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Storytellers Scotte and Toni Burns explore the Heart of America, seeking and sharing stories of her deep and abiding loves - of one another, of the things we do, and of the American places we call home.

Storytellers Scotte and Toni Burns explore the Heart of America, seeking and sharing stories of her deep and abiding loves - of one another, of the things we do, and of the American places we call home.
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Storytellers Scotte and Toni Burns explore the Heart of America, seeking and sharing stories of her deep and abiding loves - of one another, of the things we do, and of the American places we call home.






The Second Time Around – 062

The Déjà vu of Love: Couples who remarry...each other! Marie Osmond and Steve Craig’s love story shows how sometimes in the theater of eternal bonds, we still need an intermission. On the Road with Baron and Luwanna - a Montana couple who vowed to love each other for better or worse, and for better again. In Lovin’ SoDak, why did Sioux Falls SD once hold the title of “Divorce Capital of the Nation”? Our Friends and Lovers narrative is a tale from Savannah Summers about the wishes children of...


The Spirit of Radio – 061

Love stories with the spirit of radio on all points on the dial, from Marconi to an FM romance! On the American road is our Maine attraction - veteran radio pro Ken Main and his wireless partner, Penny Mills. Love in American history offers “the rest of the story” of the lifelong love of Radio Hall of Fame broadcaster Paul Harvey and his Angel. Our Friends and Lovers narrative is a poem inspired by kids definitions of love called, A Day Full. CREDITS:...


Golden Years – 060

Tales of growing old together include a 1946 South Dakota romance that started at Grandma’s House and continues today, as long as she says he needs her. Then, On the Road with Myron and Nadine, proving that Happily Ever After can strike twice and why feathers are vital to a lasting relationship. Speaking of feathers, Love in History is Betty White and Allen Ludden and the chickens that ended one marriage and became date night in another. Our Tale from the Heart of America narrative shares...


Ladies First – 059

Celebrating Women’s History Month, starting with the story of a determined 1880’s Deadwood physician, Dr. Flora Stanford. On The Road brings you to North Carolina for a downhome take on love with the ladies of the Min-O-Pon Bait, Tackle and Restaurant. On Love in History, it’s Annie get your… real story out there! The tale of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler. Finally, Women’s History on two wheels: ride with us through the story of Motor Maids and Bubblegum. This time, on Love in America....


Love Unexpected – 058

Love is exceptional, and often unexpected, beginning in South Dakota where, no matter whether in love or weather...you’ll never see this coming. Love On the Road finds a Buddhist monk in a Greek restaurant quoting the Bible - A truly American encounter! Our Love in History started with an eight year old stalker and continues with an unexpected blended family - the love story of Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet. This episode’s original Tale from the Heart of America is called: No Secrets - if love...


Lovesmiths – 057

Loves + swords = Lovesmiths! First, what do swords, South Dakota, and love have in common? Love On the Road then takes you to Kenosha, WI and a Renaissance of love stories at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Love in History whispers, My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to... hear the history of actor Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody! Lastly, a dramatic narrative exploring the connection between love and katana swords; an original Tale from the Heart of America...


The Afterlife of Love – 056

The Afterlife of Love...and vice versa! From the beautiful Lakota vision of “walking on” to another native culture’s kinky eternal dinner party, Love in America explores love and life after death. We’ll take you across the U.S., revealing American thoughts on love after death. Next, can horror and the afterlife be a part of love? A resounding YES from the love story of Tabitha and Stephen King. Finally, meet the hereafter with us in San Francisco in a story that starts in grief and ends in...


The Mecca of Love – 055

Love in America is making our haj to the Mecca of Love… in America! Love and humor aren’t the only reasons to love people from the Middle East; there’s also hamsters and lingerie! We feature a gift from Heaven, or at least Egypt, we found with a couple in Buffalo, New York. Our Lovin’ History segment: two feminists walk into a green room - no, it’s not a joke, but it has plenty of funny - the love story of Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue. Lastly, our Friends and Lovers narrative explains how...


I Love New York – 054

Love in New York starts with East meets West and what happens when New Yorkers come to experience the summer attractions of the Black Hills… in the winter. On the Road takes you to Ticonderoga, New York, and a love story that starts with a drunken Christmas and red wine allergy, only to wake up on the cover of a Harlequin romance. Love in History brings you the tale of the Gladiator of Love, and the woman who had him committed - in her own way: the Hollywood love story of Anne and Kirk...


Mixed Doubles – 053

American love stories are often mixed up, checkerboards of color, faith and status! On the Road takes you to Woodstock, New York (yes, that Woodstock) and a fairytale romance between Shrek and Cinderella (also known as Rico and… Cinderella). Love in History is the true love story of a couple who taught us to live up to their names: Richard and Mildred Loving. Lovin SoDak celebrates South Dakota’s Love Pioneers - Rupert and Dee Nelson. Lastly, our Friends and Lovers narrative comes to from...


