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I Used 2 Know- Things Would Close

Do you remember stores closing by 5pm? How about "Blue Laws" preventing you from shopping on Sunday? In this podcast episode we talk about how we Used 2 Know that Things Would Close. We cover the history of Blue Laws, how 7-Eleven became a 24 hr convenience store, and how you still can't go shopping on Sunday in NJ.


I Used 2 Know- Halloween Candy

In this podcast episode we talk about the history of Halloween, where did Trick or Treat come from, and we travel through the Trick or Treat candies of the decades from the 20s to today- finally answering the age old question, what's the best Halloween candy that I Used 2 Know.


I Used 2 Know- Columbus Discovered America

In this minipod podcast of I Used 2 Know- Columbus Discovered America, we complete the Columbus discussion we started in our previous podcast- I Used 2 Know- Maps. We talk about the history of Columbus, the real names of those famous ships that sailed the ocean blue, and how Columbus survived by using a lunar eclipse.


I Used 2 Know- BattleWagon Roadtrips

In this podcast episode of I Used 2 Know- Battlewagon Roadtrips, we explore what it was like to take family road trips in a station wagon. We explore the history of road trips, the vehicle in question (Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon- aka BattleWagon), and how we survived hours of travel trapped in a Station Wagon.


I Used 2 Know- Ice Cream Trucks

In this podcast episode, we celebrate summer by remembering how we Used 2 Know Ice Cream Trucks. Do you remember that feeling when you heard the song "The Entertainer" get closer and closer? How about that scramble to find money and run out to the street in time to get a Good Humor bar? In this episode we go over the history of ice cream, how George Washington and Thomas Jefferson loved ice cream, "penny licks," Mr Softee, and discuss an ongoing ice cream truck "war" still going on in New...


I Used 2 Know- Maps

In this Podcast Episode we focus on how we Used 2 Know maps. Do you remember those gas station maps? How about that giant atlas map that had the details of every state of the US and Canada? And now- when is the last time you saw a map that wasn't on your computer/mobile screen or GPS device? In this episode we go though the history of maps, how GPS like radio waves helped the Allies win WWII, and how you never need to fold up one of those gas maps ever again...


I Used 2 Know- Oil came from Dinosaurs (Minipod)

In this episode we do our first MINIPOD podcast (shorter). This is where we dive a little deeper into a small topic that was brought up in a previous episode. This one comes from I Used 2 Know- Brontosaurus was a Dinosaur. In that episode Steve said that Oil came from dead dinosaurs and Scott disagreed. Learn the truth about why we Used 2 Know Oil came from dinosaurs.


I Used 2 Know- Brontosaurus was a Dinosaur

In this episode we explore the history of the Brontosaurus. We learned that at one time these "Thunder Lizards" ruled the earth- that is until we were told they don't really exist. Or Do They? Check out this episode to find out all the twists and turns regarding how we Used 2 Know Brontosaurus was a type of Dinosaur.


I Used 2 Know- CB Radio

10-4 Good Buddy! You got your EARS ON? That's right, today we dive into the history and culture of CB Radios. So keep the hammer down, watch out for those bears, and keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down. And if you want to join the conversation- please join us at our Facebook page- @IUsed2Know or on Twitter at IUsed2KnowPod. 3s and 8s to you!


I Used 2 Know- Saturday Morning was for Cartoons

Grab your bowl of Capt Crunch (with Crunchberries of course), jump on the couch and join us as we explore how we Used 2 Know Saturday Mornings were all about Cartoons! We go through the history of how Saturday Morning Cartoons got started- we wander deep into memory lane on some of the best cartoons we remember and how the Saturday Morning Cartoon tradition has gone the way of the 8 track tape. One quick note- we had so much fun with this podcast- its longer than normal.


I Used 2 Know- 55mph Saved Gas

Long lines at the gas pumps, odd and even gas days, and of course to save gas I Used 2 Know you shouldn't drive faster that 55mph. That's what it was like in the 70s. Come explore with us how the gas crisis got us into having a 55 mph limit and what it means going forward.


I Used 2 Know- Wait 30 mins After Eating to go Swimming

Those summer days at the lake or pool. Swimming all the time EXCEPT after you ate! If you didn't wait 30 mins, YOU WOULD DIE! or at least I Used 2 Know that. Explore with us how this 30 min rule got started and if there is any truth to it.


I Used 2 Know Phone Numbers

Do you remember wandering around your house with the 2 mile phone cord talking to your friends? Of course you Used 2 Know their phone number- but not so much these days. Take a trip through the history of phone numbers and how we got to not remembering them any more.