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Glenn, Ray and Brandon ramble about comic books and various pop culture topics of interest

Glenn, Ray and Brandon ramble about comic books and various pop culture topics of interest
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Glenn, Ray and Brandon ramble about comic books and various pop culture topics of interest




Episode 167

Heroes in Crisis 2, JLD/WW, Justice League/Aquaman Drowned Earth, DC/Hannah Barbera, Terrifics Annual, Hex Wives, Wytches: Bad Egg Special, Avengers Halloween Special, Spider-Force, Vault of Spiders, What If: Magik, X-Men Black - Emma Frost, Jessica Jones: Blindspot, Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Terror, Midnight Mystery, Planet of the Apes: Time of Man Reviews: Sex Death Revolution, Spidey 2099 v2, Spider-Man game, Doctor Who s11e05, Bohemian Rhapsody, Doc Aphra v1, WW Earth One...


Episode 166

Books of Magic, Action 1004, Old Lady Harley, Black Panther vs Deadpool, Infinity Wars: Arachknight, Captain Marvel Halloween Spooktacular, Spider-Geddon, Spider-Girls, Ghost Spider, What If: Thor, X-Men Black - Juggernaut, Whispering Dark, Red Sonja Halloween Special, Kiss: Blood and Stardust, Mars Attacks, Lodger, TMNT: Michelangelo, Dead Kings, Backstagers Halloween Intermission Reviews: CW shows, Lethal White, Doctor Who s11e4, A Study in Emerald, Harley Quinn vol 6, West Edmonton...


Episode 165

Jan solicits, Justice League Dark 4, Drowned Earth, Nightwing 51, Batman 57, Lucifer, Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex, Marvel Zombie, Peter Parker 311, Shuri, Venom Annual, Unstoppable Wasp, What If: Ghost Rider, X-Men Black - Mystique, Exorsisters, Captain Ginger, Source, Holliston Carnival of Carnage, Ogre, Lumberjanes OGN, Rise of the TMNT, Simpsons 245 Reviews: Sex Death Revolution, Plastic, God Country, Santa Clarita Diet s2, Halloween, Doctor Who, Haunting of Hill House News: Superman...


Episode 164

Top 500, Cursed Comics Cavalcade, Spider-Geddon 1, What If: Punisher, X-Men Black - Mojo, My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies, Murder Falcon, Infinite Dark, Albert Einstein: Time Mason, Last Space Race, These Savage Shores, Adventure Time Season 11 Reviews: Lemony Snicket Season 2, House with Clock in its Walls, Runaways, Punk Rock Jesus, Fables, Doctor Who s11e2, Haunting of Hill House News: Batwoman pics, God Country movie, James Gunn, Chuck Wendig, Kraven film w/ Spidey, Pet Sematary...


Episode 163

WW/JLD: Witching Hour, Nightwing 50, Green Arrow 45, Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker, Shatterstar, Superior Octopus, Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man, What If: Spider-Man, What If: X-Men, X-Men Black - Magneto, Death Orb 1, Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion, Battlestar Galactica Classic 0, Lone Ranger, Rainbow Brite, Batman/The Maxx, SW: Adventures - Tales from Vader’s Castle 1, TMNT: Donatello, Blackbird, Dead Rabbit, Errand Boys, Jook Joint, Troll Hunters, William the Last, Lollipop Kids,...


Episode 162

Heroes in Crisis, Doomsday Clock, Justice League Odyssey, Domino Annual, Edge of Spider-Geddon 4, Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer, Spider-Geddon 0, Spectacular Spider-Man 310, Stranger Things, Jasmine’s New Pet, Star Trek vs Transformers, Man-Eaters, Wicked + Divine: 1373, High Heaven, Fantasmagoria, Faith: Dreamside, Harbinger Wars II: Aftermath, Fearscape, Friendo, Golden Apple Books Reviews: House With a Clock in Its Walls News: CW crossover called Elseworlds featuring the Monitor, Sean...