Hello, Goodbye – 052

Love means knowing that you are never alone, and having a little something to laugh about together - perfect for this week’s theme on love and dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. Love in History is a tale that began as a Hollywood romance and became one of the greatest American love stories: the lifelong love of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. In our Friends and Lovers narrative, we share a piece from writer Brooke Shelby Biggs about falling in love with your mother… every time you meet her, and a story...


Mad, Mad, Madison World – 051

It’s a MAD, MAD, MAD, MADison World on Love in America this episode, starting in Madison, South Dakota, where it’s not safe to steal a seat! We’re going to lay it all on the line with The Wichita Lineman of love in Madison, Wisconsin - On the Road with Jeff and Mary Sue. Then, what do naughty jokes, seafood ice cream, and burning down the White House have in common? The love story of James and Dolley Madison! Lastly, in our new segment, Friends and Lovers, narratives from storytellers across...


Where the Heart Is – 050

Revealing love and homelessness in America, we begin with the tale of how a dollar given in charity on the streets of New York City turned into a lifetime of love for two South Dakota women. Then, on Love in History, is the story of a man who escaped homelessness - Harry Houdini and his two loves, his wife Bess, and his mother Cecilia. On the Road is a mystic experience with a homeless, (and boatless) retired police officer in Mystic, Connecticut. And finally, a Tale from The Heart of...


Shrink Rap – 049

This week on Love in America...Psych! On Love in History, he’s not a psychiatrist, but he plays one on T.V., the love story of Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte, challenging our notions of who deserves a second (or third, or fourth) chance in love. On the Road is wisdom and humor from addiction counselor and urban guru, Jim LaPierre, who will take you from hell to Higher Ground in Bangor, Main. Lovin SoDak offers the first female comic to perform at Sturgis, and who also happens to be a...


Learning to Love – Episode 048

This week: Teacher Love! Love in History is a Little Love on the Prairie - the love story of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder. On the Road begins with “two educators walk into a tapas bar”, the tale of a mixed-race educator couple in Atlanta, Georgia. Lovin SoDak is all about one SD school’s answer to fundraising: Eagles… with ukuleles! And, our narrative from Tales from The Heart of America is a story about the school of life teaching us what we really need to know, a tale called Be Cool....


Dog is Love – 047

All about the love of dogs! He’s a Tramp, but they love him (especially his Lady) - Discover the story behind Lady and the Tramp, the greatest dog love story ever filmed! We take you with us On the Road to a countryside and chapel devoted to the love of dogs - Dog Mountain, Vermont. In Lovin SoDak, the fetching tale of River, a lost and found hunting dog. And, our narrative from Tales from The Heart of America is about love, loss and why innocence can still take a walk with experience in a...


The Art of Love – 046

Love of, love in, and love as art - the colorful love story of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz. (*) Sharon and Scott Jacobs. Lovin SoDak’s and Wayne Porter’s take on sculpture gardens - and that’s no bull. And, our Tales from The Heart of America original narrative reveals that like art, love is in the eye of the holder in a story called Love is Art. CREDITS: http://lovin-america.blubrry.net/the-art-of-love-046 All this and more on this episode of Lovin America. (Like the podcast? For...


In the Stars – 045

Love is in the stars this week with one small step for a man and one giant leap for love - the story of astronaut John Glenn and his remarkable wife, Annie. From tractor puller to celestial being, On the Road with Kathy at the North Stonington Ag Fair in Connecticut. Lovin SoDak - where stars don’t only come out at night, they come out all day. And, our Tales from The Heart of America original narrative reveals that our years are stars, our lives a constellation - a story called Goodbye...


Tough as (Painted) Nails – 044

An episode all about tough gals! On the Road stays close to home with two powerful women in one - and woe to them who stand in the way of either - Deadwood’s own Calamity Jane, actress Jena Sierks; In Lovin History, you’ll be glad we had this time together - a love story with life and comedienne Carol Burnett; Lovin SoDak is a slew of ladies showing their, er, grit in Deadwood!; and our original Tale from The Heart of America is a narrative of a woman who’s strength turned struggle into...


Tough Love – 043

This episode, Lovin’ the tough guys! Real men love Teddy Bears and so do ladies - the love story of Theodore and Edith Roosevelt; On the Road, discover the real-life tale of a tough guy “recalled to life” by the love of his children; Lovin SoDak the story of Hugh Glass, a man too tough to die; Our original Tale from The Heart of America is a narrative exploring what it means to be a real man, called: A Man’s World. CREDITS: http://lovin-america.blubrry.net/tough-love-043 All this and more on...