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Gen X + Cats: Humorous talk about growing up in the 70s and 80s, pop culture of the time, and cats.

Gen X + Cats: Humorous talk about growing up in the 70s and 80s, pop culture of the time, and cats.


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Gen X + Cats: Humorous talk about growing up in the 70s and 80s, pop culture of the time, and cats.






Show Finale — Random Questions and Goodbyes: FH086

Feminine Hijinx has been quite the ride, and now we're stepping away to move on to other projects. On this bittersweet episode, we say our farewells and answer goofball questions drawn from a Lil Yachty Reeses Puffs cereal box. In other words, you don't want to miss this one. Love and other indoor sports, xoxo Angie and Susie


Let’s Talk About “High Maintenance”: FH085

Popularized in the film, When Harry Met Sally, the term "high maintenance" has become part of our modern language. We discuss the meaning of the word, and examine its implications. Also featured on the episode: Suz finds the Clubhouse and Angie shares the details of her cat's high kicks.


Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Disgusting Retro Recipes: FH084

Nothing says motherly love like a raw-egg platter centerpiece or a meat doll. This week, we've unearthed some of the best-worst recipes that made the '50s/'60s/'70s oh-so classy and gelatin-forward. Also featured on this episode: Susie breaks free and enjoys some pre-Covid goodness, and Angie's excited about the prospect of actually hugging her daughter on her 25th birthday.


Celebrity Morning Routines — So Much to Say: FH83

Guess what? Jennifer Aniston splashes her face *25 times* with ice water every morning. Plus, Orlando Bloom "eye-gazes," and Gwyneth's Goopy goo is, um, something else. This week, we dish about the good, the bad, and the just plain weird celebrity morning routines; we also share details about our own. Additionally featured on this episode: Susie found a cookbook whose recipes' key ingredient is harvested from the human body ... the male human body, that is; Angie finds cool stuff going with...


Let’s Talk About the Billie Eilish Doc, The World’s a Little Blurry: FH082

Even if you aren't familiar with her (amazing) music, you've at least by now heard of the award-winning, mega-talented vocal artist, Billie Eilish. We watched The World's a Little Blurry, and walked away with all the feelings. We unload those feelings on you this week, dear listeners. Also featured on this episode: Susie's back in the Shadows and Angie gets cheesy.


Let’s Talk About Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, by Alison (Nellie Oleson) Arngrim

As we continue work on our Little House book, we run across gems that simply must be shared. This week, we review Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated, by none other than the fabulous Alison Arngrim, the actress who played the prairie bitch herself, Nellie Oleson. We think you'll love this funny, surprising, and revealing memoir as much as we did. Also featured on this episode: Susie wonders, "what's next," and Angie's arm's getting...


Never Have I Ever: FH080

Remember that drinking game, Never Have I Ever? This week we invite you to play along with us as we try the podcast (non-drinking, damn it) version. We cover skinny dipping, ignoring the five-second rule, fake IDs and more. Also covered on this episode: Susie's making a Dexter-inspired birthday treat, and Angie's excited about Homecoming.


What Topics Can You Talk to Absolute Death? FH:079

Are there subjects you could stay up all night talking about? Have your friends and family begun to tune you out when you go on and on and on ... and on about certain topics? This week, we reveal our top three "I could talk this to death" topics, and try to guess each other's choices. Also featured on this episode: Susie prepares for the arrival of the "Shire Collection" and Angie has a mystery bruise (again).


Let’s Talk About Superstitions: FH078

Do you knock on wood? Pick up pennies? This week we share our own superstitions and Suz brings some wacky ones we're pretty sure you've never heard. You may be inadvertently summoning evil spirits to the dinner table! Also on this episode, Susie fights fruit flies and Angie's headed out of town for birthday shenanigans.


Tattoo You: FH077

Do you have a tattoo? Is it anywhere interesting? This week, we share our differing opinions and experiences with the ol' ink. Also featured on this episode: Susie's baking a 100-year-old cake and Angie's ready to shake her booty with disco lights.


Let’s Talk About Ghosts: FH076

Do you believe in ghosts? Haunted houses? Sex with poltergeists? We get in the spirit this week and share our opinions and experiences with the supernatural. Also featured on this episode: Susie drops the needle on the Golden Record and Angie's already poured a second bowl of cereal.


Prairie Fashion: Yea or Nay?: FH075

Have you noticed all the prairiecore (yes, it's a legit term) clothing lining the racks at Target and in popular fashion magazines? Somebody call the Oleson Mercantile -- we've got a trend on our hands! This week we churn out some solid opinions on this style, and share how our thoughts may have shifted a bit over past months. Also featured on this episode: Susie get colorful and Angie's planning a unique date night.


Pondering The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel: FH074

We love a good true crime series, and Netflix serves us up a mysterious (or not-so-mysterious?) vanishing at the notorious Cecil Hotel. We share our thoughts on some of the angles this docu-series features that aren't always examined in other true crime stories. Also included on this episode: Susie's revisiting a creepy (but lovable) old friend, and Angie's hittin' the road.


Let’s Talk About Cheesy Love Songs: FH074

Whether it's pure schlocky sentiment or simply a sweet love song -- don't lie -- you fall prey to a cheesy tune or two. We unveil each of our top three picks, plus some runners up. Also featured on this episode: Susie wants you to be her bro-tato chip, and Angie share her thoughts on My 600-lb Life.


The Wilder Side of Valentine’s Day: FH073

Edible underwear, sexy "Connect Four," French maid outfits ... we're dishin' about the naughtier side of the big V.D. this week. You wouldn't believe some of this stuff Suz found -- could the Eiffel Tower be a sex toy? You bet your thigh-high patent leather boots it is! Also featured on this episode: Susie's got a double scoop of Night Stalker, and Angie's margarita game's on fire.


Let’s Talk About Atomic Habits, by James Clear: FH072

Making big habit changes by making tiny habit changes? Confused? We'll hopefully un-confuse you this week when we review the best-selling book, Atomic Habits. And yeah, there's potty talk (surprised?). Also featured on this episode: Susie loses some of her sweetness and Angie's got an "everything old is new again" update.


Make Your Personal Retreat a Slay-cation: FH071

A personal retreat can look any way you want it to look. A time-out for yourself to reflect on your personal life and/or career can be more than a stay-cation -- it can be a SLAY-cation! We share ideas for creating your retreat, as well as our experiences re-treatin' ourselves. Also featured on this episode: Susie gives us the 411 on dinosaur buttholes and Angie has an important candy-related announcement.


Let’s Talk About Nic Cage’s The History of Swear Words: FH070

We can't get enough of the amalgamation of Nic Cage, legit scholars, a few comedians, and the roots of our favorite 4+-letter words. This week we review Netflix's docu-series, The History of Swear Words. Get off your asses and watch it, friends. Also featured on this episode: Susie's rockin' out in more ways than one, and Angie's figured some s**t out.


Word Up! What Your 2021 Word?: FH069

What if you skipped the usual resolution and instead chose a word that captures how you want to FEEL next year? What's your word? We share our words -- rated G and expletive -- for the new year. Also featured in this episode: Susie's still decking the halls and Angie spent an hour and a half spitting into a vial.


Let’s Talk About HBO’s Bee Gees Doc: FH068

We watched the Bee Gees documentary, How Do You Mend a Broken Heart, and have some definite opinions and facts to share. BTW, did you know that Robin Gibb was a childhood pyromaniac? And there's a "missing" Gibb family member? Also featured on this episode: Susie's giving away 12 Days of tarot readings and Angie was New Year's partying to one of her favorite local bands.