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Episode 85: Does it Start With Her?

Steven's got the night off, but Lindley and Marcus dig deep and answer that very question. What did they think about the Captain Marvel trailer. Does it make them excited? Or do they think it was garbage?! Find out right now! We also talk AVENGERS: END GAME!! Also enjoy NETFLIX PICKS, BOX OFFICE OR RED BOX IT!, and a special guest segment from our friends over at NOT SO FAMOUS!


Episode 84: The Thanksgiving Sequel Takeover

We got ourselves a Triple Threat Match for the main event as we discuss Wreck it Ralph 2, Creed II and Crimes of Grindelwald! With a special guest appearance from Marcus' former student, Elena Hruska!


Episode 83: Can God Save The Queen?!

This episode is gonna be Killer (Queen)! Marcus returns for this mega episode where talk Bohemian Rhapsody and debut not one, but two new segments: "BOX OFFICE OR REDBOX IT" and "NETFLIX PIX" ! You do not want to miss this!

Episode 82: The Best Dracula Dream Cast Ever

MARCUS IS MIA!? You know what time it is. It's time for this year's Halloween-themed episode. Dim the lights, lock your doors, and stay close as Lindley and Steven guide you through movie moments that traumatized them as little kids, the evolution of horror cinema, and the ultimate dream cast for the BBC's recently announced Dracula series. Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the music: "Chromatic Fantasia (Bach BWV 930)" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons:...


Episode 81: Are Original Movies Dead?!

Are original movies dead? Why do huge franchises seem to be more successful than original movies? The Popcorn Prattle crew changes the format of the show and tries to answer this question! Like the new format? Leave a comment or send an email and let them know what you think!


Episode 80: Freakin' Blockbuster!

The great drought is over and the gang is primed and ready to discuss the trailers that have caused a stir online inlcuding: CAPTAIN MARVEL, JOKER and THE CRIMES OF GRINDLEWALD. You do not want to miss this exciting 2 HOUR EPISODE! Going to NYCC? Follow us on instagram and see if you can spot LINDLEY KEY!!!


Episode 79: Henry Cavill is Superman...No More?!

Well...not exactly. In what became a firestorm of news, Henry Cavill was reportedly OUT as Superman. It was later learned that it was a rumor, but what did this news reveal about the general publics feelings about the DCEU? We discuss that, the new TITANS set pictures and, of course, our take on the CAPTAIN MARVEL set pictures!


Episode 78: Joker is so Kawaii!

Like, you guys are so totally going to love this episode because once they talk about all the other stuff like, Emmy Rossum leaving Shameless, Detective Pikachu and anime shows that should become live action movies they spend like a large time talking about my favorite villain, Joker! He's like sooo totally kawaii and cute which is the same thing, but like... he speaks to my soul! Shout out to Hot Topic for all my gear! JokerXHarley4Ever! ;-)


Episode 77: The Marvel Effect (ReUpload)

Bit of a slow news week when it comes to movies, but that doesn't stop us from giving you an action packed episode! Tonight we look at three topics making the rounds: Popular Film Category AnnouncementCasting Rumors- Idris Elba and Tom CruiseMain Event: The Marvel Effect!Did you enjoy the episode? Want to keep the conversation going or listen to previous episodes? Be Sure to Like and Subscribe and if you really love us, SHARE the episode with your family and friends! Wordpress:...


Episode 76: This Podcast Will Self Destruct In...

Hello Listener, Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to listen to this latest episode of Popcorn Prattle: Film Talk Podcast. The following topics will be discussed in hilarious detail, Did you enjoy the episode? Want to keep the conversation going or listen to previous episodes? Be Sure to Like and Subscribe and if you really love us, SHARE the episode with your family and friends! Wordpress: https://popcornprattle.wordpress.com Instagram:...


Special Episode: A Day At Blerdcon

Marcus Salley (Executive Producer) got a chance to spend the day in DC at Blerdcon 2018, "The Reunion." An absolute tremendous success of a con and very eye opening! Listen to this special episode where Marcus talks to a variety of different artists about their craft and how diversity and representation matters! Special thanks to Marcus Haynes (@Elemental_Books), Shawn Alleyne (@ShawnAlleyneArt), Dedren Snead and Corey Taylor @CoreyTaylorArt. Please go out and support this amazing artists...


Episode 75: The SDCC Roundup!