Episode 161

Top 500, Dec solicits, Batman Damned, Harley Quinn 50, Olivia Twist, Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive, Impossible Inc, Burnouts, Amazing Spider-Man Annual, Captain America Annual, Edge of Spider-Geddon 3, Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme, Marvel Super-Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel - First Day of School, Return of Wolverine, Patience! Conviction! Revenge!, Over the Garden Wall: Hollow Town, Go Go Power Rangers Back to School, Junior High Horrors Reviews: Al Ewing’s Rocket, GL/GA News: Captain...


Episode 160

Top 10, House of Whispers, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Criminy OGN, Zootopia, Cemetery Beach, MCMLXXV, Champions 24, Iceman, Infinity Wars 3, Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa, Vamplets: Undead Pet Society, Moth and Whisper, Wrong Earth, Exilium, Blood Realm, Archie 1941, Low Road West. Welcome to Wanderland, Newbury & Hobbes Reviews: Disenchantment, Dragon Prince s1, American Vandal s2, Velvet, 1st wave of Wal-Mart, Black, Keystone Comic Con year one recap, I Hate...


Episode 159

Dreaming, Border Town, Cover, US vs. Murder Inc, Asgardians of the Galaxy, Old Man Logan Annual, Silver Surfer Annual, Doctor Aphra Annual, Thanos Legacy, War Bears, Crystal Fighters, James Bond Origin, Bully Wars, Guncats, Day 165, Family Graves, Plush Reviews: World’s Greatest Superheroes by Dini and Ross, Walking Dead HC 14 News: New Guardians by Cates and Shaw, Captain Marvel set pics, Timothy Dalton as the chief in Doom Patrol, Superior Octopus ongoing by Gage and Hawkthorne, AHS...


Episode 158

Catwoman/Tweety & Sylvester, Harley Quinn/Goassamer, Lex Luthor/Porky the Pig, Joker vs. Daffy Duck, Batgirl Annual 2, Red Hood Outlaws Annual 2, Nightwing Annual 1, Silencer Annual 1, Scarlet 1, Daredevil Annual, Edge of Spider-Geddon 2, Extermination 2, Hunt For Wolverine: Dead End, Star Wars: Poe Dameron Annual, Venom: First Host, Web of Venom: Ve’Nam, House Amok, Beyonders, Adventure Van Reviews: Star Wars HC Vol 3, Batman Year Two/Batman Full Circle, True Detective s2...


Episode 157

Nov 2018 solicits, Batman: Kings of Fear, Suicide Squad Annual, Damage Annual, Punisher, West Coast Avengers 1, Cold Spots, Curse Words Summer Swimsuit Special, How to Train Your Dragon OGN: Dragonvine, Legend of Kora Turf Wars OGN 3, Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney, Obliv18n Reviews: Supernatural s1, Invincible HC 12, American Crime Story s2, Newbury and Hobbes, Happytime Murders, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane News: American Vandal s2 trailer, Danny Boyle off Bond, McNiven off...


Episode 156

Top 500, Batgirl 25, Pearl, Astonishing X-Men Annual, Cable/Deadpool Annual, Edge of Spider-Geddon, Extermination, Star Wars: Beckett, Crowded, Volition, Rejected Reviews: Law & Order: True Crime, Belko experiment, Glow s2, Simonson Thor, Voltron s7 News: League/Aquaman crossover, new Image book from Millar and Albuquercue = Prodigy, Carnage Born, Dead Man Logan, Nuclear Winter special, Black Order mini, Bunn OGN Aftershock, Dark Horse losing Buffy/Angel, IDW EIC sued for sexual...


Episode 155

Top 10 July sales, Sandman Universe, Supergirl 21, Fantastic Four 1, Spider-Man Annual, Hey Kids Comics!, Hot Lunch Special, Black Badge, Blastosaurus, Dinosaucers, Riptide, Long Live Pro Wrestling 0, Norah, Oddwell Reviews: Ant-Man and Wasp, The Meg, Maniac, Gravity Falls episode 1 News: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants movies, Supergirl movie, Negan Techen, Black Mask is Birds of Prey villain, new Greg for s4 of Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Bautista and Guardians 3, Ruby Rose is Batwoman, Fury...


