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Working with Amazon, Part 2: Quality control, social media, and preparing for the future, with guest Ian Lamont of i30 Media

Getting the look and content of your book right is priority 1. But looming changes at Amazon may be beyond your control. What to do? This is part 2 of our interview with Ian Lamont of i30 Media. Topics Covered Links Lean Media Lean Media YouTube Channel Amazon Deep Dive IBPA Publishing University: Using Metadata and Amazon to Expand Your Business, Thursday, April 2,...


Working with Amazon, Part 1: Amazon Advertising and managing the relationship, with guest Ian Lamont of i30 Media

Amazon advertising can be a great way to boost discoverability, but you have to know what it costs and how to manage Amazon issues that arise from time to time. This is part 1 of our interview with Ian Lamont of i30 Media. Topics Covered Links Lean Media Lean Media YouTube Channel Amazon Deep Dive IBPA Publishing University: Using Metadata and Amazon to Expand Your...


Publishing in 2020, what lies ahead? with guest Angela Bole of IBPA

CEO Angela Bole of IBPA summarizes some of the key issues facing book publishers and authors in the coming year—hint: there are challenges, but lots of opportunities (and lots of great books!) Links IBPA Comments on proposed tariffs on printed books IBPA’s own source of news and updates on the Audible...


A British indie tackles America: talking international publishing with guest Michael Cannings of Camphor Press

Topics covered include: Links Participants Michael Cannings is one of the three founders of Camphor Press, an independent publisher focusing on East Asia. Now back in his native England after eleven years living in Taiwan, Michael has a background in marketing and design which has proven invaluable in getting Camphor Press off the ground, though he still describes himself as a publishing amateur. Outside work he will invariably...


California’s new labor law and its impact on publishers, authors, and freelancers, with guest Jonathan Kirsch

Links Wikipedia on California Assembly Bill 5\_Assembly\_Bill\_5\_(2019) Text of California Assembly Bill 5 (see tabs for history, amendments, voting, analysis)\_id=201920200AB5 Publishers Weekly news article on AB5 December 17 news...


The Frankfurt Book Fair, why you should start planning NOW, with guest Terry Nathan of IBPA

Topics covered include: Links 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair Report Sign up for Frankfurt 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair main site History of the Frankfurt Book Fair\_Book\_Fair Year 2020 List of Book Fairs Around the...


The IP explosion: the expanding universe of subsidiary rights opportunities for indie publishers, with guest Ethan Ellenberg

Topics include: Links Article: "Intellectual Property: The Big Picture for Authors" Royalty Reminder The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency Participants Ethan Ellenberg opened his literary agency in late 1984 after holding jobs at both Bantam and Berkley/Jove. At Berkley/Jove he was manager of the Contracts Department. At Bantam he was Associate Contracts Manager. He...


The CASE Act, small claims for writers and publishers, with guests Mary Rasenberger and Cheryl Davis of the Authors Guild

Topics include: Links IBPA statement on passage of the CASE Act (with graphic) The CASE Act explained\_Act Senate draft of the CASE Act The Authors Guild RECOMMENDED READINGS FROM THE AUTHORS...


Websites for indie publishers: tips, cautions, and strategies, with guest John Burke of Pub Site

Topics include: Links Pub Site: a website-building service FSB Associates: a full-service marketing and publicity firm Participants John Burke is the co-founder of Pub Site, an easy-to-use website building platform designed specifically for authors and books, and is the COO of FSB Associates, a publicity firm specializing in promoting books and authors on the web. Burke worked for several publishers including Crown, McGraw-Hill,...


The Audible Captions controversy and the IBPA response, with guest Angela Bole of IBPA

Audible has announced its intention to “subtitle” its audiobooks, but publishers are calling it a rights violation. What’s going on? CEO Angela Bole explains what steps IBPA is taking to protect its membership. Links Publishing Perspectives detailed article on the lawsuit, the IBPA letter, and the publishers requesting exclusion from the Captions program. IBPA’s own source...


