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Welcome to Our2Cents Podcast. A show hosted by two real life best friends (Mohna Lyssaa and Dergobj) discussing life's missteps, adversities, and accomplishments with much needed perspective. Taking what you are least concerned about, and turning it into much needed dialogue. You are gonna get our 2 cents...whether you need the change or not!

Welcome to Our2Cents Podcast. A show hosted by two real life best friends (Mohna Lyssaa and Dergobj) discussing life's missteps, adversities, and accomplishments with much needed perspective. Taking what you are least concerned about, and turning it into much needed dialogue. You are gonna get our 2 cents...whether you need the change or not!


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Welcome to Our2Cents Podcast. A show hosted by two real life best friends (Mohna Lyssaa and Dergobj) discussing life's missteps, adversities, and accomplishments with much needed perspective. Taking what you are least concerned about, and turning it into much needed dialogue. You are gonna get our 2 cents...whether you need the change or not!






Episode 17: Comfortable Shoes

Today, Mohna and BJ discuss shoes. The comfortable ones. The ones you wear daily, even when they don't match your attire. You put these shoes on in a heartbeat, whenever you try to be comfortable. The problem is that you may be too comfortable. Which could be the reason why there is little to no growth. The shoes you may be wearing may effect the outfit of your life, and how everything coordinates with each other! Have you ever thought about that? Questions that are posed in this episode...


Episode 16: Say No More

Every Episode seems like we are trying our hardest to lift our spirits and fight through another week. So this week's episode of Our2Cents was spent making one declaration. TO SAY NO MORE. And it can be put to use any way you would like to use it....whether you chose to say NO more than you say YES. Or, you say NO MORE when it comes to being used, abused, mistreated, taken advantage of, etc. Its time to reclaim your peace and sanity. That was pretty much the entire conversation. We talked...


Episode 15: Mary Kendu Bad All By Herself

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Our2Cents Podcast. Today we discussed quite a few things. From a brief tale of Mohna Lyssaa giving her boyfriend the boot, we somehow ended up talking about support when it comes to men. How much do you give a man, in the event he is down? Is he entitled? How much support do you get for just being a human being? Is there a point to say "fuck it"??? Or even "fuck you"??? BJ goes into Comfort Zones Are For Suckaz, detailing how perspective can greatly affect...


Episode 14: Arthritis In The Pimp Hand

Good day to all of you amazing people that are returning to listen to Mohna Lyssaa and BJ talk their shit! Our2Cents is back with a new episode that was very different than any other episode so far. Today we talk about the pimp game. Where did it come from? How did it start? Is it still alive? From doing our "Googles" we got a few pointers....So with this conversation, we delved into our experiences and interpretations. And found out that it's very possible that it's under a different...


Episode 13: My Fuck It Up Moment

Welcome Back to Our2Cents Podcast. We are sorry we kept you guys waiting so long on our return. But we are back. Very much still uncertain to what we have to look forward to in 2019 with this show. But very much prepared to approach the journey with optimism, courage, and great content. Today's episode is a recap of our 2018. Explaining why things crumbled. Mistakes we made as creatives. The next stage going forward. We are owning our shit from 2018, and using it as inspiration for a better...


Episode 12: Under Cover Brothas...and The Blankets That Love Them(feat TaKenyah of TaKenyah Talks)

Welcome back to another episode of Our2Cents Podcast. We are here with another episode of great dialogue. This episode is a great dialogue about the mental health needed to withstand an imbalanced partnership...whether friendship, relationship, or marriage. A few days ago, a pastor named John Gray, made a declarative statement that his wife was a covering to him, in time of him dealing with some insecurities/fragility in his manhood. He also stated that his wife endured more pain birthing...


Episode 11: A Little Dick Therapy Session (feat. A Few Good Women)

Welcome Back!!! Did you miss us (certainly hope so!!!)??? Mohna and BJ are back from a brief hiatus to talk about a few things. And its good too!!! We start the show by discussing whats been going on, that had us miss a few drop dates. We are making strides to adjust to our circumstances, so that we wont miss release dates going further. But nonetheless, we bring you back up to speed with a very dope conversation. Somehow, from Mohna discussing an encounter with the meat man at Kroger...we...


CTS Episode 7: The Future Is Feminine (feat. Mohna Lyssaa & Penrose Eames)

Today's episode is titled "The Future Is Feminine"...and it features @mohna.lyssaa and @penroseeames ... the conversation touches on the current state of feminism, and the direction it will take the world. Now that women have taken reign over entertainment, politics, sports, etc...Women have come forward, and are dominating. And men have become fragile, emotional, desperate, and even envious...simply because the tides are turning. Is it possible that men are uncomfortable with the future...


