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This is the Noise Pollution Podcast! This is a podcast where the interesting things of the world are viewed and explored with an open mind! Everything is a topic of discussion! It's all about the perspectives! New episodes drop weekly, so be sure to subscribe and follow so you never miss out! Thank you, Blake

This is the Noise Pollution Podcast! This is a podcast where the interesting things of the world are viewed and explored with an open mind! Everything is a topic of discussion! It's all about the perspectives! New episodes drop weekly, so be sure to subscribe and follow so you never miss out! Thank you, Blake
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This is the Noise Pollution Podcast! This is a podcast where the interesting things of the world are viewed and explored with an open mind! Everything is a topic of discussion! It's all about the perspectives! New episodes drop weekly, so be sure to subscribe and follow so you never miss out! Thank you, Blake




Swapcast #9 Two straight guys having sex!

For once, Brandon is actually sober and Blake is the one doing the drinking for the crew! Blake and Brandon sit down and talk about how biased main stream media is and to not let them do the thinking for you. Brandon and Blake struggle to find common ground when it comes to finding things that they can actually relate to, things that they have actually done together, to include future matching tattoo ideas. And the possibility of a future book publishing, "How to f**k up your life in three...


Swapcast #8 It's a frickin' Laser Beam!

Turkey frying with laser beams! No wait, don't do that.. But you can grab your tin foil if your thinking the crazy wildfires in California are being caused by the Government by laser mounted weapons on airplanes! Don't forget to check out the Movember campaign and support Blake's creepy mustache for the remainder of the month of November! Donate here- Check out Badass American Heroes Podcast! Facebook-...


Swapcast #7 The Caravan to nowhere

Blake's mustache is slowly taking over his brain power and it requires Brandon to fill in and complete Blake's sentences. However Blake's lack of brain power doesn't hinder conversation about the migrant caravan, primary elections, #Movember and more. Brandon and I are teaming up for the whole month of November to raise money and awareness for Movember, a non-profit organization that combats and spreads awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, PTSD and mental health among men....


Swapcast #6 Ross Patterson!

Ross Patterson, aka "Big Dick Daddy" joins Brandon and I for this swapcast! Ross is famously known as an actor with appearances in over 20 films, to include The New Guy and Accepted. He has also written, produced and acted in several more films such as $50K and a Call Girl, FDR: American Badass! and Range 15. He has also published two major novels, At Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed and the sequel, When Darkness Falls, He Doesn't Catch It. He is also co-host of the Drinkin' Bros...


Episode 50 - Coffee & Conspiracies with Kris Kelley

In this half way to 100 episode, I sit down with previous guest from episode 8, Kris Kelley, owner and operator of the Rustic Cup, a local specialty coffee shop. With a combination of delicious coffee and conspiracies, we sit down and dive into the current political establishment, anarchism, the universe and more! Thanks for tuning into 50 episodes! Much appreciated! If your in the south central part of Pennsylvania, check out the greatest hidden gem coffee shop, the Rustic Cup! 50 W...


Swapcast #5 Bourbon & Blueberry Wine with Brandon

Blake and Brandon go bottoms up in their favorite alcoholic beverages of choice as they rant and rave about all the social media entrepreneurs who try to sell you their secret sauce, old people of Facebook and thanking social justice warriors for their service. Maybe they need a free meal on Veteran's Day at the local Applebee's! Check out Brandon and the Badass American Heroes Podcast! Facebook- Instagram-...


Episode 49 - Pain and Performance, with special guest, Garrett Wood

Garrett Wood is a certified master hypnotist, massage therapist & strength coach. In this episode, Garrett shares his knowledge on how he uses his certifications to run his business, Gnosis Therapy, to help people overcome difficult challenges in their lives. Check out Garrett Wood and Gnosis Therapy: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @gnosistherapy Audio and Video podcasts are now available on YouTube! Be sure to check...


Swapcast #4 with special guest, Josh Jeans, co-owner of Led by Iron

In this very special swapcast, Brandon and I interview Josh Jeans, co-owner of the apparel comapny, Led by Iron. Also, this episode is available in video format on YouTube! Check it out! Links below! Check out Led by Iron: Website- Facebook- Instagram- Listen and subscribe to the Badass American Heroes Podcast: YouTube-...


Episode 48 - The end of the (podcast) Cabal

It's no conspiracy.. I have uncovered a plot that is working from deep within to destroy so many lives. This is the first time the world is hearing this, so please, share this episode before it gets taken down! Podcast episodes NOW available on YouTube! Major announcements coming soon! Listen and subscribe on YouTube HERE Like the Facebook page HERE and join the group HERE Follow on Instagram: @noisepollutionpodcast Follow on Twitter: @pollutionradio Email me with show topics,...


