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Podcast by Irish Times Off Topic




The Secret Lives of Writers: The Ticket @ Electric Picnic

Last week, we got out of the Off Topic studio and went on the road to the Electric Picnic. The Irish Times tent in the Mindfield section played host a series of talks on TV, film, sports and media. Today will be having a listen to some of the best bits. First up, it's the inner workings of a much-envied job: sports writing. Gavin Cummiskey and Malachy Clerkin of the Irish Times and Sinead O’Carroll, news editor of the talk about reporting on Rio, the fallout from the scandal...


The Business End of the Irish Music Industry

On this week's Off Topic podcast, we look at the business end of the Irish music industry. How difficult is it for new artists to become visible? How can they make money? and is talent alone enough to succeed? To answer these questions and many more, host Laurence Mackin is joined by DJ and music journalist Niall Byrne, musician Rhob Cunningham, Faction Records boss Ken Allen and Eleanor McGuinness of Pitch & Smith entertainment agency. Check out Rhob Cunningham in all his glory, tomorrow...


The Egoless Art Form of Comedy Improvisation

Don't try to be funny!!! This week's Off Topic riffs on the theme of improvisation in comedy. To discuss it's lineage and place in comedy writing for stage and screen, Laurence Mackin is joined by actor and improviser Danny Kehoe, improv teacher Neil Curran and Irish Times writer Patrick Freyne. Comedian Alison Spittle joins us on the line from Edinburgh to give us her take on the Fringe Fest, and how improv fits in to her show there.


Stranger Things / Is Pokemon Go nostalgic? / Marina Joyce

On this instalment of Off Topic, host Laurence Mackin welcomes writers Sarah Maria Griffin, Caomhan Keane and Rosie Gogan-Keogh into the podcast studio to discuss the pristine 'Spielbergian' tropes of Netflix's latest success Stranger Things, the inherent nostalgia of Pokemon Go, and the fickle nature of the internet mob as experienced by teen fashion vlogger Marina Joyce.


The three ages of Bey: Destiny’s Child / Solo / Lemonade and the future

Beyoncé Knowles is fast approaching twenty years in the business, part of the hugely successful and consistent girl group phenomenon Destiny's Child, Beyoncé's transition to multi-platinum solo artist was seemless and logical. Some six albums in and Beyoncé, much like Motown artists of old, has taken a more personal and socially conscious approach to her art. On today's podcast, Laurence Mackin invites pop music aficionados Jen Gannon, Louise Bruton and Seamas O'Reilly to pore over the...


"An alternative community center" - The role of the gay bar

In the wake of last week's mass shooting in Orlando's Pulse nightlcub, Off Topic takes a look at the role of gay clubs and LGBT spaces and how they've changed. Laurence Mackin hosts a panel discussion with three guests who play a pivotal role in Ireland's LGBT community - journalist, activist and columnist Una Mullally, events manager and club promoter Buzz O'Neill and journalist, activist and founder of The Irish Queer Archive Tonie Walsh.


Dublin Destroyed

"Unsteady foundations - imposing something new on something old" ; this goes some way to describing the challenges and opportunities presented by the destruction in Dublin's city centre following the 1916 Rising. On this edition of the Off Topic podcast Hugh Linehan is joined by architectural and cultural historian Ellen Rowley and archaeologist Frank Myles to discuss the positives and negatives of rebuilding Dublin following the Rising.


Rent Slaves, Waking the Feminists in the Abbey

In this week's Off Topic podcast Fionn Davenport and Hugh Linehan discuss the proposed rental reforms and the perils of the Irish attitude to property. They're joined by Kitty Holland and DIT lecturer Lorcan Sirr. Later in the podcast they hear more about the Waking the Feminists event in the Abbey Theatre this week with Roise Goan and Sara Keating. Off Topic is a weekly culture and ideas podcast. It is researched by Declan Conlon and produced by Sinead O'Shea.


Karlin's Web Summit Review / City Soundscapes

Technology reporter Karlin Lillington joins Hugh and Laurence for a look back at Web Summit 2015 in an attempt to find middle ground between the cynics and Paddy Cosgrove-bashers on one hand and the everything-is-awesome boosterism on the other. In part two Dr Linda O'Keeffe of Lancaster University has studied the effect of sound on life in our shared spaces. The study has produced some surprising insights, among them the reason Smithfield Square is a teenage wasteland. Plus, Laurence has...


Bond Bore, 1916, A Wild Weekend in Florida

In this edition of Off Topic Fionn Davenport and Hugh Linehan interview Prof Roy Foster and Prof Ciaran Brady on the preparations and potency of the 1916 commemoration. Later in the podcast film critic Tara Brady discuss the tedium of Bond and its marketing machine with Hugh and Laurence Mackin. Off Topic is a weekly culture and ideas podcast. It is researched by Declan Conlon and produced by Sinead O'Shea.


