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“Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That;” Bill Barr As Flying Monkey?

Rays Talk Show Episode 306: Host Ray Collazo is joined by co-host Dionely Reyes to break down this week’s hottest news and political headlines. The aftermath of the Lucy Flores announcement about her unwanted encounter with Joe Biden has raised question about inter-generational understanding of boundaries. Collazo and Reyes talk about how this political headline has impacted the debate on boundaries and the right to feel uncomfortable in 2019. They also break down how the reaction may have...


Nipsy Hustle Legacy; Is This About Rules Or Something Else?

Rays Talk Show Episode 305: Host Ray Collazo is joined by the hip hop philosopher Mario Collazo aka Planetary of Outerspace and Army of the Pharoahs crew. The Collazos discuss the legacy of fallen icon Nipsy Hustle and what we can do to honor his memory. The Collazos also share their Philly Sports Spring update on Bryce Harper’s swag game and ponder if the Sixers can really go the NBA Finals. Collazo is also joined by Arizona activist Sandra Cano Bravo who provides her thoughts on how to...


“Then I Don’t Know What We Are Here Doing?”

Rays Talk Show Episode 304: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yaya Rivera break down all of this week’s extraness in the news. Mueller Report: AG Bob Barr’s interpretation of Special Counsel Mueller’s report is leaving us feeling played. The hosts analyze how Democrats should balance holding Administration accountable to transparency while pivoting to bread and butter issues that will ultimately decide next year’s election. Decoding AOC: In our hot new segment, Collazo and Rivera decode...


“She Works Hard, Believes in Jesus & Is Patient;” Is Biden/Abrams A Thing?

Rays Talk Show Episode 303: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Yvette Nunez to discuss how family and faith have steered her journey from the Newark projects to a Vice President at the Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia. Collazo and Nunez discuss how the current political climate has led to a renewed call to righteousness amongst activists. Nunez is spearheading the Chamber’s “Neighborhood Growth Project” to bring stakeholders together so all of Philadelphia communities can benefit from...


Gaslighting Is So 2019; Beto Is In!

Rays Talk Show Episode 302: Host Ray Collazo is joined by guest Dionelys Reyes to discuss how Gaslighting is impacting our culture, politics and personal lives. Dionelys is an author, speaker and entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire people to live out their dreams. Collazo and Reyes discuss how to identify, address and support victims of Gaslighting. News: Analysis of how the College Cheating Scandal speaks to larger issues impacting disadvantaged college students. Collazo provides...


We Need A Bif, Not A McFly

Rays Talk Show Episode 301: Host Ray Collazo is joined by guest co-host Leo Perales to discuss this weeks’ hottest political and news headlines. Ray and Leo discussed the worst woman for Latinos since Queen Isabella, stacked ‘20s on Jay Inslee and John Hickenlooper, warned why brownface is so dangerous and revealed Ray’s role in the biggest Puerto Rican bochinche of the week. Also listen to Rays Talk Show Episode 301 as a radio show on WPPM 106.5FM in Philadelphia....


Ray Suarez on Episode 300!

Rays Talk Show Episode 300: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yaya Rivera are joined by legendary broadcaster Ray Suarez on the special 300th episode of Rays Talk Show. The panel reflects on ongoing Family Separation Crisis on Southern Border, Latinos in Media, Michael Cohen’s testimony and #OscarsSoBrown. Podcast will also air as radio show on WPPM 106.5FM PhillyCAM radio. Thank you supporters of Rays Talk Show for this incredible journey. Let’s keep talking, sharing, commenting and laughing...


Humility Is The New Sexy; Bernie Is Back!

Rays Talk Show Episode 299: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Jeffrey Vargas of Generationology. Vargas is the nation’s leading authority on training leaders across generations. Vargas and Collazo have a wide-ranging conversation on leadership development, managing Millenials and supporting loved ones during difficult times such as the recent Federal Government Shutdown. Collazo and Vargas also reveal why ‘humility is the new sexy’ and why studying Puerto Rican point guards is the key to...


Con Mucho, Mucho, Mucho…Amor!

Rays Talk Show Episode 298: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yashira “Yaya” Rivera break down what love means in 2019 and the latest political and news headlines. This Valentine’s Day Edition explores the meaning of love and how we all can better express love through action. In Pop culture news, was JLO’s performance on the Grammy’s cultural appropriation or cool? And why Cardi B is killing it in 2019. In our ‘Stacking 20s’ segment, Collazo evaluates the prospects for Presidential candidate...