Episode 47 - The killer of creativity

Education. Is this the beginning of the death of creativity in childrens' lives? **BRAND NEW** Subscribe to the YouTube Channel!! Subscribe here- and stay tuned for some BIG changes to come in the very near future! Don't also forget to subscribe wherever you are listening to this podcast! Keep up with the podcast on social media! Like the Facebook page HERE Join the Facebook group HERE Instagram- HERE...


Episode 46 - Noise Pollution and dead pigs?? With special guest Dr. Brandon Barton

We finally did it. We talked about Noise Pollution (not the podcast) like what noise pollution actually is. I am joined by Dr. Brandon Barton, assistant professor of Biological Sciences at Mississippi State University, an ecologist interested in understanding how global change effects species and their interactions within ecosystems. He graciously shares his research on this topic to shed some light on the negative effects of noise pollution. Connect with Dr. Brandon Barton Follow on...


EMERGENCY Swapcast! #3 with Brandon

You know if its more than once a month, its gotta be something special! With the news in regards to Info Wars being taken down from Apple, Facebook & Youtube, we wanted to get together and talk about this major precedence. Brandon also shares his feelings on President Trumps' Hollywood star being removed. Subscribe and follow the Badass American Heroes Podcast! Like on Facebook- Website-...


I'm afraid of cheese graters! WIth Brandon, Swapcast #2

Welcome back to the 2nd swapcast with Badass American Heroes Podcast! In this episode, we dive deep into a vast array of topics to include, mother nature, politics, strange fears, aliens and so much more! Subscribe to The Badass American Heroes Podcast HERE! Facebook- Instagram- @badassamericanheroes Like and share the Noise Pollution Podcast on Facebook, and join the group! Like-...


Episode 45 - The 2000's Pop Culture Trivia play along episode with Noise Pollution Nikki!

The lovely Mrs. Noise Pollution Nikki (aka the wifey) joins me as we venture through a pop trivia quiz which highlights the 2000's! Play along with us and see how much of a 2000's person you are! If this is something you would like to see more of, let me know! Check us out on Facebook! And join the group! Like- Join- Keep up on other social media! Instagram...


Episode 44 - Death

Death. One of the biggest mysteries to mankind. With so many ideologies out there, it is difficult to come to some sort of conclusion on what death means and what waits after. In this episode I look at death from a spiritual perspective. Enjoying the podcast? Be sure to subscribe! Join the NEW Facebook group! Stay up to date on other social media! Instagram @noisepollutionpodcast Twitter @pollutionradio Comments,...


Episode 43 - 1 Year Podversary (anniversary) Special!

It's been one year since the lauch of the Noise Pollution Podcast! And I'm celebrating by throwing together a highlight episode with highlight clips of all the episodes from the past year! Take a trip down memory lane with me! Which episode has been your favorite?? Let me know on social media! Join the NEW Facebook group! Connect with the Noise Pollution Podcast on social media! Instagram @noisepollutionpodcast Twitter...


An Independence Day swapcast with Badass American Heroes Podcast! #1

Happy birthday America! In this special swapcast, I am joined by a good friend, Brandon from the Badass American Heroes Podcast! Guns, fireworks, dogs, meat porn, it's all here for your listening pleasure! Also, be sure to check out the new Facebook group! Details in the episode! Check out the Badass American Heroes Podcast! Website- Facebook- Instagram- Join the NEW...


Episode 42 - Yoga, for busy people, with special guest, Jackie Reed

Jackie Reed, wife, mother, RN, former U.S. Army Combat Medic turned business owner joins me on the podcast today to talk about her business, Stay at Home Yoga. Also, the benefits of yoga and how it can improve your life! If you've been wanting to try yoga, now's your chance! Website- Where to find Jackie Reed- Facebook- Instagram- @stayathome_yoga Email-...


Episode 41 - The musical Twitch streamer, with special guest, Tyler Levs

Tyler Levs joins me today to share his journey as a Twitch streamer/musician. We discuss the challenges of growing on Twitch, music, life and mental health. Listen to Tyler Levs music! Spotify- Youtube- Reverbnation- SoundCloud- Subscribe and follow Tyler Levs on Twitch- Tyler Levs on social...


Episode 40 - The Sales Whisperer, with Wes Schaeffer

Wes Schaeffer, aka "The Sales Whisperer" joins me in this episode to talk and discuss business, mindset and what it takes to help you grow your business and become successful. Links to everything Wes Schaeffer: Check em' out! You just might learn something! Website- Twitter- Facebook- Instagram- Podcast-...