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Slumber Parties, Operation Game, and Cats — PR022

Guest: Jessica Spawn *** We get down with some girl talk about slumber parties, including: the glories of blanket forts, prank calls, and Doritos for breakfast. Then, can Jessica (or you) pick the body parts that are included the classic Operation game? Plus, we share details about kids' money-making schemes ... and some cat chat. Connect with Jessica: Jessica Spawn website Instagram Cat Mom Facebook Instagram Cat Mom Twitter Instagram Cat Mom Instagram


The Breakfast Club, a Golden Girls Connection, and Cats — PR021

Guest: Mario Arbore ** Architect and "Cat Tower King," Mario Arbore, and I get chatty about The Breakfast Club. Then Mario shares a Golden Girls connection story that involves hangovers and the hora dance. And will the Magic 8 Ball instruct us to talk about Grease, The Facts of Life, or the horrors of being grounded? Plus, cats! Connect with Mario: Square Paws website Square Paws Facebook Square Paws Twitter Square Paws Instagram Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind


80s Collections, Footloose, Passing Notes, and Cats — PR020

Guest: Kate Benjamin ** Cat style expert Kate Benjamin and I get goofy about her crazy childhood sticker, lip gloss, shoelace collections ... and the disastrous accident with the nail polish remover. Then we recall the wonder that was the Footloose soundtrack and have no idea how we ever had that kind of dancing energy. And were you a note passer? We were. There's cat talk, too. Listen in! Connect with Kate: Hauspanther website Hauspanther Facebook Hauspanther Twitter Hauspanther Instagram...


Roller Skating, WKRP in Cincinnati, and Cats — PR019

Guest: Gwen Cooper ** New York Times bestselling author, Gwen Cooper, and I reminisce about our oh-so-glam roller skating days in the 70s and 80s. Then we reveal if we're more Bailey or Jennifer from WKRP. Bonus: video game chat ... and CATS. Connect with Gwen: Gwen Cooper's website Homer Blind Wondercat Facebook Homer Blindcat on Twitter Gwen Cooper on Instagram Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind


Charlie’s Angels, TV Dinners, and Cats — PR018

Guest: Glori Anibarro ** We discuss the Angels' fabulous hair and decide Charlie was just plain lazy. Then we remember the TV dinners that burned the crap out of our mouths. Bonus: Partridge Family convo. Oh, and then, of course, CATS. Connect with Glori: Gato Avocado blog Gato Avocado Facebook Gato Avocado Twitter Gato Avocado Instagram Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Remembering Cosmo the Cat — PR017

My fiancé Chris and I recall life with Cosmo during his final months living with oral cancer. Then Chris interviews me about how Cosmo came into my life, as well as The Cos-man's endearing quirks that made him the king of the fur-shaped man panties.


LA Rock Scene, Repo Man, 80s Makeup, and Cats — PR016

Guest: Janiss Garza ** Janiss shares her memories as a rock journalist in the 80s and her involvement with the cult classic, Repo Man. We then remember our very cool signature makeup tricks and, of course, talk CATS. Connect with Janiss: SparkleCat, Featuring Summer blog SparkleCat, Featuring Summer Facebook Summer's Twitter Summer's Travel's Instagram In the 80s, Janiss got to do cool stuff like this: Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Shopping Mall Shenanigans, Favorite Classes, and DOGS — PR015

Guest: Gia Doutre ** One of my oldest friends and I recall hanging out together at the mall in the 80s, and the shenanigans that ensued. We also discuss our favorite high school classes and have giggly recollections of eating an entire cake in Biology class. And then, just for this episode, we talk DOGS! No, this is not April Fool's Day, friends. Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


80s Proms, Madonna Videos, and Cats — PR014

Guest: Tamar Arslanian ** We relive the John Hughes-ness of prom in the 80s, and share our favorite memories. Then we discuss the very important subject of Madonna's risqué, but totally awesome videos. And then, guess what? We talk cats. Connect with Tamar: I Have Cat blog I Have Cat Facebook I Have Cat Twitter Tamar Instagram Shop Cats of New York book Tamar's foxy prom pic: Kissy-Kissy at Purina Farms: Petie! His hashtag on Instagram is #petiebear: Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Judy Blume, Trapper Keepers, and Cats — PR013