Creating a future community of publishers and booksellers, with guest Melissa Serdinsky of Thin Air Collective

How can indie publishers make it today? Is there room on bookstore shelves for their books? Industry veteran and big-picture thinker Melissa Serdinsky speculates on survival, community, and industry trends. Topics include: Links Thin Air Collective Host Peter Goodman’s article in The (IBPA) Independent on “The Bookstore of the Future” Participants Melissa Serdinsky is an...


All about book reviews, with guest Michelle Schingler of Foreword Reviews

Topics include: Foreword ReviewsForewordForeword ##Links Foreword Reviews A Publishers Weekly article on the pros and cons of paid reviews Participants Michelle Anne Schingler is the managing editor at Foreword Reviews. Her responsibilities include previewing thousands of books each quarter for the magazine's audience of librarians...


Public speaking for authors, a brief overview with Cheryl Callighan of The Author's Assistants

Giving talks about your book at associations, clubs, schools, and luncheons is a great way to connect with readers, develop sales, and establish your credibility as an expert in your field. Industry veteran Cheryl Callighan goes over the basics. Topics include: Links The Author’s Assistants Find a Toastmasters Club near you! Participants Cheryl Callighan...


Success strategies of publishing with print on demand, with guest Robin Cutler of IngramSpark

Topics include Links IngramSpark Go Publish Yourself podcast Participants Robin Cutler is committed to helping independent publishers easily get their content into the hands of readers around the globe. To help make this happen, Robin leads the development of IngramSpark and continues to support and refine the platform to better serve independent publishers around the world. Robin has broad knowledge of indie, academic...


Mission-driven publishing, the example of Patagonia Books, with guest Karla Olson

Topics include: Links Patagonia Books Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard Yosemite In The Sixties by Glen Denny BookStudio (San...


Publishing law today: privacy, fair use, and piracy, with guest Jonathan Kirsch

New developments in privacy law in Europe, and fair use, piracy, and widespread infringement by high-tech players remain big challenges for publishers. Publishing attorney Jonathan Kirsch analyzes a changing landscape. Topics include: Jonathan Kirsch’s website with links to his books and services: IBPA’s model contract for translation and publishing rights, for reference (IBPA members only): Information on...


Distribution models, old ways and new, with guest Richard T. Wiliams

Topics include: Check out the IPG website at For measuring your book against industry standards, use the IBPA checklist: Participants Richard T. Williams is the Vice President, Publisher Development, at IPG, where he reviews publisher submissions, pursues new publisher business, and manages a team of experts to help existing clients plan and develop their lists. He is a former sales rep at IPG and...


A powerful social media marketing strategy, with guest Andy Weiner

A book sales rep becomes an author and learns first-hand how to get bookstores and associations interested in his book -- and which social media platform was the most effective may surprise you. Topics include: PARTICIPANTS Andy Weiner is a longtime publishing professional. He has worked for Penguin USA, Random House, Chronicle Books,, and for Abrams Books. He is also the co-publisher of* Close Enough for the Angels* by Paul Madonna, and is the author of the children’s...


Publishing is great! Publishing sucks! The host weighs in.

Topics include: PARTICIPANTS Peter Goodman (host) is publisher of Stone Bridge Press in Berkeley, California. He began his publishing career in Tokyo, Japan, in 1976. A longtime member of IBPA, he has served on the IBPA board and as IBPA board chair.


An expert reflects on independent publishing today, with guest Joel Friedlander

Has publishing changed much in the past decades? A lot, but in many ways not at all. Influential blogger and opinion leader Joel Friedlander tells us what’s still important for all publishers to know . . . and do. Topics include: Participants Joel Friedlander is an award-winning book designer, blogger (since 2009!), and writer. He speaks regularly at industry events and is the author of A Self-Publisher’s Companion and The Book Blueprint. The blogger behind TheBookDesigner, Joel is a...