Episode 10: The "Cancelled" Culture (feat. Penrose Eames)

Episode 10: The "Cancelled" Culture (feat. Penrose Eames) by Mohna Lyssaa\Dergobj


CTS Episode 6: What Do You Do "For A Living"???

Today's episode of Change The Subject deals with making certain life choices, in order to improve the quality of living you have. BJ takes an every day occurrence and turns into a very talk worthy conversation. Have you every asked yourself that question...."What Do You Do For A Living??? And when we say "living", we don't mean for money...or as an occupation. We are discussing the steps to living your absolute best life possible... We touch on partnership as well. giving some perspective to...


Freefall: Chapter 1 - No Disrespect By Mohna Lyssaa

Chapter 1: No Disrespect is officially up + available on SoundCloud. Mohna poses the question, "what do you do when the other parent is unintentionally tainting your child's esteem?" And when attempting to educate why they are wrong, you are dismissed and essentially told to know your place? Listen to my story and why I feel more conversations surrounding different family dynamics such as blended families are very important and in need of taking place. Welcome to FREEFALL: The Podcast!!!...


CTS Episode 5: Short & Sweet...Like Avery

This show is about Avery, among other things. Take a listen!


Episode 9: The Ball Is In Your Court

Episode 9: The Ball Is In Your Court by Mohna Lyssaa\Dergobj


CTS Episode 4: Lets Honeymoon For Now, And Worry About Marriage Later

BJ is not crazy, slothful, or anemic. So don't say that his uncertainties of marriage is due to cold feet. BJ is just not fully ready to level up in commitment, JUST YET. But I'm sure if you listen to Change The Subject, as well as Our2Cents Podcast, you know that he is in a new relationship. So how exactly does this work for his lady? To answer your question...it may or may not. But BJ talked about it anyway.... Today's conversation is called Let's Honeymoon For Now, And Worry About...


Episode 8: Personalized Generalizations

Today's episode finds Mohna Lyssaa in a introspective place, where she recognizes the lack of dialogue and communication from men in regards to women. And as much as it may feel good to know that women care, for most guys there is nothing to be excited about. simply because for every one woman who may show compassion for men...there are droves of other women who publicly beg to differ. Titled, Personalized Generalizations, today's episode discusses toxic humanities that allow people to rate,...


CTS Episode 3: The Conditions Of Unconditional (feat Miss Kay)

BJ comes with another intense (and intoxicated) episode of Change The Subject. Titled, The Conditions of Unconditional, BJ talks with Miss Kay about the circumstances that your conditions place on you when looking for true love. The argument BJ presents is that some cases of unconditional love aren't healthy....and could mean excessive baggage. KD's argument was that despite the baggage, someone should still be there. And from there....it got intense. We discuss the many variables that comes...


Episode 7: Legs Spread A Quarter Til Three (Hoes, Whores, And Promiscuity)

Today's episode is called Legs Spread A Quarter Til Three. Is all starts from Mohna Lyssaa posing a question....is there a difference between promiscuity and being a hoe? BJ begins to explain how he believes there is a difference. And the conversation followed... We also discussed Jesse Peterson's video of him showing up to last year's slut walk to shame women. Was the young lady right for owning her sexuality? Should she be ashamed of who she is, or would like to be?? We define the term hoe...


CTS Episode 2: When Your Right Hand Man Goes Left (feat. DMSTBoyz)

Its another Friday...and another episode of Change The Subject. Today's conversation was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio, with my brothers PlayboyDaDJ, DJ Brainstorm (The Number 4 and The Letter Uuuuu!!!) and their newest member, Big Dev216 (EVERYWHERE!!!!)..... BJ decided to take the trip to kick it with the bros and catch up. And from us kickin it, came this conversation. This episode talks about support systems within our brotherhoods. Oftentimes, as men, we grow. Sometimes we OUTGROW. In...


Episode 6: The Parent Trap

Episode 6 of The Our2Cents Podcast is called The Parent Trap. This a relative conversation to the ideas of Pro Choice. Mohna and BJ deal with the issues of traditional parenting from a circumstance of a parent making a commitment to a male child in a toy store. In the situation of you committing to buying your child any toy of their choice, your son chooses a baby doll. Would you as a parent make that purchase? Does the thought alone terrify you? We discuss how we oppress children with our...


CTS Episode 1: Heavy Weight Title Holders Feat Killa Kai And Danny (from The Danny And Cleo Show)

Waddup Doe? We are finally here for the first official episode of Change the Subject. The show, titled Heavy Weight Title Holders, is featuring two of your podcast favorites: Mr. Stealyagirlonapanda himself, Danny from The Danny and Cleo Show; and Killa Kai a.k.a. Titties All Summa 18!!!! Dergobj took a trip to Philly to catch up with them, and just so happen to record a show in that process. We were able to record a very dope conversation for the listeners. Heavy Weight Title Holders...