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Episode 63: Call the Midwife

Sofie Jacobs is a midwife from Belgium who lives and works in Hong Kong. Sofie and I discuss all things related to pregnancy and birth. We discuss postpartum depression, home and hospital births, birth plans and parenting. We explore the pressure that women face to get their post baby body back and Sofie explains that this is impossible as our bodies change after giving birth. You need to prepare for the birth in all aspects of mind, body and soul and Sofie gives us tips on how to do this....


Episode 62: Table of Two Cities

Tegan Smyth is an Australian Lawyer working in Hong Kong who runs a program for refugees called Table of Two Cities. It is a community project where refugees tell their stories and share their culture through food. A shared meal can bring both sides of Hong Kong to one shared table. Two sides of the city, united by an idea, by acceptance, understanding and by food. Table of Two Cities enables refugees to give something of themselves to the local community and feel valued and appreciated....


Episode 61: The Orii Ring-Voice Powered Screen Free Technology

Kevin Wong, co-founder and chief executive of Origami Labs, says Orii is the world's first voice-powered smart ring. It is a private communication tool that uses voice assistance technology to communicate. The ring uses sound as a physical vibration which passes directly through your finger and into your ear. Kevin explains that screen free technology is his area of interest and this has been inspired by his dad who has been sight impaired from the age of thirteen. In fact, Kevin’s dad...


Episode 60: All Out of Eggs: Part 2

Rebecca Hopkins shares her fertility journey with us and her ultimate choice to use egg donation to create her family. She went though IVF and this was not successful at all but she and her husband were both committed to having a family no matter what. After giving up on the idea of IVF, Rebecca fell pregnant naturally, but the baby had spina bifida and was terminated at 20 weeks. Losing their first daughter, Ruby was devastating for Rebecca and her husband. They left their jobs, went...


Episode 59: All Out of Eggs: Part 1

Rebecca Hopkins talks about how she found herself going through early menopause in her early 30’s and this affected many aspects of her life, including her ability to have children. She had her children using an egg donor and whilst she was raising her small children she found herself in the midst of quite intense menopausal symptoms. Her doctor put her on hormones to combat early osteoporosis. This meant that her sex drive shot through the roof and she became rather rampant. She was also...


Episode 58: The Fascinating Fa’afafine

Amao Leota Lu is a proud Fa’afafine living in Melbourne, Australia. She was in Hong Kong for the Rainbow Families Forum and spoke to me about her life. She shares her struggles as a transgender woman and also explains the cultural acceptance that she has experienced from her friends and family in Samoa, where the culture is very inclusive. Amao explains how she has navigated a safe space for herself and how she works to support other LGBTQIA+ members of her local community. She shares her...


Episode 57: Always Look on the Pink Side of Life

Philip Howell-Williams is the Director of Pink Season, a five-week long festival which highlights and supports the LGBT+ community in Hong Kong. This is the 9 year that Pink Season has run, and Philip has put his own stamp on the celebration by including more educational and family events in the plethora of functions on offer. Pink Season offers many free activities with a focus on arts, theatre, family connections, sport, education and parties. There is even a Drag Queen workshop which...


Episode 56: RefuGeek

Chris Geary is the CEO of BSD Education where he runs an innovative program called RefuGeek. This is a non-profit entity sponsored by the Fargo Foundation in Hong Kong, using academic curriculum to deliver technology education to refugees and asylum seekers in Asia. Chris believes that everyone should have the right to technology education and learn the skills needed to succeed in the world. Millions of people have been displaced from their homes due to conflicts and natural disasters. In...


Episode 55: My Centenarian Nan

Nan talks about her life and what is was like growing up in the 1920’s and 30’s in Australia. She discusses her education, her career and her life living on the farm, married to Claude. She shares her secrets to longevity of life and explains many of the challenges she has faced. Nan talks proudly about the achievements of all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Nan is an incredible woman who is still mentally sharp, even at the age of 100. However, she is frustrated that...


Episode 54: Shining a Light on Women

Film director, Joanna Bowers shares her experiences making impactful films that shine a light on social issues, in particular the potential of women. She began working in film in the USA. In 2011, Joanna moved to Hong Kong where she is now based. Since relocating to Asia, projects have seen her filming throughout mainland China, Nepal Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and the United States. Having told several successful female-driven short-form stories, in 2015 she was inspired to...


