill, a love of logistics, energy and patience. In today's episode we speak to two women who are making a difference in their communities by educating people about cannabis and all that it has to offer. Bethany Rae of Flower and Freedom is creating opportunity for people to learn about incorporating cannabis into a healthy lifestyle in Canada while Leighana Martindale is working with...


Breaking The Grass Ceiling

Women, Weed and Business Episode 5 Breaking the Grass Ceiling; Women, Weed and Business is a biographical collection featuring powerful, driven, and courageous women who have been instrumental in paving the way into the cannabis industry for many - especially other women. This episode of The High Friends Podcast features an interview with authors Lauren Devine and Ashley Picillo. They talk about their inspiration, goals and the life long friendship that led to their collaboration.


Adding Cannabis to Your Wellness Garden

Cannabis is another tool in your health and wellness toolbox Episode 4 Next year when Canada legalizes cannabis for recreational use each household will be able to grow up to 4 plants. With that in mind, we wanted to get some growing tips from an expert so we went to Ashley Athill of Ganja School. Ashley shares with us her experiences growing up in Jamaica with cannabis in her garden and how she learned to view it as a helpful tool in her wellness toolbox. Episode Photo Art by Mike...


What is Craft Cannabis?

Craft cannabis is at the heart of British Columbia’s economic heritage. Our guest today is Sarah Campbell, an apprentice herbalist and Director at the Craft Cannabis Association of BC. Sarah was born into a family of cannabis enthusiasts. Her involvement with the Vancouver Island Compassion Society, one of the first compassion clubs in Canada, inspired her ceaseless work to liberate cannabis, a natural medicine that should be accessible to those who suffer pain and other health issues and...


The Wild West of Modern Cannabis Retail

Where design, innovation and commerce collide Episode 2 What does a modern, sophisticated retail brand in the cannabis space look like? How does one woman go from working with high fashion labels to cannabis? Rachel sits down with Sarah Ramesbottom, Head of Retail for Tokyo Smoke an award winning lifestyle brand that focuses on immersive experiences and design-led retail spaces selling coffee, clothing and designer products for the cannabis consumer. Episode Photo Art by Tokyo...


Perverted by Prohibition

"We have to get back to the garden" Episode 1 Is cannabis bad for the environment? How do we nurture small business after prohibition ends in Canada? Gill speaks to Kelly Coulter about what sustainable growing looks like and how cultivators can use natural resources for better results. Rachel talks to Lisa Campbell about supporting small enterprise and making space for everyone. Leafly called Lisa Campbell "a badass lady in the cannabiz" because she's worked extensively in international...