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Ep.4 | Parts Unknown

The terrible death of Anthony Bourdain inspired the last episode, which gave space to a lot of deep emotions, even few tears. There are “Parts Unknown” for all of us that fear and ignorance prevent us to discover. Being scared by the unknown is common, but it becomes dangerous when it translate with a violent refuse of understanding, like it happens the LGBTQ community in Ghana. It is also harmful when denies recognition to other issues like mental illness and vulnerability. This and...


Ep. 3 | Creative Quest

Share | Follow | Subscribe This week on Opinions Are Mine, Questlove new book called Creative Quest gives some inspiring tips to creative people. What everyone is missing is that creativity is not a job is a way of thinking and good business leaders should praise creative employees. Creative people in Ghana are the less protected and it’s time for creative people to start a cultural movement and take charge. Music, fashion and visual arts can produce wealth for this country. Stories from...


Ep. 2 | Can I Be Me?

April is the month of renaissance and new beginnings. The Purple Month. It's the moment to decide to connect with your true self and be who you really are, like Prince, who left us in April, always did. From Prince to Whitney to Kanye and how being really yourself can attract criticism but also bring new joy to your life. We will also talk about how to help people who are going through painful moments, not to be scared by deep emotions and stop saying you're sorry, especially if you don't...


Ep. 1 | Do What You Love

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