Episode 53: Evercare

Ken Wong used to work in finance in the USA but when he saw a need for improving aged care systems in his home town of Hong Kong, he created Evercare, a service that helps the elderly age with comfort and dignity. Evercare is an aged care service that provides people with an alternative way of aging in the home surrounded by family. Evercare developed a platform that marries technology and people by informing families about the health and wellbeing of their loved one. Evercare puts...


Episode 52: A Life of Acceptance

Jason Masters was a married father of two children who discovered later in life that he was gay. Jason discusses his journey of understanding his sexual identity and how he had to come to terms with this and aligned his Christian faith with his acceptance of himself. Jason shares the experience of seeking therapy and then having to come out to his wife and how they worked through this significant event as a family. Jason talks about how there is a gap in the support available for teens who...


Episode 51: Opening Hearts and Minds

Scilla Andreen is the CEO & Co-Founder of IndieFlix Group Inc a global screening and streaming service that promotes and supports social impact films to create positive change in the world. IndieFlix screening service books offline community screenings in schools, corporations and communities around the world while IndieFlix streaming offers a monthly subscription based service to access thousands of high-quality shorts, features, documentaries, and series....


Episode 50: Stroke

Kate McAlister was a fit and healthy 31-year-old early childhood educator from California working in Hong Kong, when she had a stroke. At first, she was misdiagnosed and sent home with a migraine but eventually after a whole night of vomiting, she went back to the hospital and was finally diagnosed with having a stroke. She shares her difficult journey in relation to returning to work too quickly and realising she needed to head home to stay with her parents to recuperate. Whilst back in...


Episode 49: Better in Bed

Sara Tang is the host of ‘Better in Bed’ podcast where she discusses everything imaginable about sex and sexuality. She feels that her podcast is a wonderful medium to bring more sex positive resources to the Hong Kong community, where sex is not always openly discussed. There is somewhat of a social taboo surrounding sex in Hong Kong and Sara is hoping to change this mindset. Sara states that historically, Chinese people were very sexual but it appears that they are much more repressed in...


Episode 48: Facing the Truth

Olivia grew up in Hong Kong in a Chinese family. She realised that she suffered from anxiety and depression after she finished university. Her friends did not really understand her mental health issues and she found it difficult to manage her fluctuating emotions. Olivia developed an intense fear of failure and rejection, and was unable to do her job well. It was three or four years before she sought help and she was diagnosed as bipolar with depression and anxiety. Olivia found it very hard...


Episode 47: Keeping it Real

Has opens up about his life growing up as a gay child living in a strict, conservative Muslim family from Sri Lanka. Being gay was not openly accepted in his family and he ensured that he kept his sexuality private. Growing up he felt conflicted and struggled with his identity. Has does not discuss his personal life or his sexuality with his family. He laments the lack of relationship with his family due to not being able to be completely open. He had his own distressing #metoo experiences...


Episode 46: Redefining Success

Tricia Yap is a holistic coach who encompasses physical training, nutrition, positive psychology and lifestyle choices in her work with her clients. She is an MMA fighter and founder of the Warrior Academy in Hong Kong. Tricia has faced her share of difficulties in her life ranging from being bullied as a child in Australia to dealing with an acrimonious divorce, which made her question her self-worth on many levels. She harnessed these negative experiences to redefine her success by...


Episode 45: Olympic Spirit

Hong Kong's very own Olympic swimmer, Geoff Cheah talks about his experience training as a professional swimmer in the USA and competing in the 2016 Olympics where he won his 50 metre freestyle heat. He has always had to balance is academics and training, and embrace the discipline needed to succeed. Geoff explains the importance and value of peer coaching and helping other young athletes. Geoff shares how he managed to cope with his father passing away at the height of his success and his...


Episode 44: Menopausal Musings

Jules, Tracey and I talk about our personal experiences with menopause and the various ways that we have coped with this significant change in our lives. We discuss many of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, and explain which ones affected us the most and how we coped with them. We explore the different treatment options available and the best options for us as individuals. We also share our thoughts on a number of different topics including aging, loss of of fertility and our...