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SOUND AFRICA is a new space for creative non-fiction from the African continent.

SOUND AFRICA is a new space for creative non-fiction from the African continent.
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SOUND AFRICA is a new space for creative non-fiction from the African continent.




The Heart Problem

The Heart Problem The first ever heart transplant in the world was performed in South Africa in 1967. It was an international triumph, and the surgeon in charge, Dr. Christiaan Barnard became an over night celebrity. But did Christiaan Barnard deserve all the credit? In this Sound Africa podcast we investigate the persistent rumor that a black man named Hamilton Naki played a much bigger role in the surgery than he has been given credit for. Some even claim that Naki personally performed...


He ran all the way

This Sound Africa Podcast is a story of a man and his mother. While it is set in the transition years between the old and the new South Africa, the story is a deeply personal narrative of how the past never goes away, but always travels with us. It is a story of grief and how a son tries to escape his own.


Bad Blood in Graceland

In 1985, South African music legend Ray Phiri collaborated with a number of other South African artists on Paul Simon’s legendary Graceland album. While the recording of the album from the beginning was mired in controversy, it was not until almost 30 year later, Ray Phiri revealed that he felt had been cheated out of his royalties and composer rights by Paul Simon. That there was bad blood between them. In this Sound Africa podcast Lungile Sojini re-visits the story of the Graceland...


Bowie The Poet

Bowie The Poet by Sound Africa


Brother, This is Cape Town

Bongani Dyalivana is a 29-year-old man from Cape Town. He has been out of jail for just over two years after serving a 10-year sentence. In this Sound Africa podcast we hear Bongani’s story. It is a story of loss, of growing up in a gang and then in jail. Of finding oneself and trying to break a new path. Bongani shares the outline of his story with many other South African men. And we hear about these young men often. But while we hear about them, we usually never hear from them. In this...


Freedom For Sale

When apartheid ended, the big companies that helped the regime buy weapons continued to do business with the new government. Until today, these companies have never been held accountable for helping the apartheid government to buy weapons illeagally. This was the subject of the first People’s Tribunal on Economic Crime held in February this year. In this episode, producer Neroli Price takes us to the Tribunal and delves into the three corruption cases presented there from apartheid to...


Auntie Patty's Garden

When the colored population of Simonstown was forcibly removed, Aunty Patty’s family remained. They were forgotten by the authorities for years. Her nephew Jackie, on the other hand, was moved to the township of Ocean View, and he clearly remembers the day he loaded his belongings onto a truck and left the town of his childhood behind. He has not forgiven the people responsible. Today Auntie Patty has made her family home into a museum. In this Sound Africa podcast, producer Rasmus Bitsch...


The Heart Problem

Its fifty years since the world’s first heart transplant was performed at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town. But, there remains a persistent rumour that a black man called Hamilton Naki played a much bigger role than he has been given credit for. In this podcast SOUND AFRICA investigates and asks why this question still lingers all these years later. This episode is a preview to the new Sound Africa season coming early next year. Follow us on iTunes or SoundCloud and subscribe to our...