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Podcast by Intimate conversations about love, sex and relationships.

Podcast by Intimate conversations about love, sex and relationships.
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Canberra, Australia


Podcast by Intimate conversations about love, sex and relationships.




Love, Canberra - Episode 28 - Father's Daughter

Matthew had been dating Sammy for about a year when she abruptly moved back to China. After some months, she admitted she was pregnant - with his child. Matthew has since been going through the visa process to have them live together in Australia as a family.


Love, Canberra - Episode 27 - Little

UnrulyNerdGirl is 44, Canadian, and a little boy bear. She’s also a domestic service submissive. These identities have, understandably, made dating and relationships rather difficult. Here, UNG helps to demystify age play, and she gives us a peek into her play closet.


Love, Canberra - Episode 26 - Same same but different

It would not be an overstatement to call the story of Gaby and Kon’s relationship an epic. Theirs is a tale of young love, family conflict, a separation and reunion - and more besides. Cultural difference and similarity are the constants in their story, which they tell here. Show notes: + This is the last episode for the year! Apologies for the late delivery. Take a look here to see why it took so long:...


Love, Canberra - Episode 25 - My Valentine

Join me for the auspicious occasion of Ken and Katy's wedding. Stay for the reception and after-party. I meet my friend Ken's parents and truly lovely new partner in life. I talk to his friends about their relationships and views on marriage. Finally, I hear from Ken on life as a newlywed, Show notes: + A HUGE thank you to Ken and Katy for letting me record at their wedding for this episode <3 + A big apology for the lateness of this! Music: Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: April...


Love, Canberra - Episode 24 - "Ugly"

One day, while browsing Craigslist's 'Personals' section, I came across a post titled 'Ugly female seeking handsome male'. I contacted the author, and this is her story. Show notes: + View Olivia's 'Ugly female seeking handsome male' post on Craigslist, plus the last one of hers I saw, on the podcast blog. + My blog post accompanying this episode, All the Time in the World: + See you in six weeks! Music: Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: April Showers and Don't...


Love, Canberra - Episode 23 - Girl on fire

Nipuni Wijewickrema is a person who invites strong (positive) adjectives. She is high energy, constantly on the go, and street smart, with an almost unwavering optimism. The young social entrepreneur rose to local celebrity-dom through GG's Flowers, the florist she co-founded with her stepmother when she was just 20 years old. Its premise: to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with special needs, starting with her sister Gayana, who has Down syndrome. Show notes: + GG's...


Love, Canberra - Episode 22 - A Separation

Paul and Louise married on Halloween in 2009. Three years later, they called it quits. Paul reflects on their relationship, their separation, and jointly parenting their twin boys, who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Show notes: + Mother! - my blog post accompanying this episode: Music: Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: April Showers and Don't Mean a Thing Interstitial music - + Blue Dot Sessions: Heliotrope + Jon Luc Hefferman:...


Love, Canberra - Episode 21 - Seventeen

The mind of a teenager can seem at times wholly unknowable and yet - we've all been there, haven't we? Lachie and I discuss photography, he and his peers' process of finding themselves, and his most important relationships. Show notes: + A big thanks to Robert at PhotoAccess for putting me in touch with Lachie. The PhotoAccess exhibition, 'Muse', which Lachie exhibited Dad, 2017 in: + Time - my blog post accompanying this episode: Music: Intro and outro...


Love, Canberra - Episode 20 - Refuge

In Kaleen, a group of friends have been meeting every weekend for the past 30 years. Their commonality: they're Vietnamese refugees who immigrated to Australia in the wake of the Vietnam War. In this episode, I spend time with the remaining two couples of the group. We eat, walk, laugh, and share stories about the past and present. Show notes: An accompanying blog post to this episode is forthcoming! Watch this space. Music: Intro and outro music is by ProleteR: April Showers and Don't Mean...


Love, Canberra - Episode 19 - 40 years

Forty years ago, Steve's father didn't show up to take Sylvia to her own wedding. Forty years later, Sylvia and Steve are still married. *** This is the last episode for 2017! Feel free to drop me a line during my break at or through Twitter @loveCBRpodcast.


Love, Canberra - Episode 18 - The gift

Andrew always wanted to have children. And now he has James. The one catch: James belongs to his mothers, Natasha and Katrina. Here, Andrew talks about how life hasn't quite gone as planned, and the joys of his relationship with James. NOTE: Some parts of the episode will sound a bit strange. At the request of Andrew after we recorded our conversation, I replaced the names of some of the people referenced.


Love, Canberra - Episode 17 - Purity

Korske Ara is one righteous dude. He believes in having a good time, doing good deeds, and spreading the good word about Jesus. After six years travelling around Australia in his old Nissan Patrol, he's back in Canberra. He's working to take World Photo Day - which he founded - to the next level. Here we talk about his adventures in becoming true blue, World Photo Day, his faith, and his views on sex before marriage.


Love, Canberra - Episode 16 - Adam and Eve

What happens after dark at Canberra's largest adult store? Who might you find at such a place? I shadowed Adam & Eve employee Chandra for the last three and a half hours of her shift one Sunday night to find out. I learn not only answers to these questions, but about the change that is happening across the adult toy industry more broadly. With thanks also to fellow A&E employee Kat, who appears in this episode. If you like what you hear, please leave me a review on Apple Podcasts to help...


Love, Canberra - Episode 15 - Funny Farm

He has laughed and made others laugh. Been in dark places. Loved, and lost. Always look on the bright side: that's what comedy has made Ross do.


Love, Canberra - Episode 14 - Room

George is a regular 27 year old guy in all but one aspect. For almost ten years, he was, as the Japanese call it, a Hikikomori. He didn't go to school. He didn't interact with people outside of his home. He stayed in his room and played video games. This is George today.


Love, Canberra - Episode 13 - At First Sight

Maria and Simon want you to know that love at first sight exists. They know, because it happened to them.


Love, Canberra - Episode 12 - Rachel getting married

First comes love. Then comes marriage. But how do you know if your partner is The One? And what happens when you buck tradition and don't follow the wedding template to a T? Rachel and I talk about her impending nuptials.


Love, Canberra - Episode 11 - Blind date

Out-of-towner Andrew was seeking a dinner date for Thursday night. I answered his Craigslist post. This episode features a warts and all recording of our not-quite date. I've cut out the more boring parts of our two and a half hours together, but not edited it to make anyone sound better. Especially not me.


Love, Canberra - Episode 10 - Escort

Three years ago, Cassandra started working as an escort. The inspiration? Secret Diary of a Call Girl, of course.


Love, Canberra - Episode 9 - Camgirl

A few nights a week, Moxy Vandoll closes her bedroom door and turns on her webcam. Here's a peek into what it's like to work as a camgirl.