Guest: Daphne Phillips ** We get real while discussing books by Judy Blume, the iconic YA author of the 70s and 80s. Then Angie reveals which Duran Duran band member's photo she slid over the kitten image on her Trapper Keeper. And then, as always, we talk cats. Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Mork and Mindy, VCRs, and Cats — PR012

Guest: Adrienne Martens ** We get other-worldly with some Mork from Ork goodness and agree no one could've worn those rainbow suspenders better than him. Then Adrienne recalls childhood VCR mishaps -- mostly at the hands of her brother. And for some reason, there's a "spanking" theme throughout the episode. And cats -- but not "spanking" and cats. Pics from the ever-so-glamorous karaoke night discussed in the episode. Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind.


80s Music Videos, Old School Posters, and Cats — PR011

Guest: JaneA Kelley ** We flash back to classic 80s videos, the MTV craze, and coolness of Friday Night Videos. Then we ask the question, "What was hanging on your bedroom wall back in the day?" And yes, there are cats. Connect with Janea: Paws and Effect Website Paws and Effect Facebook Paws and Effect Twitter Paws and Effect Instagram Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Men’s and Boys’ Fashion, Green Acres, and Cats — PR010

Guest: Keith Bowers ** We flash back to 80s thrift chic for the gentleman and Keith's "Bobby Brady" pants. Then we revisit reruns of the classic "city guy wants to be a farmer and hilarity ensues" sitcom, Green Acres. And then there's -- wait for it -- cats. Follow Keith on Instagram. Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Ferris Bueller, First Bikes, and Cats — PR009

Guest: Jeremy Greenberg ** We chat all things Bueller and discuss the pros and cons of the 70s bicycle's banana seat. And then Jeremy reveals if his cat Uno is more of a Ferris or a Cameron. Jeremy's website Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Music Obsessions, Jeannie or Samantha, and Cats — PR008

Guest: Robin Olson ** We get funky remembering K-Tel albums and how Robin was almost in Purple Rain. Then we compare the magical abilities of Jeannie and Samantha Stevens and agree on the obvious choice of who's cooler. And then there's a strange-but-true story involving 10-year-old Robin, a cat litter contest, a runaway kitty, and Playboy Bunnies. Find Robin and Kitten Associates: Kitten Associates website Covered in Cat Hair blog Kitten Associates Facebook Kitten Associate Twitter Believe...


Electronic Toys, Dukes of Hazzard, and Cats — PR007

Guest: Todd Grady *** We talk Simon, Frogger, and the ultimate coolness of programmable electronic trucks. We also think Daisy Duke could've been a Charlie's Angel, and are certain there must have been about a bazillion "official" General Lee cars. And then there's -- you guessed it -- CATS. Want to snag the "Cat, I am Your Father" shirt? Get it from RCTees! Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Daytime Soaps, First Jobs, and Cats — PR006

Guest: Linda Banning *** We dish all things daytime drama, circa 70s and 80s. We also recall the horribleness of our first jobs, and agree that Angie probably drove the ice cream parlor out of business. Oh, and then there are ... CATS! Check out Linda Banning's Original Handcrafted Glass Jewelry Website Facebook Instagram Learn about the pangolin! Cool stuff inspired by Paws Rewind:


Scary Movies, Cartoons, and Cats — PR005

Guest: Susie Shubert *** We get spooky with iconic horror films of the 70s and 80s -- and then we get kooky with Scooby Doo and other old school cartoons. And, yes ... there are cats. Check out Susie's badassery! Manifest Your Badassery website Facebook: @manifestyourbadassery Instagram: @manifestbadassery Cool stuff inspired by the show:


Dating, Laverne or Shirley, and Cats — PR004

Guest: Katy Herman *** I sit down with the person you see in the Texts from Mittens "Drunk Patty" photos as we compare notes on dating in the 80s. We also finally find out how Mary from Little House on the Prairie actually went blind, and reveal if we're more like Laverne -- or Shirley. Oh, and there's cats. Cool stuff inspired by the show:


Love Boat, First Concerts, and Cats — PR003

Guest: Nicky Westbrook *** We dissect the mysteries of the Pacific Princess, including why we never saw Gopher do any work. Also included are recollections of our first concerts ... and cats. Cool stuff inspired by the show: