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SOUND AFRICA is a new space for creative non-fiction from the African continent.

SOUND AFRICA is a new space for creative non-fiction from the African continent.
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SOUND AFRICA is a new space for creative non-fiction from the African continent.




BONUS: They Killed Dulcie - Dangerous Goods

In this episode, we unveil the murky world behind the Danish shipping industry’s pristine façade. In Dulcie’s handwritten notes, Danish ships and companies are exposed as integral to the apartheid regime’s arms money machinery. We tell the story of these companies, and their extensive role in arming the apartheid regime in contravention of UN sanctions. In the late 1970s, complaints from crew members on Danish ships kickstarted a union-led investigation into illegal arms smuggling to...


06: They Killed Dulcie - Woman in Exile

Podcast: They Killed Dulcie - Episode 6: Woman in Exile Episode 6. Dulcie September’s life was shaped by struggle against injustice. As a freedom fighter, she boldly confronted gender based discrimination, even amongst her allies. In this episode we take a deeper look at the discrimination Dulcie September’s experienced and reflect on the experiences of women in the struggle for South Africa’s freedom. We hear from writers and thinkers and fighters. Dulcie Septembers role in the struggle has...


05: They Killed Dulcie - The Arms Money Machine

For almost two decades starting in the 1970’s the South African embassy in Paris was the centre of a large scale sanctions busting operation. It was connected to the arms dealers, spies and banks that formed part of the arms money machine. In episode five They Killed Dulcie, we find out if this top secret operation was connected to the murder of Dulcie September. On the banks of the river Seine, the South African embassy in Paris was a common site for anti-apartheid demonstrations....


04: They Killed Dulcie - Prisons of the Past

In the fourth episode of the podcast They Killed Dulcie, the time has come to look at the evidence. What was Dulcie investigating when she was killed? We dust off archival documents found by Open Secrets that provide important clues. These documents once buried in archives across the world help us understand the secret network of intelligence agents, arms dealers and bankers, who made their fortunes by arming and sustaining the apartheid government. We also find Dulcie September's personal...


03: They Killed Dulcie - Double Agents

In the third episode of “They Killed Dulcie,” we delve into the world of informants and double agents and how the apartheid security forces used them to infiltrate the liberation movements in South Africa and abroad. It remains a sensitive topic in South African politics today – some comrades were also collaborators. Following the assassination of Dulcie September in Paris in 1988, the ANC moved swiftly to install a new man in her old job. Solly Smith, also known as Samuel Khanyile, was to...


02: They Killed Dulcie - The Spies

On the wall of a grey Parisian apartment building, a small plaque commemorates the life of activist Dulcie September. She lived in the building at the time of her murder in 1988. The plaque reads: “Dulcie September was killed by apartheid.” The second episode of the podcast series They Killed Dulcie continues where episode one left off. The journey begins in a Parisian suburb, but ends in Johannesburg, where former Apartheid era spy Craig Williamson opens the door to the murky world of...


01: They Killed Dulcie - The Scene Of The Crime

On 29 March 1988 five bullets ended the life of liberation movement activist Dulcie September. After years in prison and decades in exile, she spearheaded anti-Apartheid efforts in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg from a small office in Paris. Why was she killed? Who profited from her murder? Why do her killers roam free? This is the first episode of the podcast series They Killed Dulcie. It's the epic story of the life and death of a struggle hero who appears to have been erased, while...


Friends of SoundAfrica Ep06 - Aswat - Cat Mama

This episode is made by our friends Aswat: Voices of Arabia from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who make podcasts about women from this region, who tell stories about their lives, achievements and aspirations at a time when restrictions on women have been easing. This episode is called… Cat Mama and is about Farah who has 300 cats living with her and she feeds about 600 street cats.


They Killed Dulcie Trailer

SERIES LAUNCH: 28 MARCH On 29th March 1988 five bullets ended the life of liberation movement activist Dulcie September. Having fled Cape Town she spear-headeded anti-apartheid efforts in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg from a small office in Paris. Why was she killed? who profited from her murder? Why do her killers roam free? Sound Africa and Open Secrets ZA are launching a new eight part investigative podcast series that explores the sinister trail of intrigue which September was...