Episode 154

Adv of Super-Sons 1, Green Arrow 43, DC Superhero Girls, Infinity Wars, X-Men Gold Annual 2, Frozen: Breaking Boundaries, Seeds, Project Superpowers 1, Robots versus Princesses, Bebop and Rocksteady Hit the Road, Leviathan, Steven Universe Harmony, Disney Gravity Falls: Lost Legends OGN Additional Reviews: Amanda Knox documentary, The Boy News: Peter Simeti printing strategy, Super-Pets movie, Kraven movie, Immortal Men cancelled, Jason Todd’s new costume, Patrick Stewart returns to...


Episode 153

October 2018 Solicitations, Doomsday Clock 6, Action 1001, Justice League Dark 1, Wonder Woman 51, Flash 51, Teen Titans, Beach Blanket Bad Guys, Infinity Wars Prime, Mr. & Mrs. X, Cyko K-O, Eden, Bone Parish, Long Con, Hellicious, Britannia: Lost Eagles of Rome, Archie Super Teens vs. Mighty Crusaders 2, Tao, Control, News! More! Comics Details: Action Comics 1001 by Brian Michael Bendis, Patrick Gleason, Alejandro SanchezJustice League Dark 1 by James Tynion IV, Alvaro Martinez Bueno,...


Episode 152

Archie Meets Batman '66, Injustice vs Masters of the Universe, Darth Vader Annual 2, Life of Captain Marvel, Rat Queens: Neon Static, Aphrodite V, Euthanauts 1, Rise of the TMNT 0, Clankillers, The Mall, Thrilling Adventure Hour, Twelve Devil’s Dancing, More reviews! Trailers! SDCC News! Reviews: Rise of the TMNT, Black Mirror: Black Museum, Fireman by Joe Hill Trailers: Castle RockDeadly ClassShazamGlassDiscovery s2AquamanYoung JusticeTitansFantastic BeastsDoctor WhoGodzilla: King of...


Episode 151

Top 500, Superman 1, Flash 50, Amazing Spider-Man 1, X-23 1, Farm Hand, Outpost Zero, Incredibles II: Crisis in Mid-Life, She Could Fly, It Came Out On A Wednesday, Metaphase, Ruinworld, Little Girl, Wild’s End GN 3, Black Hops, Relay 1, Die! Die! Die!, Incredibles II movie review, Goosebumps 2 trailer, Doctor Who teaser, Batman: Arkham Clayface, Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol 1 TP, News, More! Comics Details: Superman 1 by Brian Michael Bendis, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Alex SinclairFlash 50...


Episode 150

Remembering Steve Ditko, Top 10, Batman 50, Catwoman 1, Man of Steel 6, Harley Quinn 45, Green Lanterns 50, Captain America 1, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Death of the Inhumans 1, Unnatural, Quantum Age 1, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark 1, Project Superpowers, Lowlifes 1, Beneath the Dark Crystal 1, Submerged, Cape: The Fallen 1 Reviews: Ant-Man and the Wasp, Don’t Breathe, Detective Vol 6, Powers HC 7 News: Tim Seeley to write Shatterstar, Deadpool vs Black Panther by Daniel Kibblesmith,...


Episode 149

Teen Titans Special, Detective Comics 983, Batman: Prelude to the Wedding - Harley vs Joker, Flash 49, Man of Steel 5, Multiple Man 1, Sentry 1, Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever, Bedtime Games, Modern Fantasy, Shadow Roads, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Anniversary Special, Final Street, Blastosaurus, Charlie’s Angels Reviews: Good Place s1, Black Mirror: Metalhead, Legion s2, Invincible HC 12 News: IT 2 casting, Leto = Morbius, DC Universe launch details, Gideon Falls TV, Faith movie,...


Episode 148

Top 500 May 2018 sales, September solicitations, Batman: Prelude to the Wedding - Red Hood vs. Anarky, Batman 49, Justice League 2, Man of Steel 4, Amazing Spider-Man 801, Tony Stark: Iron Man 1, Infinity Countdown: Champions, Infinity Countdown: Black Widow, Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man Annual, X-Men Gold 30, Shanghai Red 1, Hit-Girl 5, Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 12, Archie Superteens and Crusaders, Lost City Explorers 1, Jurassic World 2, Hereditary, Crazy Ex Girlfriend s1,...