Las Caras Lindas

Rays Talk Show Episode 297: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yashira “Yaya” Rivera discuss what Black History Month means to Latinos and their take on the ongoing controversies in Virginia. In their “Stacking 20s” segment on the 2020 Presidential elections, Collazo breaks down Cory Booker’s chances. Yaya analyzes what to make of the Demi Lovato/21 Savage controversy while the crew also reveals the message of this week’s #SOTU. Apparently, white people should be terrified. Respect for our family...


Assimilate This Tom…No Fraps For You!

Rays Talk Show Episode 296: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Executive Producer Vanessa Maria Graber and Vanguardia Arizona’s James Garcia to discuss Tom Brokaw’s comments on Latinos on Meet the Press. How does Brokaw’s non-factual opinions about Latino assimilation impact immigration debate and nation’s overall understanding of U.S. Latino history? How do Latinos raise their voice in these debates with little access to corporate media channels? Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz is rattling...


Love Shouldn’t Hurt

Rays Talk Show Episode 295: Host Ray Collazo is joined by guest Christina Vega. Vega shares her journey to found Philadelphia based “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” initiative to support Latina domestic violence survivors raise their voice. Vega shares what tragic event compelled her to share her story and what she has learned from other survivors in "Love Shouldn’t Hurt" network. Cindy Y. Rodriguez of Morado Lens Podcast joined us to share her experience at National Indigenous People’s Day and her...


When Will It End?

Rays Talk Show Episode 294: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yashira Rivera ponder when the Government will end and provide analysis on Hamilton in Puerto Rico, relevancy of Women's March in 2019 and why Cardi B is just awesome. Border activist Tricia Cortez joins show to share the real life consequences of border shutdown and the environmental issues already impacting the Rio Grande and South Texas.


Infiltrating 2019

Rays Talk Show Episode 293: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yashira “Yaya” Rivera are joined by Delilah Dee to kick off 2019. The crew discusses how to infiltrate 2019 with your voice despite current political and cultural environment. Delilah Dee is the founder of Delilah & Company, a digital content and events agency that pushes positive messages to move people from dreamers into doers. Collazo and Rivera update everyone on the Government Shutdown, the R Kelly documentary aftermath and where the...


What’s Next For Democrats? #RIPJackelin

Ray Talk Show Episode 292: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Democratic strategist Abe Amoros to discuss the future of the Democratic Party. Is the anchor institution of the resistance movement ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead in 2019? What is the Legislative Agenda for the Democratically controlled Congress? How will the intra-party battle between Progressives and establishment Democrats play out? Is Labor dying off or can it rebound as a more powerful force for...


What’s Next For Progressives? #AOC Effect, Pelosi Clapback, Castro 2020

Rays Talk Show Episode 291: Host Ray Collazo is joined by activists Dwight Bullard of New Florida Majority, Natalia Salgado of Center for Popular Democracy and WPPM’s Vanessa Maria Graber to discuss what’s next for progressive movement. How did 2018 Election results impact progressive movement? What do Progressives do now? How is the #AOC effect impacting progressives? How do we organize in this current political environment? Collazo also shares his thoughts on what Democratic leaders...


“We Like Nice Things Too:” What’s Next For Activism in 2019?

Rays Talk Show Episode 290: Rays Talk Show kicks of It’s “What Next” Series to get us ready for what to expect in 2019. And Rays Talk Show also kicks off this series on a new platform! This episode was recorded and originally aired on WPPM 106.5FM Community Radio Station in Philadelphia. Look out for the “What’s Next” Radio series on WPPM. On this episode, Host Ray Collazo is joined by Mikhel Harrison of Indivisible and Analilia Mejia, the New Jersey Executive Director of the Working...


Grateful For Organizers, Pelosi Fight And 2020

Rays Talk Show Episode 289: Host Ray Collazo is grateful to be joined by Grecia Lima of Community Change Action and Tomas Kennedy of the Florida Immigrant Coalition to discuss the electoral gains made by Latinos in Nevada and Florida. What are the lessons learned from their organizing this cycle and ‘what’s next’ for their work in 2019. Collazo also shares his thoughts on the Nancy Pelosi’s battle to maintain her hold on the House speakership and the “Three M’s” of the 2020 Presidential...


The Rollercoaster Midterms: What's Next?

Rays Talk Show Episode 288: Host Ray Collazo shares what the results and emotions of the last few days mean to our politics, including the significance of the 'Chase Utley moment' and the 70 yard bombs thrown by Andrew Gillum and Stacie Abrams. Collazo then reveals his initial reflections on what should be next for House Democrats and the overall progressive movement. Hint: The Future is female.


Final Countdown To Mid-Terms

Rays Talk Show Episode 287: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Michell Tremillo of the Texas Organizing Project and Florida political analyst Elbert Garcia to share their thoughts on the upcoming mid-terms. Collazo also shares his predictions for Tuesday. Go Vote Familia!