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Episode 9: The Ball Is In Your Court

Episode 9: The Ball Is In Your Court by Mohna Lyssaa\Dergobj


CTS Episode 4: Lets Honeymoon For Now, And Worry About Marriage Later

BJ is not crazy, slothful, or anemic. So don't say that his uncertainties of marriage is due to cold feet. BJ is just not fully ready to level up in commitment, JUST YET. But I'm sure if you listen to Change The Subject, as well as Our2Cents Podcast, you know that he is in a new relationship. So how exactly does this work for his lady? To answer your question...it may or may not. But BJ talked about it anyway.... Today's conversation is called Let's Honeymoon For Now, And Worry About...


Episode 8: Personalized Generalizations

Today's episode finds Mohna Lyssaa in a introspective place, where she recognizes the lack of dialogue and communication from men in regards to women. And as much as it may feel good to know that women care, for most guys there is nothing to be excited about. simply because for every one woman who may show compassion for men...there are droves of other women who publicly beg to differ. Titled, Personalized Generalizations, today's episode discusses toxic humanities that allow people to...


CTS Episode 3: The Conditions Of Unconditional (feat Miss Kay)

BJ comes with another intense (and intoxicated) episode of Change The Subject. Titled, The Conditions of Unconditional, BJ talks with Miss Kay about the circumstances that your conditions place on you when looking for true love. The argument BJ presents is that some cases of unconditional love aren't healthy....and could mean excessive baggage. KD's argument was that despite the baggage, someone should still be there. And from there....it got intense. We discuss the many variables that...


Episode 7: Legs Spread A Quarter Til Three (Hoes, Whores, and Promiscuity)

Episode 7: Legs Spread A Quarter Til Three (Hoes, Whores, and Promiscuity) by Mohna Lyssaa\Dergobj


CTS Episode 2: When Your Right Hand Man Goes Left (feat. DMSTBoyz)

Its another Friday...and another episode of Change The Subject. Today's conversation was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio, with my brothers PlayboyDaDJ, DJ Brainstorm (The Number 4 and The Letter Uuuuu!!!) and their newest member, Big Dev216 (EVERYWHERE!!!!)..... BJ decided to take the trip to kick it with the bros and catch up. And from us kickin it, came this conversation. This episode talks about support systems within our brotherhoods. Oftentimes, as men, we grow. Sometimes we OUTGROW. In...


Episode 6: The Parent Trap

Episode 6 of The Our2Cents Podcast is called The Parent Trap. This a relative conversation to the ideas of Pro Choice. Mohna and BJ deal with the issues of traditional parenting from a circumstance of a parent making a commitment to a male child in a toy store. In the situation of you committing to buying your child any toy of their choice, your son chooses a baby doll. Would you as a parent make that purchase? Does the thought alone terrify you? We discuss how we oppress children with our...


CTS Episode 1: Heavy Weight Title Holders feat Killa Kai and Danny (from The Danny and Cleo Show)

Waddup Doe? We are finally here for the first official episode of Change the Subject. The show, titled Heavy Weight Title Holders, is featuring two of your podcast favorites: Mr. Stealyagirlonapanda himself, Danny from The Danny and Cleo Show; and Killa Kai a.k.a. Titties All Summa 18!!!! Dergobj took a trip to Philly to catch up with them, and just so happen to record a show in that process. We were able to record a very dope conversation for the listeners. Heavy Weight Title Holders...


Episode 5: Poly and Pans (She's Gotta Have It)

Today is the day for Mohna and BJ to drop their 2 cents on polyamory and pansexuality. This all started when Mohna convinced BJ to binge watch the Nexflix special, She's Gotta Have It. With little to no expectation, BJ found himself questioning so many things about Polyamory and Pansexual ideals.... Is monogamy a form of possession or captivity? Should we all experience love, with unrestricted freedom and liberations? Can monogamy be a roadblock to finding one self? Are you defined?...or...


Episode 4: The Pleasure Principal

Welcome to Episode 4! Today's Episode is titled "The Pleasure Principal", where we discuss the proper channels of communicating your wants and needs in a physical relationship. We somehow managed to weave a few current events in popular culture to parallel with today's conversation. Surprisingly, they managed to fit perfectly! Take, for instance, this scathing beef between Drake and Pusha T. Despite several shots at each individuals credibility, the beef didnt get real until each decided...


O2C Presents Change The Subject: The Completion Of A Compliment (feat. TV, Murph, and Rose)

Today, Our2Cents Podcast, along with Gold Minds Media Network, presents a new show called Change The Subject. Hosted by Our2Cents very own Dergobj; This show's intention is to divert the conversation away from the typical topics of conversation you hear every day. One of the things you've been hearing quite often is how men have been accused of sexual misconduct. taking things beyond too far. And subsequently, men are not stepping up to challenge men to do better. So BJ decided to take it...


Episode 3: Homie...Lover(???)...Platonic Friend

Our2Cents is back again with another episode on this fine Wednesday. Today we discuss our background. Giving details to the origins and difficulties of our friendship. Starting out (and technically still are) as just homies...Mohna and BJ navigate through the story of how they became JUST FRIENDS!! And despite being associated and romantically linked to other people, each respective love interest weren't able to ignore the obvious chemistry between them. But did that automatically mean...


Episode 1: From Melissa To Mohna...From Brandon To Dergobj

Hello People!!! We are finally here with our very first episode, titled "From Melissa To Mohna...From Brandon To Dergobj"...in this episode we tackle the issues believing in oneself to be more than whats on the surface. The audacity to see oneself as a brand. What does it actually take to become a brand? Does it require a certain personality or character? Does social media play a role in the true identity of your brand. There is also talks of how spiritual and religious beliefs play an...