Every year we are greeted with new trailers and news about upcoming films and tv shows from San Diego Comic Con and this week was no exception! You've seen the trailers, now let's discuss them! Tonight's Show Features: Trailer Roundup Godzilla: King of MonstersCrimes of GrindlewaldGlassGo Home, DC! You're Drunk Shazam!AquamanTitansSpecial Shoutout to Blerdcon! Get your tickets here from this link and meet up with host, Marcus Salley!!...


Episode 74: Ant Man, The Wasp, and How to Beat the Summer Heat

Planning on seeing Ant-Man and The Wasp this weekend? Before you do, listen to this newest episode of Popcorn Prattle! Marcus and Lindley man the fort while Steven is away on vacation. In this exciting episode they also discuss: M. Night Shymalan's new movie, GLASSMarcus and Lindley's TV recommendations to BEAT THE SUMMER HEAT!Did you enjoy the episode? Want to keep the conversation going or listen to previous episodes? Be Sure to Like and Subscribe and if you really love us, SHARE...


Episode 73: Did Jurassic World Fall Short?

Warning: The Following Episode Contains a Spoiler Section of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom The Summer Season is here and so are the summer movies! The Popcorn Prattle crew digs deep into a variety of topics while also giving you continuing coverage of the Star Wars crumbling fandom (calm down neck-beards!) What are we talking about tonight? Check it out here: Is Mister Sinister the Thanos of the X-Men Cinematic Universe?Creed II Trailer ReviewGo Home, DC! You're Drunk!- Aquaman,...


Episode 72: Stay Woke! A Star Wars Story

Today's Episode is dedicated to Kelly Marie Tran In today's action packed episode, the Popcorn Prattle Crew takes on a variety of different trailers, let's their thoughts be known about the new Solo movie and a critique on the Star Wars Fandom. Get ready to shed a tear on this one! Tonight's Topics: Go Home, D.C.! You're Drunk- Solo Joker MovieTrailer Roundup:BumblebeeWreck It Ralph 2Spider-Man: Into the SpiderverseLego Movie 2HalloweenHow to Train Your Dragon 3Bad TImes at the El...


Episode 71: Stay Home, DC! We're Drunk!

After months of planning, Popcorn Prattle performed live at Adventure Brewing Company (North) in beautiful Fredericksburg, Virginia! With a live audience and beers in their systems, what could possibly go wrong?! The three hosts put themselves to the test as they try to say nice things about the DCEU (or Detective Comics EVIL Universe). Were they able to do it, or did the IPA's go straight to their heads? Find out today! Special thanks to all those who attended, shared the event and,...


Episode 70: Avengers: Infinity War Review

The statue of limitations has passed, get ready for this episode where host Marcus Salley tackles Thanos in this great Infinity War Review with special guest, Dave Richards (Hey, Dave!). Together, these two discuss what was right about the movie, what went wrong and theorize about what might happen next as the dust settles (no pun intended). You do not want to miss this exciting discussion! Hey! Did you know the cast of Popcorn Prattle is having a live show? See us on May 26th at 6 PM at...


Episode 69: The Long Road to Infinity War

THIS EPISODE DOES NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR INFINITY WAR! After watching the movie, the cast agreed that it would respect the hashtag (#ThanosDemandsYourSilence) and will not be giving a review for Infinity War this week. Go out and enjoy the movie! While you're waiting, however, check out this episode and take a look back at how we got to this point: Tonight's Topics: If you enjoy the episode, be sure to drop us a LIKE and SHARE with your friends! Are you a subscriber yet? What are you...


Episode 68- Are These Your Titans?

Have you seen the live action Teen Titans? What do you think?! Hear our thoughts as we discuss the Teen Titans set photos and much more in this ecclectic episode where talk about anything and everything before our mega episode about AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR! Today's Topics Include: Atlanta: Robbin SeasonSteven Spielberg wants to reboot Indiana Jones...as a Woman!Trailer RoundupThe First PurgeSolo: A Star Wars StoryReady Player One Review (Spoiler Free)Troy: Fall of a City Review (Spoiler...


Episode 67: Popcorn Prattle Gets SPOOPED!

WARNING: The following episode includes spoilers for the movie VERONICA... you've been warned! It's been called the scariest movie on Netflix, but is it really? Marcus and Steven give their take on the movie, Veronica. Lindley had to work, unfortunately, but never fear because Courtney (@cupcakeowl10) from the Spoop Hour podcast (@spoophour) is here to fill in! Was she able to keep her eyes open for the movie or was she too scared? Find out now! Tonight's Topics Include: Want to...