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Shopping while brown: InFocus tackles racial profiling

Racial profiling can come in many forms. Have you ever been followed by store staff while shopping? Do you seem to get served differently in restaurants or in stores? Does it happen regularly? Has you changed the way you act in stores because of this? If you said you yes, you may be the victim of racial profiling. In this episode, Host Melissa Ridgen puts Shopping While Brown InFocus.


Tougher rules needed for healing lodges, Tori Stafford’s dad tells APTN InFocus

There has been a lot of talk about healing lodges after Tori Stafford’s killer was transferred to one from a traditional prison. Moving Terry-Lynne McClintic, 28, to the Okimaw Ohci Healing Lodge in Saskatchewan from Grand Valley outraged many Canadians. In this episode Marlene Orr, Matt Willan and Tori’s father, Rodney put healing lodges InFocus.


Hosts of The Other Side bring their paranormal activity to the set of InFocus

The hosts of the APTN show The Other Side join InFocus host Melissa Ridgen for a ghostly hour of paranormal activity on the Halloween edition of InFocus. The Other Side is a paranormal investigative show that airs on APTN each week, investigating paranormal activity in a variety of locations across the country. Two ghost chasers, Jeff Richards and Tom Charles, tell stories of haunted hotels, family homes and abandoned buildings and where encounters include physical contact and meeting with...


Métis, who are they?

Host Melissa Ridgen and her guests dig deep into the discussion about what makes the Métis, Métis. Some say it’s simply the children of Indigenous and European parents. But can it be anyone who has Indigenous ancestors in their bloodline? Groups in Eastern Canada say that having an Indigenous ancestor in your history, even hundreds of years ago, makes a person Métis.


Legal Weed goes on sale across Canada

After years of criminalization, the Canadian government has made it legal to purchase and smoke cannabis. And many First Nations are getting in on the industry on the ground floor. In this episode Host Melissa Ridgen cuts through the haze and puts cannabis legalization InFocus.


Breaking through the stereotypes immigrants are learning about Indigenous peoples

Starting over in a new country is stressful. There’s a lot to learn. But what happens when you hear inaccurate information? How do you know what is true and what is false? In this episode, we put new Canadians’ misconceptions and stereotypes of Indigenous people InFocus and explore initiatives that are setting the record straight.


Youth leaders discuss concerns and what we can do better

What is important to youth today? On the InFocus season premiere with host Melissa Ridgen, we talk to youth leaders to find out the issues that affect youth most and the possible solutions.

First Contact participants reunite to speak about their 28 day journey

In this special edition of InFocus all six participants of the series, First Contact, join host Melissa Ridgen to share their thoughts on the 28 day journey that took them to Indigenous communities across Canada. Their experiences confronted and challenged their perceptions about Indigenous Peoples.


Community hosts and producers share insight into First Contact

In this special edition of InFocus with host Melissa Ridgen, we hear the perspectives of community hosts and producers of the three part series, First Contact. The show features six non-Indigenous Canadians with negative stereotypical views of Indigenous Peoples in Canada who are taken on a 28 day journey.


A look at the national chief election and the future of the AFN

InFocus is in Vancouver for the Assembly of First Nations election of national chief. Host Dennis Ward invited members of the AFN’s Youth Council to the desk to talk about the future of the First Nation lobby group. Dennis was also joined by Laughing Drum Host Tim Fontaine, and Ryerson professor and commentator Pam Palmater about whether change is just around the corner at the AFN.


Season finale: Trans Mountain, MMIWG Inquiry & AFN are put InFocus

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer. The fate of Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline. A request for an extension of the MMIWG National Inquiry. Will Perry Bellegarde hang on as National Chief in the upcoming AFN election? Host Dennis Ward is joined by Niigaan Sinclair, Cheryl Maloney, and Tim Fontaine to look ahead to some of the big issues.


Relevancy of AFN and election of National Chief put InFocus

In July, Chiefs will vote for a National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. Candidates are already stepping forward to challenge Perry Bellegarde who will be seeking another term. But is the AFN still relevant? Some of the candidates for National Chief and critics of the political body will join us to put the AFN InFocus.


Missing youth falling victim to exploitation

In the city of Winnipeg, the number of missing person incidents has been rising in recent years. In 2017, there was nearly 11,000 incidents of missing persons reported. Many of those missing person cases are running away from Child and Family Services facilities according to the Winnipeg Police Service. In this episode of InFocus, host Dennis Ward sits down with experts to discuss how to keep kids safe.


Mounting opposition to proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion

Kinder Morgan was under fire from major shareholders calling for more transparency and better environmental practices. The leader of Tiny House Warriors, Kanahus Manuel,'s Clayton Thomas Muller and Stephen Buffalo of the Indian Resource Council join host Dennis Ward to discuss the pros and cons of the proposed expansion.


First Nation wants to become ‘Tim Hortons of Cannabis’

On this episode, we put the pending legalization of recreational cannabis InFocus with Sinclair, Indigenous Roots Vice President Michael Fontaine, Mohawk cannabis and sovereignty advocate, Clifton Nicolas and APTN Investigates reporter Melissa Ridgen, whose documentary “Legal Weed” debuts on March 23, 2018.


Justice for Colten Boushie, MMIWG inquiry extension and Thunder Bay police

The decision by the Saskatchewan Crown attorney not to appeal the acquittal of Gerald Stanley, policing in Thunder Bay and a possible extension for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls were all up for discussion on this episode of InFocus.


Standing Rock: One year later

The #NoDAPL movement has now spread to fight other pipeline projects like Enbridge’s Line 3 and Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain expansion. Iron Eyes, a former United States Congressional candidate, award winning journalist Jenni Monet and Indigenous activist Clayton Thomas Muller join host Dennis Ward on InFocus to discuss the legacy of the movement and the gathering in Standing Rock, one year after the camps were closed by law enforcement.


Tina Fontaine: The life and the legacy

The acquittal of Raymond Cormier is still fresh in the minds of many who were hoping for justice for Tina Fontaine and there are still a lot of questions on what will happen next. We put the Raymond Cormier trial and legacy of Tina Fontaine InFocus with Manitoba MLA Bernadette Smith, Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Grand Chief Sheila North and advocate and activist Pam Palmater.


Alanis Obomsawin: 50 years of creating documentaries - with no end in sight

Award winning filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin joins host Dennis Ward on this episode of InFocus to speak at depth of her beginnings, her career and why she isn’t stopping anytime soon.


‘Watershed moment for the country’: Examining the Gerald Stanley verdict

After the verdict of the Gerald Stanley trial and the rallies that followed across the country, Dennis Ward is joined by activist Erica Violet Lee and columnist Doug Cuthand. Also the Chair of Indigenous studies at the University of Winnipeg Jacquline Romanow and a founder of the Facebook page “Farmers with Firearms” join the discussion to put the trial and rural racism InFocus.