Playboy, Porn and the Dark Net

In this week's edition of Off Topic Fionn Davenport and Laurence Mackin discuss Playboy's decision to remove nudity from its magazine and what this means for the world of pornography and publication. They are joined in studio by Shawna Scott from Sex Later in the podcast Laurence plays back his public interview with Jamie Bartlett, author of The Dark Net and examines the creativity, scope and danger of unregulated internet use. Off Topic is a weekly culture and ideas podcast. It...


Hipster Food + Philosophy and Irish Life

In this episode of Off Topic Hugh Linehan and Fionn Davenport explore hispter foods and their discontents with food writer Catherine Cleary and DIT lecturer in Culinary Arts Dr. Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire. Later in the podcast they discuss the place of philosophy in Irish life with Joe Humphreys and Cathy Barry from NUI Maynooth and whether Irish people are more comfortable to engage more deeply with issues within an artistic context only. Finally Fionn and Hugh celebrate the launch of...


Matt Damon, Triggering, Microagressions

In this week's Off Topic podcast Hugh Linehan and Fionn Davenport discuss microagressions and triggering, issues which are starting to make a serious impact on academic and public discourse. They're joined by UCD academic Mary McAuliffe and writer Roe McDermott. Later in the podcast they're joined by Tonie Walsh, independent curator of the Irish Queer Archive to discuss the comments made by Matt Damon regarding gay actors and their private lives. Off Topic is a weekly culture and ideas...


Brian Friel

In this special edition of Off Topic Hugh Linehan celebrates and remembers the work of playwright Brian Friel who has died at the age of 86. He is joined by Fintan O'Toole, Peter Crawley and Emilie Pine. Off Topic is a weekly ideas and culture podcast. It is researched by Declan Conlon and produced by Sinead O'Shea.


Volkswagen's Vile Lies + Dublin Theatre Festival

In this week's Off Topic Fionn Davenport, Hugh Linehan and Laurence Mackin discuss the Volkswagen scandal with Marketing and Branding lecturer John Fanning and Motoring Editor Michael McAleer. Later in the podcast the Dublin Theatre Festival is previewed by Peter Crawley and UCD lecturer Emilie Pine. Finally the Off Topic team present their cultural highlights of the week including the 'solid ascent' of Irish film and the drumming genius of John Bonham. Off Topic is a weekly culture and...


Rugby Revolution and the re-death of Rock

In this week's Off Topic Fionn Davenport and Laurence Mackin debate the future of rock music with Angela Dorgan and Aoife Barry. Later in the podcast Hugh Linehan examines the idea that the world of rugby is somehow warmer and more egalitarian than it was in the past. He's joined by sports analyst Andy McGready and Ross O'Carroll Kelly creator Paul Howard. Off Topic is a weekly culture and ideas podcast. It is researched by Declan Conlon and produced by Sinead O'Shea.


The Rise and Fall of Tony O'Reilly

‘I am a maximalist … I want more of everything'. Before the fall of his business empire, Tony O'Reilly was one of the most powerful and influential figures in Irish life. On this week's podcast Last Word presenter and former Sunday Tribune editor Matt Cooper talks about his new biography of the erstwhile Lyons rugby player, Heinz CEO and media magnate. Extracts from the book, The Maximalist, will be published this weekend in The Irish Times. Later in the show, Fionn and Hugh discuss...


Skywalker on Skellig, Netflix Movies, Photo Dilemmas

In part one Irish Times film critic Donald Clarke and Lighthouse Cinema manager Helen Hutton join Fionn and Hugh to talk about the latest threat to bricks and mortar cinemas: Netflix's foray into the movie business. In part two, Fintan O'Toole explains his opposition to the shooting of Star Wars on Skellig Micheal. Finally, Fionn and Hugh discuss a difficult dilemma faced by the media in a week of terrible tragedy in Europe.



In this week's Off Topic special Fintan O'Toole interviews Van Morrison. Off Topic is a weekly cultures and ideas podcast. It is researched by Declan Conlon and produced by Sinead O'Shea.


Edinburgh's "Narcissist Olympics", The Great Wall

In this week's podcast Hugh Linehan and Laurence Mackin discuss the Edinburgh Festival with Peter Crawley and "How to keep an Alien" creater Sonya Kelly. Later in the podcast they interview Tadhg O'Sullivan, director of the new documentary The Great Wall. Off Topic is a weekly culture and ideas podcast. It is researched by Declan Conlon and produced by Sinead O'Shea.


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