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Episode 72: Stay Woke! A Star Wars Story

Today’s Episode is dedicated to Kelly Marie Tran In today’s action packed episode, the Popcorn Prattle Crew takes on a variety of different trailers, let’s their thoughts be known about the new Solo movie and a critique on the Star Wars Fandom. Get ready to shed a tear on this one! Tonight’s Topics: Go Home, [...]


Episode 71: Stay Home, DC! We’re Drunk!

After months of planning, Popcorn Prattle performed live at Adventure Brewing Company (North) in beautiful Fredericksburg, Virginia! With a live audience and beers in their systems, what could possibly go wrong?! The three hosts put themselves to the test as they try to say nice things about the DCEU (or Detective Comics EVIL Universe). Were they able to do it, or did the IPA’s go straight to their heads? Find out today! Special thanks to all those who attended, shared the event...


Episode 70: Avengers: Infinity War Review

The statue of limitations has passed, get ready for this episode where host Marcus Salley tackles Thanos in this great Infinity War Review with special guest, Dave Richards (Hey, Dave!). Together, these two discuss what was right about the movie, what went wrong and theorize about what might happen next as the dust settles (no pun intended). You do not want to miss this exciting discussion! Hey! Did you know the cast of Popcorn Prattle is having a live show? See us on May 26th at 6 PM...


Episode 69: The Long Road to Infinity War

THIS EPISODE DOES NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR INFINITY WAR! After watching the movie, the cast agreed that it would respect the hashtag (#ThanosDemandsYourSilence) and will not be giving a review for Infinity War this week. Go out and enjoy the movie! While you’re waiting, however, check out this episode and take a look back at how we got to this point: Tonight’s Topics: If you enjoy the episode, be sure to drop us a LIKE and SHARE with your friends! Are you a subscriber yet? What are...


Episode 68- Are These Your Titans?

Have you seen the live action Teen Titans? What do you think?! Hear our thoughts as we discuss the Teen Titans set photos and much more in this ecclectic episode where talk about anything and everything before our mega episode about AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! Today’s Topics Include: Atlanta: Robbin SeasonSteven Spielberg wants to reboot Indiana Jones…as a Woman!Trailer Round [...]


Episode 66: The New Role of Women in Cinema

Only a few hours to left to vote in our March Movie Madness! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates. Hey there Prattlers! We have a brand new episode for you with special guest, Kacey Spivey from Screenrant (@hey_kace) all about Women in Cinema. As the world changes, so to has the portrayl of women in film and we on Popcorn Prattle fully intend on talking about it. Tonight we discuss: SORRY TO BOTHER YOUCRIMES OF GRINDLEWALDAVENGERS: INFINITY...


Episode 62: Will the DCEU EVER be SOBER!?

In this hilarious new episode, the crew discusses if the DCEU can ever be sober after reports come out that the Zack Snyder cut is actually BETTER than the Weadon cut. The gang also takes a moment to discuss the upcoming John Wick TV show, the X-Men movie changes of Deadpool 2 and New Mutants and a spoiler free review of The Shape of Water. Special shout out to our new friends, The Spoop Hour! Be sure to check them out and show them some love. Enjoying the show? Don’t forget to subscribe...


Episode 61: The Top Movie Picks of 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First episode of the new year and what an action pack episode we have! Today, we go over our top movie picks of 2018 and which movies we feel will absolutely bomb at the box office. We also take a moment to discuss BLACK MIRROR, I, TONYA, and THE DISASTER ARTIST! Did we mention our good friend Drew Hallum from “Reel Feels” Podcast is on the air with us? Hope you are ready for to prattle! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!


Episode 60: Popcorn and Wine Christmas Special

Merry Christmas everyone! We have a great flashback episode for you so whether you are new or old, enjoy the good times we had this year. Oh, and did you really think we weren’t going to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi!? We give both a spoiler free and a spoiler filled discussion on the new movie! Don’t miss it and be sure to share!


Episode 59: The Infinity War is Here!

After years of waiting, we are on the road to Avengers: Infinity War! What did Marcus and Steven think about the trailer? What about Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom’s trailer? And is Marvel really getting the rights back to X-Men AND Fantastic Four? Get that news and more today!


Episode 58: Justice for the DCEU?

In our newest episode, we go over a variety of topics with our main story covering the JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE. Did it live up to the hype or were the critics right? Find out now!


Episode 57: The Road to Star Wars Month

Justice League approaches and the cast talks about the trailer in “Go Home D.C., You’re Drunk!” They also discuss the New Mutants Trailer and the Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer! Oh, and Marcus and Lindley duke it out again in #Justice4TheTexan2


Episode 56: Producer’s Voice VS. Director’s Vision

Who’s voice truly matters? The Producer or the Director? We dig deep in this episode to explore how Hollywood’s Box Office flops could be the result of pushy studios!