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Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative Intimately honest, sometimes uncomfortable, strangely funny conversations with a host of amazing guests who aren’t afraid take it there, talking about things that shape, make and often break the STRONG BLACK WOMAN.

Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative Intimately honest, sometimes uncomfortable, strangely funny conversations with a host of amazing guests who aren’t afraid take it there, talking about things that shape, make and often break the STRONG BLACK WOMAN.
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Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative Intimately honest, sometimes uncomfortable, strangely funny conversations with a host of amazing guests who aren’t afraid take it there, talking about things that shape, make and often break the STRONG BLACK WOMAN.






Behind the Mask of the Angry Black Woman | S2Epi002 Featuring Ife Madzimoyo

"Black women ain't out here angry for nothing!" Ife Madzimoyo hit the nail on head with this one. As a matter of fact (in my honest opinion), no truer words have ever been spoken. So, Natty and I invited the Queen of emotional wellness [for black women] to join us at the table to see if together we could shed some light on why black women are so angry. ...and boy did we! Y'all know how Iyanla Vanzant is always saying "call a thing a thing"? Oh! My Gosh! We did that! We unpacked so much...


How Enough Am I?

Here's a short poem written and recited by Natalyn Bradshaw reaffirming and validating you. Download it and click play whenever you need reassurance of how just magical you are.


The Cost of Being a Strong Black Woman | S2Epi001

Being a Strong Black Woman often means giving up your right to just be (whomever you are) because... They tell you to take risks – take lots of them. Then question you when you do. They imply that you need to be everything to everybody. They tell you not to settle for mediocrity – fight for the life you want. But no one tells you how to do any of those things. There’s no rule book or guide. So, you stumble. You fall flat on your face. And now you’re trying to figure out how to soar. You’re...


Welcome to Shades of Strong Season Two

Welcome to season two of Shades of Strong FKA Get Naked LIVE! Please join me in welcoming our co-host Natalyn Bradshaw. Natalyn is beyond amazing. She brings a unique energy to the show and I know you will adore her just as much as I do. So, tune in now to get to know her before EPISODE 001 of SEASON TWO drops on March 11th where we’ll be talking about what it’s like to be Strong, Black and Woman in America. AND after you’ve checked out the welcome and gotton to know a little about Natalyn,...


The Death of Get Naked LIVE

After receiving a number of messages from men "seeking naked black women", major changes are being made. Tune in NOW for the details.


014: The Strong Black Woman vs. White Privilege w/Amy Brooks

WHITE PRIVILEGE DOES EXIST IN AMERICA! Dear oppressors of the STRONG BLACK WOMAN: Don’t tell me to be myself, but in the same breath say, “Girl!!! Not like that”. Don’t tell me how to feel. How to respond. How to live. Don’t tell me what to say. What to wear. How to pray. Let me be me. Let me do me. Let me live free … in all of my vulnerability without you sitting in the corner judging me! This episode of Get Naked LIVE features, Amy Brooks who is not afraid to tell the world that white...


013: Life for Me Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair

People often look at me and think that I have it all together — mostly because that’s what I've led them to believe. I haven't always been this big bundle of AWESOMENESS you see out here in these internet streets, and in the words of Langston Hughes, "LIFE FOR ME AIN'T BEEN NO CRYSTAL STAIR". It's been filled with lots of tragedy, trauma, heartache and heartbreaks. As a matter of fact, it wasn't that long ago that my life was in complete shambles. I was carrying around so much bitterness and...


I’m Coming Out Naked and Unashamed

... and we're back!! Well not quite, but after a three week hiatus we'll be back MONDAY with a brand new episode and I'm head over heals excited about it! As you already know, I've had several guests come on to share their stories about getting naked, defining strength on their own terms and learning to LOVE LIFE UNMASKED! Well,'s my turn!!! That's right! I'm coming out NAKED AND UNASHAMED. Monday's episode is going to be epic because I'm taking my clothes off and I'm inviting you...


This is Not Good Bye – It’s See You Later

Hey, y'all!!! Get Naked LIVE has made it half way through season one. We've had several dynamic guests come on to share their stories, and there's more greatness on the horizon. So this is not good-bye -- it's see you later. We'll be back September 10th with more GREAT content and AMAZING guests. In the meantime, please go back and check out some of the previous episodes at getnakedlive.come or wherever you get your podcast fix.


012: Loving Every Fiber of Your Naked Self w/Kaila Boulware

Episode 012 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Kaila Boulware, President of the Baldie Movement. Kaila has been struggling with alopecia for ten years and there were days when she was afraid to leave her room without something covering her head; but FED UP with hiding, she looked at herself in the mirror about two years ago, and declared, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Today, SHE'S BALD! SHE'S NAKED! SHE'S FREE!! Tune in to today's episode of Get Naked LIVE and hear how she finally kicked fear in the butt and...