Friends of SoundAfrica Ep05 - First Person - Shrooms At 70

In this episode Seventy-something grandmother, Monica Cromhout, has gone from law-abiding teetotaler to an evangelist for the benefits of psychedelic – magic mushrooms. Marianne Thamm tells us how she come to be at the forefront of the legal drive to have South Africa’s drugs laws declared unconstitutional.


Friends of SoundAfrica Ep04 - OurAfrica - Meet Labelz

Friends of SoundAfrica Ep04 - OurAfrica - Meet Labelz by Sound Africa


Friends of SoundAfrica Ep03 - Alibi - The Letters

The award-winning South African radio show and podcast. The first series investigates the case of a man who may have been wrongfully convicted for 17 years. Compelling, long-form investigative radio told over eight episodes.


Friends of SoundAfrica Ep02 - Snap Judgement - J Dilla's Lost Scrolls

When record store owner Jeff Bubeck buys an old record collection out of an abandoned storage unit, he has no idea what he’s stumbled across. Jeff learns the collection once belonged to the late great J Dilla, one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time.


Friends of SoundAfrica Ep 01 - Honeymoon Studios - The Giants of Lesotho Part 1 Mohlomi

We’ve been listening to some great podcasts which we’d like to share with you. Over the next few weeks we’re going to play an episode from each of our friends. This one is made by our friends 'Honeymoon Studios' who make podcasts about interesting local stories. This episode is called Giants of Lesotho. It's a true story of wise men, warriors and an ideology that created the country of Lesotho. The episode is narrated by Award-winning journalist and author, Max Du Preez. The full series is...


De Bijbel

Like our country, many of us in South Africa have complicated histories. Our ancestral backgrounds are almost always a mix contradicting the simple apartheid era classifications of Indian, black, white and colored. For many of us, these classifications are simply not enough, we need to know where we're coming from, so we're able to move on. In this story, Candice Nolan tries to find the answers she is looking for by looking in an old bible. This episode was written and arranged by Candice...


Examining Doctor Death

On a summer morning in 1997, a man was arrested with a plastic bag full of party drugs in a park in Pretoria. The man was Wouter Basson, also known as Dr. Death. Basson was the head of the apartheid-era chemical and biological warfare program Project Coast. Today he works as a cardiologist in a private practice in Durbanville outside Cape Town. In this Sound Africa episode we re-visit the story of Wouter Basson. We try to find out who keeps him in the medical business, why they do it, and...


The Heart Problem

The first ever heart transplant in the world was performed in South Africa in 1967. It was an international triumph, and the surgeon in charge, Dr. Christiaan Barnard became an over night celebrity. But did Christiaan Barnard deserve all the credit? In this Sound Africa podcast we investigate the persistent rumor that a black man named Hamilton Naki played a much bigger role in the surgery than he has been given credit for. Some even claim that Naki personally performed the operation and it...


He ran all the way

This Sound Africa Podcast is a story of a man and his mother. While it is set in the transition years between the old and the new South Africa, the story is a deeply personal narrative of how the past never goes away, but always travels with us. It is a story of grief and how a son tries to escape his own.


Bad Blood in Graceland

In 1985, South African music legend Ray Phiri collaborated with a number of other South African artists on Paul Simon’s legendary Graceland album. While the recording of the album from the beginning was mired in controversy, it was not until almost 30 year later, Ray Phiri revealed that he felt had been cheated out of his royalties and composer rights by Paul Simon. That there was bad blood between them. In this Sound Africa podcast Lungile Sojini re-visits the story of the Graceland album....


Bowie The Poet

In this episode we meet Anthero Bowie, a former gang member who is out of prison and trying to reinvent himself as a poet. But is it possible for Bowie to reinvent himself? The entire episode plays out in his neighbourhood, Belhar Extension 13 in Cape Flats. A neighborhood that produces young men like Anthero everyday, and now refuses to see him in a new light.