011: Forgiving Your Offender After Sexual and Physical Abuse w/Nicole K. Jones

Episode 011 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Nicole K. Jones, Domestic Violence Advocate. In this episode Nicole shares her story of sexual and physical abuse and how she was finally able to begin the healing and forgiveness process. Nicole gets really transparent about her experience — how long she stayed, why she stayed, how she thought her love for him was enough to fix him and the straw that broke the camel's back, forcing her to accept that LOVE was not enough to fix what was broken in her...


010: Teen Dating Violence: Good Girls DO Kiss & Tell w/Juanita Foster

Episode 010 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Juanita Foster, Leadership & Team Development Expert, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant. In this episode Juanita shares her story of experiencing teen dating violence while being a mother at the age of fifteen. She recounts the first time she was hit by the father of her child, how she hid it from her family and friends while still attending school, and how she finally got out. In this episode we see how unfortunate circumstances such as teen dating...


009: Ditching the Mask and Coming out of Hiding w/Adelai Brown

Episode 009 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Adelai Brown, Heart Coach, Speaker and Mentor. In this episode Adelai paints a very vivid picture of how ditching the mask and coming out of hiding saved her life. She speaks candidly about how she had to overcome the pressure to be impenetrable and secretive about her life. She takes a deep dive into how black women unknowingly nurture humanity without caring for themselves, and in many cases, without allowing themselves to be cared for. In this...


008: Walking Through Grief and Healing w/Danielle Dunn

Episode 008 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Danielle Dunn, CEO of Chikara Communications, LLC. In this episode Danielle takes us on a journey of how losing her best friend to Hodgkin’s lymphoma took an emotional toll on her, how challenging walking through grief and healing was and how she is now honoring her friends life. This episode sheds a light on the individual journey of walking through grief and healing For years Danielle, thought that mourning and grieving the loss of someone she loved...


007: Emotional Resilience: Bouncing Back After the Storm w/Gabrielle Leonard

Episode 007 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Gabrielle Leonard, Event Income Strategy Consultant and Coach. In this episode Gabrielle takes us on a journey of how emotional resilience saved her life. After being a homeless high school drop out, she was determined not to become a statistic, so she fought with everything in her to save herself from her circumstances. Some of the episode's defining moments include: How she dropped out of high school in the final semester of her senior year and how...


006: Releasing the Pain and Trauma of the Past w/ Angela Roulette

Episode 006 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Angela Roulette, Poet and Radio Host. This episode is filled with poetry snaps and slow claps. Seriously, Angela peels back every emotional layer while sharing her story of releasing the pain of the past and taking her life back from circumstances that threatened to kill her. Some of the episode's defining moments include: How her self esteem suffered as a result of not being wanted by her father How she overcame the guilt and shame of her father's...


005: Strong Black Women and the Men Who Love Them w/ Rob Badgett

Episode 005 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Rob Badgett, Founder and CEO of Made To BFree Inc. Rob brought the MEAT to the cookout in this episode. I'm telling you, he gets ALL THE WAY NAKED about strong black women and the black men who love them. He delves deep into why there’s such a huge disconnect in male and female relationships and how we can remedy that by mastering the art of communication. Baabbyy!!!! He is serving up all kinds of goodness -- ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hot...


004: Giving Yourself Permission to Not (Always) Be Okay w/RaShaunda Fuller

Episode 004 of Get Naked LIVE™ features RaShaunda Fuller, founder of Statement Tees & Things™. In this episode, she gets real about how she lacked the emotional intelligence to be vulnerable and how she no longer sees being strong as a badge of honor. She's taken off the cape AND the mask is truly defining strength on her own terms. Some of the Episode's Defining Moments: The challenges of raising a seventeen year old son who's a black man in America How crying was unacceptable in her...


003: Processing Anger and Setting Personal Boundaries w/Maisha Hudson

Episode 003 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Maisha Hudson, recovering victimholic. In this powerful episode, she and I talk candidly about how she suffered from depression, which ultimately led to a suicide attempt. She also lets me in on how she moved from victim to survivor and what strategies she found most beneficial in processing anger. Some of the episode's defining moments include: Why Maisha thinks redefining the strong black woman is important in today's society How she personally...


002: Your Power Lies in Being Naked and Unashamed w/Contessa Cooper

Episode 002 of Get Naked LIVE™ features Contessa Louise Cooper, Speaker, Writer, Advocate & Autism Mom. In this episode, Tessa and I chat it up about being an autism mom, how being "strong" took her to her breaking point, and how she now freely embraces EVERY emotion by being naked and unashamed. She goes on to say how important being vulnerable is to our emotional health. She also gives us a few strategies on how to stay in an emotionally healthy space when life is coming at you from every...